Chapo Trap House - 782 Teaser - ADL Spies

Episode Date: November 17, 2023

Mark Ames recounts the absurd lengths the ADL went to spying on U.S. citizens on behalf of foreign regimes, including apartheid South Africa. Subscribe today for access to the full episode and all pr...emium episodes!

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Starting point is 00:00:00 But anyway, so they're guy in Los Angeles, this guy, David Gurvitz. He wasn't making much money, but he was running all these spies. And he just felt like he was underpaid, but the ADL couldn't pay him more. And he just felt like such a big shot, you know, doing all this dark work with this, like, former CIA guy who'd interrogated people. So he's like, we got to get me a better job and I'll continue doing this. So they found out that Simon Viesenthal Center's top researcher, his rival across town in Los Angeles, that guy made like almost twice his salary, but he wasn't going anywhere. So they all conspired together, Gerard, Bullock, and Gervitz conspired to, they knew that
Starting point is 00:00:44 the Simon Viesenthal guy was going to go undercover on this like white nationalist skinhead retreat out in the forest, out in the mountains somewhere. So they were going to leak to using their own operatives within the skin, like half of every skinhead movement, half of the run are spies for somebody. And they were going to basically whack them out there. And yeah, and the way they have the eye found out about all this was because Gervits in another stupid gig that he did, Abe Foxman, if you remember Abe Foxman, he was like the face of the ADL this year.
Starting point is 00:01:18 He wanted to write an article for the Washington Times, the moony-own Washington Times, on the nation of Islam. And so he tapped the ADL offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco, which had access to FBI files on everything, unbeknownst to most FBI people at least, if not all of them. And he tapped them for more research on the nation of Islam. So Gervits is like, I'm going to show them what a good guy I am, and maybe they'll give me a raise. So he steals some FBI files on the nation of Islam,
Starting point is 00:01:53 and then that very classified information winds up in Abe Foxman's article, published in The Washington Times. And they're guys like, holy shit, how did that get there? Like, there's no way anybody knew it. It was classified from our files. It was stolen. So that's why they started wiretapping him.
Starting point is 00:02:08 And as they're listening in on these freaks, they realize that they're running like spy operations all around the country. And that Gervits is trying to whack a rival Nazi hunter and take his job. And so they eventually, they have to pull the plug on it because he's about to get he's about to get whacked. So they're like, okay, we got to pull the plug on this thing. And I'm just about like before he goes to the the white nationalist campfire event, what do they do? Like they
Starting point is 00:02:35 just like secretly load up his car with like locks and bagels. Be like, yeah, we got the merchandise here. They opened up. Oh, fuck. I know it's it's so insane and they also have like the rival researcher from the seven reasonable centers they have his address and car license plate just in case like he escapes from whatever you know but you know incompetent skinheads you might get away but at least they'll know where he lives too because they have all this information. Gerard works in the SFPD and he has access through all the computer files to everybody's home addresses, drivers licenses, all that stuff. So they have to blow this open and amazingly, the SF, like the prosecutor's office and the FBI, you know, they raid the
Starting point is 00:03:20 ADL's offices and it's looking pretty scary because they really genuinely pissed off the FBI. Like, you know, the FBI can run these operations themselves. But when freelancers get in and do this, and this is, this is treason. I mean, you have, you have Americans spying on behalf of a foreign government, you know, spying on America. They were spying on all kinds of Democrats. Senator. Congress. And Senator Alan Cranston, huge Israel supporter, but a liberal. You know, Ron Dellems, who was pretty well known, he's from Berkeley, Oakland.
Starting point is 00:03:59 At this time, though, he was the, you know, African American. So basically, the ADL, the anti-deformation league, was spying on an African American. So basically the ADL, the anti-deformation league, was spying on an African American congressman on behalf of the apartheid regime.

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