Office Ladies - Get the Girl

Episode Date: October 25, 2023

This week is “Get the Girl”. Andy disappears from the office to confess his love to Erin and bring her back to Scranton. Nellie seizes this opportunity and takes over as manager. The ladies learn ...the technical term for “fishing line”, Angela gives out a “Worst Green Screen Award" and Jenna stumbles upon another soapbox moment. So sit back and enjoy this episode, it’s better than a trip to DisneyTown. Office Ladies Website - Submit a fan question: Us on Instagram: OfficeLadiesPodCheck out Office Ladies Merch at Podswag:

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Starting point is 00:00:00 I'm Jennifer Fisher and I'm Angela Kinsey. We were on the office together and we're best friends. And now we're doing the ultimate office rewatch podcast just for you. Each week we will break down an episode of the office and give exclusive behind the scene stories that only two people who were there can tell you. We're the office ladies. Hello! Hi there! Are you ready to get the girl? Let's go get her! Alright, it's season 8, episode 18, written by Charlie Grandy and directed by Rain Wilson.
Starting point is 00:00:36 Here's your summary. Andy drives to Tallahassee to declare his love for Aaron and bring her home. Meanwhile, Nelly shows up in Scranton and helps herself to the manager's position and starts offering everyone a raise. Yeah, also Robert California's there and he just lets it happen. We'll get to that.
Starting point is 00:00:57 Yeah, before we dive into this episode, you know what, I just need to make a quick phone call. What? I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry, It will be so fast I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Okay. Okay. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry dialing Why are you Oh crap sorry. I went to voicemail. Oh, sorry Andy wasn't there. Andy wasn't there. That was a bit It was a bit. You just was a bit. It was a bit.
Starting point is 00:01:25 You just did a bit. I did a bit. Did you really think I was making a phone call? Of course. Why wouldn't I? You said you had to make a phone call. I thought it would be funny. I mean, Andy's not gonna answer his phone a lot.
Starting point is 00:01:38 I was like, I'll make a phone call. Yeah. Andy, he's in Tallahassee. Also, that voicemail is so good. It's so good I want to hear the whole thing. I think that if you meet at Helms, you should not ask for a picture. Don't ask for a picture.
Starting point is 00:01:53 Oh, Jenna, what are you doing to him? You're about to say ask him to sing his answering machine. Yeah, he should do an audio memo that you can turn into your voicemail. Listen, I would love to do audio memos when I meet people because I don't always feel picture-ready. I don't always want to just, for all time, document the way I do my hair that way or whatever.
Starting point is 00:02:16 So I think I would like it. I'd be like, yeah, sure, I'll do a quick Dunder Miffle and this is Pam. Leave a message. That's a great one. Right? Yeah. Hit me up for audio memos, please.
Starting point is 00:02:28 Yeah, I'll just lean into your phone and say, save bandit! Yeah, yeah. This is gonna change our lives. Oh my gosh. I'm gonna, you can really, and Ed, sorry Ed. Sorry. Let's get on to fast fact number one.
Starting point is 00:02:43 This episode aired on March 15th, 2012, and it was not a beloved episode. Sorry to say, in my deep diving of this episode, I just came across a lot of critique. Did you happen to read what Miles wrote about it? You know what, Miles was not even the harshest critic. You're kidding. Miles gave it a C+. Miles McNut, C was not even the harshest critic. You're kidding. Miles gave it a C+.
Starting point is 00:03:06 Miles McNut, C+. Who was the harshest critic? There was a critic named Matt Dordy who wrote for the filtered lens and he gave it two out of 10 stars and said that this episode was quote the worst and that it quote lacked any form of logic or emotion. Oh my God. It's like skating.'s like, skating.
Starting point is 00:03:27 Skating review. That is really bad. I know. I'm sorry. That's what I'm saying. I didn't know how to not mention it. No, I know. Because it was all my research led me to these just like,
Starting point is 00:03:41 really, really harsh reviews. Oh my gosh. OK. It was also ranked 23 out of 24 in the office telling fan pole. It's gonna get worse before it gets better. Matt Dirty also said was anyone else rooting for Aaron to just stay in Florida? I certainly was. And our review from Clack said this episode was quote, miserably insufferable. And quote. Oh my God.
Starting point is 00:04:09 I'm sorry, that's hurting me so hard. Yeah. Oh my gosh. A lot of critics, however, praised Catherine Tate. They were very excited to see what she was going to bring to the show, moving forward. People also praised the balloon cold open. And you know, all that said this episode was still the highest rated show on NBC, the night at aired. So we have that. We have that. That's fast back.
Starting point is 00:04:39 Number one. Okay. Just a lot of bad news. That's fact number one really tickled me. Okay, moving on. Fast fact number two is an office lady's update. We want everyone out there to know we had an amazing show in Toronto at the Just For Last Festival. We kicked off the festival. Yes, we were opening night. Oh my gosh, what a turnout.
Starting point is 00:05:00 You guys, it is so fun to go on the road and see everybody and meet everyone. We did like an impromptu little meet and greet kind of after the show and we got to meet a lot of people. We did. We didn't have a formal meet and greet for the show, but there was a show right after us.
Starting point is 00:05:18 So they were kicking us out. But we were like, we're gonna take 15, 20 minutes. We went to the front of the stage. We signed as many things as we could. We took as many selfies as we could. But it was, I mean, we're always kind of doing our, our, in a vacuum, we, you know, we do it, and then it goes on TV, or we talk in our microphones,
Starting point is 00:05:38 and then, in our closets, or in a little room, and we're like, oh, I guess, maybe someone listened. So this was the joy of live performance. And I love our live show. Me too. And something really exciting happened, which is why I was bringing it up. While we were there in Toronto, we solved the smell rusty. Did you combine smell and mystery? I did. Did you like it? I did, a smelly street. A smelly street, a smelly street. One of those. Okay.
Starting point is 00:06:07 Of the Canadian $100 bill. Yes. Yes. During our breakdown of last day in Florida, we got a letter from Amy and Nova Scotia who told us that there was this crazy thing that happened where people in Canada thought that the new $100 bill smelled like maple syrup.
Starting point is 00:06:24 Well, we brought this up during our live show. Mm-hmm. And a woman in the front row had a $100 Canadian bill. Yes, she just popped right up. She was like, I have one. Do you want to smell it? We're like, yes. So we smelled it. Here are the results.
Starting point is 00:06:40 Jenna, what did you think? Did it smell like maple syrup? No. Angela? I thought it did. think? Did it smell like maple syrup? No, Angela. I thought it did. I could smell it. So I don't know what that is, but we have now smelled a Canadian $100 bill. Thank you to the woman in the front row for letting us smell your money.
Starting point is 00:06:58 Yes, and also, I have had a few people say to me, do you say syrup or syrup? I say syrup. I say syrup. I wanna know what Sam and Cassie say. Oh. I say syrup. And I say syrup.
Starting point is 00:07:13 You guys were divided. It's like a 50-50. I went on to Google Translate and I typed in the word syrup. And here's what Google Translate has to say. Ready? Mm-hmm. Sarah. Sarah.
Starting point is 00:07:32 Sarah. It sounds like the combination of syrup and syrup. It sounds like syrup to me. I hear syrup. Mm-hmm. This is our... What are you doing today? What are you doing?
Starting point is 00:07:44 This is our Laurel Yawney moment. Do you say syrup or syrup? Hmm. What are you doing today? What are you doing? This is our Laurel Yawney moment. Do you say syrup or syrup? What are you here? I want you to know. I just googled syrup. And did you know that there is an American pronunciation? And a British pronunciation?
Starting point is 00:08:00 Are you British, Jenna? Maybe I am. You tell me. Syrup. Syrup. I am. You tell me. Serip. Serip. Serip. You're British. I'm British.
Starting point is 00:08:10 Cassie, we're British. Sam, we're American. Moving on now to fast-fac number three, Angela, my favorite thing is when I take fast-fac number three. You have a fast-fac number three for us. What do you got? You know, I was just curious about where all the office has been remade. Then I looked it up.
Starting point is 00:08:29 Well, I know they just are about to launch one in Australia with a female boss. Yes. OK, so the new Australian version has gotten a lot of buzz online. It's in production right now. OK. And obviously, we all know the OG version, which was created in the United Kingdom by Ricky
Starting point is 00:08:48 Jervais and Stephen Merchant, but their idea has spread to all these other countries. There have been office remakes in Brazil, Canada, Chile, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, and of course our version in the United States. And here's the thing I found really interesting. A lot of these remakes were starting right when our show started. At the same time. At the same time.
Starting point is 00:09:18 Yeah. And they didn't run as long as ours did, but you can see all of their TV posters for their remakes. They're on IMDB. I can put them in stories. Isn't it true? I remember hearing this, that the France, Jim and Pam were like gorgeous, like runway models.
Starting point is 00:09:34 Yes. They were super, super beautiful. Yes. In fact, I'll tell you how they're described. Okay. The Jim Pam characters are stunning and new bile up in cummers. And then the article said, this is France after all. You know, we get asked all the time, there are always these rumors of another American version, like a
Starting point is 00:09:55 reboot or remake or a spin off. Yeah, no one has ever in all of these years ever one time contacted me about being on another version of the office. Or any cast member, whenever I talk to the cast members, they're like, never heard anything, not a word. And we get like tagged in all these articles all the time, and then we'll have like a text thread, like, guys any truth to this? Nope, no one's read up to me, never heard of it.
Starting point is 00:10:21 Every time one of these news articles comes out, my phone blows up from people who've read this article. Is it happening? Did you hear? Are you on it? What's going on? And I can only ever say the same thing. No one has ever contacted me. I don't know anything about it. I don't know what it is. It's like every couple of years, it just, the rumor catches fire again. Yeah. But listen, we don't work at NBC Universal. We're just two gals talking about our lives. But you know, I would say this. If there was ever any truth to it,
Starting point is 00:10:52 Greg would reach out to us. He definitely would. I did see that Greg briefly addressed this in an interview with Collider. He said, well, I think that is very speculative. The fact that it kind of blew up based on one line in a puck piece was kind of cool. I guess in the sense that the fans still care a lot. And then he went on to say the thing I would say is when there's something to announce,
Starting point is 00:11:17 I will definitely announce it. It's true. So there you go. Maybe there will be one one day. I don't think I'll be on it. I mean, I'm gonna be 50 next year. Do we need a 50-year-old Pam sitting at a desk and under a meal? I don't think we do. We might need a 50-year-old Pam cameo. I'll pop in.
Starting point is 00:11:39 Yeah. I'm up for a pop-in. Yeah. Old, crusty, angel, Martin will pop in too. I really like the idea if they ever remade the office that Creed still works there. A hundred percent. And maybe Meredith. Or if Creed doesn't work there,
Starting point is 00:11:56 he just lives in the warehouse, like in the back corner. Yes. Yes, he comes down from the ceiling at night. Yeah, exactly. Well, that's all I got for FastFacts. Thank you for your FastFact, Angela. I really enjoyed that. Oh, you're welcome.
Starting point is 00:12:10 I mean, I guess there's about 80 countries that have options to this. So who knows? I might miss one by the time that article was published and I read it, there might be more. Well, should we take a break? And then when we come back, we can talk about the balloon. Yes. We are back. And before we get started, I just want to say if you like your coffee to stay real hot on the go, you really need to get our office ladies BFF coffee tumbler. My coffee
Starting point is 00:12:46 is still so hot, so, so hot. And it would stay super, super cold too. If you put ice in it. It's a colder. You can do cold and hot with it. Who would get I even know this? It's my own merch. I didn't know I could put cold stuff in it. Oh my gosh, it will stay so cold. I've put iced tea in there with ice and it's's been cold for an entire day. The next day, I woke up, I forgot I hadn't poured it out. There was still ice in it. Wow. Yeah, it's really good.
Starting point is 00:13:11 And it has a handle, guys. I wanted something with a handle because I like to drink my tea. I don't always want some huge thing, you know, like a craft, a coffee that you travel out the door with. I would love. I would love someone to just travel with a craft.
Starting point is 00:13:24 You know what I mean? Somebody I do. I do. Travel things are so big. And I liked that this one was like kind of like a cup of tea. Well, my coffee is still so hot. It's I poured it in there like an hour ago. But let's get started. This episode begins with Pam getting a very important urgent phone call at her desk. Yeah, I guess there's a balloon that has been cut in the rafters of the warehouse for years. It's finally coming down. Yeah, the whole office is going to go down and watch this balloon slowly fall. Pam says, you know, it doesn't sound cool, but you just have to see it.
Starting point is 00:13:58 Then we go and we see it. And then she says, you know what, it doesn't really look cool either, but it is a big deal. So everyone goes down to the warehouse. It's very exciting. They formed a circle and they're watching this balloon just very, very slowly fall to the ground. Pam says, did a good job, buddy. Now it's time to come home. Did anyone else catch the huge Angela Martin eye roll at Pam? It's back, guys.
Starting point is 00:14:23 The eye roll is back. I saw it. And now everyone begins to reminisce about their first memories of when they saw the balloon. Oscar says, wow, you know, I was still with Gil. Kevin says, I had hair like Rapunzel. And Dwight's work craft clan was still on speaking terms. Meredith's kid hadn't gotten a face tattoo yet.
Starting point is 00:14:45 Darryl was thinking of going back to school and Jim was just a paper salesman. Yeah, little sarcasm there from Jim. Little sarcasm. Everyone's kind of bummed now. Yeah, thanks Pam, they say. But then Darryl is gonna pop the balloon using the forklift and everyone cheers.
Starting point is 00:15:05 Everyone cheers, kill the balloon. We got a lot of fan mail about this cold open. Chris H from Lafayette, Indiana, Kelsey S from Toronto and many others. Really want to know, how did we get the balloon to fall? Was there really a balloon? Was it CGI? How did this work? How did we manage to get the timing just right? Well, guess who told me all the deets?
Starting point is 00:15:30 Steve Burgess. Steve Burgess, because I couldn't remember. I couldn't remember. Were we looking at a real balloon or not? I thought we were. I thought we were, but then I was like, how did we make that happen? Was it like on a fishing hook or something,
Starting point is 00:15:44 and there was like a ladder, and like someone would like a, I feel like there was like a, a rod and reel situation happening. You are correct. There really was a balloon, it was not CGI, it was inflated with air, not helium, and we had a special effects person on a ladder, off camera, and he had a fishing pole
Starting point is 00:16:04 with some of that mono filament, which is fishing line attached to the balloon. And he just lowered the balloon at the speed we needed. Wait, mono filament. Mono filament. Is another word for fishing line? The way Steve Berger's wrote his email it is because he wrote mono filament and then he put fishing line in parentheses.
Starting point is 00:16:23 I never knew that. So like if we went down to a dock, could I be like, hey, can I have some mono filament? Yes. Okay. I'm going to encourage you to do that. I'm going to save that. Oh man. I really want to go fishing, but I need some extra mono filament. Yeah. I would fish with you, but I'm out of mono filament. Yeah, I'm sorry. I can't please. Please do this. You know who could probably tell us if this is true as the folks at Bass Masters? I love Bass Masters.
Starting point is 00:16:52 We love them. I wore my hoodie the other day to play tennis. I still have my leather journal from Bass Masters. It's a great one. Steve Burgess said that it also made it really easy to do multiple takes using the monofilament technique. And he reminded me that when Craig popped the balloon, we had to tape it to the ground
Starting point is 00:17:11 so that it wouldn't slide out from under the forklift. And Craig had to be certified to drive the forklift and use it. That's kind of a cool thing to have, like on your resume, like, oh yeah, I can drive a forklift. He could put that in his special skills. He could. Well listen before we break down the rest of the episode I have a little something from
Starting point is 00:17:29 my digital clutter I wanted to share with you. What's that? The week we filmed this episode I emailed you and I want to read you what I sent. All right. This would have been January. Mm-hmm. It was. Yeah.
Starting point is 00:17:42 January 12th. Okay. Okay. The subject was titled, I Want to Buy This, LOL. Okay. When you opened the email, I wrote, go to and look up Brazilian butt lift, thinking of trying this.
Starting point is 00:17:59 Lady, yeah, what is it? You wrote back. Too funny, three exclamation points. Somebody put the heck were we talking about? So I went to the link that was in my email. It's an old link, but this is what it said. Leandro Cavaljo's Brazilian Budlift. This super focused hardcore workout will reshape your booty, lifting, firming, and rounding it with strategic,
Starting point is 00:18:27 targeted sculpting routines. It's so much fun, you'll forget, you're working your butt off. And then there is a separate article that said, what type of workout is best for my butt type? Oh, yeah. Did you figure out what your exercise, wait, can I still buy this product?
Starting point is 00:18:46 By the way, did you buy it? Is it here? It's a series of workouts. It's like videos and workouts, right? So I'm buying workout videos. You're buying workout videos. I thought it was a product. No, I never did it.
Starting point is 00:19:01 Okay. I never subscribed. I never did the workout. But I think it still lives. Oh, it. Okay. I never subscribed. I never did the workout. But I think it still lives. Oh, yes. Okay. But anyway, this is what you and I were emailing about when we made this episode.
Starting point is 00:19:13 I wanted to reshape my booty. I wish I had known this before I rewatched it. I would have looked for signs of this in your performance. You know. The secret one that I had. All right, well let's get into this episode. We have the opening credits which was interesting that they did not change for Nelly. Oh, we got a fan mail flurry about that Angela. Oh yeah, really? We did. So many people wrote in to say, how come we didn't have Nelly as the final manager image
Starting point is 00:19:46 since we've done that with everyone else, including Creed? I thought about it, and here's my theory. Okay. If they set up her at the desk at the very top, it ruins the whole storyline and the surprise that she's taking over Andy's job slowly but surely. Well, do you think she'll be there next week? That's what I'm curious about. Me too. I didn't watch's what I'm curious about. Me too.
Starting point is 00:20:05 I didn't watch ahead. I didn't either. Well, find out next week! Yeah! The episode starts with Jim and Pam arriving to work. They got an extra breakfast sandwich. Does anyone want it? Guess who wants it?
Starting point is 00:20:18 Nelly appears out of nowhere and she's back and she's eating their sandwich. And she does not like it. She says it's disgusting. She says, you call this a King James breakfast pie? I looked it up. It's really weird because it's believed to have originated in England. And it's basically a pie.
Starting point is 00:20:39 And it has layers of bacon, sausage, eggs, cheese. Sometimes hash browns or mushrooms all baked together. Okay. I don't understand how you take it on the go. I saw some pictures where it looked like a pizza pocket, where it was like pie on top and bottom, and then some that just looked like a pie, but I cannot get any origin story
Starting point is 00:21:00 on the King James breakfast pie. Why is it called the King James breakfast pie? Who really invented it? Some people say it was like an American invention based on British breakfast. I don't know. I was very frustrating. It sounds good. It really looked good. I didn't bake one, but you know. I'm so surprised. Well, I'm so surprised you don't have it for all of us to try today. Well, you know, what's happening to you? I don't know. Nelly is also going to dig on the Houdini Museum. Mm-hmm.
Starting point is 00:21:32 And then she announces she's come to work in Scranton. Toby walks right up to her and introduces himself as Tony. We got so much mail about that. Oh my gosh. He's so casually then tried to cover this up. I thought has he introduced himself as Tony before and why would he? Is this his Grant and Strangler clue? Well, we had a fan theory from Natasha M in Wales who said, I think maybe his name was Tony all along. But someone
Starting point is 00:21:59 called him Toby one day and he just didn't correct them and now it's spiraled and he will be forever known as Toby instead of his real name of Tony. Natasha, that's hilarious. You totally flipped it. That is so funny. You know, I thought maybe Tony is his alternate identity. Tony's a different guy. We all know Tony. Like Jekyll and Hyde, Tony and Toby.
Starting point is 00:22:24 Yeah. Yeah. We had a fan catch from Amanda A. in North Carolina who said, Toby seems to not know who Nelly is and introduces himself, but didn't Toby already meet Nelly at the end of season seven in search committee when she interviewed for the manager position. Such a good catch. He's sat across the table from her. Yeah. Yeah. And also, doesn't he know she's the president of special projects? Like, as the HR manager, he sent a bunch of his employees
Starting point is 00:22:52 to another state to work on a project. Wouldn't he know who they're working under? Come on, there'd be forms to fill out. There's definitely forms. There's so many forms. Yeah. What's happening to Toby? I don't know.
Starting point is 00:23:05 Well, Tony tells Nelly, welcome, find a desk, have a seat, and then we'll wait for Robert to arrive. Nelly notices there's an empty seat in Andy's office. She'll take that seat and that job. Yeah, she says her business philosophy is simple. If the seat is open, the job is open. That's how she came to briefly race a Formula One car. Mm-hmm.
Starting point is 00:23:26 Slowest laps ever recorded. Ever recorded. I love that it's like a record. You are a record holder in a sense. Exactly. Down in Tallahassee, Aaron is walking out to get the newspaper. Alonzo drives by. She tries to make small talk with him.
Starting point is 00:23:43 He just keeps driving. Yes. Well, Alonzo was played by Alexander Sabaha. He did a great job. So drives by she tries to make small talk with him he just keeps driving yes Well, Alonzo was played by Alexander Sabaha. He did a great job. He did fantastic I cracked up when he just kept going and now lady I really have a special award to give out Okay, are you ready because the award for the worst green screen and the run of our show goes to Aaron's Talking Head. Congratulations. Congratulations. This was a fan mail flurry. I talked to Steve Burgess about it. He said, yeah, it was a talking head that they had to add later on a green screen. He said there were two talking heads that were added after we shot this episode and this was one of them. And I don't know why they couldn't just walk over to the outside of Tom Melby's house.
Starting point is 00:24:30 It was right there. Yeah. But I guess instead they filmed it as a plate and then they shot her talking head on a green screen. It was real awful. It was so obvious. It was crazy. I told you that when I was researching
Starting point is 00:24:45 this episode, it was just like a lot of critical articles. This talking head came up a lot for its terrible green screen effect. Well, I get it. In this talking head, we're going to learn that Aaron is a maid for an old lady. Runs her errands, gets to clean all five rooms of the house, not to brag. Back at Dundermiffland, Robert arrives. Runs her errands, gets to clean all five rooms of the house, not to brag. Back at Dundermiffland, Robert arrives. He greets Nelly, asks her how she's adjusting, and he says, I can't wait to find something fun for you to do here. Yeah, Nelly says, you know what, I've already taken care of that. I found something. I'm the manager. He says, we already have a manager, and I love this line. She says, oh really? Because it's 10am, I've been in this office for an hour and no one has come and sat in my lap.
Starting point is 00:25:31 I don't think you're a manager. By all standards, you don't have a manager. Well now everyone is really wondering where Andy is. You know, he's usually here by now and they start to discuss. There were a few versions of this scene and there's one where Ryan and Oscar really get into it and I want you to hear it. Has anyone talked to Andy? He's not returning any calls. I checked his Facebook status at Pump for Wednesday. Today's Thursday.
Starting point is 00:25:59 I hate to take it to this place but re- Andy has anyone checked the morgue. Oh. Checking the morgue is not a real thing. That's a real thing. You're a policeman? No, I'm a morgue. You're just like, hey, can I look around? Anyone?
Starting point is 00:26:11 Yeah, they have names on everything. I didn't know you were a morgue. Then you go to the graveyard. Then you go to the graveyard. Okay, okay, okay. Okay, cemetery. All right. What is that?
Starting point is 00:26:21 I don't know, but just all of Ryan's phrasing too, when he's like, are he Andy has anyone, like just the way he talks, I'm like, oh my God, Ryan. And I love that Oscar just called him out, like this son of a thing. Well, Robert calls his phone, Andy answers and says he is sick.
Starting point is 00:26:41 But Robert says I don't care, come to work anyway. Yeah, and then Andy says, I'm just really sick and I've got the and hangs up on him. Yes, Andy hangs up and then we reveal he is standing on a beach. He says he's in Florida. He's here to get Aaron. He's like shaving on the beach. He's like standing in the ocean. Yeah, I guess he couldn't have gone to a gas station to do this. Yeah, I do.
Starting point is 00:27:04 Or something. I don't know. He gone to a gas station to do this. Yeah, I do. Or something. I don't know. He needed to do it in the ocean water. By the way, I looked up shaving using salt water. Not recommended. I wouldn't think so. It burns. Of course. They also say don't shave your legs right before you go in the ocean water
Starting point is 00:27:18 because salt can get in the pores and sting. I think I've made that mistake. Me too. Okay, back to Andy's talking head here in the middle of the ocean. I think I caught a little line fumble that made it into the show. I'm curious because we got a fan mail flurry about something Andy said. Okay, well I did a little mom detective work. So when Andy has this talking head, he says,
Starting point is 00:27:42 I'm in Florida to get Aaron. As soon as I heard she wasn't coming back to Scranton, I jumped straight in my car and drove straight down till I hit the ocean. My heart is my map. Turns out, Tallahassee is about 200 miles inland, so I overshot a good amount. But still, not bad for a hard map, right?
Starting point is 00:28:01 Yes, okay. Our fan mail flurry, which I'm hoping you detective, but I don't know, is that the closest beach to Tallahassee is only about 40 miles inland. That's right. So if he's 200 miles away from Tallahassee, people would like to know where the heck did Andy go? Okay, I'm on it, you guys. So yes, we have discussed a little bit about Tallahassee in previous episodes, but I think they might have intended
Starting point is 00:28:30 something a little different than the way it was interpreted. Oh! So yes, the Gulf of Mexico is about 22 miles from Tallahassee. You can see water there. The truest white sandy beach on the internet. Apparently people say is St. George Island, which is about 90 miles, but but still this is not 200 miles. Right. I was curious why would the writers write this. I went to the shooting draft to see if this talking head was
Starting point is 00:28:52 scripted the way it aired and this is what I found. Everything was the same except for this line. I overshot Tallahassee by about 200 miles. There's no mention of the word inland and I think Edith's. There's no mention of the word inland. And I think Ed is Andy was not supposed to say the word inland. It wasn't scripted. I think maybe he just said that line in the moment, and maybe that was their best take and they left it in, but it does change this talking head.
Starting point is 00:29:19 So it's been a lot of time on Google Maps. If you drive from Scranton, Pennsylvania, down to Florida, a straight shot down the coast, because Andy said he was driving straight down to resolve the ocean. Yeah. Well, there is one beach town that is a straight shot down from Scranton, Pennsylvania,
Starting point is 00:29:38 but that is also 202 miles from Tallahassee with St. Augustine Beach, Florida. And that is my theory for where Andy is when he does this talking head. But I'm not done. Oh, I was curious. How long would it have taken Andy to drive from Scranton, Pennsylvania to St. Augustine Beach, Florida, and then over to Tallahassee? The first leg of the drive is 981 miles roughly.
Starting point is 00:30:07 The second part of the drive is 203 miles to correct his overshot, and it's around 1200 miles altogether and about an 18-hour drive. That got me wondering, how did Andy do this? Did he have to stay at a motel? Did he drive straight through? Well, there's a moment in deleted scenes that fills us in a little bit about how he did this drive.
Starting point is 00:30:29 You must be tired. No, actually I'm not tired. I had a 12-pack of this energy drink called Up Yours has picture of a hyena giving you the finger on the can. I feel weird. So I guess Andy got himself a case of up yours and powered through the night. Well, I mean, he's gonna tell Aaron later he didn't stop at all and she's like not even to pee. Not even to pee.
Starting point is 00:30:57 Even though he drank all that up yours? Yeah, I don't know. Angela, this was very, very good detective work. Thank you. Now people from Florida, you might tell me there's a different beach town. That would be the first one that Andy would see, but that's the one I saw that was also because it's two things. It's got to be straight south from Scranton along the coast, but then it's also got to be
Starting point is 00:31:19 around 200 miles from Tallahassee. I think this was excellent work. I can tell you where we actually shot this. Oh yes, where was Ed? Ed was at Will Rogers Beach. And Steve Burgess said, we just sent a small crew, a splinter unit, as they're called. It was two vans, one camera, sound, and a few props, and Ed was there about two hours.
Starting point is 00:31:45 Well, that was a lot of Google maps for you guys. Maybe we should take a break. Because when we come back, Robert is basically going to share with everyone he's not going to do anything about Nellie's takeover. Because you know what, Jenna, sometimes the flowers arrange themselves. Exactly. We'll take a break, be right back. We're back and yeah, Robert is not going to take any action. Jim is like, what the heck is going on? The wheels are coming off the bus. I think that little where is Andy at the end of Jim's talking had I I feel like that was an improv. Do you think? I didn't
Starting point is 00:32:34 look it up. I should have looked it up. I don't know. I feel like I could just tell, but I'll tell you where Andy is. Andy is in a box because I re-enopened her front door and there's a box. There's no postage on it. Yeah, it's a package. It's for Aaron. And Andy is going to pop out with flowers and he's singing, Sign Sealed and Delivered. I love that no one in the house like saw him doing any shenanigans in the front yard. You know this was not a simple like, oh, just set a box down. It was like, I'm going to put a box, then I'm a climb in it, then I'm going to try to tape it. Like, what's happening in the front yard?
Starting point is 00:33:10 You know, I didn't think about the moment before. Moment before is what we're asked to imagine before we go on stage as an actor. Yes. This is a big part of acting crap. Crap. Yeah. What was my moment before? I appeared. In my mind, Andy had stuff. There was like a roll of tape somewhere. What was my moment before? I appeared. In my mind, Andy had stuff. There was like a roll of tape somewhere. There was, yeah, is it in? How did he do it?
Starting point is 00:33:32 I don't know. I get hung up on the moment before. Well, this moment before is a mystery. We had a fan question from Victoria K. and Wisconsin who wanted to know how much did we have to pay for the rights for Science-Yield and Delivered and the answer was $20,000. It was a pricey song. However, I looked up a little history on Science-Yield and Delivered and I'm going to say it's worth every penny. This song was originally released in 1970 and it is a
Starting point is 00:34:06 Motown Classic. It has a really interesting history because Stevie Wonder co-wrote this song with his wife, Surita Wright. They're no longer married, but after this song was released, they married just weeks later. He also co-wrote it with an occasional collaborator named Lee Garrett, but the song carries an additional co-writing credit for Stevie Wonder's mother, the late Lula May Hardaway, because Stevie Wonder said that she said the title phrase when she heard him working on the song's melody. Oh, that's so cool. And this was also a really significant song because it was the first single on which Stevie
Starting point is 00:34:45 Wonder was listed as a producer and it's also his first to win a Grammy nomination. It's a song with a lot of history. A lot of history. And Andy is going to jump out of a box and sing it to Aaron. Yep. With flowers. That's the other thing. He had to crawl in the box with flowers.
Starting point is 00:35:02 He had to stop and get a box. He had to get a sharpie because he had to write on the outside of the box. And tape. Is it taped or is it, how do you, did he get in from the bottom? Maybe. He got in from the bottom. Now maybe he had some of these supplies at Dundercut,
Starting point is 00:35:16 but it really looked like he just ran right out. Yeah, it didn't look like he grabbed supplies for a box. No, I think this was maybe an idea he had while he was drinking the up yours. Yeah, 12 hours into his draft. Well, once in the house, Andy is gonna tell Aaron that he loves her and he wants to be with her.
Starting point is 00:35:36 He wants to be together and he's there to take her home to Scranton. Irene says, where's the ring, Lance a lot? I loved that line. And Aaron says, you know what, thanks, Andy, but I the ring? Lance a lot. I loved that line. And Aaron says, you know what, thanks, Andy, but I'm not gonna go with you. What? What?
Starting point is 00:35:53 Can we play a few bulls*** cards here? I mean, she's in love with him. Yeah, he drives all the way there. This is her moment to be like, nah, not so much. This is where, if they'd had me, they would have lost me, because I don't need all this. Like, there's this much cat and mouse in your relationship.
Starting point is 00:36:15 Just don't do it, like truly. You can't spend your whole relationship with someone just waiting and waiting and waiting for them to chase you, and then when they do, you punish them by rejecting them. That's a cycle we don't need. No, that's not a happy life. I have to say, I don't think there's that cycle with Jessica. Of course, there's not that cycle with Jessica. I know. We clearly need T-shirts that say team house. Because we are, we've had a few people point out to us that we are clearly team Jessica. Sorry we are. Back in Scranton, Nelly is going to lead a conference for a meeting called what is going on? What is going on? I would love to sit
Starting point is 00:36:57 in a meeting called what is going on. It's pretty funny. Yes, she asks everyone does anyone know what's going on? Kevin and a few people raise their hands. What are they gonna say? I wish we could have called on them. My character raises her hand. I think I just did it just for fun. What is Amesville Martin gonna say? Well, Nelly calls on Kevin. She's gonna guess his name. She's gonna call him Chumbo. This made me wonder is Chumbo a name. It's clearly meant as a joke in our script, but is anyone named Chumbo? I did not wonder about this, Jenna. I did wonder about maps, but I know what you got in the name
Starting point is 00:37:34 department. Well, according to the Urban Dictionary, it is a slang term that is used in the gay community to describe a ridiculously straight man. Oh, I called a gay friend of mine to check this out. You stop it. Stop. This is the most mom moment. I know. Kids, listen, I called my gay friend and here's what he said. Well, we've been friends since college, so I felt like I could call him with this research question.
Starting point is 00:38:08 And he said, Jenna, I've never heard it, but I'm in my 50s, and I don't, I don't always have my finger on the pulse of the hip, younger gay community. It could be that Chumbo is being thrown out all the time. He said, I've not used it. But yeah, according to Urban Dictionary, Chumbo's tend to be womanizing, beer drinking, steak eating, American football watching heterosexists.
Starting point is 00:38:33 heterosexist would mean that you have to be all those things and then also, I guess, homophobic. Oh, yeah. Oh, I see. Yeah, that's a chumbo. I don't know. According to the Cambridge dictionary, chumbo means lead. Lead like LED. Lead as in the material, like lead poisoning. Right. Okay. Yes, lead paint. Yeah, chumbo.
Starting point is 00:39:00 In Portuguese, it means prickly pear. Could I get a chumbo, please, with my breakfast? I would like a chumbo salad. Okay. One more thing, if you put the name chumbo into, this is a website that tells you the meaning of names, it says a definition. It says people named chumbo represent ambitious independence, strength, reliability, and professionalism. That sounds like a bogus website.
Starting point is 00:39:30 I feel like I could put my name in. And I put in Regina. Regina means queen. I didn't say that. I feel like I could put in like stinky shoe. And it would say, this is a name that would lead nation. Yes, I did get that feeling. I also can find anyone with the first name chumbo, but I did find chumbo as a last name a few times. Okay. Back in like
Starting point is 00:39:57 Yold and times. Yold and times. There were some chumbo's. So Charles' chumbo. Yeah. Okay. Charles' chumbo ate a prickly pear. A prickly pear and Portugal. Yes. While wearing a lead ring. I guess. And watching football. Exactly.
Starting point is 00:40:17 What has happened to us? I don't know. We're like Andy. We're loopy. We're loopy. Okay. Well, Nelly is going to explain to Chumbo and everyone else that she is the new manager.
Starting point is 00:40:29 Pam asks Robert if this is true. And Robert is doing that thing that he does where clearly life is just like entertainment for him. And now he's finally entertained. He's been bored in his sleep, but what? What's happening? Something's happening? Something's happening.
Starting point is 00:40:46 Robert says in a world of routines and rhythms, Kevin eats someone's lunch, Phyllis has a new necklace. But who is this woman? He's in. He's like, I've just bought my ticket. I'm gonna watch this show. So this was the other talking head
Starting point is 00:41:03 that was added later in reshoots. This Robert talking head outside by the Dunder Mifflin sign. Well, I think we needed it. I do too, because even with this talking head, a lot of the articles that I read thought it was a little bit of a stretch that Robert was so permissive of this takeover by Nelly.
Starting point is 00:41:21 Right. This kind of explains it. Like you said, it's for his entertainment. The world is here to entertain him. Yeah. But people had a little bit of a hard time with that. Well, here Nelly is in her first ever conference from meeting that she set up.
Starting point is 00:41:34 And she's going to tell people she feels disrespected. And all she's trying to do is get to know everyone. And I'm sorry, but they've left her no choice. She's going to have to conduct performance reviews. Oh, I forgot to say something. What? Did you notice anything about this whole conference room scene? Did you see where we were sitting?
Starting point is 00:41:52 Oh, we were sitting! Yes, we were next to each other. I noticed that. I noticed that. It's been so long, I can't believe they must do it. Yeah, I totally meant to bring that up. See you did next to each other. I know.
Starting point is 00:42:04 But you're right. She's going to start conducting performance reviews and she says smiling goes a long way. So think about smiling. Her performance reviews, by the way, are based solely on her first impressions. Yeah, not on any performance. We're now going to get a real disgusting lunch
Starting point is 00:42:23 from Erin, hot dogs. She's been reusing the hot dog water, really gives it a lot more flavor. It's only gonna get better, she says. There's so much more to this scene. It's indelated scenes. They wrote Glenn as such an ass bull. I think they had to dial it back. I loved watching Glenn in this scene. I loved all of his facial expressions. I was eating it up. He has a line in deleted scenes where they're all talking and he goes, does anyone have anything I can read
Starting point is 00:42:56 because I'm not into this conversation. I'm not here for it. I have a little trivia about Glenn, the character of Glenn. Okay. You know, sometimes when the writers would write early versions of the script, they would put in the name of a friend or someone that they imagined in the role. Yeah. So in the early outline for this script, it said,
Starting point is 00:43:18 cut to Irene's 45-year-old son, Phil Rosenthal. Ah! That's very funny. But Irene's grandson was actually played by the very funny Brad Morris. He was a member of Second City Chicago. He's also had recurring roles on Cougar Town and The Good Place. Well, he's really funny. There's a lot more of his character, Indeleted Scenes.
Starting point is 00:43:40 He's just a real jerk, but it's hilarious. I do love that in this scene. Irene calls Andy out. She says, so Andrew, how does your skinny, brunette girlfriend Jessica feel about you visiting your ex girlfriend? Mm-hmm. Andy says, we're not really dating anymore. So basically, I mean, I just have to cross a few teas
Starting point is 00:43:59 and dot a few eyes. And Aaron's like, wait, so you came to get me and you still have a girlfriend? Andy. Andy! Yeah. Andy would have had a talking head after this scene. It's in deleted scenes. I want you to hear it. Irene knows all about Jessica, which means that Aaron has been talking about me a lot.
Starting point is 00:44:19 Does that sound like someone has moved on? Hmm. Do you even want dessert? Or are you still doing South Beach? So, Aaron's clearly been talking about him quite a bit, but also I did think it was funny that we learned he's on South Beach diet. What's the South Beach diet? I can't remember.
Starting point is 00:44:40 I know it was like a big fad. It's so funny to me these diets that like come around, right? What am I eating now? I feel like I remember my mom had the book, but what am I not eating, I guess. Here, I googled it. So it was a popular diet created by a cardiologist. There was a book, the South Beach Diet.
Starting point is 00:44:56 And I guess basically this diet is lower in carbs and higher in protein and healthy fats. So it's just every other diet. I mean, that's every diet, right? Isn't that paleo? Isn't paleo the same thing? I don't even know. It says, if you were doing the South Beach diet, you focus on eating lean proteins such
Starting point is 00:45:15 as seafood, skinless poultry, lean beef, and soy products. You can also eat high fiber vegetables, low fat dairy foods with healthy unsaturated fats, including avocados, nuts, and seeds. I'm going to start a diet. What are you going to call it? Just eat the good stuff and stop eating all the junk everyone. Is that too long of a diet title? I mean, obviously, it's called just like f***ing common sense.
Starting point is 00:45:39 Like don't eat. Don't be an idiot. Yeah, just like eat stuff that grows out of the ground and lean protein the end. Every diet is the same. There's no difference in the diets. Like how many different ways do we have to repackage the same information? But then everyone's like, oh, I'm this diet, I'm that diet.
Starting point is 00:45:56 And it's like, oh, what are you eating? Oh, lean meat, you're avoiding carbs, and you're eating some freshly-fe-vegetables. Who could have ever thought of it? Oh my God. Oh, genius moment! From whoever wrote that down again for the 70th time. I swear to God, I'm gonna start a diet.
Starting point is 00:46:11 I think you should, and I really think that I wanna pitch the title is Don't Be an Idiot. Eat good stuff. Eat good stuff by Jennifer Fisher. So like a two-page book. It's super simple. I think it's one page.
Starting point is 00:46:23 I think it's one page. Maybe the first paragraph is you venting this vent. Yeah. And then the second paragraph is, don't be an idiot. And then you're done. It's not hard. It's not hard. Everybody knows what good food and bad food is.
Starting point is 00:46:35 When I am sitting at home at night right before bed, eating two bowls of lucky charms. I know what I'm doing. I don't need a book to tell me this isn't a great choice. Wait, are you doing that? Yeah. You're eating two bowls of lucky charms at night. Yeah. Yeah, because it's gluten-free cereal and then I have it with like a coconut soy milk. And is that like your dessert? Oh no, I've eaten dessert. No, it's not my dessert. I mean, dessert is dessert. This is just your late night gnawsh. Yeah, yeah.
Starting point is 00:47:07 Mm-hmm, okay. You know, my late night gnawsh might maybe use to have been some sort of ice cream treat. Yeah. And here's the other thing about my bowls of cereal because I feel like I'm being really honest right now. You are?
Starting point is 00:47:20 I'm really, really honest. You should either face you guys because each time I do it, I make one bowl of cereal, and then I put everything away, and then I eat it, and then when I get down to just the milk, I get up again, and I go back, and I get the lucky charms out, and I sprinkle more in. Why don't you just leave the box out?
Starting point is 00:47:40 Because I'm not admitting that it's gonna be a two bowl night. Okay. You know, there's a chance it can be a one-bowl night if I put the lucky charms away. If I leave the box out next to me, we might be three bowls deep before stop. But I'm just saying... You're making your own little obstacles. That's right. My mom used to do this. My mom still does this. She goes to the pantry and she takes a handful of chips. She rolls the bag back up, puts it in the pantry and goes and sits down and eats one handful of chips. And when she's done,
Starting point is 00:48:09 she gets up, she goes and repeats. Because she's just eating a handful. But my point is this, I don't need a book to tell me that this isn't a great choice. I don't need to read that. I know what I'm doing. We all know what we're doing when we're just eating fried foods and barely any vegetables. This is why we know. We know. We know.
Starting point is 00:48:32 We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know.
Starting point is 00:48:35 We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know. We know For the whole week, really? Yeah. How many balls of cereal do you have? I don't know. I don't, I don't have a lot of cereal. I don't, you know what I would say?
Starting point is 00:48:50 I don't have cereal for breakfast. Yeah. I don't. How many chips do you have? Just a handful. Yeah. Yeah. We know what we're doing.
Starting point is 00:48:58 That was a tangent. I didn't know I felt strongly about it. I have something getting us back onto the episode. Please. Andy really tries to bond with Irene. I mean, have you noticed this? Like, he's trying to bond with her. He's doing leg exercises on the bed while his phone keeps ringing and ringing.
Starting point is 00:49:16 Mm-hmm. But he also really appreciated her home decor. It's in deleted scenes. I thought it was really cute. Oh, I want to hear it. And we learned something kind of interesting about Irene. Irene, this house is lovely. Okay. I'm serious. Did you decorate it yourself because I love it?
Starting point is 00:49:37 You really like it? Because everything's for sale on eBay. I'll send you a link. I would love that. Now listen, this was my favorite Irene Andy scene of the whole episode. I know it didn't make it to air, but it was so great when he says, I really like what you've done with the place and she goes, okay, I know. And why is she selling the contents of her entire home on eBay? I do not know. And why is she selling the contents of her entire home on eBay? I do not know. You know, I have a few background catches in this scene. One comes in from Thia A. in Sweden, who says that there is a framed picture of a girl in
Starting point is 00:50:19 a dress on the wall of Irene's bedroom. And. And it is the Sir Thomas Lawrence painting pinky. Well, Thia, it's for sale on eBay. It is. I also noticed that the television was on in this scene. There's a shot of a dog walking around. I asked Steve Burgess about this. He said, yes, they paid a small fee for some stock animal footage.
Starting point is 00:50:41 And it featured both dogs and penguins. The second time I watched, I noticed the penguins. Nice. Yeah, I'm not sure what they're doing in the same show, the dogs and penguins, but I have a third catch in this scene. Andy's phone keeps ringing, and when he gets it out, I have a new tec alert.
Starting point is 00:51:02 Oh, he got a new phone. Andy has a smart phone. Oh, wow got a new phone. Andy has a smartphone. Oh, wow. You know, in test the store, Jim still was using a flip phone. Yeah. Andy has, I saw it. It was like one of the very, very early iPhones. But shouldn't they all be answering phones
Starting point is 00:51:18 on the little triangle? I mean, cell phones from Saber. They should be the triangle smartphone. Uh-huh. And you know, Andy is gonna say in the scene cell phone from Saber. They should be the triangle smartphone. Uh-huh. And you know, Andy is going to say in the scene that he doesn't know how to put his phone on silent. And did you catch Irene knows how.
Starting point is 00:51:33 Irene knows how to put a smartphone on silent. This device that's new tech alert. She knows how to put everything on eBay. In the previous episode, she's telling Aaron how to FaceTime. I know. There is a deleted scene where she talks to Andy about all the different spices she has. And she goes, yeah, she goes, I bought everything to make a paella.
Starting point is 00:51:54 And Erin goes, she means papaya. And Irene goes, no, I don't. I mean paella. So she's got a lot of interests. And she smart knows her way around technology. You know, Angela, you played Andy's voicemail for us earlier. Yeah. And we got some fan questions about it.
Starting point is 00:52:15 People thought maybe he was singing a jingle. They wanted to know like, what song is he really singing? I asked Steve Burgess about it and he said, Ed just made it up. We didn't pay any rights for that melody. That's just an Ed Helm special. I 100% knew Ed made that up because he would make up little songs around the set. And sometimes we would do all these little bits together, comedy bits. One day we were like walking into set at
Starting point is 00:52:39 the same time. And it was like, I don't know what we were doing, but I said something like, Oh, I forgot my uggs and he's like, you forgot your uggs, gotta go get them or whatever it was. It was something really silly. Totally. But you could just make up a song at the drop of a hat. Well, Andy's phone is going to keep ringing. He continues to ignore it, but Glenn answers it. And this is where you see some of the way they wrote him to be just so obnoxious.
Starting point is 00:53:04 He answered the phone, Proctology. That's right. And it's Jim and he's like, Andy, where are you? And this is when Jim learns that Andy's not coming back, at least not without Aaron. He's in Florida. So Jim is going to have to try to unify the group against Nelly. He says we cannot participate in these performance reviews because then we are essentially accepting her as our manager.
Starting point is 00:53:30 Dwight says he doesn't trust Nelly. I mean, he wouldn't even trust her to run a celery farm. Yes, he has a talking head where he says those who can't farm farm celery. Is this a dig on the celery community? Well, I had to know more. I guess what he is referring to is that, according to the internet, did you see what I did there, Angela?
Starting point is 00:53:50 I credited the whole internet, just like how you did. Thank you, because I forgot to write down my source. I know the source sometimes, but sometimes there's multiple sources that say similar things, so I just say according to the internet. All right, well, according to the internet, as a lady who Googles, it turns out it's really
Starting point is 00:54:07 quite easy to grow celery. It has very specific needs. You plant it in the spring. You just have to give it a lot of water, have a good rich soil, and then in the fall, you get a bunch of celery. I don't ever need to eat celery again for the rest of my life.
Starting point is 00:54:23 Josh puts it in soups. I'm just like, hey, now I have a crunchy thing with no taste. Can't, I mean, come on. No, taste, celery has a taste. What's the taste? Celery. It tastes like celery.
Starting point is 00:54:35 It can't taste like something else or then it would be another thing. It tastes like celery. It tastes like nothing. Okay, if you get a nut, are you sure you're not thinking of like a water chestnut? Yes, I taste like nothing. hate those. I hate those too. Celery, you know, if you crush up enough of it, you can have celery juice, but you just chop a celery
Starting point is 00:54:54 in half and take a bite of it, I get nothing. Do you remember the celery juice craze? Yeah. That hit California in like 2019. Everybody had f***ing celery juice. They were walking around with it. And they're big sippy cup things. I did it. I did it. I was on splitting up together and me and Oliver Hudson.
Starting point is 00:55:14 We did the celery juice craze. We did, I don't know why we would do this. Is this part of your don't be an idiot diet? It could be. It could be. But there was this doctor, I guess. So there was always a doctor. I know, there's always a doctor.
Starting point is 00:55:29 I'm putting doctor in quotes. I don't know, sorry, doctor who came up with celery juice. Maybe you're a real doctor. I don't know. But the idea was that you juice fresh celery, first thing in the morning, you have to drink it on an empty stomach. It sounds like it has to be the first thing.
Starting point is 00:55:44 It has to be the first thing. Well morning, you have to drink it on an empty stomach. It sounds like it has to be the first thing. It has to be the first thing. It has to be the first thing. It has to be the first thing. It has to be the first thing. It has to be the first thing. It has to be the first thing. It has to be the first thing. It has to be the first thing.
Starting point is 00:55:52 It has to be the first thing. It has to be the first thing. It has to be the first thing. It has to be the first thing. It has to be the first thing. It has to be the first thing. It has to be the first thing. It has to be the first thing.
Starting point is 00:56:00 It has to be the first thing. It has to be the first thing. It has to be the first thing. It has to be the first thing. It has to be the first thing. It has to be the first thing. It has to be the first thing. It has to be the first thing. It has to be the first thing. You get bored and then you do some fad. Yes, I once did a show with Elijah Wood. I had a guest start on Wilfred and Randall Einhorn directed Little Office reunion and their whole thing on their set. And I learned it the first day is everyone did crossword puzzles.
Starting point is 00:56:20 They would get the same crossword puzzle for the New York Times they'd print it out and everyone all day long would be doing the crossword. In each day it gets harder. We used to do the words with friends on our set and that came out. Well you guys did still reduce. We did weird drinks.
Starting point is 00:56:35 Okay, Oliver and I did this weird tea for a while. Now we started drinking celery juice in the mornings. This whole craze, it created a shortage of celery. In California. In California. Yes, I went and looked up an article on it. The LA Times said the sales increased by 350%. Prices skyrocketed to as much as $5 a bunch.
Starting point is 00:56:59 And there were pictures of like produce departments and then the salary part was empty because everybody started, you had to juice it fresh in the morning. This was the other thing. I was already going to work at 6 a.m., but I was getting up even earlier to juice my salary. And then you would drink it, nothing happened.
Starting point is 00:57:19 You just, I mean, something happened. But pretty much nothing happened. Nothing in my life changed for this effort. Well, I'm putting it in my book. This is my theory on why I don't ever need to eat celery again. I'm just saying, I guess, don't do silly things. Don't do fads. You know what is good and you know what is bad, the end.
Starting point is 00:57:42 She sounded like a poem for like an elementary child. It's that easy. It's that easy. Nelly is going to emerge from her new office. It's time for her performance reviews to start. First up is the woman with the beautiful fingernails and tiny feet. Angela starts to march towards the door.
Starting point is 00:58:03 It's Phyllis. It's not Angela. It's Phyllis. And Phyllyllis. It's Phyllis. Phyllis says, you know what? I don't feel comfortable being reviewed by someone that doesn't even know me. Nelly says, that's fine. That's fine. I'll show you how it's done.
Starting point is 00:58:15 Dwight. Dwight says he also does not feel comfortable. He lost all respect for her in Florida. So she just offers him a raise. He deserves it. Dwight obviously is going to agree just offers him a raise. Mm-hmm. He deserves it. Dwight obviously is going to agree that he deserves a raise, and Jim's like the raise isn't real Dwight. And Dwight says money isn't real since they got off the gold standard.
Starting point is 00:58:35 And then he's going to start negotiating with Nelly about his raise. He demands 5%. She says, not good enough, 7%. And then he says, no, 6%. I know my worth. I loved that. Well, Phyllis now sees where this is going. So she's like, yeah, I'll get a review. Nelly tells Phyllis that she's impressed
Starting point is 00:59:02 with how she conquered her fear. She even likes how she sits. So guess what, you get a race. I guess that was a good first impression. Jim is going to go into the conference room and speak to Robert. He wants to make sure Robert knows that Nelly is just basically handing out raises and Robert's like, oh, I guess you want one. So you can take the kids to Disney Town.
Starting point is 00:59:24 Yeah. He wants to give Jim a metaphor. And the choices are nature metaphor or sexual metaphor. The nature metaphor includes animals having sex. Yeah. The sex metaphor is that all life is sex and all sex is competition. There are no rules.
Starting point is 00:59:43 And Charles Darwin ultimately decides who the manager is. I summed it up. That's how I guess Robert feels. Robert talks about sex a lot. Yeah. It's really the lens through which he looks at the world. Mm-hmm. Well, thank you for summing that up. Yeah, Jim is speechless. And Nelly is giving Kelly an hour raise. So many raises. And now Dwight, he's sort of taking this all in. He's like, you know what? Nelly's right. So he inspired by her, marches over to Darrell's office,
Starting point is 01:00:17 and says, hey, this is my office now. And Darrell's like, no. And Dwight's like, yeah. And then Darrell literally drags him out by his hair. Dwight's like no. And Dwight's like yeah. And then Darryl literally drags him out by his hair. Dwight's like, well, thought I accept the outcome. And during all of this, Creed has taken Dwight's desk. So Dwight actually lost a desk in this scenario. You know what I would have liked is if they would have held on to that. And then for like the rest of the season, Dwight was in the corner and Creed was across from him. Oh, that would be pretty great. And Dwight just keeps waiting for Creed to get up.
Starting point is 01:00:46 Yes, I wish I would have become a runner. Back in Florida, Andy is fixing Irene's fountain. And I spotted some birds of paradise for you, Angela. I spotted them too. It's a dolphin fountain. Aaron says she's heard they're really beautiful when they work. Andy's been kind of hanging around, maybe hoping that Aaron's going to change her mind. He had the hot dog lunch, he did the leg exercises, he's fixing the fountain.
Starting point is 01:01:12 But Aaron's going to come and confront him. I would like to just point out something. In my opinion, this scene where Aaron says, look, I care about you, but you know, you hurt me. And he said, well, you you hurt me. And he said, well, you also hurt me. And she goes, no, but you hurt me more times. I had to watch you date other people. You had to reject me over and over. I thought this scene was maybe the first time in so many episodes. Where Aaron just seemed like a real person, a very grounded person. Yes, not a caricature who doesn't know what papaya is. Do you know what I mean?
Starting point is 01:01:51 Yeah, I do. And I really liked at least performance in this scene. I did too. It was very real. I had a lot of empathy for Erin. This is when I'm like, okay, in this moment, I root for Erin a little, right? Because all the other times she didn't sound like a real person and Jessica seemed real.
Starting point is 01:02:13 Well, they're going to hug and Andy's going to leave. But then Aaron is going to be so easily influenced. Irene is going to say you're making a terrible mistake. That guy seemed great. Even though she was being a real bee to him. Yeah. She was just trying to protect Aaron, but now she's like, you should go. You should go. And just to finish up this storyline, I guess. Andy's driving away, and Aaron is gonna come running out of the house, screaming, I love you. She runs up to a Prius. She's like, don't leave. I love you. Wrong Prius. But then she finds him
Starting point is 01:02:50 and they have an embrace in the middle of this intersection. And they're going to drive off in the sunset together. Her without any of the things she brought to Florida. I am assuming she had a suitcase for her time working for Saber clothing. toothbrush. There's no rush, right? They could have gone back to the house for that bag pretty easily. There wasn't this scene a lot of driving choreography. I was very impressed. We had to shut down the street. There was the wrong Prius. There's two cars that drive by honking. I asked Steve Burgess about it. I mean, this is complicated stuff. For us, this felt like a giant car chase fast in the furious.
Starting point is 01:03:32 Yeah, exactly. Safety meeting. Oh, for sure. Steve Burgess said we got the extra Prius from the transport department. He's not sure who was driving it, but one of the cars was driven by our stand-in Steven Sox. He was one of the honkers. by our stand-in Steven Sox.
Starting point is 01:03:45 He was one of the honkers. Nice. I know, go, Steven. Yeah. Well, back at Dundermit Flynn, Nelly is now going to win over Pam. She's going to tell Pam, basically, that she's fantastic and deserves a nap. Yeah. And, you know, it made me think.
Starting point is 01:04:02 I mean, I know Nelly's's kind of coming out of La Fille to hear this episode, but she's really good at reading her employees. She's really good at knowing what they each want and how to butter them up. Isn't that a good manager? You're so right, Angela. I mean, I know she doesn't know the company or anything else she's talking about, but she seems to know how to relate one-on-one with people.
Starting point is 01:04:26 She knows people. Yep. And so did Michael. That's right. Did you notice that when she gets the pillow and blanket out of the little credenza, did you think that was like a Cornell blanket and pillow? They were red.
Starting point is 01:04:42 And also, Nelly didn't arrive with a pillow and blanket, right? Where did she get this pillow and blanket? Has Andy been taking naps in his office? Maybe, but I did notice the filing cabinet behind the desk that normally has chauches on it. There was nothing on it. She had cleared it. I saw that, too.
Starting point is 01:04:59 Well, Nelly's tactics have worked on everyone, but Jim. He's very resistant. No, he says, you know, you're not the manager, Nelly, and she says, I am if you believe I am, just like Tinkerbell, you just have to believe. Just believe. And then she starts sort of doing this thing where like if people don't believe Tinkerbell's gonna die,
Starting point is 01:05:19 well that's what happens in Peter Pan. Right, but like she's acting it out in the office. That's yeah, that's what they do, like in the stage show Peter Pan. Right. But like, she's acting it out in the office. That's, yeah, that's what they do. Like in the stage show, like Tinker Bell is like dying. But then if you clap really loud in the audience, then she comes back. Oh gosh. That's the bit.
Starting point is 01:05:36 Okay, I haven't seen this on stage. I just saw actually Peter Pan goes wrong. Oh, Isabel Wittensall that. It's so funny. We saw it on Broadway in Ellie Kemper was the narrator. We went through it. But we said she was filling in as the narrator. My daughter and I went.
Starting point is 01:05:51 It was so cool and we got to go backstage after the show, you know, because Ellie had done it. But it's this great troupe of British performers and they do Peter Pan goes wrong. But this is how I know. This is why it's so fresh in my mind. Now I understand how Tinkerbell works. Now I understand.
Starting point is 01:06:06 Yeah, my daughter and a group of her friends went and saw it and they loved it. It's so cute. You know, Nelly's gonna get the whole office to cheer for her, Aula Tinkerbell. Kevin is so worried. You know, we got a fan question from Kevin, speaking of Kevin, in Shelby Township, Michigan, who says,
Starting point is 01:06:26 when everyone besides Jim is cheering and clapping for Nelly, who is yelling, we believe, over and over again, in the background. I really hope you're able to solve this. Well, you said, Angela, that Kevin is really worried. I think it's Kevin. So do I. It's really weird because you hear we believe and then it cuts to a shot and Kevin's just clapping. So I think they did some like interest adventure editing here, but I have an audio clip. Let's listen to it. Come on, give me your killing heart. We believe. We believe. I have a theory. What's your theory?
Starting point is 01:07:07 That second one really crystallized it for me. Okay. I think it's Creed. Oh, you do! The way he held out his E like that, we believe! That sounded like Creed to me. Okay, I need to hear it again. Come on, give me a're killing her? People leave. We believe.
Starting point is 01:07:29 I hear it now. I think you're right, Ange. I think it's Creed. And I think that's why when we cut back to Kevin, you don't see his mouth moving and creeds off camera. Yeah. I think it's Creed. I vote Creed.
Starting point is 01:07:39 I looked at the script that was not scripted. No, that was a bunch of adlibs. Well, the episode is going to end with Nelly's talking head. She says she grew up poor with no education or skills. She doesn't work hard or have good ideas. And yet she walked into someone else's job for which she was ill prepared and ill-suited and got it. And that's the American dream. Anything can happen to anyone.
Starting point is 01:08:07 It's just random. And while she has this talking head, if you notice, she's walking through the office and messing with people's desks. I did see that. She removes Dwight's personal photos and puts them on Pam's desk. She takes Pam's photos of her children and puts them on Dwight's personal photos and puts them on Pam's desk. She takes Pam's photos of her children
Starting point is 01:08:25 and puts them on Dwight's desk. She then walks over and picks up that duck that's on the file cabinet, throws it over her shoulder towards Meredith's desk. And lastly, she goes up to Phyllis's desk, drinks what's left of her coffee out of her coffee mug, grabs a bunch of papers off of her desk and puts them in the trash.
Starting point is 01:08:46 Yeah, we're in trouble, guys. That's her management style. Dendermiflin might be in trouble. Well, I'll tell you, I don't know where this is going. I haven't watched the next episode yet. Yeah, either. I'm curious. Same.
Starting point is 01:08:59 And we're coming to a close on season 8. I can't believe it. We're really getting close, aren't we? Yeah. Thank you Steve Burgess for your helpful information each week. Gosh, we just couldn't do the podcast without you. I love, love, love all of your insights into the production life of each episode. Yes, and I also love Steve when you just send us pictures. You know, I mean, I love your yellow lab. His dog is the cutest.
Starting point is 01:09:27 He takes great pictures of him at Sunset. Steve is just a love bug. This is true. We've gotten a lot of dogs at Sunset Pictures. I love them. Steve, you're awesome. The rest of you are fantastic as well. Thanks for sending in your comments and your questions.
Starting point is 01:09:42 Really and truly, you open up these episodes for us. You help us to see them in a new way, and we just appreciate you all so much. and your questions, really and truly you open up these episodes for us. You help us to see them in a new way, and we just appreciate you all so much. It's been really fun doing this rewatch with you. Alright, we'll see you next week. See you next week. Thank you for listening to Office Ladies. Office Ladies is produced by Earwolf, Jennifer Fisher, and Angela Kinsey. Our senior producer is Cassie Jerkins.
Starting point is 01:10:06 Our in-studio engineer is Sam Keeper. Our editing and mixing engineer is Jordan Duffy, and our Associate Producer is Ainsley Bubbaco. Our theme song is Rubber Tree by Creed Bratton. You

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