Office Ladies - A Look Back on The Carpet

Episode Date: August 9, 2023

This week we take a look back on “The Carpet”. Michael discovers a repulsive substance on his office carpet that pushes him to work in the bullpen with the rest of the Dunder Mifflin employees. An...gela gets a little edgy talking about the TV Show “Fear Factor,” Jenna does a deep dive on Rock 107 and you know we got plenty of sass. Enjoy!  Office Ladies Website - Submit a fan question: Us on Instagram: OfficeLadiesPodCheck out Office Ladies Merch at Podswag:

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Starting point is 00:00:00 Hey gang, you know we like to keep our podcast PG. Well, I blew it on this one guys, I'm sorry. So we wanted to warn you before you listen in case you're listening with your kids around the 20 minute mark, Angela goes off the rails. Well, hey, wait a second, I just tell a story about an episode of Fear Factor. There's no other way to tell it. There's some adult subject matter. You told it how you needed to. And you might want to,
Starting point is 00:00:25 you know, put your muffs on the kids at the 20-minute mark. Turn it down, skip five minutes ahead, whatever you need to do, and for the rest of you, enjoy. I'm sorry. I'm Jennifer. And I'm Angela Kinsey. We were on the office together. And we're best friends. And now we're doing the ultimate office rewatch podcast just for you. Each week we will break down an episode of the office and give exclusive behind the scene stories that only two people who were there can tell you. We're the office ladies. Hi, Anj.
Starting point is 00:00:56 Hey, Jenna. Why are you looking at me like that? Because I have some sciatic pain in my hip. Oh, Lord, is this how we're starting today? Yeah. All right. What else you got? Well, I was trying to stretch it and you told me I had to sit down. You guys, she was kicking her leg in the air.
Starting point is 00:01:15 It was comfortable. But you felt good. You think you can do that for 45 minutes? I think I can, yeah. Okay, go. You go, girl. I thought I could kick my leg and do this podcast at the same time, but Angela told me to sit down. I did, because I sat down.
Starting point is 00:01:31 I didn't say it like that. I was like, hey, you're gonna hurt yourself, be, I don't think I can concentrate. Why did you kick your foot up like that? All right, well, I might need to do it midway, but let's get started. Okay, Jenna. Wait, when you do it midway, I'm gonna film you
Starting point is 00:01:45 and I'm gonna put it on office ladies. All right, dot com. All right, today we are talking about the carpet. Ooh. It is season two episode 14 written by Paul Lieberstein, aka Toby, and directed by Victor Nelly Jr. Yeah. I'm gonna give you a summary.
Starting point is 00:02:03 Do it. In this episode, someone leaves a gift on Michael's carpet. You could call it that in his office. It is soft. Yeah. It is smelly. You're going to describe it. It is brown, gross.
Starting point is 00:02:19 But the question is who done it? Michael is determined to find out everyone's a suspect. He suspects everyone in the office. To keep a close eye on the office, he takes over Jim's desk, which forces Jim to go work at an empty desk right next to Kelly, and Jim quickly learns why Kelly works in the back by herself. But the biggest surprise of this episode
Starting point is 00:02:42 might be that you finally see Pam and Roy getting along. They've come back from a vacation and they're all giggly. They're giggly. They've been in the polk anos. Yeah. Which I googled, it's only about 51 minutes from Scranton. And is it snowy?
Starting point is 00:02:58 It's snowy because this was January and here are the best activities. Because I went down the rabbit hole of the polk an nose. Now I want to go to the polka nose. It's beautiful. In the winter, here are the best activities to do in the polka nose, right? One hour away from scranton, snow tubing, skiing, snowboarding, a casino, snowmobile, ice skating, snow chewing, there's a brewery and a spa.
Starting point is 00:03:21 Oh, I bet Roy went to the brewery. Yeah, I mean. I mean, yeah. That's for sure. They pretty much did that in the casino. Jim asked Pam if she did a lot of skiing and she says not really. Yes, a little, a little, a little. All right, are you ready for some fast facts? I am. And then at some point, Jenna, you'll have to let me know with your sciatic and all of that business. Yeah, I do have a gift for you. You do? Yes. And I want to share it with you rightica and all of that business. Yeah. I do have a gift for you. You do?
Starting point is 00:03:46 Yes. And I want to share it with you right here with all of our office ladies listeners because y'all been listening. Oh my gosh, who am I? I should tell you guys, my sister Janet from Texas has been here for a week. And so I just said, y'all been listening. Yeah. When you two get together, you get all Southern.
Starting point is 00:04:03 I get very Southern. So anyway, you guys will get it. You'll be in on the joke, and that's why I want to give it to you like during a podcast. Do you want to give it to me right now before we start with FastFacts? I guess we should after I've said all that. That's a big buildup.
Starting point is 00:04:15 Let's do it. You're probably really curious. Oh, it's wrapped in bubble wrap, just like Michael's foot from the injury. Look at you with your little office call back. That's right. You guys that have been listening know that Jenna hasn't really seen Star Wars and it's okay. I've come to terms with this you guys. I don't like scary movies. Right. This is an impassant our friendship. What are we
Starting point is 00:04:35 gonna do? We don't know. So anyway, but you did say you love Star Wars sort of memorabilia in there. I do. You were Princess Leia for Halloween as a kid. Yeah. Right? All right. So remember my little baby Yoda? No. My crochet baby Yoda. Stop it.
Starting point is 00:04:54 Stop it. Okay. So I have to give a huge shout out to Shay. Oh! He crocheted this. He is one of my insta-pal friends. His name on Instagram is Oh Shay, what is it? It's four on fleek. Am I saying that right? I hope so. But he heard how much you
Starting point is 00:05:10 loved mine and Jenna. Oh, he made you one. Look at him. Baby Yoda. Oh my god. And it's a little crib and it's crocheted by hand. And look, it's a Christmas ornament. Well, you know know two of my favorite things are Christmas decor. And handmade Christmas stuff. You must have that. And also baby things. Like things upmaid into babies. I know, right?
Starting point is 00:05:34 Baby elephant. I was just watching this movie Journey 2 with my son and they have little bitty tiny elephants on the island. The elephants are shrunk down in their little and you're so cute when they're tiny. Well now you have a tiny baby Yoda from Shoe. And that's from Shoe, Jenna.
Starting point is 00:05:51 Oh, Shoe, thank you so much, Angela. Thank you so much. Well, Angela, I have to have one. I have a surprise for you, but I'm gonna save it. Is it a scary movie you're gonna make me see? I got you a severed head from a famous, Halloween story. Famous scary movie.
Starting point is 00:06:10 No, I got you Freddy's glove. No, I didn't. This is not a tangible item that I'm gonna hand you, but it is a thing I'm gonna tell you. Okay, I can't wait. Okay, let's start with Fast Fact number one. I declare with full authority. bankruptcy! No. We have reached full Mindy. The carpet is when we reach full Mindy. This is full Mindy you guys. You're gonna hear it. You know it. It's happening. I asked Sam to make a compilation of all of the things that the character of Kelly says
Starting point is 00:06:47 to Jim back in the annex to prove that we have hit full Mindy. So first of all, the hair is transformed. The hair is pretty much down just a tiny clip, but it's fashionable. The outfit, super pink, fluffy, skirt, all of it. Pink lip stick. She sits on her desk. She puts her feet up. She's like, I mean, come on. She also talks about Beyonce. This is a big thing. She talks about the color pink. She crushes on Ryan and at the end, she breaks.
Starting point is 00:07:17 Here it is in its glory, the full Mindy. Do it. I'm serious, my closet doors will not shut. Beyonce, pink the color, pick the person, hot dogs, basically anything that is awesome. Oh my god, he is so cute. Would you talk to him for me and see if he likes me? Oh please Jim, please, please Jim, please, please, please, he's so cute. I like him so much and I would do it but I'm too shy. Please Jim, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, he's so cute. I like him so much and I would do it, but I'm too shy. Please't worry, we're not done tracking this in case you were worried.
Starting point is 00:08:06 Oh yeah. I mean, if, you know, next episode she has a bun, we're gonna let you know. I'm pretty sure in Casino Night, she gets extensions. Like suddenly that we never speak of or her character never speaks of, but she's got this gorgeous long hair in Casino Night, so we'll track that as well. All right. FastVac number two, we'll track that as well. All right, fast fact number two, we have a big guest star, Ken Howard shows up as Ed Truck.
Starting point is 00:08:30 Now, this is the only episode where we see this character, but we referred him a lot. He was the boss of the office before Michael, and Michael worked under him when he was a salesman. Ken Howard is a famous character actor in Hollywood. First of all, he's six feet, six inches tall. Is that insane? He's so tall.
Starting point is 00:08:51 You notice in the scene that he does with Steve, that he's like kind of towering over Steve. He's a very large person. So Ken played basketball in school and he was offered a number of scholarships, but he turned them all down in favor of pursuing an acting career. And he started his career in the theater, Angela. A theater actor. Why? I studied theater classes too, Jenna.
Starting point is 00:09:14 You're like, Angela, it's this thing called theater. Theater actor? I mean, you know, I'm kind of a fancy theater person. Well, you know, I didn't meet Ken or she was seen with him, but I'll be a taband was felt. Did you study like dialects and you're acting theater school? I see what you're doing there. Oh, do you know what? I see what you're doing. You're digging.
Starting point is 00:09:37 All right. Well, he won a Tony award. He appeared in over 100 movies and television series during his 47-year career. He appeared in over a hundred movies and television series during his 47 year career Unfortunately, Ken passed away in 2016, but he left behind this huge legacy You know, he was even the president of the screen actor's guild union for four years. Yes, so he is guys Justa and icon of the entertainment industry and we were so lucky to have him for just this one scene. Oh, it was huge. We were thrilled, thrilled. So, Angela, fast fact number three is my surprise to you. Oh, okay.
Starting point is 00:10:14 Are you ready for it? I don't know. I watched Game of Thrones. What? What? That's right. What episode? The first two and a half episodes.
Starting point is 00:10:23 Did you really? Yeah, I couldn't turn it off. Do you like it? I have a lot of thoughts. Oh, no. Do you want my thoughts? Yes. Okay So first of all episode one of Game of Thrones. Okay. Very horror movie, Angela. The white walkers and the dismembered bodies and love that. I know I was like why didn't she tell me about this part that I'm in? I thought you knew about the white walkers. Jenna, we called my cat Otter the white walker. I didn't know what that meant.
Starting point is 00:10:52 I don't know what that means. It's because he was so old. He was like 22 years old. And he barely had any fur left. And he'd be like, and we call him the white walker. Well, I liked the opening. Then we cut to the credit walker. Well, I liked the opening. Then we cut to the credit sequence,
Starting point is 00:11:09 which is going over this map of Lanes and names of Lanes. And I was just like, oh, this is the part I don't want to learn. Okay, that part is long and just get past it. And also, as seasons change and the topography changes, those images change. But anyway, just skip over it. Then I want to say there's a lot of brother sister love. Listen, in the beginning, just a lot.
Starting point is 00:11:32 In the beginning, and then I think that kind of tape was off a little bit. Okay. I know. Listen, there's some messed up stuff. Okay. Well, I'm liking the, is it the Stark family? Yes. Lord Stark. Yes. And his family. I'm digging on them. Oh, okay. I'm hating the queen and her brother. Oh, yeah. I know.
Starting point is 00:11:52 Ooh, the Lannisters. Ooh, the Lannisters. Is that their name? Okay. But here's my big observation. Okay. And I want you to help me out here. This is fantasy, right? This is not based on anything. No, it's fantasy. Game of Thrones is just fantasy. Yeah. Okay. Here's my beef. Okay, you're only two episodes in. Go on. Two and a half. Here's my beef. That's why I want you to speak to this for me. Okay. Why can't the women do more than so in Mary?
Starting point is 00:12:16 Oh, they do. They're going to do a lot more. I'm just saying that you take the Wonder Woman thing, right? And it's fantasy. And so it's about like a badass island of women warriors. Because we can make up anything we want. It's not based in any real time period. So why does fantasy, as a genre in general, seem to put men and women in such traditional roles?
Starting point is 00:12:44 Basically, especially for Game of Thrones, I mean, you guys out there that have watched it now, this is kind of a little bit of a subtle hint, but she's not gonna get it, so just ignore, ignore. The women pretty much end up burning it all to the crowd. They are literally like, I am what I am! They serve it up, lady, don't you worry. All right. They're gonna dish it out.
Starting point is 00:13:04 I really hope that that girl, the girl who loves the sword play And that's a career. Okay, let me trust me. Okay, all right. Ari is gonna do. Are he's gonna be okay? Ari has a list. I'm not even gonna get into it. Oh wait, whoa wait, wait, wait. She has a list. You don't want to be on her list. You know, I love a list Honey, you don't want to be on this list. Ooh, okay. I can't wait for Ari's list. Oh, it's good. Okay. I want to say one last thing, and we can cut this out if this goes on too long.
Starting point is 00:13:32 I want to just say one last thing. Winter is coming. We get it. It's coming, guys. We've been talking, I mean, how many times per episode do they need to say winter is coming in? Also, this winter, it's like, I feel like they have the wrong name for it. It doesn't sound like a winter is coming.
Starting point is 00:13:48 It sounds like an avalanche is coming to bury you for seven years. It's cold. It's an avalanche of dead walking people, okay? They're coming. That's what's coming. The white walkers are coming. So the white walkers come with winter,
Starting point is 00:14:03 but the white walkers aren't affected by winter Jenna, I'm not gonna get into it. I'm not gonna get into it. It's all I'm saying is winter is coming is a layered Metaphor, okay, I get a cold. Oh, okay, okay All right, well good and the dog's but is that my saying it right the dog's rock Rockies, yeah. And Carl Drago. Yeah. Is this name Carl? No, it's Carl. Oh, Carl. I love that you thought that the guy that speaks no English
Starting point is 00:14:33 and his shirtless on a horse was named Carl. I did. Kaleesi and Carl, they're going to make a happy pair. Look at him riding off in the sunset. Carl, I was like Carl, they all, the only freedom by his first and last name all the time. I have noticed that in two and a half episodes he has only said the word no three times.
Starting point is 00:14:54 It's because he can't, Carl can't speak English, Jenna. Okay, thank you for watching. Thank you for watching. That was it. Thank you. I gave in, I did it, I watched it, I'm a little bit hooked.
Starting point is 00:15:05 Okay, good. You'll love all the white walker stuff. Okay. I now, I guess, have to watch what's at the edge with the edge. With the edge. The edge. Have you never seen the edge? We already know this.
Starting point is 00:15:18 But you've never seen it. How many different ways do you want me to tell you? I haven't seen it. You know about the bear. How do you know about the bear? I've seen trailers. I've seen, you know what? All I needed to see was a man like getting attacked by a bear. And I'm like, I'm out. Also, so the revenue was not for you. Oh, I'm the award-winning film, the Revin.
Starting point is 00:15:36 No, no. Another great survivalist film for all you survivalist. No, I saw it trailer and what's his name? Leo DiCaprio is getting mauled by a bear and like pass hard pass. All right well you know I like quotes from things and I really appreciated this quote from Game of Thrones. I love that we're still talking about it. Go. The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword. Oh yeah. I liked that. And he made his son cut off that guy's head. No, he made him watch as he cut off the head. Oh, yeah. I liked that. And he made his son cut off that guy's head.
Starting point is 00:16:05 No, he made him watch as he cut off the head. Well, eventually he makes him cut off someone's head. Wow. Spoiler alert. A bunch of people are gonna lose their heads. Just, it's part of life back then. Okay, back to him, fantasy land. There you go, guys.
Starting point is 00:16:21 That was my fast fact number three. I promise after this break, we will begin talking about the office again, specifically the carpet. We will break down that episode for you. I think Dwight would have loved Game of Thrones. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I think him and Angelou would have watched it.
Starting point is 00:16:36 You guys would have spoken to one another in Dothraki. Oh, for sure. It would be like our code language. You have a somewhat Dothraki in relationship. A bit of a Cal-Kale code language. You have a somewhat dothrakiin relationship, a bit of a Cal-Kaleese thing. You mean Carl. All right, let's go to break.
Starting point is 00:16:51 Okay, we're back from break. We start this episode with a cold open. Pam is on vacation. Yes. Ryan is at the reception desk and Jim keeps glancing up. At Ryan and he's like, what are you looking at? And Ryan has that great talking head where he's like, Jim keeps looking over reception.
Starting point is 00:17:14 But it's not as creepy as the way Michael's looking at him. Yes, exactly. Okay, so the episode starts and Pam is back from vacation. She's happy, she's at front reception, Michael Waxen and calls her spamster. Yeah, he hasn't done this bit in a while where he takes her name and smashes it with other things. And she's like, let me guess how you got that Pam spam
Starting point is 00:17:35 and hamster, spamster. And then as he walks off, he goes, I am Pam, it's Bacoli. You guys, for your young people, he's pretending to be Jeff Spacoli from Fast Times at Richmont High. Yeah, that's Bacoli. You guys, for your young people, he's pretending to be Jeff Bacoli from Fast Times at Richmont High. Yeah, that's a dated reference. That is a dated reference.
Starting point is 00:17:51 Michael goes in his office, what happens, Jenna? There's something very smelly on the carpet in his office. What I love about this is we don't ever show you too much of it. You see a little bit on the carpet, though, and what you see is foul. Yeah, it is so gross. It's pretty awful. And he makes a bunch of people come into the office
Starting point is 00:18:11 to see what it is. We had a fan question from David Griffiths and Haley Crook and many others. They wanted to know, was there anything in the office that made it actually smell so that we were having authentic reactions. No. That is just some good act in right there. Real good acting as I watched this, I was so impressed.
Starting point is 00:18:33 I was so impressed. I actually texted Brian and I was like, I want you to go back and rewatch the carpet. When you get a whiff of whatever it is, it made me laugh so hard. I was like, he did such a great job. And Michael has a line, you guys, I feel like it's sort of my vernacular, like the way I would talk, he says, there is a stink in there.
Starting point is 00:18:51 That is how you would describe it. Oh, there's a stink, y'all. And I love Creed's line. A lot of fans pointed this out, someone making soup, somebody making soup. So my sister Janet was visiting and watched this episode with me. She made me screen grab Villas' face reaction to when Creed says somebody making soup.
Starting point is 00:19:11 Seriously, it is hilarious. It's at three minutes, 10 seconds. Somebody making soup, look at Villas' face. Next, we have Michael's talking head where he's talking about fear factor Michael's talking head where he's talking about fear factor and he has to leave. And then for the rest of the episode, we're clearing out his office. I did a deep dive on fear factor. Why, Jenna? Why did I do a deep dive? I don't know. This has started to happen to us where something's mentioned to an episode and then we spend
Starting point is 00:19:40 hours watching clips or researching things on websites. Oh my gosh. It was like you watching all the videos of the Hooters' birthdays. Yeah. I watched these fear factor clips. You guys, it was like, okay, eat this dried horse rectum. I'm not kidding. Yeah.
Starting point is 00:19:56 I'm not kidding or intestine or something. And then I looked up why it got canceled. Okay. It's so gross. What happened? I don't even think we can see it here. What happened? They have.
Starting point is 00:20:07 It got canceled because of an incident? Yes, and they didn't err it. But it's why it got canceled and Joe Rogan is talked about it. It's so gross. What? Okay, you had two choices. This episode is called the He-Ha episode. You could drink donkey pee or donkey semen.
Starting point is 00:20:25 That is horrible, Jenna. That is horrible Jenna. That is horrible. Did they do it? They did it. Oh! They did it. And one guy said, as he started drinking, he bombeted back in his own cup.
Starting point is 00:20:36 Oh God. It's horrible. Oh my God. It's horrible. And how did this get, I mean, who was like, yeah, that's a great idea That's also how did they get the donkey just oh Sorry is my first thought
Starting point is 00:20:53 Whose job was that wow No no no no no no no no not happening um I don't think so. No, not happening. Um, next up in the episode, wow, sorry, did everyone do it? Or just like what happens if you don't do it your out? I don't know, like I know they're, you know, there's the contest and if you do it, ultimately whatever all the challenges are, I don't know how people get picked, but whoever does the challenge, if they don't do it, they're out.
Starting point is 00:21:25 It is a crazy show. Crazy. All right. I am looking in the booth where Sam and Cody are sitting at everyone. They seem sad. I have ruined their tape. You guys, I just, well, like this was such a big deal for Michael to like be like, this is my fear factor audition tape. I was like, oh, yeah, what was that show again? I just started looking it up. That was like one of the first things that came up. Anyway, you're welcome. Where are we? So next up, Jim enters. He asks about Pam's vacation. He is so excited that she's back at the reception desk, but then we reveal that Roy and Darryl are also upstairs and that Roy is, they're cleaning out Michael's office,
Starting point is 00:22:05 they're gonna replace the carpet, basically. And Pam and Roy are clearly on good terms. They're like giggly. They're giggly and Roy is like engaging with her. You know what I mean? She looks over and mouth the word help, you know, because he's gotta go do this gross job and she laughs. And so they're being kind of flirty and sweet
Starting point is 00:22:22 and Jim clocks it right away. We had a fan question from Jamie Boggs. Why on earth are the warehouse guys changing the carpet? How is that in their job description? I kind of agree, but it makes sense to me. I feel like Michael makes people do things outside of their job description all the time. And so we kind of had to do this too,
Starting point is 00:22:41 just as a writing convention, we needed a reason for Roy to be upstairs for this whole episode. So we kind of need him to change the carpet. But a lot of people asked, did they really rip up and replace the carpet? Well, they did really rip it up. But I don't think they really replaced it.
Starting point is 00:22:59 I think they just put it back down again in the end. Yeah, I think there was like a top carpet they pulled up. Yeah. But then they, yeah, it's not quite. So, but they did. I mean, they really did dismantle the office in the middle of this shooting. Yes. And all of Michael's talking heads take place in the conference room.
Starting point is 00:23:13 All of the stuff is piled behind them. Yes. So that's sort of a new spot where we see Michael. That was a fan question too from Alexandra. What is the room Michael has his talking heads in while his carpet is being cleaned? It's the conference room. I was curious too, and so I zoomed in on the scene where Michael is talking and I realized it Was the conference room because the painting is hanging on the wall behind him. Yeah, it was the painting That was always in the conference room
Starting point is 00:23:36 I felt like that was a nice little touch to let the audience know where he was at one point it actually falls down I noticed that banging around that was a blooper. That was a blooper. That was not intended. But it was a great, just like, kind of reminder, like where he was. So next up, Michael takes over Jim's desk, forcing Jim into the annex. He's going to sit next to Kelly. She explains that Toby used to sit there, but he had to move due to an allergy. To the desk.
Starting point is 00:24:03 To the desk. His allergy was to the desk. I'm desk. And his allergy was to the desk. I'm pretty sure all those desks are the same desk, but Toby just had a specific allergy to that one. So then we have Michael in the bullpen, and he's chatting with Dwight. They're kind of talking about the old days. They start talking about Ed Truck,
Starting point is 00:24:17 and you see that great flashback photo. And the mullet haircut. Yeah. Also, at five minutes 12 seconds, Dwight is so happy that Michael is gonna be sitting next to him. He is just so thrilled. And I watched the deleted scenes for this episode and there's a really cute talking head where Dwight is like, this is just a gift and the woman I'm dating might say it's a gift from God, but I don't know about that. And it flashed. It cuts to me, but there are some great deleted scenes for this episode. If you have the DVDs and I have a talking head, Kevin has a really funny one.
Starting point is 00:24:50 There's a deleted scene you guys where Jim is looking up the hotel where Pam and Roy stayed in the Poconos. Oh, and Kelly. That's a little depressing. I know. And Kelly's like, what are you looking at? There's also a deleted scene where he's eating alone in his car. Oh, yeah, because he can't find anywhere to eat. Exactly. Exactly. But there is some really sweet, sort of Dwight Angelo little nods to that relationship in the deleted scenes. And also during this whole sort of Dwight Michael moment, we learn that Dwight is sitting
Starting point is 00:25:18 where Todd Packer used to sit. And Michael is sitting in his old desk, his ed truck would have been in his office. So Michael is having a little bit of like reliving the glory days of when he was out on the floor as salesman. Yes. I think we have some real Stanley sass. Ooh.
Starting point is 00:25:36 Oh, Stanley sass. Yes. At seven minutes, one second, Michael bugs Stanley and Stanley is on the phone and this is what. This is what Stanley says to him. I just loved it. Leslie David Baker did such an amazing job. What is it that you need right now
Starting point is 00:25:52 that can't wait until I'm off the phone with a customer? I was like, there's some Stanley says. So Michael is now walking around the bullpen and he's just really misbehaving. Yeah, he's like acting out in some way. He thinks maybe they were all in on it, but yet also I think he's trying to live his glory days. He just punches the heck out of Creed.
Starting point is 00:26:14 Oh, I loved Creed's reaction to that though. It was so earnest. It's like one of the few times he's truly earnest. He's like, out, why'd you hit me, Michael? Like it actually really hurt him. And Michael as he punched him, yelled, Charlie Horse. He's like a kid on a playground. Basically, he's like a bad kid on a playground, but that's not a Charlie horse. Punching someone isn't a Charlie horse. You know what a Charlie horse is. That's just when your muscle sees his up.
Starting point is 00:26:37 Well, yeah, but I think what he's trying to say is like, how does a horse bite a apple? Wait, what? Stop. Stop the podcast. What? How is a horse bite a apple? Wait, what? Stop, stop the podcast, what? How's a horse bite an apple? Is that, like, Charlie Horse just hitting someone, or is he hitting someone to give him a Charlie Horse? What is how's a horse bite an apple? Come over here, I'll show you.
Starting point is 00:26:56 No, no, no, no, explain. What is this? This is the thing. I'm not saying you do, though, a person on a playground is called how's a horse bite an apple? Yeah, how's a horse bite an apple? I'm gonna show you. I'm scared. What are you reaching for right now? I'm gonna show you. I'm scared.
Starting point is 00:27:05 What are you reaching for right now? You're reaching for what? I'm not. I'm not. What are you reaching for? It's not gonna hurt that bad. If Josh did it to you, he is strong. Okay, what am I doing?
Starting point is 00:27:14 What am I handing you? You got a slide over here. Slide over to what? My cheer. Why? What are you touching? Okay, back up. What?
Starting point is 00:27:22 What are you doing? Look at how I heard that bad. How's a horse bite an up. What? What are you doing? I'm not gonna hurt that bad. How's a horse bite helpful? What? Oh, that thing where you just like squeeze someone's knee. The top of their knee and that two little spots that really hurt. I don't think that hurts. I think that's tickly.
Starting point is 00:27:38 That's how horse bites an apple. Am I right, Sam? I've never heard how's a horse bite an apple. What? It's going on, St is going on St. Louis? St. Louis. St. Louis, back up. Where I was raised.
Starting point is 00:27:51 Do we have horses that bite the apple? This one, come on. I don't know how to react to it. Sam seems to have heard this. Yeah, that made a Twitter who's Concent. Wisconsin has how's a horse bite an apple. Cody, where are you from? Have you heard it? I'm from here
Starting point is 00:28:05 But my grandma was from Kansas and my grandpa's from Tennessee and I've never heard that. Thank you Okay, so Missouri, Kansas and Tennessee. We don't know this horse bites an apple business. Well Texas is Consisting based on a poll of four people We've declared things about major regions of the United States based on a four person poll. That seems to, I think that's kind of how polling is done though. Oh, let's not go there. Okay.
Starting point is 00:28:31 Well, Charlie Horse is just when your muscle sees us up. I know that, but I kind of felt like it was like one of those things where Michael gets it a little wrong. Like, he's like Charlie Horse, but I was like, oh, did he mean how's a horse by the napal? But probably not because that's too many words. And he had to cross the whole room really quickly. Well, Michael also gets Dwight to go over to accounting
Starting point is 00:28:53 and dump their stuff all over the ground. We had a fan question from Alan three. How many times did Stephen Reign mess up the accounting area? Did they do it randomly or was it choreographed? Angela, can you give us some insight? We did it a few times and you know, so every time Michael would say, okay, let's end up accounting. Old-fashioned raid, sales on accounting. They would come over, they'd dump all of our stuff on the floor. I did love that Angela glares it to white, like, don't even. And so he sort of giggles and
Starting point is 00:29:20 picks up one pencil and throws it on the floor of mine. But yeah, we did that a few times and they were just really, truly just look like Steve and Rain were having fun because they got to come over and mess with us. And then so after you shoot a scene like that and they mess up the area, they say, cut, did the set decorators come over and reset everything? They do because they want the continuity to match. And you know, obviously we would pick up stuff as well, but sometimes we, we would get in the way, like we would start to pick it up and they'd be like, here, let me set that. Because that is their job to make sure it looks exactly like it did before,
Starting point is 00:29:55 and I might not get it right. So I remember sometimes before scenes like this, our script supervisor, Veda, she is the person who was in charge of continuity on the show. advisor Veda, she is the person who was in charge of continuity on the show. She would come over and take a picture of the desk area as a reference point. So they could match it each time. Yes. And then after it got all messed up, then Veda would come over with her computer and she'd be like, okay, so this is exactly where the cup was and this is where this was and everything and they would reset the whole thing to Veda's picture and then mess it up again.
Starting point is 00:30:23 Yes. Veda was amazing and she was so sweet and kind and soft spoken. And sometimes she would just walk up to and be like, um, Angela, and on the second line in the scene, you switched your coffee mug from your left hand to your right hand. I'd be like, oh my God, did I? I didn't even realize, yes. So you have to do that every time now.
Starting point is 00:30:42 Yes, I remember that. I remember that at I remember that. At eight minutes, 55 seconds, I'm calling this the fan catch of the day. What is it? It is by Biro. If you freeze and zoom in on Angela's computer, you can see a post-it note that says, quote,
Starting point is 00:31:02 Angela, can I have $5 petty cash to buy some more jelly beans? I'll give you back any change. Thanks. Pam. Catch up the day. That is fantastic. I love that. I love that.
Starting point is 00:31:15 I think I really wrote that post it note. You probably did. You probably passed it to me in the background because we were bored. And I stuck it there. So then Michael has a talking head about former manager Ed truck and this has one of my favorite Michael quotes. I told myself if I was ever manager, people would laugh when they saw me coming and applaud when I walked away. Mission accomplished. Yeah, way to go. I just want to call out one scene you guys. It's,
Starting point is 00:31:42 I know we're jumping around a little, but it's one I absolutely love at nine minutes, 55 seconds. It made me laugh so hard when Dwight is trying to be the hundred seventh caller. Yes! To win a DVD box set of Jess Roe Tall. Yes! From Rock 107 and he just keeps calling and Michael's paying the expression.
Starting point is 00:32:01 And then Dwight trying to sneak the call. Just all of it just cracked me up. One of the fun dynamics about the Michael then Dwight trying to sneak the call. Just all of it just cracked me up. One of the fun dynamics about the Michael and Dwight relationship is that it gives Steve an opportunity to play the straight man. Yeah. And he's a very funny straight man. And so a lot of times he's the funny guy and the rest of us are the straight man to Steve, but I love this dynamic shift that happens with Michael and Dwight scenes. I do too. I want you to know I did a little bit of a deep dive for Rock 107.
Starting point is 00:32:28 I knew you would. I almost did, but you know what I did instead? What? I listened to Jethro Tall. Oh! There you go. I downloaded the greatest hits and listened to it, and my daughter Isbo was like,
Starting point is 00:32:40 what is that? Well, they currently run contests via their free loaders club. And you can sign up with your email at and they give away, quote, dozens of prizes each month. Here's a list of things you can win. Okay. iPads, waterpark tickets, concert tickets, gas and grocery gifts, and snow tube passes,
Starting point is 00:33:02 maybe for the polka nose? Maybe. Those are great gifts, though. I know. So it goes. It's in 107. It seems like instead of doing these live contests on the area where you have to call in like Dwight did, you can just sign up with your email
Starting point is 00:33:14 and you're automatically entered. So just giving a plug for that, give away, rock 107. Way to go. I have 10 minutes, 44 seconds. OK. Pam and Roy are flirting at reception and Jim is watching her in the kitchen. He tries to go to the annex, but he sees Kelly. Then he goes to the bathroom.
Starting point is 00:33:32 With his coffee mug. This is how trapped he is. One way is Pam and Roy. The other way is Kelly, chatty, chatty, chatty. So he just walks in the bathroom with his coffee mug. Yeah. And later, he can't eat in the lunchroom because Pam's sitting in there with Roy.
Starting point is 00:33:47 This leads to the deleted scene you were talking about. With him eating alone in his car. Yeah. Poor Jim. Coyce. Poor Jim. Poor Jim. So within an 11-minute, seven seconds,
Starting point is 00:33:57 Michael goes back to accounting and he's like, hey, guys, and I'm really snarky. This is like very Angela Martin snarky moment. I'm like, we haven't finished getting things in order from your last visit. And he's like, I'm just walking around and I go, where are you? I'm so ticked off.
Starting point is 00:34:15 You're so mad. Well, this is when Michael gets this big idea to host a sales contest. Well, listen, because he says, we're all there working for the weekend, but you know what? He's working for the week What working for the week? He's working for the week and he wants the sales contest now and the prize is a $100 bill not
Starting point is 00:34:35 Not really. He opens his wallet and he only has $83 wait Jenna before we get into the sales competition I do have some journal entries from this when do you want them? Do you want them now? No, I'm late us. I say have some journal entries from this. When do you want them? Do you want them now? Now. Now. Lay us. I say now. Now. Not lay us. Okay. Here's my journal entry for the carpet. I was really excited.
Starting point is 00:34:51 I was like, I wrote this on January 26, 2006. We got great news. We're coming back for season three. Is this the episode where we found out? Yes. Oh my gosh. So we were so excited. All of us. I don't know if you can tell in watching the episode, but we just found out we got another job for another year. That is such that's a fast fact, Angela right there. Oh, well, I liked your game
Starting point is 00:35:16 from the fast fact, but there that I guess is a fast fact. Also, I said that we're just so excited. We're really proud of the show. we're so excited to get a third year. I said this week also, we had a photographer from NBC taking official photos for the website for Valentine's Day. I remember those photos. These are sort of some iconic photos that are out there on the internet of like Steve holding up a heart and Kate Flannery and you and me and Phyllis all surrounding him. Yeah. So there's some great Valentine's shot. There's one of like Dwight and I side by side. I did some photos with David Denman as Roy. So some Pam and Roy Valentine's shots as well. And I also wrote, this was the first time the supporting cast were included in one of these
Starting point is 00:35:57 big photo shoots and we were all so excited. I remember that because we weren't series regular the last time we did them. But now we're in. We got to be in the pictures and I said of course I had the biggest zit since I've had since high school Yeah, that always happens. They probably photoshopped it out. I said I hope they'll photoshop it out I see like that like I said I know Anyway, those are oh and then I wrote and this is before you know Obviously we ever knew we'd do this podcast
Starting point is 00:36:23 We ever knew that we'd be tracking the Mindy of it all. And this is what I wrote in 2006. Okay. If you're a Kelly fan, you will love this episode. And Mindy who plays Kelly does a great job. Hey, even you knew something special is happening with the character of Kelly in the carpet. 2006 me knew that Kelly was maybe Kelly, was maybe Mindy.
Starting point is 00:36:48 All right, let's take a break. We'll be back in a sec. Okay. All right, so back to the episode, I have a continuity catch. Okay. At 12 minutes, 43 seconds, Roy and Darrell are removing Michael's carpet. Okay.
Starting point is 00:37:08 They've got this rolled up carpet on their shoulders and they make fun of his dancing. But then, at 13 minutes, 12 seconds, there's a shot of them through the blinds in Michael's office, and they're having beers and they're kind of sleeping. They're sleeping on the rolled up carpet that they just removed. They're using it as a headrest. Yeah. Well, they're sleeping on the rolled up carpet that they just remove. They're using it as a headrest. Yeah. Well, there's continuity catch. Well, and less, is that the new carpet
Starting point is 00:37:29 they haven't put down yet? I don't know, but there is a whole deleted scene of just Darryl and Roy just being idiots in that room. There's a whole scene where they are drinking beers and they have two like rubber balls and they're bouncing them against the wall like they've got a game going. Yeah.
Starting point is 00:37:45 So there were things cut out of this episode of them messing around in there. Well, I suppose it could be the carpet they haven't installed yet. Maybe. Maybe Jenna. At 13 minutes, 56 seconds, I declare Michael Sass. Michael Sass, let's hear it.
Starting point is 00:38:00 Well, Pam says stopping the sales contest isn't fair. I guess we should say Michael gets upset and he stops his sales contest. No one can win $83 anymore. He's just being a brat. But Michael gives it right back to Pam. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I didn't write down what he said, but you can look it up at 13 minutes, 56 seconds if you want.
Starting point is 00:38:19 That sort of takes a wind out of here. It does. I realize I was looking at my sheet. I was like, wow, that was an incomplete, I did not complete that question of my homework. Oh, well, I will say this. My sister and I laughed actually, she's a school teacher. She teaches pre-K and at 14 minutes, 26 seconds, Michael puts the whole office in time out.
Starting point is 00:38:39 Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Anyway, okay. So then we have the scene in the kitchen with Jim and Ryan and Jim asks Ryan what he thinks of Kelly. He's trying to help Kelly out, because she's begged him. Well, this also just shows where he's at in his day
Starting point is 00:38:55 because at first he doesn't wanna help her. He's like, I'm not getting the middle of those two. And then by the end of the day, he's like, fine, I'll be your go between. Because he doesn't have his buddy, he doesn't have Pam to like help the day pass. Well, we had a fan question. Maddie W. and Adrian both asked,
Starting point is 00:39:10 whose idea was it for Kelly to have a crush on Ryan? What do you think, Ange? I think it was Mindy's. I don't know. I was gonna text her, but she had the Oscars and she was presenting, I don't wanna bug her. Yeah, we were prepping this episode, the weekend of Oscars weekend. And Nindi was a presenter.
Starting point is 00:39:29 And can we talk for one second about how amazing she looked in her dress? She looked amazing. I actually did text her in BJ the next day. And I was like, you guys look so beautiful together. Yeah. And she wrote back, and I love this. Thank you. Well, there you go. Kelly and Ryan went to the Oscars together. Well, they're very, very dear friends.
Starting point is 00:39:47 They're best friends. They're best friends. There were a lot of friendships that came out of our show. There was our best friendship. There was their best friendship. Well, all of the guys still play fantasy football together. That's true. All the guys, every year.
Starting point is 00:39:59 All right, so where are we at, Jonah? So next, Michael talks to Creed about his fear of becoming Ed Truck. Oh, this scene is so funny. Creed made me laugh so hard in the scene. Yeah. He's like, Michael, you have a lot more to be worried about than that. He's like, oh great, thanks Creed.
Starting point is 00:40:19 I guess being buried alive. Why am I even talking to you? And then we go outside and we meet Ed truck. And this scene, oh, it broke my heart because in the scene Ed says, Michael, why can't your workers be your workers, your family be your family, and your friends be your friends? And you can see they hold on Michael's face.
Starting point is 00:40:41 And you can see that the reason why is because he doesn't have friends and family. He needs his workers to be all three things. He doesn't have those compartments in his life. No, he doesn't. And it breaks your heart. It breaks your heart for him. Oh, well, speaking of heartbreak, 17 minutes, eight seconds.
Starting point is 00:41:03 So this is like cut in between Michael's talking head, Jim is in the kitchen, which kind of looks like Jim hung out in the kitchen all day. I think he spent a lot of time in there. Not only that guys, but if you look at this episode, John didn't have very many lines. This was not a tough like line count for him as far as like memory work.
Starting point is 00:41:19 All of his stuff was reacting for the most part in this episode. So but anyway, during Michael's talking head, we see Jim is in the kitchen and he tries to wave goodbye to Pam. Pam doesn't see it and just leaves. And it's like the last just like wind out of his sails for the day. She kind of leaves early. She's got her big puffy coat on and everyone else is still working, but she sneaks out.
Starting point is 00:41:41 Yeah. And what does he do after that? He calls Brenda. Oh, God, it's so desperate. From Booze Cruise. It's the corporate liaison. And asks her on a date. And Kelly's, Kelly, Mindy's reactions as Kelly to this phone call were so fantastic. So great. He calls an astronaut a date. And then he's like, and you can just, you know, I got your number from the company directory. And I guess you could get my number from the company directory I said directory. Oh, what are you doing? Check your email because I just emailed you okay? Hope to hear from you. Okay
Starting point is 00:42:14 Yeah, and Kelly's like did you just ask a girl out over a voicemail? He's like yep Michael's talking head in this episode. He has a huge talking head that I love and I wrote it all down. Here it is. Last week I would have given a kidney to anyone in the office. I would have reached right into my stomach and pulled it out for them. But now? No, I don't have the relationship with these people that I thought I did. I hope they ask. So they can hear me say, oh, no, I only give my organs to my real friends. Go get yourself a monkey kidney. Oh my God. He's so mad. He's so mad. He's so hurt.
Starting point is 00:42:55 He feels so betrayed. He would have, he really would have given them one of his organs. You know he would have. Yeah. He would have. Now he's only gonna give you a monkey kidney. Poor Michael. Poor Michael. And then at 18 minutes, 20 seconds, guess who calls? Todd Packer. Todd Packer. Did you get that package I left for you? He's like, what package? Did I get package? Anybody see a package? He's always like, do you mean the thing? The thing in your office? And Michael's delighted! Oh, what a funny prank! Oh, someone loves me, they wanna do jokes,
Starting point is 00:43:29 they wanna poop on my floor. So funny, when Packer does it, it's a hilarious, funny prank. No, when Packer does it, he says it, 19 minutes, 13 seconds, it was done out of love. Just like, just like I thought. We just thought what he thought. Oh, he's not what he thought. But I do think he's so relieved that it was no one in the office.
Starting point is 00:43:47 Well, everything is right again, right? His universe makes sense again. This is my family. They wouldn't do that. It's just crazy Todd Packer. Everything's okay. Well, then, can we talk about the sweetest of sweet moments? Yes, I did write my journal.
Starting point is 00:44:03 I said, guys, I don't want to give anything away, but this has one of the sweetest endings of an episode yet. So this whole episode, we've given you no indication that Pam is clocking Jim in any way. And anyway, but Jim walks to his desk. He sees the little message light flashing and he plays his messages and Pam has left him seven voice mails. All about her day. And clearly she's missing him and missing interacting with him.
Starting point is 00:44:31 Yeah, and you see him kind of walk to his car as these messages play. And his face. Ah, he's so happy. Yeah. And everything is right in his world again. And kind of everything is right in our world again too, because I think as an audience member,
Starting point is 00:44:47 it's funny, I forgot about the voicemail messages when I was watching this. Yeah. And I was frustrated with Pam. I was like, what is wrong with you? This is your friend, why are you being so coy? I skied a little and then like, say hi to the guy. I wasn't upset with Pam because I feel like she's,
Starting point is 00:45:06 this is so complicated for her. I mean, I'm sure there's hills and valleys of her wanting to invest in Roy and what they've built together and see it through. And then there's all these overwhelming feelings of like, but I don't think he's the right person, but we've been together so long. Like it's, and then when she sees Jim,
Starting point is 00:45:22 she's, it's like holding up a mirror to herself. I think you're telling me she didn't miss him on the vacation. Yes, but admitting to missing him is admitting to this emotional affair and she's not there yet. She's not there yet, but these messages meant the world to me as a viewer when I was watching it. Yes, I was like, yes, thank you. Thank you. And also guys, once again, I feel like Michael and Jim had a parallel storyline, where they sort of lose the thing they love, which is for Michael, the acceptance of the office's friends, for Jim, it's Pam. But then in the end, it's all OK.
Starting point is 00:45:58 It's going to be OK. Yeah. Nah. Aw, that's the carpet, guys. That's the carpet, everybody. I have a question. I want to throw it out there. Actually, do we need to start a second podcast where I rewatch Game of Thrones and we
Starting point is 00:46:13 discuss it with you? Yes. Yes. Office ladies do Game of Thrones. Oh my gosh, I would love that so much. I mean, does anyone want to hear that? Does anyone want to hear me listen to Game of Thrones? Although, there might be some.
Starting point is 00:46:24 Listen to me watch Game of Thrones. Die Hard Game of Thrones fans will be like, no, you guys are gonna ruin it. All right, next week we're gonna do Boys and Girls, which is a very exciting episode for Angela and I will tell you all about how we had a hand in creating this episode. Yes, see you next week.
Starting point is 00:46:41 See you next week. Thank you for listening to Office Ladies! Office Ladies is produced by Earwolf, Jennifer and Angela Kinsey. Our producer is Cody Fisher, our sound engineer Sam Keifer. And our theme song is rubber tree by Creed Bratton. For at free versions of the show and our bonus episodes Candy Bag, go to stitur For a free one month trial of stitupremium, use code office. you

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