Dungeons and Daddies - Ep. 17 - FATHERUNKNOWN'S DADDLEGROUNDS

Episode Date: September 17, 2019

The battle begins! The dads are taken on a crash course on the finer points of the battle royale format. Darryl puts on his coach hat, Ron gets wood, Henry uses his wordsmith skills, and Glenn/Freddie... is objectively correct about a commonly misused adage.This episode contains profanity and violence.Support the show on Patreon!Get merch and more at our website!Follow us on Twitter @dungeonsanddads!Join our Facebook group!Check out the subreddit!Project DADGUT is the group transcription projectDM is Anthony BurchDarryl Wilson is Matt Arnold (@mattlarnold)Henry Oak is Will Campos (@willbcampos)Ron Stampler is Beth May (@heybethmay)Glenn Close is Freddie Wong (@fwong)Theme song by Maxton WallerCover art by Alex Moore (@notanotheralex) Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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Starting point is 00:00:00 Dungeons and Daddies is a rowdy, horny, violent podcast for grown-ups. Content warnings can be found in the episode description. Previously on Dungeons and Daddies... As you put out your hand to shake it, he takes out a slip of paper from his robe, puts it under your hand, and then before you can pull away, he takes out a dagger and cuts your hand. The pact is made. If any one of you should meet Grant, all of your lives will end. As you go into the sky, you begin to fall asleep.
Starting point is 00:00:38 And then when you wake up, you see Grant. Oh, my God. And he wakes up and he goes like, Cat, the question I was going to ask you when I saw you was where we drop it. It's four nights! Four nights! Oh my god! Are you kidding me? The following takes place between God's Wake
Starting point is 00:00:55 and Thulsun. Events occur in Daddy Master time. welcome to dungeons and daddies occasionally a bdsm podcast most of the other time a dungeons and dragons podcast about four dads flung into the Forgotten Realms in the quest to rescue their lost sons. My name is Freddie Wong. I play Glenn Close, the rock and roll bard superstar dad. And since we're in the world of Fortnite now, this week's dad fact for Glenn, his favorite game, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2, baby. Yes, him and me both. The king of all video games lights out gorilla radio and you're doing it doesn't have fucking superman by goldfinger no but you can do a christ air which is similar a lot of them though they figured out pretty early in the tony hawk series that like christ air is the most
Starting point is 00:02:00 important move and like we need to put this in all the games. You know that, right? All I want to do is air walk, dark slide, and cry stare. And take your money. It's on my resume. It breaks my heart a little bit that Thippus 2 gets all the love. And where's the love for Thippus 3 with Darth Maul? Thippus 3 with Darth Maul. For God, Darth Maul was in it. Darth Maul and Wolverine.
Starting point is 00:02:20 Oh, yeah. The levels got too big, though. Someone needs to make a one-page Tony Hawk Pro Skater pen and paper RPG. Holy shit. Oh, yeah. The levels got too big, though. Someone needs to make a one-page Tony Hawk Pro Skater pen and paper RPG. Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit. That sounds good.
Starting point is 00:02:32 Your quest giver, Ben Margera, approaches you in a tavern. He says, we need to go punk my dad. I need five holy icons. The S, the K, the A, the T, and the E. I'd like to roll for Christ's air. I'd like to perceive the hidden tape. Holy shit.
Starting point is 00:02:48 All right, we're doing it. We have to do it at some point. Fuck everything else about this. All right, that's the new, that's actually, that should be the, that's our stretch goal. That's our new victory on stretch goal. Is a fucking thug 2D.
Starting point is 00:02:57 That's the podcast. This podcast is canceled. You're fucking radical 80s kids. My name is Matt Arnold. I play Daryl Wilson, a stay-at-home coach dad who's now a barbarian in the forgotten realms um since we're in the world of fortnight i figure we should
Starting point is 00:03:09 explain daryl's relationship to it so my dad fact is obviously daryl just wants to kind of you know engage in whatever sort of sport or activity grants in that's why he's a good dad that's why he learned you know that's why he you know met up with the chelsea boys etc so of course when he heard about this fortnight he had to go figure out what it was. Grant plays it on his computer, so one day when he was at school, Daryl went onto his computer to figure out how to play Fortnite, and he went to the Fortnite Reddit
Starting point is 00:03:33 and put a post on there, as Grant, and this is what he wrote. Oh my god. As Grant? He doesn't know. He just went to Fortnite. He doesn't know he's logged on. He just went to Fortnite. But it's me. I'm the one typing. So I did some homework, and this is what he wrote. He went went to Fortnite. He doesn't know he's logged on. He just went to Fortnite. He says, but it's me. I'm the one typing. So he wrote. So I did some homework, and this is what he wrote.
Starting point is 00:03:48 He went on to the Fortnite race. The topic was how to play Fortnite. Just want to play. And he wrote, hello, everyone. My name is Daryl Wilson. Really nice to meet you. Or should I say e-meet you all? I am a 42-year-old man with a son named Grant.
Starting point is 00:04:02 Like most of you kiddos, he loves the Fortnite. And while I know a thing or two about sports, this bad boy's new to me. If any of you experts could give me some tips or ideas for a first timer, that'd be great. First and foremost, someone could just explain how to start the game. That would be great too. Talk soon. And then he signed off with his email address.
Starting point is 00:04:17 Oh my gosh. So since then, he's never figured out how to play Fortnite. That's all he pretty much knows. He never figured out. Grant found out that he posted this. Got really upset, and he just continuously gets emails from 12-year-olds calling him horrible. Like what 12-year-olds would say. Has Daryl ever been on our relationships? Because I feel like he might have posted there, too.
Starting point is 00:04:39 Not yet. Probably soon. Daryl has definitely been there on our throwaway account. Oh, this lady sounds just like my wife yeah no she can't be she's too upset now i'm picturing like a shop around the corner situation where you're giving carol like advice on her relationship with you um what's up everyone i'm will campos i play henry oak birkenstock rocking hippie crunchy munchie granola eating nature dad slash druid i'm hard deep into the third coffee of the night i'm ready to go i'm holding my laptop out like it's the fucking 10
Starting point is 00:05:11 commandments um fun fact about henry this week uh we never talk about pets like what's people's pet situation like i figure glenn's got a big iguana or a snake of some kind why had that dog that great i can see that, I don't remember that. I don't pay attention. I don't listen to this podcast. So Henry's family, the Oaks, have three pets. They have a goat named Earth.
Starting point is 00:05:36 Yes. I'm leaving. They have a bird named Cloud. And they have a dog named Laser Wolf Fart Blaster. Henry named that one. huh? Yeah, tell the story. So Henry named the goat and then Mercedes named the bird and then
Starting point is 00:05:52 Lark and Sparrow got to name the dog and Lark wanted to name him Laser Wolf and Sparrow wanted to name him Fart Blaster. And I was, you know, Henry was really proud of his boys. They came to a compromise and then dog's name is Laser Wolf Fart Blaster. Great. It's a golden doodle. Yes.
Starting point is 00:06:07 Oh my gosh. I want the goat and the golden doodle. I was just so obsessed with the golden doodle I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Beth May and I play Ron Stampler. Emotionally detached stepfather and rogue. Since we're doing this in the Fortnite universe,
Starting point is 00:06:23 I should clarify that I know absolutely nothing about Fortnite. I don't even know what it looks like when it's being played. I have no idea like any of the characters or whatever or if there even are characters. That's adorable. It's like I'm like a millennial being like, when is Facebook? I don't know. But
Starting point is 00:06:39 the dad fact that I have this week is that Ron has never had a cavity. Whoa. Yeah. Does he brush his teeth? Yeah. No,
Starting point is 00:06:48 no, no. He brushes. I like, maybe he has had a cavity, but he probably thinks that like cavity is like an extra butthole or something. Like he'd like things that it's like,
Starting point is 00:06:57 like a cavity. Like he doesn't think that it's like a tooth thing. Fucking wild card. Does he go to the dentist? I'm not entirely. So he hasn't, he doesn't know if he's had a cat. I mean,. Does he go to the dentist? I'm not entirely... So he doesn't know if he's had a cavity? I mean, I think he's pretty sure. He knows, but he's like... He's like, if I had another
Starting point is 00:07:11 cavity, I'd know. Yeah. But has he gone to the dentist? He hears other people talking about how many cavities they had, and he's like, oh, oh. Yeah. I just want to understand it. I feel like he goes to the dentist, and he's like, can I get a cavity search? It's just not...
Starting point is 00:07:26 Sir, you need to leave. Sir, this is a Whole Foods. He asks if he has an extra butthole at the dentist. He goes to the dentist and asks for a cavity search. And they poke around his mouth and say, you have no cavity. He said, you do have cavity.
Starting point is 00:07:44 And he goes, oh, I guess that means I have an extra bottle. And then he leaves. Well, like he doesn't have one. So obviously, yeah, he doesn't. Good point. Good point. I do have an extra bottle. I don't know why that broke me.
Starting point is 00:08:00 It's like maybe not the weirdest thing Ron has come up with. No, I think that is. All right. I'm Anthony Birch. I'm your daddy master. I am at a loss after the cavity thing. How many buttholes do you have? Counting you guys.
Starting point is 00:08:15 Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. You all were basically going to get ready for the big competition for nights and you went and talked to gerald of trivia and you got some cool items and then you checked out the library and found out uh after daryl got his hand licked off and then reattached that's weird aaron o'neill sort of disappeared you were gonna yeah so really yeah i want to i want to just point out really quick there must be something about the bully wogs restroom situation ways laid out because we've now abandoned both mpaa at the previous bully walks and now aaron o'neill at this one well did aaron o'neill came with us to hide the honda odyssey because she remember we we parked the honda odyssey and then her magic trees covered the i guess she was just
Starting point is 00:09:04 hanging back then is that the is that the odyssey magic trees covered the Odyssey. So I guess she was just hanging back then. Is that the... With the Odyssey? Yeah. She didn't join us on the... Or she liked the Bullywog so much that she went back. Look, Anthony doesn't forget things. He's like J.J. Abrams.
Starting point is 00:09:14 Everything that's happened is setting up... There's going to be an explanation as to why they disappeared. I will say it did not occur to me, and I think all the dads just straight up forgot that Aaron O'neill was part of the adventures i'm i'm very glad she didn't go with you because uh she knows stuff like she's like an intelligent character understands the world and the fewer of those that are around you guys the better things tend to go as a podcast both she and mpa are like oh you guys are dicks but the more pressing and immediate issue is that you got into the carriage that led up into the sky
Starting point is 00:09:44 and when you woke up grant was there so that means that you now have the carriage that led up into the sky. And when you woke up, Grant was there. So that means that you now have 24 hours to strip him of his flesh and eat it, or else all of you die. But you also remember having talked to Aaron O'Neill about it and done some research that if you can change his inherent nature, like if he turns from a boy into a man or a man into a werewolf or whatever the fuck you get out of it, if he's undead or whatever, there's some ways that you've researched to maybe get around this. Either way, the clock is now ticking.
Starting point is 00:10:08 And, uh, as you were sailing through the sky grants, like, so yeah, do you have any, any questions about this? Cause like,
Starting point is 00:10:13 this is my, this is my second one of these and I am pretty good at it. So I hug him again. I quickly, I pull out, I take a coin out of my pocket and I scratch on my watch exactly the time that it is in that moment. And I look around,
Starting point is 00:10:24 I was like, we have 24 hours, guys. You understand? 24 hours. Grant. Hey, everything's fine, buddy. How's it going? I'm fine.
Starting point is 00:10:31 What happened to your watch? I try not to cry. And I hug him. Oh, nothing, man. Just really happy to see you, buddy. Are you actually crying? No, no, no, no, man. What are we doing here?
Starting point is 00:10:40 What are we doing? Daryl, it's okay to cry. I mean, it's a pretty intense situation. We got 24 hours. We can cry after. I mean, it's a pretty intense situation. We got 24 hours we can cry after. I believe there'll be a lot of that if something happens. I feel like the questions are wasting time when you have to kill him in like 24 hours. Whoa, whoa, wait, what? Sorry, what?
Starting point is 00:10:55 Okay, so I'm not sure if I have this straight. Because actually, okay, you don't look any... I put my hand on Ron's mouth. Gently. No, I stopped him from talking. And he's like, no, we just came from a really crazy place. We got to be back in 24 hours. Roll deception.
Starting point is 00:11:13 That's an 11. Okay, he's going to roll insight, I guess. Be dumb, Grant. How well does he know me? He believes you. Yeah, we just played this trivia game, and we owe some guys some cash. We were a little short on it, you know, this new world and everything. Well, hopefully before the 24 hours, we are also going to figure out how not to.
Starting point is 00:11:31 Dad huddle, dad huddle. Real quick, dad huddle. By the way, I love how we're inadvertently stumbling into one of the legitimate Fortnite strategies, which is wait until the end when the thing boots you out automatically. Okay, dad. Can we not can we not stress out grant right now i'm not i'm not no he will he look he acts tough he's he's he is a tough kid but like can we not tell him like what's gonna happen like one i should be the one to tell him
Starting point is 00:11:55 that's gonna be the case okay tell him that you know what i don't want to say right now either because it's tough for me to say. Okay, I completely understand. Ron, you often have said you're going to do one thing. And I'm not calling you a liar. I don't think you're doing it on purpose, but sometimes immediately afterwards you do the other thing. I'm not going to do the other, whatever the other thing. Okay.
Starting point is 00:12:20 You know, when I need to remember something, I associate it with a name or word. So maybe when you see Grant, you'll think Grant, and then you'll say G, because Grant's name starts with a G. And then you'll think to yourself, G, I better not tell him about the blood pact where we have to eat his face. And then you don't eat his face. Do you think you could follow that?
Starting point is 00:12:40 I think I could. Yeah. Okay. So let's say I'm Grant, and then you look at me, what do you think grant starts with the g good good is what your skin would taste like we'll work on it grant yeah yeah you said you've done this before what is this this is four nights for nights yeah the video game you like. Yeah. It's a really neat coincidence.
Starting point is 00:13:07 It was super, super cool. Because, yeah, I got bought as a slave. I was like, oh, no, that's not good. But then they brought me here, and apparently they used to have some other sort of ways of entertaining people, but then they adopted this whole Fortnite kind of thing,
Starting point is 00:13:19 and they threw me in here. And I don't even have to kill people. I haven't killed anybody. You just have to survive until the top five. That makes one of us. Oh God. Wait, what?
Starting point is 00:13:28 We've, we've done a lot trying to find you. Oh, it's been, it's been tough. Are you okay? We don't like to talk about it. We killed a lot of people.
Starting point is 00:13:37 Yeah. You remember, you remember Ron, right? I, yeah, the weird, the weird guys.
Starting point is 00:13:41 He's still weird. He feels like he's still weird. You know what? He's, he's a little different from all of us, but we've all worked really hard, and I got to say, I wouldn't be,
Starting point is 00:13:50 without these three guys, we wouldn't be here with you. Yeah, and you look nothing like your police sketch. So he just cuts his head at you, and then shakes his head. I don't even know what I'm going to do with that. So Grant, let me ask you a question yeah fort quickly though is that like a nintendo uh you know what yes it is it is a nintendo imagine it is the most it is the biggest nintendo that there is i remember there was this youtube channel that my beautiful boys lark and sparrow were into where they would
Starting point is 00:14:23 do these silly videos where people would be like in a video game but it was in real life and so you're saying this is kind of like one of those YouTube channels that were really successful you know about four or five years ago maybe even a little longer back farther back I would say this is exactly that that's what's happening right now so let me as quickly as I can explain the way that Fortnite works to to you because I feel like everybody except for wait can you use the rosebud cheat code the what rosebud well it's like if you're playing a video game but you're real life it's like the sims there's a video game called the sims and then if you want more if you want to win you just type in rosebud anthony is really getting broken by that oh i just i just now. That's such a good deep cut for
Starting point is 00:15:06 Sims fans. Sims fans are fucking loving that shit. This one goes out to all my Sims fans out there. I see you. So Grant hasn't ever played The Sims. He's like, I don't understand. No, there's no cheat. Okay, so the way that this game works is, so there's 20 teams. If we can make it to the top five,
Starting point is 00:15:22 we survive. So the first time you got in the top five? Yeah, first time I got in the top five, I just sort of in the top five i just sort of hid a lot it was great it was and there's this other team that helped me that was really as he mentions the other team he just like kind of gets flustered like they're they're they were great too they're really cool um my boy top five everybody yeah good yeah i was number five like oh that's not we'll try to do better this time that's good no that's still good i mean that's fine yeah it's better to do better this time. That's still good. No, that's still good. I mean, that's fine. Yeah, it's better than the other 15. Yeah, I mean, yeah, they're dead now.
Starting point is 00:15:49 So yeah, that makes sense. What? So yeah, if you're in the bottom 15, you die. And you're allowed to kill each other and stuff to make sure that you're in the top five and all that kind of stuff. So basically the way that it works is there are 10 zones that we've already coasted past about five of them while we've been talking.
Starting point is 00:16:03 A through J. Anytime you want to. We started at A. We're now around like F. We can jump out of the carriage and land. And every zone has like a main building or a location that has a lot of stuff in it. And we can search for stuff in that location. And the items we find might be really, really useful or really, really rare.
Starting point is 00:16:22 Any of that kind of stuff. And then every 15 minutes of real us talking in podcast time, two of the zones will get targeted as, hey, in 15 minutes from that point, they will get filled with poison gas, and anybody inside it will start taking damage over time. It's either a poison or it's like a weird neon thing. I really can't tell because I haven't ever been stuck in it because I'm good at moving every time that one of those turns on.
Starting point is 00:16:44 As it goes on, eventually it'll get down to either when only five teams are left, all those people get to live and then they get to go on to the next game of four nights tomorrow, essentially. How do we get out of here? If we win, can we leave?
Starting point is 00:16:56 Yeah, yeah. If we get in the top five, we can leave no problem. So what are people doing? Why are you here? Because it's fun as heck. You said people died though. That's so dangerous. I mean, not if you play the way I play.
Starting point is 00:17:08 I've played a lot of Fortnite. You've seen the John Wick skin that I have. I have the John Wick skin. Son, but you've seen people die. No. I mean, you hear about it when somebody dies. Like the announcers in the hot air balloon announced. But I haven't seen it happen.
Starting point is 00:17:22 That would be a bummer. They go, monster kill. Yeah, pretty much. And if we do this, then we can get the thing we need to do the thing we need to do. Right? Yeah, I mean, this is... How long does this game take? This game takes one day. Every game is 24 hours. Wait, it takes 24 hours? Yeah.
Starting point is 00:17:37 Oh, cool. We got plenty of time. Why don't they call it four day? Because it was originally, it was a tournament for knights, and then they eventually ran out of knights because the knights started dying, and then they call it four day? Because it was originally, it was a term for nights and then they eventually ran out of nights because the nights started dying and then they extended it to like four nights and people that we capture and slaves and it got kind of dark
Starting point is 00:17:50 but they kept the name four nights because it just rang off the tongue so well. It's one of those names that doesn't have anything to do with what it ended up being because originally- All right, all right. We should drop.
Starting point is 00:18:00 We need to drop. Okay, okay. Do you want me to tell you what the remaining places we could drop in are? What is this drop? What are we dropping? you'll see it'll be fine it's fine it'll be a neat surprise so the zones are a for armory b bomb maker c cafeteria d deli slash slaughterhouse e has an egg farm f is fucking shit ass toilet building g has a tavern h has a haberdashery i has an ice cream shop and j has a jewel cutters. So we go to one of these places.
Starting point is 00:18:26 The locations are slowly going to fill up with gas and we're trying to survive and not get killed until we're one of the top five teams that are left. Grant, buddy, you're the coach on this one. We're your team. You've done this before. I think you tell us where we should drop. Does ice cream have actual ice cream?
Starting point is 00:18:41 It does, but you got to get to it quick or just kind of melt and like everybody gets ice cream can get kind of rowdy because they sometimes take kids from the unfortunate foster children and then those kids go straight for the ice cream and it's a real i've heard it's a real bloodbath so a bunch of foster children die in this game yeah this one time oh my gosh it's not great i mean i don't i don't approve of their business practices but like they're still playing okay well we're gonna deal with that once we're done with this, because I'm... So, just so you know, you see, like on Grant's face, you see a very particular kind of like joy and like excitement that is a little bit alien to you.
Starting point is 00:19:16 This isn't like, hey, I'm having fun playing soccer joy. There's like something else here that you haven't seen before. Like the thrill of battle? I don't know. Maybe you'll find out. Maybe you'll find out maybe find it but he goes like i feel like we could drop at the tavern in g the pub g oh god almighty because there's there's sometimes there's a there's like a rifle there
Starting point is 00:19:36 and you you know your old man likes the brewski so in the brewski's yes let's drop tavern let's drop okay i have more questions but i'll figure them out after we drop. Yeah, I have more to explain anyway, but I will bring it up some action. So drop is like, you know, like when the beat hits, right? Yeah. He goes, no, it's like this,
Starting point is 00:19:53 and he jumps out of the carriage with his arm like in a Christ air pose. I leap instantly after him, panicked. Go ahead and roll acrobatics. That, my friends, is a natural 20. Oh, perfect. That, my friends, is a natural 20. Oh, perfect. So you dive out and you immediately put him in a bear hug. And the two of you are just plummeting down together.
Starting point is 00:20:12 Roll a perception with disadvantage. That's a natural one. Everything's fine. So as you two are plummeting down, he goes, Dad, you have to let go. It's going to be really bad if you don't let go. What do you mean? What are we doing? We're falling. No, we're going to get, it'll be fine. But you have to let go. It's going to be really bad if you don't let go. What do you mean? What are we doing? We're falling.
Starting point is 00:20:26 No, we're going to get, it'll be fine, but you have to let go. You have to give me some space. Like that. Okay. Do we have parachutes? Yes. Okay. You let go first.
Starting point is 00:20:37 I can't not let go. You bet me the bear hug. Okay. Okay. I'm not letting go, but I'm saying I'm letting go. Okay. Anytime. We literally have three seconds. Five. Okay. I let go. Okay. So you let go. And as you both go, but I'm saying I'm letting go. Okay, any time. We literally have three seconds.
Starting point is 00:20:45 Okay, I let go. Okay, so you let go, and as you both let go, and I assume, are you guys just still in the carriage, or did you jump out of it? I'm waiting to see whether these guys are going to turn into freaking street pizza when they hit the ground. Okay, well, if you wait, you will drop into a different zone. I jump out feet first.
Starting point is 00:21:00 Okay, so anybody who got to stick together, I'm going to grab Henry and jump out with him. I'm afraid of heights! So you guys uh who just jumped out see beneath you you see the wilson boys simultaneously like massive translucent jellyfish just sprout out from their clothing basically and like and like inflate and their descent slows precipitously grant goes like yeah when we fall asleep these like things just like attach to our bodies and Grant goes like, yeah, when we fall asleep, these things just attach to our bodies, and then they'll leave when we land. But it's cool, right?
Starting point is 00:21:30 This is cool. That's pretty weird. This is scary. Your dad doesn't like heights. He's like, ah, no, this is going to be great. This is going to be great. As long as you're here. Get over here, son.
Starting point is 00:21:37 Get a little closer. He goes, no, because then they might tangle up, and then it would be bad. OK. So then the rest of you your jellyfish also and expand and you all start slowly start are they like little sentient jellyfish I want to talk to mine
Starting point is 00:21:52 I'm like hey what's up little dudes haha yeah dig it are people dropping with us should we be looking oh yeah so as you look around you can see there are a lot of people dropping at the armor you can already hear a lot of swords clashing a lot of people punching each other and shit like that the clear sounds on this winter morning of people punching each other people behind you uh fucking shaw brothers like sound
Starting point is 00:22:14 effects um at the deli slash slaughterhouse you can already see people beginning to build structures out of wood like somebody's building a tower just straight up and grant points and he goes like i'll explain how that works when we land. But we can do that too. We can build stuff. Hell yeah. You didn't tell me
Starting point is 00:22:29 there's carpentry up in here. Yeah, no, I thought you might like that. I think Ron doesn't think that he has a jellyfish and he's like, all these other people need jellyfish to float down
Starting point is 00:22:39 but I can do it naturally. But seemingly nobody is going to the PUBG so it seems like you're fine there. When you land, the PUBG is... It looks like a very functional pub. Visually, there's very little
Starting point is 00:22:51 that inspires you. It's kind of bland. It's kind of boring-looking. But you can tell the purpose of the place, which is this place to get drinks. From far away, its textures seem a little blurry, but as we go closer, they kind of slide into resolution. But it's still kind of brown and green. It's not really exciting all that much. Are there a bunch of knockoff pubs all around? Yeah, there's the detritus of failed
Starting point is 00:23:11 knockoff pubs all around. There's an H1Z1 zone. That one's not funny. Delete that. Nope. It's staying in. Ugh, gross. But yeah, it's a rundown pub that you can tell has a lot of alcohol behind the bar. It might have some other stuff in the area behind the bar. There might be an office back there. You don't know, but you'd have to search. And Grant goes, okay, do you want to explain everything else? The way this works?
Starting point is 00:23:31 Yes, please. So mechanically, here's what we can do. So when you are at a spot, you can roll to either look for items or you can roll to forage for crafting materials. Can we split up and do that or as a group? Each of you can roll to forage for crafting materials. Can we split up and do that, or as a group? Each of you can individually do that. Ooh. So if you're searching for stuff,
Starting point is 00:23:49 you basically just roll, and if you get a good D20 roll, then you get an item that is appropriate to that location, depending on how good the roll is. If you roll to forage for wood, then you roll a D20, and you get that much wood. Or you can have that roll,
Starting point is 00:24:02 and we can say that's how much stone you got. Clever. And when you build stuff out of wood, it's easier to destroy than stuff you build out of role, and we can say that's how much stone you've got. Clever, clever guy. And when you build stuff out of wood, it's easier to destroy than stuff you build out of stone or whatever. Basically, the stuff that you can build, it'll be variable depending on how clever you want to get, but the basic things I wrote down here was like, it costs like five wood to build a wall,
Starting point is 00:24:16 or five stone to build a wall, 10 to build a house, and 30 to build like a tower that'll allow you to look out and stuff. So you can either collect the shit and then try to build later, build it here so you can get better vantage points and then try to build later, build it here so you can get better vantage points and shit like that. But you have, I'm now going to start a timer. Whoa.
Starting point is 00:24:31 We have 15 minutes of real life podcast time before. Until we find out which areas are getting closed. Yes, I'm going to roll two D10s basically and then those are going to get 15 minutes from the point where I announced that they will get gassed. And also every time you search for something, I'm going to roll on an encounter table. And you might run into other players.
Starting point is 00:24:50 Grant, any beginner strats here? Any ideas what we should do? When I was playing, I was just alone. Well, until I met the hotties. Who are the hotties? Maybe we'll run into them. I don't know. I really hope we run into them. Maybe we won't. I don't know. Why are you calling them the hotties there?
Starting point is 00:25:05 That's what they call them. Oh, I guess we should come up with a name for our group. Because every group that's in here has their name. Yeah. Are we the naughties? The hotties and the naughties. What does Grant think of that name? I mean, I guess.
Starting point is 00:25:17 Does he lead you? I don't really understand. No, no. Let's call ourselves the naughties. I was so... Henry was so stunned by that deep pole reference to that Paris Hilton movie from forever ago that he couldn't say anything. What about...
Starting point is 00:25:30 The Knights. The Knights? That seems... It's probably taken. What if we're like The Knights and then our birthday? Or like a fun number, you know? That might not be taken. What if we're The Knights 42?
Starting point is 00:25:44 The easiest one might be The Glenn Close Quintet. Or we could just be doodlers, I guess. What about the doodlers? The doodlers. All right, go doodlers. We're the doodlers. All right, great. We'll be the doodlers.
Starting point is 00:25:56 And if doodlers is taken, doodlers 42. I can promise you that doodlers is not taken. Can you just check really quick if it's been taken? All right, so he looks up. As he looks up, you follow his gaze and you see a hot air balloon with there's no need to get clever about this it is exactly the two-headed pod race announcer from episode one watching the game going all right well that's very good wow. We are getting to that hot air balloon, and we are getting there on a graph. Looks like we've got about half of the teams down,
Starting point is 00:26:30 and if my incredibly good hearing is any indication, it looks like this new group of weirdos is called the Doodlers. Let's hear a shout-out from the Doodlers. Doodlers, go ahead and make yourself known. Let us hear you. Let us hear your sound. Hi, I'm Ron. Go, Doodlers 42.
Starting point is 00:26:46 Go Doodlers. Hey, hey, is there a team of the hotties? My son knows a team of the hotties. Oh, yeah, the hotties are most certainly in the running. Are they nearby? He goes, oh, I can't tell you that. That would be breaching of the rules. Could you imagine, sorry, could you
Starting point is 00:27:01 just imagine going to a basketball game and like LeBron stops and starts talking to the announcers? Because that's what's happening here. Hey, are the Bulls playing? Hey! I like that you call me LeBron. All right.
Starting point is 00:27:14 Well, like again. Okay. So clearly, guys, my son's got a little something for somebody. It's supposed to be nice. All right. Well, hopefully we'll find that we will not kill the hotties when they show up, everybody. Right. But what should we do here?
Starting point is 00:27:24 I do want to point out before we move on that the name of the two-headed Phantom Menace announcer is Fodson Bead and Nodoo. Nodoo. Nodoo. Fodson Bead and Nodoo. There's no way I'm remembering that. Oh, it's Greg Proops played one of the heads. And there goes Quadradero's power coupling. No.
Starting point is 00:27:45 I'm screaming. We're doing 15 minutes real time, right? Yeah, you have nine minutes and 22 seconds left. Guys, team. All right. Grant, it sounds like you're alone the first time. I don't mean to take over for a second, but I think we got to do this thing. Here's what I would propose.
Starting point is 00:27:57 Looks like we already got a fort kind of built out here and there's nobody else around, correct? Everybody scan the room. Any other bad guys? Anybody here? Give me some perception checks. 19. 19 all right you can immediately tell that yeah like for right now you have enough time to like do one search without having to worry about a role on the encounter carpentry don't build shit you already have looks like we got a bunch of walls here already we can we can measure once cut twice oh shit dude you just got no it's measured, it's measured twice. It's measured twice, cut once.
Starting point is 00:28:26 You're cut twice. Double dead, lawyer. Objection overruled. You measure once and you just cut it multiple times. Yeah, that's fucking reversal. Even I was like, what? Wait, no, it's measure once, cut twice. No, it's not. No, you measure twice to double check the measurement.
Starting point is 00:28:39 Holy shit, did you not know this? So you only have to cut once. What are you talking about? Why would you cut twice? Yeah, there's no reason. You've already cut something. What are you going to cut twice? Yeah cut twice? Yeah, there's no reason. You've already cut something. What are you going to cut twice? Yeah, once you've cut it, you cut it.
Starting point is 00:28:47 Like two cuts, though. I'm sorry. This was in character Grant saying this. You prepare longer. Both Glenn and Freddie are like, but if you can get two cuts out of one measurement, how much more efficient is that? What do you mean?
Starting point is 00:29:02 What, two cuts? What the fuck are you talking about? You only need to measure once and then you get two cuts. Because if you don't measure only once or twice. You're measuring something so that you can cut. You have a two by four and you need to cut it in half. So you measure the two by four
Starting point is 00:29:15 and you want to make sure you cut it directly in half. So then you fucking measure it. And then to make sure you measured it right, you measure it again because you can only cut that board once to do what you want to do. What the fuck are you talking about? And then?
Starting point is 00:29:30 That's so inefficient. What are you talking about? You've officially used up the grace period you had for not having somebody come up for the encounter table when you searched. Alright, quiet. Team, I feel like eventually we're going to find out this place is or is not the place we can stay in.
Starting point is 00:29:45 Right, Grant? Yeah, in about seven minutes. Let's search. Let's do our best. Some of us search. Why don't you all search? I'll get some materials. I'll board up these windows.
Starting point is 00:29:53 You guys find some good items. I want some wood. Okay, Ron, you want to board up the windows with me? Well, I just want the wood. For what? To have wood. No. For my wood collection. No, No. For my wood collection.
Starting point is 00:30:08 For my wood collection. Ron, go ahead and look for wood and then... I'm going to search this bar because that's where I feel most at home. Go ahead and roll investigation. Okay, hold on one second. 15. The inside of the bar is very dusty. There's some chairs that have been knocked over. It feels like this place has definitely seen some fights
Starting point is 00:30:24 but not recently. This looks like one of maybe the most popular bars in the world. Yeah, it was at a time, and it seems like, I don't know, it seems like not that many people go into it these days anymore. Like Applebee's. And behind the bar, you find two pristine, still sealed bottles of what you can just by smell tell is an extremely flammable type of alcohol.
Starting point is 00:30:47 It's like Molotov cocktails. That would definitely work very well as Molotov cocktails. Very good. Which will basically give you double damage on wood structures that other players have made. I'm going to roll for, I guess, wood is what you do? Yeah, so you just roll a d20 and that's how much wood you get. 14. Oh, wow.
Starting point is 00:31:01 So you got 14 wood, which is enough to make like a house or... In this economy. Or like two and a half walls or like whatever. What's the stone thing? The stone thing is if you have it, you get that much stone. So you get seven stone instead of 14 wood. Okay. Are you gonna go for wood or stone?
Starting point is 00:31:18 I'm gonna go with stone. Okay, so go ahead and mark that down that you have seven stone. I'm gonna search for some wood too. Huzzah. I got a 16. Oh, wow. That is a lot of fucking fucking wood maybe we should convert that to some stone i i'm gonna invest in a stone heavy portfolio i like henry we're getting a lot of stone here we're gonna need that as a geologist i'm i'm more interested in the stone than in the woods so i i collect some neat rocks grant how much how much
Starting point is 00:31:43 stone do we need to build a tower? We would need 30 stones. Guys, we're going to freaking build a gosh darn stone tower by the end of this thing. You got it. Hey, Daryl, check it out. I found a geode. Alright, so Ron. I'm going to roll for wood. I got 15
Starting point is 00:31:59 woods. Alright, go ahead and mark that down. What do you get for us, buddy? Ron? I mean, it's not really for you. What do you get there? A bunch of wood? Yeah, it's wood. Dude, go ahead and mark that down. What do you get for us, buddy? Ron? I mean, it's not really for you. What do you get there? A bunch of wood? Yeah, it's wood. Dude, that's a lot of wood. High five, man. Great job. Thank you. You're the best member of this team. Without you, we would not be able to do this. Am I right?
Starting point is 00:32:15 Everybody, congratulate Ron on how much wood he got. Thanks, guys. Hell yeah! I don't know if I want to... Good job, Ron. He's really weird. I was actually thinking about, like, you know, if we want to distract whoever is coming to visit us, we could put the wood in the corner and then put the holographic pants on the wood so that it looked like one of us was in the corner
Starting point is 00:32:37 ready to pounce on them, but we'll be in the other corner ready to pounce. Holy shit. Did you somehow come up with an actual use for holographic pants? Well, I mean, it's mostly a use for wood. I've been thinking a lot about another creative art space slash performance area that I've been to once or twice in my day called Burning Man. And this reminds me a little bit of Burning Man and the people kind of running around.
Starting point is 00:33:01 There's not a lot of rules. People making crazy builds and stuff. And I was thinking, what if we built like a giant thing, like a big orgy tent, like maybe like a big man, a big man. What if we built a huge man and then we could put the pants on him and scare the shit out of everybody? And then we could like light it on fire. And then maybe like people would be drawn to it because they'd be like, something's
Starting point is 00:33:21 got to be going down over there. Yeah. Like, you know, it's like, sounds like the pants are kind of redundant in that situation fire we'll call it pants on fire we'll call it pants on fire the sequel to burning man yeah because if you just saw a big wood man you'd be like those guys built a big wood man but if he had huge pants on maybe it was on fire think like there's a giant could we could we make people might see that and think that there's like an orgy tent nearby. Hey Grant,
Starting point is 00:33:45 just to clarify, people do die in this, right? Uh-huh. So we should take this seriously. Yeah, you're right. Maybe you should trade your stone for wood. All right. Fair enough.
Starting point is 00:33:56 I'm just trying to spitball here. I've never been in a Nintendo like this before. I do like this idea though. Okay. I'm going to look for wood as well because it feels like we're going in a sort of direction of
Starting point is 00:34:05 building something really big. Do we have fire, though? We should get more weapons. You do you. I just recommend that we get some more weapons. I could turn into a bear. You're right, Henry. You did a good job last time. Daryl Scott. Hey, side dad huddle. Hey, Daryl,
Starting point is 00:34:21 can you come up with a plan, a football plan for us? Could you draw some X's and O's and come up with some tactics? I'm going to start working. Go over there and think about eating your kid's skin. Grant's like, wait, what? He's just kidding. He's weird.
Starting point is 00:34:34 He's just a weird guy. Everyone roll deception with advantage because Ron is very weird. That's 19. I got a 16. 12. I got like a 6 so Grant looks at Henry and goes
Starting point is 00:34:49 wait what no wait wait no they're right I'm weird no I clocked that very quickly well you're talking about eating my skin I was is he gonna eat my skin he's just pointing at Ron like is Ron gonna eat my skin holy shit no no no he going to eat my skin? He's just pointing at Ron. Like, is Ron going to eat my skin?
Starting point is 00:35:05 Holy shit. No, no, no, no, no, no. There are some bad guys that are coming after us and they threaten to eat our skin if they ever see us again. And since you're part of our team,
Starting point is 00:35:13 I think he was just implying that, you know, they would probably want to eat your skin too. That's not going to happen, son, because we're going to get out of this. All right. Roll persuasion.
Starting point is 00:35:21 Just a straight persuasion roll. 16. All right. That sounds... Who did you piss off uh glenn you know rock and roll guy getting involved in a bar fight spreading rumors of cannibalism henry's starting to feel very uncomfortable because i'm just thinking back to with gartox kids where henry like does he's like fundamentally against not being honest with your children so i'm gonna do as i did then a saving throw to see if henry can keep this secret and not blurt it out fucking great okay um what would
Starting point is 00:35:49 that be like against my constitution let's say wisdom say wisdom okay let's say intelligence this would be very stupid right yes okay he got a 17 so he's gonna be able to bite his tongue yes well done so i'm gonna roll on the encounter table now that you've done some of that. Oh, shit. Okay. And with that, the first 15 minutes is up and you hear Greg Proops from the sky say, All right. Looks like the first two zones to be hit with the poison gas and or like laser field are our zone.
Starting point is 00:36:20 He does not know what it is. Nobody knows. It's all done by a wizard. Our zone B, the bomb makers and Zone E, the egg farm. If you're in those locations, you might want to skedaddle within the next 15 minutes. Otherwise, it's going to get a little hard to breathe. Call me Maroon 5, because it's getting harder and harder to breathe! You're canonically the other hand.
Starting point is 00:36:42 Yes! you're officially you're canonically the other head yes so I'm now starting a 15-minute countdown and that's when those areas will get fucked up and is Grant searching for I'm assuming Grant's searching for an item oh yeah Grant will
Starting point is 00:36:58 search for an item oh 19 so Grant finds a gun Grant finds a single shot shotgun behind the bar. He goes, dad, holy shit. Oh, hey, buddy. Why'd you toss that over here, man? I mean, I found it.
Starting point is 00:37:12 So you say, yeah, but you know, come on, give it here, son. It's a gun. Roll persuasion. 10. They're all trying to infringe his own son's God-given rights as an American. He goes, I mean, I'd feel a little bit safer if I had it. You sure I can't keep it? Son,
Starting point is 00:37:29 I really need your help to board up these windows and then afterwards we'll be able to talk about this gun, but you gotta hand me over that firearm right now. Well, shouldn't one of us have a gun too if something goes wrong with that gun? You chose wood, Ron. I wish you could see the look on Matt's face.
Starting point is 00:37:48 That was genuine, actual dad-ass authority. He goes, fair enough, and he places it down on the bar and begins to walk over to board up the windows. You can use Ron's wood. Ron, he's using your wood. As he approaches the windows, though, he points at your
Starting point is 00:38:05 back pocket and goes like, you got a message. What? Your phone. Phone? It's glowing. That hunk of wood. Open the phone up. In the phone, it says you have one voicemail, essentially. It happened when you jumped out of the plane and you had to roll for perception.
Starting point is 00:38:22 You were getting a call. Alright, I'm going to take this call. If you guys want to start boarding up the windows and whatnot. For sure, you got to roll for perception. That's you were getting a call. Oh, uh, all right. Yeah. I'm going to take this call. Uh, if you guys want to start boarding up the windows and whatnot, for sure. You got it. Team boss. That sounds great.
Starting point is 00:38:29 10, four. Copy that. Roger. Roger. Um, guys, Daryl,
Starting point is 00:38:33 Daryl. Yeah, sure. Okay, guys, Daryl is at like an 11 right now. And I just want to take your guys's temperature. The hotties.
Starting point is 00:38:41 I feels like he's just as like been looking for a, like a game mechanic that he could just been looking for a game mechanic that he could be a coach for his whole life. There's a lot of coach energy going on here. So I just wanted to check in with you two and just see if we were all on the same page and maybe spitball for a second about how... Because I think it's really important.
Starting point is 00:38:58 Obviously, the stakes are really high for Darrell right now because of Grant, and we don't want to eat anybody's SKIN. So I just wanted to check in and take your guys' temperature on that and that's pretty much all I have as far as the... Oh, skin. You hit Grant's hand. You're like, what? Nothing. Don't worry about it. I think
Starting point is 00:39:15 we should definitely try to back Daryl's play but my worry is, you know, sometimes someone gets so caught up in a situation that they make mistakes, like that kind of thing. Look, I'm putting it out there. I feel guilty even bringing it up because now i feel like i'm so into stent and i don't want i feel like this was a mistake so let's table the dad huddle but you know i just wanted to check in all right okay so you listen to your voicemail so go ahead and roll for your phone with advantage because it's a nokia hell yeah 19 so infinite battery life on that bad pretty much
Starting point is 00:39:41 yeah you'd have to roll four okay you hear the voice of your wife carol and you hear this like sigh that's like uh hey hey daryl i just wanted to check up uh and see how the search for our son was going and i wanted to apologize for snapping at you before that was i was just there was a lot of emotions. I don't know. I just, I just, I just sort of, I had a bad feeling when you guys left and I didn't say anything and I was like blaming myself. It doesn't matter.
Starting point is 00:40:12 I just want to say, I'm sorry about that. I shouldn't have, I shouldn't have dressed you down in the way that I did. And yeah, I guess call me back when you found them. And then you hear some rustling and you hear her continue to talk, but it's muffled and like further away. Yeah, no, Darnell, you found them. And then you hear some rustling and you hear her continue to talk, but it's muffled and like further away. Yeah, no, Darnell, you're right.
Starting point is 00:40:28 I was, yeah, I shouldn't have. He's trying his best and his best is very, very bad, but like he didn't deserve that. And yeah, no, I know, I know. And it's like, if what kills me about this is it makes what we,
Starting point is 00:40:41 what I have to do afterward that much harder. Like I can't, I'm sure the kids are fine and he just like lost them in a in a there's probably some forest and they're getting high with Glenn or something like that but like I I gotta this is why I feel like I should have done this sooner rather than later like I gotta divorce him like it's it's not working for me it's not working for him and it's like when I'm looking at you with your husband I think like oh that's the way that a marriage is supposed to be like it's it just it just seeing you two together just made me realize like, oh my God, I've
Starting point is 00:41:06 never, I've never been with anybody else. And like, it's not, it's not his fault. I should have said something earlier. Clearly we're just not right for each other. I've never known anybody else. Like we dated since like, since school. It's ridiculous. Like, ah, I don't know.
Starting point is 00:41:18 Yeah. I don't know. I don't know. Oh shit. Oh shit. And then you hear a beep and the phone goes off. oh oh and then you hear a beep and the phone goes off um well daryl a lot like matt is trying to comprehend all that daryl stares at the phone for a moment and looks up at grant what's grant doing grant is uh is looking back at you like what's up you okay hey how's how's the window going buddy
Starting point is 00:41:40 it's going it's i mean it's going fine i guess i'm not really a guy all right man you're doing a good job i i i grab i look at the phone and i quickly text to to carol and i just say uh found grant everything's good uh love you babe we'll talk when i get back cool i send it you immediately get a text back uh because the way the time works i don't look at my phone i put my phone in my pocket oh great okay cool how much wood are they using to shore up the PUBG? Let's get back to that important wood conversation. Daryl wants to get back to it.
Starting point is 00:42:12 How's everybody doing, guys? The one conversation we're not tabling is wood. How's everybody doing? I saw you guys huddling. Everything good? We working? You got it, coach. All right, man. If you've boarded up all the windows, that has taken seven
Starting point is 00:42:28 of the wood that you have collected. So I guess Ron, you can deduct seven from your overall wood count unless you refuse to let other people. Okay, as a man, I am more interested in wood. That's why I would like to keep the wood. No, I know. You kept the wood and we used it. That's what the wood. Look at your beautiful wood on all these windows. So as you guys are having this conversation,
Starting point is 00:42:44 while you're all searching for wood and doing all this stuff, everybody roll perception. 15. 17. 25. 16. Okay, so all of you actually see a drow.
Starting point is 00:42:56 Actually, none of you ever met a drow before. So yeah, you see what looks to be an elf, but with sort of dark grayish skin and a very nefarious sort of countenance. He spells trouble just looking at him. And you can see him basically walking up. Spelling the word trouble out loud. Yeah, exactly.
Starting point is 00:43:12 But yeah, anyway, you see a drow crest a hill and look at your tavern, essentially. Are you going to? How do we see? Because we've bore up the windows. Are we like seeing through the cracks of the wood? And he can't see that we're in here. He sees that there are that the board is boarded up which would him probably imply that somebody is there's only one of them yeah there's only one of them i cocked the shotgun grant you say you hid the last time
Starting point is 00:43:32 you did good at that hide okay yeah no problem wait what are you gonna do we're gonna fucking kill this drow whoa i mean you don't have like wait a drow yeah you i don't you don't have, like, wait, a drow? Yeah. I don't, you don't have to, like. I don't know what that is. It might be, oh shit, I should have come up with, we're gonna go to the names. It might be the prized warrior of the Lord Francis Adrian. It might be Goose Moose Van Gloose. No.
Starting point is 00:44:05 Is that a traditional drow name, Goose Moose Van Gloose. No. Is that a traditional drow name? Goose Moose Van Gloose? I think it might be. He might be of the Underdark Van Glooses. So what's up with him? He's a mage, and he's like really powerful. He was number one the last game I was in, actually. Does he like to team up with other players?
Starting point is 00:44:19 No. All right, then. So Hyde, son Hyde, and we are going to do our best to stop this guy from... Henry, what would you suggest? I don't know. I just think maybe we should come up with a plan before we just go out and start killing people. I say we let loose on this goose.
Starting point is 00:44:34 I just want everybody so that we're all on the same page. That if we don't kill 15 people, I understand your peace before war thing, Henry, but 15 people have to die. And my son's not going to be one of them. before war thing, Henry, but 15 people have to die, and my son's not going to be one of them. So if you can explain to me how you don't kill people in a situation where 15 people have to die, go ahead. 15 groups.
Starting point is 00:44:51 I'm not... Okay, Daryl, what do you want to do? I want my son to hide, and I want us to get ready for a fight if this guy is going to fight us. Okay. Alright. Bring on the goose loose. So, uh, Grant, uh, immediately, uh... Hold on! Wait a second! I do have something to say. Alright. You know what, Daryl?
Starting point is 00:45:08 Do you ever think maybe we should leave the fucking baddest dude around alive for half a second? Why don't you fucking cool it, dude? You know, there's a lot of people stressed out around here. I get that this is your son. I get that we're gonna have to eat his skin in 24 hours because of the bloodbath, but, like, maybe you could just fucking take it down a notch, because there's other people, and you need to, like, there's more to being a leader
Starting point is 00:45:23 than just being an alpha bro who goes around bossing people around. So slowly you see Grant's head rise up. Oh shit. Oh my God. I'm so sorry. I'm above the bar. I look at Grant.
Starting point is 00:45:36 I hold up a finger like one second. I go, hey, Henry, can you just keep it quiet so the drought doesn't hear us? And I toss a shotgun to Ron. I say, nobody make. To Ron? Of all the fucking a shotgun to Ron. I say, nobody make a noise. As I was saying, just keep that gun on him. On who?
Starting point is 00:45:55 On the drow that's coming. Don't make a noise. And Glenn, get ready for those maltas if he finds us. And I walk over to Grant. Glenn's like, I wish I had a gun. If you and if you, if you can run, run,
Starting point is 00:46:06 switch up, you can do that. And I walk over to grant and, I put a hand on his shoulders. Like, don't worry about it. Let's just get through this first son. Uh, roll a persuasion,
Starting point is 00:46:15 uh, 13, 13. Okay. Grant looks at you and you see like determination in his eyes. And he goes, we are talking the second that this is over. Like he could tell something is like wrong,
Starting point is 00:46:26 like with you. Okay. So you're looking at Gooseboos Van Gloose. He just hears everything you guys are saying. Like you, you were not quiet at all. So he disappears back behind the hill and you're not quite sure where he is. While that happens.
Starting point is 00:46:39 You also hear the announcer go gas coming in for zones B and E. We are again, starting the 15 minute timer and then you'll hear about the two other zones that are going to get a gassed uh back to it ron where what's the draw up to um oh the glucose guy is um as ron's talking by the way i just slowly walk up and just grab the shotgun no no no i can do this can do this. I am not aimed at him because he is not there to aim it. Oh, okay. Okay, so everybody roll perception with disadvantage. Natural 20 on the first one, and then 18.
Starting point is 00:47:16 That's a seven. I got a two. 16. Okay, so Glenn and Henry, you don't hear a damn thing, but you see the drow approaching you with an alarming speed considering where you just saw him. He's approaching you from the opposite side, sprinting on silent feet,
Starting point is 00:47:34 and he's going to try to magic missile the barricades on the window. So that's 3d4. That's a magic missile. A magic missile is one of the best early spells in Dungeons & Dragons because it's guaranteed damage. It sounds like a sex thing. All right, well, I don't know why I bothered answering honestly. I guess fuck me for answering that.
Starting point is 00:47:53 Actually, you know what? A lot of the early spells sound like sex things. We need a compilation of all the things. Fuck me with a magic missile, am I right? We need a compilation of all the things. Why don't you come diddle me with your mage hand? It's like the fifth thing Beth has said is a sex thing. He's going to roll 1d4 plus 1.
Starting point is 00:48:08 So he does 4 damage to the wood barricade on the window and just shatters it. And wood splinters just fly inward at all of you guys. And he leaps inside. And everybody roll for initiative. Did Glenn and Henry have any sort of since they saw him coming? Oh, yeah. Right.
Starting point is 00:48:22 Yeah, you guys get immediate reactions before we go into combat. Okay, so this is, he's just blown up the wood? Yeah, he's just blown up the wood and he's still sprinting at you like he's gonna dive in. Okay, so I'm gonna use my visor, which allows you to change two letters of any spell to change what the spell does.
Starting point is 00:48:39 So healing word, in this case, is gonna become healing wood. Oh! Oh, my goodness. Holy shit. Can it happen like as the drow is jumping towards the window? That's great. Yeah, for sure.
Starting point is 00:48:54 So it like comes back in. Like what happens if I heal the wood while he's like mid wood? It'll fucking like nightcrawler like trap him inside of it. Hell yeah. All right, let's fucking do this. How many hit points does the wood normally have usually has four hit points okay so then i can cast first level i'm sorry three hit points i lied okay i can cast first level healing wood to heal the wood fully is what i'm saying right i don't need to burn a third okay all right so that
Starting point is 00:49:17 is a 1d4 plus three oh so no matter what it's gonna heal okay so i heal the wood as he does so actually uh before i get into the consequence of, go ahead and give me a wisdom saving throw. Me? Yes. So we're going to do that every time you use that ability. Okay. Sounds like Anthony thinks it's pretty strong. It's very strong.
Starting point is 00:49:35 I got a natural one. Oh, no. Oh, no. So as you... Fuck! Oh, that's a bummer. Oh, what a bummer. Well, I mean, a natural one plus six.
Starting point is 00:49:46 No, it doesn't matter. Did you have inspiration? Did you have dadspiration from a previous? No. Did I cast Healing Healing Wood? Wow, what a bummer. Okay, so yeah, as you, so the following things happen simultaneously.
Starting point is 00:50:01 The emotions are still high, Henry. Yeah, fumbled. So Gooseboos Van gloose dives through the air as you like so what what is what does casting spell look like what's the cool thing you do to like fucking send it home that like activates it i i grab like the air with my two hands like and then i'm telekinetically grabbing the wood and then i go like this like to like smush the wood back together by like making it grow. So, so can you do that again,
Starting point is 00:50:27 but without saying like this for an audio for a podcast, Anthony, thank you, Anthony, the movements from the OA. I do an interpretive dance. I pirouette and I say, uh,
Starting point is 00:50:39 that's some good wood. And I gesture my hands out in a cool way and the wood fuses back together all over the guy's stomach basically yeah so as he's midway through diving in with fucking hatred in his eyes the wood seals itself shut around him and basically completely holds him in place and he's completely frozen there and it does let's say so it has two damage to him as well as it just like just just compresses around him like a like a weird wooden bodice take that couscous as that happens your visor just shatters uh on your head unfortunately um such a good pun it was too beautiful for this world um i'd like to also cast hold person on the goose uh hold person humanoid that i can see
Starting point is 00:51:28 within range i mean i saw him on the way in uh wisdom saving throw will be paralyzed for the duration that's a saving throw of wisdom 14 okay he oh natural one very very failed save so yeah so hold person just means he's paralyzed correct yes all right so he as as the wood goes around me he goes you mother and then you paralyze right, so he, as the wood goes around him, he goes, you motherfucker, and then you paralyze him, and then he just completely just freezes up and stops talking, and he's just staring at you
Starting point is 00:51:50 with this utter hatred in his eyes, like he's trying to kill you just with his gaze, but he just cannot move. I'll be clear, hold person is Glenn doing like this like rock star pose, and he's just putting the hand up like talk to the hand style somehow. It's like a good pose move.
Starting point is 00:52:03 Usually he'll do it like when the, like, you know, for a beat hold anyway. So how long is he paralyzed for up to one minute up to one minute? Okay, so you got I mean, he's still stuck in there, but you've prevented him for a minute from even trying to free himself from the wood. Hey, someone should take one of my molotov.
Starting point is 00:52:18 Yeah, so should we burn him to death or shoot him in the head with a shotgun? Holy shit. I'll shoot him. I'll shoot him. Yeah, I hit him with the shotgun. Holy shit. I'll shoot him. I'll shoot him. Yeah. I hit him with the gun. Alright, go ahead and roll for a melee attack. Okay. Guys, we have a minute to fucking blow his head off. Blow his head off!
Starting point is 00:52:37 17 plus 2. Okay, great. So you've done, let's just say that that shotgun is 1d6 bludgeoning damage. So you've done, let's just say that that shotgun is 1d6 bludgeoning damage. So you've done two damage to him. So you kind of just, and just, you open up a little wound over his eye and he starts bleeding a little bit. And he's just staring at you with even more fucking hatred in his eyes. So since he's paralyzed, we don't have to do an initiative or a proper combat or anything like that.
Starting point is 00:52:58 Because like combat in D&D is like every round is six seconds. So you basically have 10 free rounds of doing whatever you want to this guy. I turn around and I just say, make it quick, whatever you do. Ron, you want me to do this? I can shoot him again. That wasn't shooting him. What? That wasn't shooting him.
Starting point is 00:53:15 Okay. So I have to concentrate, so I can't do anything, right? Because you're holding him the entire time. All right. You go ahead and you shoot Deuce Bigelow. I grab the shotgun and I point at his head. Grant, there's no way you got people die. You got to kill people in this.
Starting point is 00:53:31 I mean, some people have to die. We don't have to be the ones to kill him. And he's looking at you holding a shotgun to this guy's head. He's like, I mean, this guy, he's a he's a bad guy, but I don't. This feels weird, man. I don't I don't think I like this anymore. Could you not? Yeah, I mean, I put the I can't pull the trigger trigger i put the gun down jesus i we got we got to do
Starting point is 00:53:49 something we're in a death match but it's one thing to fight a vampire it's another thing that's put a gun at a guy's head i've never done this are we literally gonna just argue about killing this dude so once he's unparalyzed he's gonna basically be able to rip free from that wood yeah he'll attack kill us yeah he's saying that did henry say rip free from that wood. Yes, he's going to kill us. Are you saying that? Did Henry say that or did Will say that? That's Will saying that. What if we build more wood in front of him so that he can't get through the second layer of wood? Or stone.
Starting point is 00:54:14 We could cask of Amontillado him. If stone's something in the mechanics, is something he can just break through eventually? He can, but it will take him time. If you wanted to run, it would give you time to run. Well, I mean, that's just as fucked up as killing him, I guess, because you're dooming him to, you know. Here's my only thing is, okay, so yes.
Starting point is 00:54:33 So we should just let him go and let him kill us. Yeah, it seems like if we're in this. Someone killed this guy. So basically, I made it weird is what we're saying. Henry made it fucking weird yeah i don't know what you guys want to what you want to do kill him grant turn away he wait i'll do it i grab the gun henry i don't i mean what are we gonna do we're in this fucked up world we've been in this stupid fucking world where there's nothing to do but kill people, I guess.
Starting point is 00:55:06 Wait, I know. I know. Guys, you know when they execute prisoners? The way they do it is like- Oh, yeah, with one blank. It's like one blank. Do you know what I mean? You only have one gun.
Starting point is 00:55:15 We all put our finger on it. Did Grant hide? It seemed like you were going to kill him, and then Henry said this. I was still looking at you guys. He wants to know that you're not going to kill the guy. This is kill or be killed, Grant. Look at him. Look at him.
Starting point is 00:55:28 I don't want to look at him. So he just closes his eyes and puts his hands on his hand. I cock the shock, and I shoot him in the head. Holy shit. Okay. You didn't need to roll for damage for that. And I feel like Henry, I mean, unless you want to roll next time, I feel like Henry went to reach it, and I appreciate it,
Starting point is 00:55:38 but I put his hand as the moment I see Grant duck down, I just cock the shock, and I point at the head, and I look away, and I pull the trigger. Fuck. Ron says, wow, good shot, Henry. Henry, you really, really smoked that guy. I grabbed the gun from Daryl to basically play along like that's what happened. I don't want him to think his dad just iced this dude.
Starting point is 00:56:03 Grant stands up and just looks over and sees you holding the smoking gun. And he like looks for a second, looks at the horrible mess that used to be the Drownmage's face and then immediately turns away. But he definitely saw you holding the gun and not his dad. And he goes like, could we, could we? Let's move on. Could we go?
Starting point is 00:56:17 Could we not be here anymore, please? Yeah, we need to, well. Man, this is so dark. Dungeons and Dragons is fun. Welcome to this comedy D&D podcast. All right, all right. I toss the drow halfway through the window, right? Yeah.
Starting point is 00:56:33 I toss the drow back out the window. I go, Ron, board this thing back. You don't have to Winnie the Pooh style shove him through the hole because it's perfectly formed around his waist. Oh, shit. Well, we got to take the wood. If he's like it's perfectly formed around his waist oh well we gotta take the wood if he's in the wood you can't get the wood back if you harvest it from i think
Starting point is 00:56:51 we should stay again i think we should stay here you go stand with your son we will take care of this no this is easy i'm gonna take one of the molotovs i'm gonna burn this whole place down this is our protection i we gotta move henry you got? We're not hanging around here anymore with this corpse. I walk over to Grant because Henry said he's got this, and I give him a, like, thanks, man. Take care of this. Don't let Glenn do something stupid. Okay, we hide the body with the holographic pants. They're like somebody has hung up some pants on a boarded window, and they're drying out, and they're a little bit bloody, and that's okay.
Starting point is 00:57:22 Which, from the outside, I guess that's already what you see is you see just like two legs just dangling like an inverse Winnie the Pooh situation. What's crazy is from the inside, if you put the pants on the inside, it would be like, where's the guy? It's all pants. This guy's all pants. Okay, we're going to temporarily put the pants over the
Starting point is 00:57:39 blown off stump of his head so that Grant does not have to look at this dead ground. It's funny again! Yay! Oh my god. You hear fucking Greg Proost be like, oh, we've got our first kill of the game!
Starting point is 00:57:56 This is a fucking nightmare. Alright, so anyway, you talk to your son or whatever. Holy shit. Oh, this is a lot son or whatever. Holy shit. Oh, this is a lot. Maybe this was a mistake. Maybe I shouldn't have put you guys in Fortnite. Maybe this game's a lot darker than I gave it credit for.
Starting point is 00:58:14 This is good. We're going to survive this. Okay. So here's my question, gentlemen. Is our plan to hole up here until they announce that this place is filling with boys? Yes, that's right. We already got a lot of walls here. We got wood. We got
Starting point is 00:58:25 look, and now there's half a body hanging out here. Maybe nobody will come in here. Look, I don't want to kill people if we don't have to. Let's just hide in here as long as possible and use this as a fort. Okay. And there's drinks in here to dull the pain of having a headless man with pants.
Starting point is 00:58:42 Okay. Gentlemen, there is, and Henry now having seen some gnarly shit is ready to fucking get on board with the craziness that's going on here. Gentlemen, there's a concept known as the sword of life and the sword of death. And, you know, to walk in this world, a person must be able to swing the sword of life and be able to love and to be able to bring life into the world. But there are times- Is the sword of life your dick?
Starting point is 00:59:07 I'm trying to get in the spirit of the thing here, Glenn. So there are times nature, which I love more than almost anything except for my wife and my two beautiful boys, is a place of beauty and it is a place of savage ferocity.
Starting point is 00:59:23 And it comes a time in every person's existence where sometimes you must fight, and this is one of those times, and we must fight. So we must be prepared to be as the animals, to be able to fight and defend this young boy who is not just Daryl's son, but who is all of our sons. And we will swing the sword of death for this boy, and we will defend him, and we will find a way to not eat his face off, And we will swing the sword of death for this boy. And we will defend him.
Starting point is 00:59:45 And we will find a way to not eat his face off. And we will win. And with that, Henry kicks with all of his might the stump out of the fucking hole. And then he goes outside and he takes the body and props it up against the side of the door. He says, this is the toughest guy in here. Is that right?
Starting point is 01:00:03 Well, whoever comes by here is going to know that the people inside killed the toughest guy in this game. Henry, the only reason I didn't get a sword of death. Where was it? The reason Daryl didn't stop my pockets and everything. I can't find it at all. The only reason Daryl didn't stop Henry from going outside and screaming as he was kneeling down with Grant. And then I feel like we finally he wasn't like he wasn't really listening. daryl didn't stop henry from going outside and screaming as he was kneeling down with grant and then i feel like we finally he wasn't like he wasn't really listening like he was just like
Starting point is 01:00:29 talking to grant be like hey we're gonna get through this grant was looking over your shoulder at everything henry was saying and then henry brought up the eating his flesh thing and he goes yeah that's what i wanted to talk to you about and we got we're gonna figure that out no no no no no that was the the whole thing was after we dealt with that guy you would so what's what's going on, Dad? Something's off. This is weird. Like I'm seeing emotions from you that I didn't. I love the idea that this is happening like in close up, like a really intimate conversation.
Starting point is 01:00:53 And then like behind them, you can see us like trying to pull these holographic pants off of this corpse. And like dragging this thing outside and trying to like stick this corpse onto a wall. Henry's doing this speech speech but it's like in the background like doppler's like we will faint sort of death grant we can't talk about don't worry your dad's gonna take care of it we gotta get to this first no no with you your friend your friend the hippie guy just shot somebody i don't understand what's going on you need there's something you know i can handle the weird've done this before, this part I've done before. Not the death and the stuff, but like,
Starting point is 01:01:27 I can't handle whatever's going on from you. You're freaking me out, okay? There's something going on and it's really weirding. What's wrong with you? Something's happening with you. What's wrong with me? Yes. Grant, do you see where we are right now?
Starting point is 01:01:40 We gotta solve this first. It's solved, he's dead. Henry pokes his head back in through the hole says daryl i can't i can't help but over here um i i have some advice i'd like to butt in with hey henry did you just tell everybody our location i told everybody that we killed the baddest dude in this entire fucking thing and if they want to not get wasted like this dude is maybe they'll steer clear that's kind of what my plan was. I didn't hear you. That sounds pretty dope. Okay.
Starting point is 01:02:06 I had more of a thing. Could you just come over here for a second? Grant, one second. I need to borrow your dad. Hey, Daryl, have you seen my sword of death? No.
Starting point is 01:02:13 Did we get a sword? Okay. It was a metaphor. It was a metaphorical sword. Well, where is it? Can we keep searching every 15 minutes? Can we search for more?
Starting point is 01:02:21 I wonder what this would taste like. You could search one more time in this area. Okay. All right. We'll do that before we... Our 15 minutes can we search for more stuff be like i wonder what this would taste like you could you could search uh one more time in this area yeah okay all right we'll do that before we our tell us when our 15 minutes are coming close so we can start you have three minutes left before the next uh zones get announced okay okay what's that what's up henry far be it from me to kibitz on another dad's dadding style but i think what grant is looking for from you is not just a reassurance that everything's gonna be okay but a genuine connection so it you know maybe just open up to him maybe just tell him what's really going on with you you know like he needs a dad and he needs a dad to be a leader but he
Starting point is 01:02:51 also needs to you know he feels like he can't trust you right now he feels like you know you're putting up this wall between him i think that might be making him more scared because he feels like he doesn't build be the ones made of wood and stone that is a beautiful sentiment thanks man that's just working on some lyrics you just on some lyrics your head over while you're pulling the pants off this fucking thing i couldn't help it over here hey just really quick just thinking about some lyrics and uh hey henry i'm sorry hey henry i i appreciate what you did with the the shotgun let's just try to again next time that we're hiding let's not raise our voices so loud so that doesn't happen again and we got only a couple minutes so let's do this everybody all right let's do this let's go what are we let's do this. Let's go search. Wait, what are we doing?
Starting point is 01:03:25 We got to search more and we got to find more weapons in case this happens again. We're going to get through this. I want more wood. If you want to, if everybody wants to roll again to search or get crafting materials,
Starting point is 01:03:35 we can do one more round of that. And then I will roll on the encounter table, which is now one person shorter now that you've murdered Goose Moose Van Gloose. Murder is a very strong word for self Gloose. Murder is a very strong word for self-defense. You did a very strong murder. Self-defense. I get five
Starting point is 01:03:49 stone. Nine investigation. Fourteen wood. Nine investigation is not going to get you anything. Fourteen wood. Alright, go ahead and make sure to mark down these. Do you want to make that a stone by any chance, Ron? It'd be helpful. No, I'll keep wood. Thank you. Okay. Do I add anything to it or is it just a number?
Starting point is 01:04:05 It's just a straight 20, unless you're searching for items, in which case it's an investigation roll. I got a five for wood. All right, I'm going to roll for encounters. Okay, we should patch up the hole in the window. Okay. That'll take two woods. You can decrease two from whatever you just collected.
Starting point is 01:04:20 Do we want to build a second story on this thing? Yeah. Let's make a dummy tower and booby trap it. That's a good idea. I like that. Let's make a bridge. To where, Ron? You laugh, but we could make a bridge from this world to our world.
Starting point is 01:04:46 I don't think we're going to make that kind of bridge out of wood. That seems like something we're going to need. Yeah, that's more of a heart bridge. Yeah. Yeah. Let's make a bridge to a tower of booby traps. All right. Grant, you want to help out Glenn get that tower built? Grant just looks at you with this
Starting point is 01:05:01 glare that you've sort of seen before. He's just like, yeah that you've sort of seen before he's just like yeah sure no problem all right good job buddy make a bridge between father and son um daryl if you could hold this board and then uh grant your name is grant um could you hold the other side of this board i like this and then just there go. Now we can cross it, but most importantly, in the words of Henry, feelings could cross you inside. I have never been more proud of you, Ron. I think you and Glenn have really internalized a lot of positive messages about masculinity
Starting point is 01:05:41 and being intimate and vulnerable. You two are doing a great job with that. Oh, thank you. about masculinity and like, you know, being intimate and vulnerable, you know, you too are doing a great job. Oh, thank you. I'm just very excited to find the sword of death. Me and Grant are just holding this board and I'm like, so take this wood and you, hey, this would be good for you. Maybe use this as like part of like the trust for the, I got an idea.
Starting point is 01:06:00 We'll build a little shack out there that says free sword of death inside. And then I'll douse it in oil from my jug of oil and then make a line of it all the way back to here so we can booby trap this distant shack. There is a good chance that Ron will go into that shack. Who will be there to get the sword, though? That's a good idea, Glenn. I think that's a good game plan. What does everybody think? Good game plan? Let's build the booby trap tower. Booby trap tower.
Starting point is 01:06:28 Shack tower is a lot of. So the shack will take, it's going to be out of wood presumably? Yes. So it's going to take ten wood. No, I have to make it a stone. The hardest thing to blow off. I'm just, oh yeah, you guys have been acting purely logically. That is so mean, Freddy. Far be for me to assume you guys might do some
Starting point is 01:06:43 dumb ass shit. Oh my gosh. To deplete your resources by ten wood. So as you're building it, you hear Greg Proops shout out, All right, it's that time again. The next two zones that will be hit with poison gas are... Can I get a drum roll, please? Zone A for the armory And zone I for ice cream
Starting point is 01:07:06 You scream, we scream, we all scream for death Perfect That's right, and we'll be back in another 50 minutes with an up And as he's saying that, a rocket Like screams through the air And slams into the side of this hot air balloon That you can sort of see in the distance And there's an explosion
Starting point is 01:07:24 And it fucking crashes to the ground Oh, they're definitely giving commentary during side of this hot air balloon that you can sort of see in the distance, and there's an explosion, and it fucking crashes to the ground. Oh, they're definitely giving commentary during all of this. Oh, no, we seem to be dying. Where are we dropping? It looks like right about here. It's going to be real quick. Greg, it's been one hell of a ride.
Starting point is 01:07:38 I'm glad that if I'm going to die, I'm going to die with my best friend, you, the man I share a body with. I kind of resented you after about year three, but I sort of came right around to you. So it's a real shame. It's been a complex journey, and I hope we get to hear about it more one day, you crazy son of a bitch. And then there's a crash, and everything goes silent. They've also been speaking via a microphone, obviously. And after a second, you hear the like,
Starting point is 01:08:06 of somebody presumably picking up their microphone in the distance. You can't see them because they've already crashed or whatever. And you hear a voice that's familiar in some way, but you can't quite place it saying, this message goes out to the doodlers. I'm changing the rules. No more top five survive survive none of that bullshit anymore it's winner takes all baby
Starting point is 01:08:27 there's gonna be one group left and it's gonna be me and I'm coming for you doodlers wherever you are no matter how you're holed up no matter what you're gonna do I'm coming for you and you are not gonna see the next fucking sunrise and neither is your stupid goddamn son you might as well
Starting point is 01:08:44 eat his skin now honestly I'm coming for you and then you hear the sound of the mic dropping if we're like playing fortnight though we're we're not gonna see a sunrise anyway Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha all right cause that's just life all you do is try and you'll be all right Dungeons and Daddies is Matt Arnold as Daryl Wilson Anthony Birch as our DM Will Campos
Starting point is 01:09:34 as Henry Oak Beth May as Ron Stampler and myself Freddie Wong as Glenn Close theme song and outro is All Right
Starting point is 01:09:41 by Maxton Waller thank you this week to Francis Adrian for the excellent name submission, which is a perk of being a Patreon supporter. Another one is that your name gets entered into a shout-out pool. So this week, let's give it up for Griffin Meehan, Jessica Olson, Mr. John Q. Wolfman III, Jacqueline and Ben Harris.
Starting point is 01:10:02 These are folks who are not just satisfied with mere passive listenership. No, they took it upon themselves to put the rest of you on their backs. And when you look back over your podcast life and see over a thousand sets of footprints, know that that was when all of our fine Patreon supporters carried you. You too can get in on that hot, hot Patreon action full of perks and good vibes by heading over to patreon.com slash dungeons and dads you want to get there soon because we're going to be recording the canon prequel in about two weeks time where we played the dad's grandfathers in the campaign anthony has called in the mountains
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Starting point is 01:11:16 if you got a crazy fast fingers and you like the type well check it out help us transcribe these episodes speaking of episodes next one's coming at you october 1st so until then if you can measure once and cut twice that's way more efficient you're going to be a better carpenter everyone's going to think you're cool they're going to give you discounts at the hardware store thanks for listening everyone we'll see you then there was a time when you could read between the lines. You know they never brought you down. Never brought you down.
Starting point is 01:11:55 As long as he doesn't spell skin. Grant's like, why do you keep bringing up the skin thing? You see him cresting a hill. It's for skin. I was waiting for you to say that. No, that's the worst. Not in the house. Another classic Will Campos vocabulary crime.
Starting point is 01:12:13 Holy shit.

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