PBD Podcast - Chris Cuomo vs Dave Smith Debate, Bird Flu Spreads & Michael Cohen Testifies | PBD Podcast | Ep. 411

Episode Date: May 15, 2024

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Starting point is 00:00:00 Alright, episode 411. I got two big announcements I'll be making today. One of them will be right off the bat. The other one will be at around 930 mark, which is about 30 minutes, 25 minutes. For the next live, and all I'll tell you is the next live will sell out within minutes. When I tell you who it is, it's going to be a big debate. It's going to be one of the most trending, not even one of the most, it was probably the most trending topic on Twitter last week that led to a lot of love, hate, we hate you,
Starting point is 00:00:51 we love you, can't believe this is what's going on and it's all leading to a discussion which is what we want. So wait till we announce it. And for some of you guys that work a little bit you want to work a little bit more Faster than others have the 5990 live Ticket already on the website because the VIPs, you know They go out real quick and you're gonna be able to be backstage with us to meet the guests And have a conversation with them at the cigar line. So stay tuned for that. Meanwhile, let me go through a couple stories We're gonna go through here today. Number one is, so they reported that they had 353,000 jobs in the month of April and
Starting point is 00:01:29 then quietly in the middle of the night, midnight, Baron, is it Baron's parents? Yep, Baron's breaks it. Reports saying they were way off and the government indirectly, slowly corrected themselves after having made the announcement that they had 353,000 jobs, which makes the government look. Wait till we show the numbers here on this one. Very interesting. Next story, obviously some of the trial stuff that's going on. Listen to, as Donald Trump allegedly talks about his hush money secret recording, there's
Starting point is 00:02:02 a couple things with Melania, and then Ice Cube on celebrities, rappers embracing Trump, it's a personal decision. Evine is going to talk about the Ashley Biden stolen diary, is it real or not? This is a Times Now story. Iran lawmakers declare Tehran obtained, they obtained nuclear bombs. Meanwhile, you should hear what Lindsey Graham said we should do with Iran, which is quite interesting. San Francisco, look how noble the politicians are in San Francisco. They're buying vodka shots for homeless alcoholics in taxpayer-funded programs.
Starting point is 00:02:32 So for some of you that are listening to this saying, my mayor doesn't do it, how come my politician send an email to your congressman and congresswoman and mayor and say, how come you don't give us vodka shots like San Francisco does? By the way, that would be the funniest email if you sent your congressman and congresswoman and mayor and say how come you don't give us vodka shots like San Francisco does by the way that would be the funniest email if you sent your congressman can you imagine you say that? what about us? we want to have a shot? hey we need free happy hour what kind of a city is it?
Starting point is 00:02:57 I would love for congressman to say move go to San Francisco playing ludicrous song in the back anyways okay get out the way. That's right. Americans are raking up phantom debt, multiple job holders, primary job full-time. Wait till you see their numbers. Record-breaking number. Tom will show you. Another stat came up that we have to talk about this.
Starting point is 00:03:16 Remember during COVID when they were saying, look, American savings is at the highest it's ever been, $2.1 trillion in savings, and they're paying off their debt, and you're going to see people's credit card debt is going away. This is actually a good idea, UBI. And we sit on the podcast. Let's just wait a few years and see what American people do with their money. Because if there's one thing we know is that majority of the population does not know how to save, majority of the population, they're professionals at spending money.
Starting point is 00:03:42 But this data will absolutely shock you when we show it to you. Percentage of US mortgages considered seriously underwater rises. UNC Chapel Board votes to dismantle DEI programs, uses funds on campus police after anti-Israel protests. Melinda Gates is officially resigning as culture from Gates Foundation. Then you have suddenly there aren't enough babies. The whole world is alarmed. People are not having enough kids. It's funny, I have a story to tell about this thing here. And last but not least, discrimination may cause people to age faster and affect white people, most studies suggest. I got a couple other things here that I want to
Starting point is 00:04:18 talk to you guys about. One of the ones that Vinny's got, I'm sorry, Tom's got, is the GME and GameStop. What the hell happened yesterday, right, with the way the market was reacting to it? I think they stopped trading four times, some say two times, some say four times. And then at the same time, Vinny has an article he wants to read to you guys that has to do with Moderna and AstraZeneca did recently. Why? Why not?
Starting point is 00:04:44 We don't know. We think you should do your own due diligence and talk to a health specialist to see what they would recommend to you. Right? People should go talk to science. Talk to a health specialist. Call Dr. Fauci. Call your own doctor.
Starting point is 00:04:55 Call your own doctor and do your own research. To see if it's, and then I got some stats that I pulled up on homelessness in America. On which generation has the most homeless people in America. It's kind of interesting when you think about which generation. Then Bill Maher said something about COVID that I'm going to play for you guys that I think was prompted from a podcast that we did last week with Chris.
Starting point is 00:05:17 Seinfeld said something in a speech that I think everybody here would benefit from. Literally, I think everybody watching this here would benefit from because we need a little bit of positivity and messages and I think Seinfeld has given it. And, you know, he says, I'm done. I'm 70 years old. You're just getting started. There's a part that I think we all need to listen to. Here's one of the good news before I make the announcement to you.
Starting point is 00:05:38 Number one, Candace Owens is officially on Manect. If you want to ask Candace any questions, that is our QR code. Welcome her to Manect. If you want to ask Candice any questions, that is our QR code. Welcome her to Manect. She's actually responding back to audio and she's willing to do the video. Surprisingly, she just doesn't want to do the calls. But she's responding back in audio and responding back in video. She's on Manect. One of these days when we have her on the podcast, we'll obviously be launching it
Starting point is 00:06:01 with her. But this is very big news. You can now ask Candice Owens any questions on Manect. Anything that's going on currently, there's a bunch of different issues. Go to her Twitter account. Some of you guys are big fans of her. You can officially be in direct contact with her
Starting point is 00:06:14 through Manect. Having said that, let's get right into it. Rob, can you do me a favor and pull up the tweet about the savings? If you can go to the one I just tweeted to you, about 2.1 trillion dollars on what's going on. Can you go to the actual tweet first before we show this? Because the tweet is, just go to my personal account, the tweet is, so this organization that does research, they show data, which I
Starting point is 00:06:41 love what they did. Just go to the bottom and let's read the data first. So zooming onto that, just go to their link. If you could just click on it, Rob, there you go. Shocking stat of the day. This is from Kobayashi Letter. $2.1 trillion of excess savings has been wiped out of the U.S. economy since August of 2021, from March 2020 until August of 2021, $2.1 trillion in excess savings were built up after $4 trillion of stimulus was sent out. Now watch this, every month since then, U.S. households have depleted their savings at
Starting point is 00:07:17 a pace of $70 billion a month to a $72 billion, minus 72 billion dollars in March of 2024 at the same time. So a lot of people would say, well, you know, they're taking this money and they're paying off their debt. What's wrong with we're depleting it? No, no. U.S. credit card debt has risen from $330 billion to record $1.1 trillion. While the U.S. savings rates has declined from 3. to three point two percent. Do you know what this means? This means a fire sale is coming because when
Starting point is 00:07:50 people look at that chart by the way, look at the amount of savings we had during COVID, we went from nothing in 2020. Look at the beginning of 2020. It's a screening roller coaster. It skyrockets and then they started giving data about the fact that we're paying off credit card debt back to minus 72 billion dollars is where we are and obviously the buying out pay later stuff is not helping out But when somebody runs out of cash and savings yes What comes next sale a fire sale and I'm going to talk about some of the other data that times got a lot of Comment here to give on this potom What do you think about when you someone you share this with me that that was blown away by this go ahead?
Starting point is 00:08:24 So we've been I've been seeing this coming and this has been really scary to give on this, but Tom, what do you think about when you said, when you shared this with me that I was blown away by this? Go ahead. So I've been seeing this coming, and this has been really scary, and what it means is, as COVID stopped, you have to look at the emotion of the consumer. As COVID stopped, we could, hey, you can come back out and play, you can travel, you can go to restaurants, and things like that, and people got jobs back at restaurants. Those weren't new jobs, they just went back to old jobs. People started spending,
Starting point is 00:08:44 and they had, they forgot how good it felt to have the credit cards paid down have a little bit of money in the bank Courtesy of the government, but to them the emotion of the average consumer apparently PBD was this is free money And they spent it and they kept spending it and they kept spending it and now we're in a situation where Last year it is a fact and you can go look this up. This isn't my opinion This is the fact go look at even regular newspapers USA Today You don't have to go study the Wall Street Journal. It was saying that the American consumer last year saved the economy in 2023 by spending on GDP we bought things we bought plane tickets We bought tickets to Disneyland, which I never go to. We did all kinds of things like this.
Starting point is 00:09:26 And we saved the economy last year because consumer spending in 2023 was crazy, but we were spending our savings, racking up credit card debt, using BNPL, buy now, pay later in the fall. And now the American consumer is tapped out. Not completely tapped out, but they're pinched. So what comes next? How is the American consumer going to spend its way through the summer of 24 to help the economy? The answer is they can't. Maybe the defense spending
Starting point is 00:09:54 can, but not them. Tom, this doesn't include their 401k savings. No, no, no. This is purely cash, checking accounts, saving accounts. That's the other part of the emotion. The stock market did pretty good last year. Most people probably talking to their HR department, hey, how's our 401k, the average investment fund? Oh, it's pretty good. We had a 22% year. That probably is a deception. You see your 401k, hey, honey, my 401k was up 20% at work. Isn't that pretty cool? And then you look at your IRA Hey, my IRA was up 25% because it was tied to the S&P and mag-7 last year Just average people use an average index funds that are most of time those look pretty good
Starting point is 00:10:37 So maybe they see those and they feel pretty good But they're spending the paycheck and they are as Adam used to say, save that money and they're just living paycheck to paycheck now. It's a fact. Adam. Well, I still say that save that money despite the lack of people listening. You hit a key word, the American consumer. What's the root of consumer?
Starting point is 00:10:58 Consuming. I would argue that you should be an American saver or an American investor. I keep things simple the rule of three. Finance is like a traffic light. You're either red, yellow or green. Most Americans, whether it was during Bush, whether it was Obama, whether it's Trump, whether it's Biden, two thirds of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. It doesn't stop. So stop focusing on what's going on in the White House. Start focusing on what's going on in your house.
Starting point is 00:11:25 Most Americans are in debt. They're living paycheck to paycheck. They're trying to save that money, but they can't get out of their own way. Then when you can start saving that money, save 10 grand. Amazing. Half of you are like, 10 grand. How the hell am I going to get there? The other half are like, 10 grand. I got 300 grand in the bank. But very few people are able to do do that once you can get to green you can become an investor last point it's called personal finance for a reason it's called personal responsibility for a reason it's called self-reliance for a reason because it's on you bro uh you know
Starting point is 00:11:58 they say 80 percent of the people don't care about your problems and 20 percent of the people are happy you have them, save that money. It's a great point there. And by the way, when you think about the basics of money, right, the basic principles of money, watch what happened here. So who else is going to be affected by this when you see savings going down? My dad, I've talked about this many times. My dad would say, listen, a man without savings is not a man.
Starting point is 00:12:23 There's a part of a man that feels like he lost his manhood when you don't have savings. He said, always have money nobody knows you have. Not your wife, not your family, nobody. When we were about to go out of business, the insurance company, I had a money set aside that nobody knew about. That's what saved the business. I had $13,000 down to the last $13,000. If I didn't have that additional money, we are out of business.
Starting point is 00:12:46 There is no value-tainment. There is no PBD podcast. I'm probably selling gym memberships right now somewhere. I believe one hell of a gym membership sales person. Don't get me wrong. By the way, if I worked at Lifetime, what is it, Lifetime Fitness, and that guy was changing in a woman's restroom, it would be a very different. I would have saved Lifetime Fitness $500 million.
Starting point is 00:13:04 I don't want to get it wrong. Is it Lifetime or Planet? It would be a very different. I would have saved like that. It's 500 million I don't want to get it wrong. It's a lifetime or planet planet planet. Forgive me lifetime great gym, Chicago I've been through this great planet screwed up It costs you on you revoke the mother's membership because she didn't want her 12 year old daughter Who was shaking in a woman's restroom with a towel around her when a man came in, you chose a man over a girl that's 12 years old and you lost a half a billion dollars. How the hell did I go on a rant that was from economy to gym membership? But here's the point, savings wise, watch what happens.
Starting point is 00:13:37 How many people were begging to work from home? A lot of them. Well, when you give people cash and they pay off their debt and they're sitting at home and every company's worried about losing their employees, you can ask for work from home. But now, savings is depleted. Guess what? What are you going to say?
Starting point is 00:13:53 Hey, I'll walk out of the closet in the office. Can I just get a desk or something? What's the point? Here's the point. Bullying on both sides is not cool. It's not bullying when employers bully. It's not bullying when employers bully. It's not bullying when employees bully. For the first time we experience employees bullying employers during COVID in the most dark, deceptive, dirty
Starting point is 00:14:16 way. I had a guy that we gave a raise to. We hired this guy at, let's just give a round number. This is not here. This is the insurance. This is Texas. Tom, you remember the story. We hired this guy and we gave him a salary. I won't even say the number. So let's just say it's $50,000. Two months later, he comes and he says, I got an offer for another company. You got to bump me up to $80,000 or else. I'm like, does this guy joking? So like, but we need them. We can't get anybody at the center in COVID. So we went up to $70,000. Two months later, he comes and says, I got another offer for $120,000. If you don't pay me
Starting point is 00:14:50 $100,000, I'm leaving. I said, guys, this guy's gone. He leaves the other company that he went to, he ends up not even working out over there and he had to go to a different place. And then eventually people realize that you're not $120,000 all to your person, you're $55,000 all to your person. And you have to go back because you have to prove results. What this is doing right now when you see savings depleting to the numbers that it is, there's going to be a lot of desperate decisions being made. By the way, this leads me to a quick number here. We've talked about this before, but the level of delinquency on this concept here has to
Starting point is 00:15:20 be talked about. Americans are raking up phantom debt that Wall Street simply can't track. This is a Bloomberg story. So folks, listen up. Here we go. So the rise of phantom debt is through popular buy and pay letter. You keep hearing about BNPL platforms like Affirm, Klarna, Afterpay, which aren't reported to credit agencies, masks a true picture of American households'
Starting point is 00:15:45 financial health. Tim Quinlan of Wells Fargo warns people need to be more awake of the rise of BNPL. BNPL's lack of transparency stems from a dispute between providers and credit bureaus, with BNPL companies resisting data disclosure arguing it could harm customers' credit scores. Despite this, the market continues to expand, obscuring economists' understanding of consumer spending and debt. BNPL's allure of installment payments attracts consumers, but a Harris Poll survey reveals, ready? Concerning trends, 43% are behind on their buy-now-pay-later payments, and 28% are delinquent on other debts due to BNPL spending. Insanity. Tom, thoughts on this? Well, first of all, there's a line in here that capitalist I am. BNPL companies
Starting point is 00:16:36 resisting data disclosure, arguing it could harm consumer credit scores. It should harm their credit scores if they're already tapped out on their credit cards and BNPL wants to lend them more money and BNPL companies they want to make money they want to loan the money but they're saying well maybe we shouldn't we don't want to disclose the data we want to do a soft credit review because it could harm the credit scores. Guess what? The credit score is like blood pressure or temperature. It's a vital sign. Fair Isaac, FICO, all of that was a vital sign made to test one of the measures
Starting point is 00:17:12 of financial health and capability for a consumer. So when BNPL companies say, oh, we don't want to do data disclosure, that might harm the credit score, it should harm the credit score because the consumers borrowing even more money when they already have an average or poor credit score, it should harm the credit score because the consumer's borrowing even more money when they already have an average or poor credit score because of their credit card spending in the first place. And I think what we saw here on the Harris Poll, this chart, which I think is up there, everybody can see this right now, Rob? Take a look at this. How many of these, and Adam, I'm asking for your opinion here too, how many of this is
Starting point is 00:17:42 the consumer basically admitting they don't have financial education or discipline? Spend more than I can afford. Find it difficult sticking to a monthly budget. Surprised by how much I owe monthly on BNPL. You couldn't take $500 for a TV, divide by five months, and realize that was $100 a month? How do you figure that? Falling behind on my other line to credit, gone
Starting point is 00:18:05 into debt, my spending is out of control. Look at this, like three, four, five of these are people openly saying they are absolutely incapable or not educated or out of control. To me, this is a huge issue. I love it. I mean, you know, the fact that you're talking about this and seeing what's going on. Adam, you have some thoughts on this here. Before I come to, I mean, you know the fact that you're talking about this and seeing what's going on Adam you have some thoughts on this year before I come to I want you guys to see this number here that Rob Just pulled up impacts impacts of buying out pay let users of services reported various ways the products hurt their finances number one 54% spent way more than I can afford of course number two worse off financially 34% Find it difficult stick into a monthly budget surprised by how much I owe on BNPL.
Starting point is 00:18:46 Hurt my credit score. Fallen behind on my other lines of credit. Gone into significant debt. My spending is out of control. People are going through it. But as much as you see a report like this, he said something earlier, one can say, it's not fair. It's BNPL's fault. It's Klarna not fair. It's BMPL's fault.
Starting point is 00:19:06 It's Clarina's fault. It's all these companies' fault. No one forced you to use it. You chose to use it. You chose to go buy those gifts during Christmas you couldn't afford to buy. Nobody forced you to make that decision. Nobody forced me to buy a car I couldn't afford that I eventually lost. Nobody forced me to buy a car I couldn't afford that I eventually lost. Nobody forced me to do it.
Starting point is 00:19:25 I made that decision to get an Expedition with $600 car payment when I was making only $30,000 a year. I made that choice. I got into that $49,000. I had to make some changes. I had to change the way I looked at money. I had to change the relationship I had with money. Unfortunately, many keep blaming other reasons why this is
Starting point is 00:19:45 taking place instead of taking full responsibility for it. And it's not easy to do, but some of us had to do it. Adam, thoughts on that? Yeah, well this buy now, pay later, I'm a big alliteration acronym, BNPL, it's buy now, pay later, it actually is broke now, poor later, oh, pobrecito Latino, my God. But it's on you at the end of the day. So there's another term that you should be familiar with. It was actually on CNBC this weekend. I was like, okay, I'm pretty astute when it comes to personal finance. This is a new one. And they called it money dysmorphia. I think I sent you a screenshot, Rob. Money dysmorphia.
Starting point is 00:20:20 This is a new term. And it basically means that you have a distorted Perception of your finances and it's running rampant with Gen Z 41% of Millennials if you go to the other tab 41% of Millennials have this and it says an uptick in Gen Z. No, what is money dysmorphia? It's a disconnect between your actual Financial well-being and what you actually perceive that you have according to TikTok literally influenced by TikTok feeds. Thanks China for all your well-being. So we've seen that we've seen the stats come out there two thirds of paycheck to paycheck. Fifty percent of Americans don't have 400 bucks for an emergency.
Starting point is 00:21:00 Twenty-five percent of Americans don't have a thousand bucks in savings. Only 50 percent of Americans don't have a thousand bucks in savings only 50% of Americans actually Invest so what the choice that you have to make is do you want to be a part of the rich get richer crew or The poor get poorer crew I chose when I was broke as shit get my mind right then you get your money, right? Then the rich get richer So what's the end game for all these problems that you guys are saying people aren't saving there? They're doing the buy now prayer later. This is going to lead to something bad. I know he's talking about the fire sale, but overall this is you know Increased poverty the dependency is gonna be on the government the economy is gonna be messed up housing is gonna be messed up
Starting point is 00:21:36 This is a bubble that's gonna pop am I right? Hey, you so you're you're not wrong because there's another story matter of fact Yeah, perfect way to transition into what you're talking about here. We can go to page 12. Look at this here. Percentage of U.S. mortgages considered seriously underwater rises. This is not good, right?
Starting point is 00:21:56 This is not good. Because nobody thought it was going to happen. Now everybody said, oh, this is not going to happen. This is not going to happen. That's not going to happen. Let me read this to you. So here we go. Seriously, underwater mortgages in the U.S. increased from 2.6% to 2.7% in Q1 of 2024,
Starting point is 00:22:11 with Kentucky experiencing a significant rise from 2% to 8.3%, followed by West Virginia up to 5.4% in Oklahoma from 5.5% to 6.1%. Louisiana and Wyoming had the highest shares of seriously underwater mortgages at 11.3% and 8.8%, respectively with states like Vermont at 0.8%, Rhode Island 1.1% there's a reason for that. In New Hampshire, 1.1% exhibit the lowest rates. The proportion of equity-rich mortgages declined to 45.8%, marking a two-year low with Kentucky experiencing a substantial drop from 35.4 to 28.7% along with South Carolina going from 40% down to 40% from 42.4% in Georgia to 43.7% from 46%. Tom, what's happening here with these loans?
Starting point is 00:23:00 Here's what's happening. So in certain markets, rose really really fast like Texas excuse me and Florida in other markets the price the houses went up more moderately remember that spike we all saw right after kovat Well interest rates were jumping up. So in the markets where the prices didn't go up too quick. Guess what happened? they the prices didn't go up too quick. Guess what happened? People went out and bought houses. This happened in the rural and moderate markets first.
Starting point is 00:23:29 That's why we're seeing these stats in Kentucky, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Louisiana, Wyoming. Those people went out and they got six and three quarters and seven percent mortgages. Those are expensive. Now those markets went down and now those markets have gone down And now those mortgages are underwater, but they're underwater at higher interest rates those people Guess what those people may not be able to refi because what do you need to refi Adam you need an appraisal? And if you can't get the appraisal to counter the value of your mortgage, then you're going to be stuck with that 7% mortgage while the value of the home has come down.
Starting point is 00:24:12 So basically the spike we saw after COVID, people went out and bought homes and not a lot of them, because remember overall home buying was down, but those that did, now that the prices are retreating, those mortgages are underwater and the amount of equity overall in mortgages, that's an equity rich mortgage. Oh, my mortgage is only 50% because I have all this equity in my house. That equity is coming down. So we're seeing a moderation in prices and people are about to get pinched and they're not going to be able to refi their way out of expensive mortgages. So underwater mortgage means you owe more on the mortgage than the house is actually worth.
Starting point is 00:24:52 Translation on paper your down payment is gone. Oh damn that's not good. Like you paid, let's say you paid 500 for a house and put 100 down. Yes. Now the house is and you had a 400 mortgage. The minute the mortgage is 399, the house, the house is 399, the house is worth a dollar less than the mortgage. And on paper, that hundred you put down. Bye bye. Yeah.
Starting point is 00:25:16 No good. This is the problem I have with people that are buying houses. You think you could just blindly walk into a real estate investment, be like, oh, I just became a millionaire. Doesn't work that easy. There's a famous phrase, if it was easy, made became a millionaire. Doesn't work that that easy. You know, there's a famous phrase if it was easy, everyone would do it.
Starting point is 00:25:28 Doesn't work that way. Rob pull up that story about impacts of buying out pay later and look at the same thing. So here's a little fun fact for you. 100% of foreclosures are because people can't afford their mortgage. You can't afford your rent. They just kick you out. Sorry, time to go. Can't afford your mortgage. The you can't afford your rent, they just kick you out. Sorry, time to go. You can't afford your mortgage. The bank takes over your loan. You got to go. So the number one thing that Tom pointed out was I spent more than I can afford, right? That also works in buying a
Starting point is 00:25:57 home. Maybe you should have bought a $350,000 home, but you bought a half a million dollar home because you thought that, oh, I don't want to live in this little crappy house. I want to I want to live in a big house or wherever depending on whatever, but maybe shut about a million dollar house, not a two million dollar house at the what happened. Exactly. Exactly. And then what happens is you buy them more than you can afford. You realize, listen, I thought that I can make a $5,000 mortgage payment every month. What they didn't tell you was was like yeah, you also have taxes. You also have insurance you also have HOA HOA exactly So all of a sudden this American dream that you've been told lies within
Starting point is 00:26:36 Homeownership becomes an American night. I want to say this though I want to say this and it's very important for you to get this message guys because sometimes You hear a message like this and it's kind of like dude. I know I'm in it right now and I feel like shit and you're making me feel like even more like shit and I we don't want to be that I don't want to be that this is not our brand But this is what I do want to tell you a part of it for you to be thinking about Everybody at this table at one point had nothing going on, okay? Vinny, just a couple years ago during COVID, as a comedian, had nothing to do. He had no work because he's in California as a comic. Think about it. Nothing. They did
Starting point is 00:27:15 not let him do his job, which was to make people laugh. He couldn't make people laugh, okay? Adam, a few years ago, was living on the couch in Denver, Colorado What was it Colorado? Whatever? Yeah 20 years ago, but I broke his hell as my poorest friend And I had to figure it out you're right to figure it out and he changed his life He changed his ways right maybe not all the ways But some of the ways has been changed right over the years right hard to break that happen But but but the point is Tom same with him He had when if some of you guys don't know Tom's true story one of these days Tom will tell a story on But the point is, Tom, same with him.
Starting point is 00:27:45 Some of you guys don't know Tom's true story. One of these days, Tom will tell a story on what he had to overcome early on in his career, and he made the changes. That's why sometimes the best part about making the changes to get rid of arrogance, there are not a lot of qualities more unattractive than arrogance. Maybe somebody that's entitled, maybe somebody that's a victim, maybe somebody that wants to blame everybody, but arrogance gets kicked out of you, God willing, when you hit rock bottom and you lose everything.
Starting point is 00:28:15 All the fame in the world, all the accolades, you're out, oh my God, you're that guy, oh my God, you're so, oh my God, look at your car, oh my God, look at this. All of that stuff, if you buy into that, you're going to go back to where you were before. So if you're watching this right now for yourself, saying, man, what do I do with this? Everything starts off with habits. What are your daily habits, what you're doing? What are you spending money on? Literally go take your credit card and your debit card with you and your wife.
Starting point is 00:28:40 Sit down and go line by line on what money is being spent on and cut them off. Go on your iPhone. Do you know on your iPhone you can go manage your subscriptions on your iPhone? Do you know how many of us have subscriptions that we no longer do anything with that we haven't used for a year, two years, three years, but you're still paying $10 a month, $8 a month. It's an app you downloaded, you forgot about.
Starting point is 00:29:01 There's $9.99, $14.99, $29.99. You can literally go on your phone to manage all the subscriptions on your phone that you're paying for. It's not a challenging thing to do. One must sit down and go through all the stuff they're spending money with, and then the tough part is I'm talking to this one guy who at one point he was a stud in his business, what he was doing. He says, man, what do I do?
Starting point is 00:29:24 I said, dude, if you got to do uber two hours at night From 10 o'clock for the next six months. You got to do it. You got wife and kids Pat You want me to do uber nobody put you in this situation. You're in this situation. Yeah, you got to get out of it You got to go uber I was selling shirts on the corner of receipt on Nord off when I had nothing When I lost it all with my shirt off because the only thing I could advertise was my chest my biceps and my abs that's the only thing I would advertise everything else but I could legally advertise that at that honey look at that brown guy in the corner I was my number one selling
Starting point is 00:29:56 shirt wasn't United we stand I was my number two selling shirt was my number one selling shirt was Osama yo mama. I would buy it in downtown for two dollars and I would sell one for 15 to 420 and people would buy it. That's how I was making my money to get out of it. So if you're going through it you're gonna have to do certain things that maybe goes against your you know ego and pride and it's gonna really mess you up but nothing is more important than you protecting your family and delivering on your promises and that's what you and I are responsible for doing. We chose to be It's going to really mess you up, but nothing is more important than you protecting your family and delivering on your promises.
Starting point is 00:30:25 And that's what you and I are responsible for doing. We chose to be husbands, we chose to be fathers, we chose to be leaders, and a leader sometimes has to make some decisions and suck up his ego. It's not an easy thing to do for us, but we have to do it. Just want to add one thing, and quick shout out to Manect because as much as we're helping people it also gives us the confidence to help you but you know one of the one of the greatest things I've learned from Pat is the concept of sequencing do this before you do this do this before you do this hold on that's a q3 thing what are we gonna do q1 you
Starting point is 00:30:56 know the famous you got to walk before you run run before you sprint sprint before you do a marathon everything like that and what I found out is when I'm doing these consultations on Mannect, I walk people through these six principles of wealth. And you know, three card Monte, you've ever seen it when they move like this, this, this, the rule of three, like I said before, with this traffic light, there's red, there's yellow, there's green. Often I find times that people are investing when they should be paying off debt, because
Starting point is 00:31:21 they've been told, oh, get a 401k, but you have a credit card debt of 22%. Stop investing. Hey, you should be saving, not investing right now. Hey, now's the time to invest. They're doing the sequencing all wrong, and it's just a matter of doing the things in the practical order. There you go.
Starting point is 00:31:38 And you know, a guy messaged me on Manac, he says, I've eight years straight, I've lost money on Forex but I'm losing less money yeah what do you think I should do that's the question I'm sorry are you married do you have kids how much money do you make why do you keep doing it who you're learning it from who's teaching you these courses how much money are you paying for these courses you know how much have you set aside for your kids right all this and then he says I make 90,000 I make 65,000 dollars my make $65,000.
Starting point is 00:32:05 My wife makes $72,000. I'm in a challenging place right now. And I'm like, why are you trading Forex? I said, you have an income problem. Go do something with that. Increase your market value within your business. Go learn new skill set so you can bring more value to the company you're working with. You got to do something to take.
Starting point is 00:32:24 Everybody's trying to increase their net worth, but they're not trying to fix their spending and they're not fixing their income. You need to increase your income to be able to do some of these other things. Anyways, so next thing I want to show you guys is a video. And you know, obviously we're friends with them, so it's not like we have any issues with them, but Dave Smith, I'm a big fan of this guy. I think he's a super talent. And he's a stud.
Starting point is 00:32:49 He's brilliant. And they have their libertarian conference going on this weekend, I believe, by the way. They got the libertarian conference going on. They're going to choose who their presidential candidate is going to be. And by the way, a lot of people want this guy. A lot of people want this guy. Just don people want this guy Just don't if he wants to run or not most libertarians. I talked to when I said, who do you want? 75% of the time they say Dave Smith for the libertarian community. They absolutely love the boss I love he's loved by Joe
Starting point is 00:33:17 He's loved by many different people and he had something to say about the podcast. Go ahead Rob about Not the podcast about Chris Como. Go ahead, Rob. That's what I really completely woke up to the whole thing was when they were firing nurses, nurses who had been working at this point for a year through a pandemic who had all like 100% of them had either already had COVID or figured out how to protect themselves from COVID. And it was just like, oh, you're ruining people's lives again. And the people who were just the heroes, just the previous year were the ones everyone was clapping outside their window at five o'clock for, and they were all making their dumb TikTok videos. And we were all supposed to be celebrating
Starting point is 00:33:56 them for doing their job. And now you're fine to just ruin their lives because they won't take this next product. And and anybody anybody being honest through that period of time. So we're talking early two thousand twenty one now should have been able to just see this whole thing for obviously what it was. And so no don't tell me it's like oh you didn't know anything then you just you were essentially I guess Chris Cuomo saying we just made a lucky guess. We happen to be right and he happened to be wrong.
Starting point is 00:34:23 Like no that's not what happened. We were being honest and looking at the information around us. You were lying through your fucking teeth to protect powerful people. That's the difference. Chris Cuomo, you're saying you're a journalist, dude. Well, that's the job. That's the job to not just mindlessly repeat government propaganda, but to actually investigate it. And all it took was a little bit of suspicion
Starting point is 00:34:47 of the government propaganda to, and listen again, we're not even talking about lockdowns here where Chris Cuomo was absolutely terrible and was pretending to lock himself down while actually going out without a mask. Keep in mind, when Chris Cuomo got caught outside, this was when they were still telling you to wear a mask outside.
Starting point is 00:35:05 Okay. But this is a full year later. We're talking about now with the vaccine. This is if you weren't by 2021 skeptical of the government propaganda on this, you're not a journalist. You're a propagandist. I don't share text messages or DMs or anything like that, but Chris Cuomo has reached out to me before we had a feisty back and forth.
Starting point is 00:35:31 I'll just leave it at that. But yo, hey, Chris Cuomo, if you really want to go on this, like, you know, like reinventing yourself rehabilitation tour, why not come through me? Let's sit down. Come on, Pat. Let's set it up. Let's make it happen. Pat Chris Cuomo can give his take and let me respond to what he has to say. Let's set up a nice debate over the COVID error policies. I'll gladly put my track record at part of the problem up against Chris Cuomo's track record at CNN.
Starting point is 00:36:02 And we can discuss whether I actually, like why I got everything right and he got everything wrong. Let's have a conversation about that. I think it would be illuminating for the American people to hear it. And by the way, listen, okay, so obviously, you know, they've had the conversation together and for me, when you see something like this, I like debate. I want people to talk.
Starting point is 00:36:27 I have a relationship with Chris, I have a relationship with Dave, and we get along with almost everybody. We get along with almost everybody. I can't think of anybody we don't get along with. Because you talk to everybody. You let people talk. Maybe Anthony Weiner. And by the way, one week, by the way, if you think if we invited Anthony Weiner back, he
Starting point is 00:36:44 would come without even hesitation. I think he would Anthony Wiener back he would come without even hesitation I think he would come 100% he would come back, but the point is but you're right obviously that was a very Disrespectful he was a jerk for sure so guess what we're doing what you're doing So so here's what I want to tell you the announcement is both Dave Smith and Chris Cuomo have agreed to a debate Yeah, great May 31st, Friday night, 6 to 9 PM. Friday night fights at VT! 6 to 9 PM. That's sick!
Starting point is 00:37:14 6 to 9 PM, it's official. It'll be at our comedy club that we have, 59.90 Live. And this is gonna be what the people want. You know, Chris represents one side, and obviously he's gone through certain experiences that he's had. He's openly talking about potentially long COVID, what that means, all the different things and if he had to do it again, he wouldn't have taken a vaccine in 2026 if COVID came back out and Dave has a different position.
Starting point is 00:37:40 And they get to sit down and hash it out and talk to each other. What's interesting is they both like talking to RFK They both have had Cuomo has RFK on I don't know every week almost it seems like right? Yeah, so there's an affinity But I think this is gonna be a conversation that'll be going insane on the net around the world and by the way Something tells me I wouldn't be surprised between now and then the people from the establishment who don't want to see this conversation take place they're gonna do everything in their power to prevent
Starting point is 00:38:15 this from taking place. Fauci being one of them. Whoever it is. Yeah. They're gonna be watching. Within seconds of making this announcement I guarantee messages are being sent saying are you out of your flipping mind? Don't do it. Are you out of your flipping mind, but Chris said I'm in let's do it. Let's roll. Let's talk about it great You got a respect. I was 100 you got to respect the fact that somebody says yes So by the way for those you guys who are on our text community you get notices before everybody else does you know who? You are for those you guys that haven't yet registered for this Just go to 5990 live buy ticket VIP sale sell out ASAP and then it'll be about
Starting point is 00:38:52 185 to 190 tickets VIPs will have cigars with us afterwards, but looking forward to forward to this go ahead Adam I mean Chris you got to give Chris Cuomo some credit and now there's there's some Cuomo haters out there But he's not backing down. He's showing up. He's saying, oh, you have a problem with what I've said or what I've done? Well, I'm going to show up and defend my position or at least allow me to chance to state my case or evolve my position. Respect to him. Respect for him from sitting down with Candice, respect for him from being challenged by Dave
Starting point is 00:39:20 Smith and showing up. This is what a man does. He shows up even if you disagree with him. Got to give him credit. I've sat down with Dave multiple times. I hosted a debate Israel versus Gaza. He defended Gaza against Laura Loomer. Super smart guy. We know how we feel about libertarians. Great product, horrible marketing, but he's actually a great marketer. Well, that's so that's just that's one of those pay-per-view fights that you're not going to like try to download illegally.
Starting point is 00:39:45 You're like, I'm gonna watch this, I'm gonna be there. It's an instinct. No, you come to the event at 59.90. Oh, yeah, come to the, well I'm just saying people in general. For people who won't, by the way, this is, this is a discussion, like this is what my interest is. This is what my interest is. And this is what I said on the video on when I responded to Cuomo and all the stuff that's
Starting point is 00:40:04 been said, Gina Carano, Cuomo, all this stuff. My biggest challenge is the following. Nobody is talking about China. China is quietly leaving the club after having killed all these other people and nobody knows and they just got away like Kaiser Soce. Yep. Okay. Xi is the modern-day Kaiser Soce. He came in, now I'm telling you, he's the modern-day Kaiser Sose from the usual suspects, right? We have a better show called The Unusual Suspect, shout out to Vinnie and the crew, Rob and everybody else, but Kaiser Sose came in, Kobashi, you know, it's this, it's that, it's this, like, oh my god, who is it? And it's Chas Palminteri, right? And then Kevin Spacey walks out, that's G. He's just walked out and says, I cannot believe I killed millions of people. I divided America. I destroyed so many people's
Starting point is 00:40:52 lives. I destroyed so many kids' lives in America and I fed them when they stayed home with all these TikTok videos. I increased the transgender in America with their kids. Look at these morons falling for our trap and we will never be held accountable for it ever again. That's the part that I'm interested in. I want that. And I'm one that I haven't forgotten about what they did to the greatest country in the world, America, and many innocent lives that fell for them. And meanwhile, we realized during COVID, 80, 85% of the prescription that we, the boomers,
Starting point is 00:41:27 the American people, our parents, your parents use, comes from China. So do you know if these guys really want to hold hostage to us, what could happen? Do you realize how Apple slowly left China to go to India? What do you think they're doing? Do you think Apple and Tim Cook fully trust China? You think these guys are sitting there saying oh my god Let's increase the amount of phones. We're selling in China now, but there's been zero Accountability Ray Dalio, and I did a podcast together how many years ago was it with Ray Dalio?
Starting point is 00:41:55 I was probably in 2018 19 when we had the conversation Yeah, you know there was a 10-minute conversation with Ray Dalio You know was the most heated with the conversation we had around China I they have to be held accountable. I don't like what took place I don't like the fact that we used to have different kinds of debates now We have divisive debates people actually hate each other like people actually went through a moment of that and that's not who we are That's not what we're all about. But it was you so I want I want this to simply be more of a discussion I applaud both of these men for agreeing to do this.
Starting point is 00:42:26 Both of them could have said no. They don't have to do this. There is no like, you better do this or else. Both of them chose. They chose to do this. I respect it. It's going to be fun. It's going to be respectful.
Starting point is 00:42:37 I like both of these guys. I'm looking forward to seeing what's going to happen with this discussion. Real quick, the China thinks she, what a great quote. What a great phrase. From unusual suspects, do you remember what he said about Kaiser Soze? The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn't exist. And just like that, boom, he's gone. The greatest trick Xi and China pulled off is that COVID came in and they started it
Starting point is 00:43:04 and it wasn't damn, it was in a wet market. It wasn't us. And the real question is who were they in cahoots with here to have it happen and everybody kissed their ass. That's even a deeper question because the one guy that held them accountable for trade and said China's going to do this and China's going to do that. All of a sudden what happened in election year that virus comes out of a lab that we're testing the virus to jump gain a function research and the main guy behind the whole thing dr. Anthony Fauci is immune he's going in front of Congress again I believe at the end of this month and guess up FYI he has
Starting point is 00:43:41 secret service protection protecting him as if he is in like a president ex-president Which I think is ridiculous. He has to be protected because he knows he knows what he's done Well, I can't wait and they know BBT and I'm really really happy that this is happening because when you have got controversy and division The way out starts with a conversation and value tame it or live. We got another conversation starting here so come check it out because understanding is what comes out of a conversation and you can reach new levels of understanding even when people are on two sides and with a lot of division. But you got to start with a conversation, not with censorship, and that's what we're putting on stage. Yeah, I love it. There you go. I'm excited about
Starting point is 00:44:18 it. Friday night lights, baby. Friday night lights. Let's go. And yeah, who knows? Maybe we'll even have a cigar while we're doing this. I don't know, maybe we gotta bring the humidor's over there. I don't know what we gotta be doing. I don't know if any love cigars, but it's a whole different story. Let's make it special. Let's get some high-end food trucks.
Starting point is 00:44:34 Let's get a lot of stuff going here. Let's make it a special night, man. We will definitely do that, Tom. And I mean, I don't know if we're gonna go as special as you want it to go to. I'm not willing to commit to that kind of stuff to bring CBD trucks. No, Tom. But I think we'll bring some high-end food. I'm not committed to CBD because that would be a different kind of a podcast.
Starting point is 00:44:51 It helps people kind of loosen up their mind to listen to the conversation. Yeah, but we will not have... You see, I knew Tom was going there already, but... People only knew about Tom. And we could have the Oreo and chocolate milk truck. Yep. Okay, so let's go to another story here. Tom, tell us what the hell happened with GameStop, with GME stock yesterday. Give us an update on what happened yesterday. So Roaring Kitty, we all saw the movie, we all know the history of Wall Street bets and
Starting point is 00:45:19 Roaring Kitty, who was this icon of the meme stocks, specifically meme stocks, when you see that in the headlines, they're talking principally about AMC and first and foremost the king of the memes, GameStop, GME. What happened, Roaring Kitty posted something yesterday, PBD, and it was a little comic of a drawing of showing a kid playing a game and with a red arrow leaning forward. What this symbol is, you see this Adam? Yep. What this symbol is means the game just got serious. So you start in the layback position in your chair and now the game is getting intense. Whether you're playing Madden
Starting point is 00:45:58 football or FIFA, whatever it is you're playing. Call of Duty. Call of Duty. Boom. And when you show the lean forward it means this just got serious. So Roaring Kitty is sending a message to his minions, this just got serious and I'm back. And they started trading and GME took off. They had to stop it four times yesterday because the volume and the purchasing were going up so fast and they were trying to keep the markets had to stop because it's like the car was going too fast and it couldn't keep up with the trade volume.
Starting point is 00:46:33 And so they had to do that. And then last night it closed out at I believe 32, 33 and then the overnight trading it was as high as 70. and where did this open we had it right now because the market opened at 930 right and here We are at 55, so we're up 25 over yesterday already right here So basically it's on again and GameStop is being driven by demand volume right now Roaring kitty is back the game got serious He and everybody chased him and the volume is driving the price up because there's only so many shares on the market That's the supply Roaring Kitty lights the fuse again. Here comes the demand demand higher than supply
Starting point is 00:47:15 Prices go up there you have it If you didn't see the movie came out. Well, the story actually happened early 2021 roaring kitty. His real name is Keith Gill. I want to say in the movie, his brother was played by Pete Davidson. There is Keith Gill. Pete Davidson paid his brother. I actually interviewed in 2021. The founder of Wall Street Bets where this all sort of happened on was Jamie Rogozinski was the founder. He's no longer running Wall Street Bets, but this all kind of happened and we learned a
Starting point is 00:47:50 lot of new phrases. We learned about what a short sale is. We learned what these hedge funds do. We learned about what Robin Hood stood for. Vlad Tenev with his long black hair and what he kind of stood of. Robin Hood is now sort of, which was a leading candidate for millennial and Gen Z investing is now just completely almost irrelevant at this point. GameStop became a meme stock, a trending stock to buy. This guy became a cult hero, Rowan Kitti. But we also saw that these hedge fund guys, the Ken Griffins of the world, the Gabe Plotkins of the world,
Starting point is 00:48:25 these guys, and Seth, Seth, not Seth Dillon, that's Seth Rogan was Seth Dixon, Seth Rogan played him in the movie, lost millions and millions and millions of dollars. Because correct me if I'm wrong, Pat, when you do a short sale, the losses can be infinite. Infinite. Right? You just, there's no stock, as the stock goes up and up and up and you Short-sell it as the stock rises you lose and you lose and you lose and it gets seriously ugly we saw Acme got caught up in this if I was a man in it too. Yeah, I'm gonna get caught at was the one that are lost
Starting point is 00:48:59 There was somebody that lost a few billion dollars that had to call and also gave plot can. Yeah, they all came to bail him out because they had the real money. Yeah. Exactly. And then we saw that when the clock runs out on your short like a 90 day short that day, you're screwed. And we saw guys like Dave Portnoy just rail on Vlad Tenev about Robin Hood.
Starting point is 00:49:20 Now you start Andrew Tate did a tweet the other day about how he's doubling down on GameStop. So it's interesting. At the end of the day, this is not how you should be investing. This is sort of gambling. It's like going to the casino, but it's fodder, it's news, it's headlines, and it's evidently not going away. He's leaning in on it.
Starting point is 00:49:40 Vinny, final thoughts on this. What's a stock? So you mean to tell me, well I concur with everything that you guys have been saying. So you mean to tell me just a guy just can randomly put a meme of any stock? Like let's say he didn't pick GameStop. Let's say he picked whatever and just puts a meme and says, hey guys, go buy it. Everybody's going to go buy it and it's going to go up. Have you heard of shitcoins and the crypto world?
Starting point is 00:50:03 And roaring kitty was that guy, but he's an influencer people are willing to follow and yes a guy can do that and if enough of a crowd follows This is what happens so what I'm saying is but let's just say that you have a stock right now What's to stop a company from going up to this roaring kitty guy and go hey in a couple months do us a favor Here's ten million dollars go put a meme of a guy Leaning forward and something whatever to make our stock go up Who's gonna stop them? How many views this thing got? 20 almost 24 25 million four million. So you feel me about it? Let's just say you have a company that does you know, whatever these signs if roaring kitty kitty does another meme and says guys
Starting point is 00:50:38 Buy this what is that? I'll tell you the number one thing that anyone can have is their reputation Yeah I'll tell you the number one thing that anyone can have is their reputation. Yeah. This guy has earned the right to say, listen to me. Cause he has two things that are irreplaceable authenticity and credibility. They trust him. So good luck getting a Sam Baichman freed to advocate for your new, your new company or the fire festival guy. This guy's earned the right to say, listen, guys, I know what I'm doing. Follow me. I got your back. Let's roll Well, I can't Nancy Pelosi take a pic Why can't Nancy Pelosi start posting memes so we can make a hundred and fifty million?
Starting point is 00:51:12 Well, there actually is a Nancy Pelosi track Adam isn't there a Nancy Pelosi? Yeah, of course stock tracker Nancy if you're listening hook a brother up again doing again are you doing? Again, reputation, credibility, and authenticity. And by the way, Sam Beckman is now in prison where he's known as Samantha. Samantha Beckman. That was actually good, Tom. Good. Okay, so there you have it. So the GameStop folks, the one thing about them is, man, I mean, how do you not learn
Starting point is 00:51:38 your lesson that these guys are around and they can't stand you and they want to do whatever they can to hurt you? Very simple. And they can't stand you and they want to do whatever they can to hurt you very simple so these rebels With a cause are not going away, okay? So let's listen to what happened in the a as Donald Trump allegedly talks hush money Rob if you have the video clip if you Can play that Of what just happened here?
Starting point is 00:52:00 Go for it We got served from the New York Times. I told you this rule regarding to unseal the divorce papers with Ivana We're fighting it Cassowitz is going to never be never never Cassowitz doesn't don't ever be able they don't have Michael Cohen secretly recording his client For about two three weeks Even after that it's not gonna have to be open so you're a lawyer to your client you're recording your client So that goes to show you what how much of a piece of trash Michael Cohen has been and still listed as dead Convicted felon lying to jail. I want to hear this.
Starting point is 00:52:47 For context, the first two minutes of this clip is Donald Trump on a private phone call. So Michael Cohen's in the room recording his client on a private phone call and that becomes court record because then he also talks about the hush money in this clip. But it's still wrong. Oh yeah, absolutely. Illegal. But he's taping his client on private phone calls with other individuals. Is that disbarrable? That has to be. You could get-
Starting point is 00:53:16 He went to jail. Yeah, but the hell with him. He should have been disbarrable. Well, go ahead. I don't think he's practicing law at this point. Correct. He's on tick time. Yes, and it's all-
Starting point is 00:53:24 It's been going on for a while all for about two, three weeks now. All you have to do is to lay it for... Even after that, it's not going to ever be opened. There's no purpose for it. I told you about Charleston. I need to open up a company for the transfer of all of that info regarding our friend David. Oh, yeah. So that I'm going gonna do that right away. I've actually come up and I've spoken to Alan Weisselberg about how to set the whole
Starting point is 00:53:50 thing up with funding. So what are we gonna pay him? Yes. And it's all the stuff, all the stuff, because you never know where that company, you never know where he's gonna be. He gets it by. Correct. So I'm all over that. And I spoke to Alan about it when it comes time for the financing which will be listen We'll have to pay you so no no no no no I got no no no hey, no, how are you?
Starting point is 00:54:18 Wow thoughts on this Just this first of all he is a scumbag This is my opinion Michael Cohen is a scumbag that they're using him to try to get Trump on something. Do you understand what this is like? That's like going to your psychiatrist, Tom, and you're revealing everything and he's recording everything that you're saying for one day to be able to use it again. Like that, that is the most immoral, disgusting, like just shows who his character is. You said he's a convicted, how many times?
Starting point is 00:54:46 Like, because he went to different lines of Congress. I don't know the counts, but it is accurate to say he's a convicted felon. And there are reports in the New York tabs, and I haven't seen, no one's published a contract or published a proposal, but supposedly right now, he is out there shopping like a reality show. And he's using all this material, supposedly as a package, to get a TV show and to make money, which is legal to do if he sells it while he's in prison. It's legal to sell his biography, it's legal to sell this, but he's trying to make a buck off of this if this reports are true But he's out there trying to sell it which is not really surprising and kind of in line with this character
Starting point is 00:55:31 But it just shows you the level of the guy he is Yeah, and I can't believe they let you play that and click a private reporting message. Who is this? What? Yahoo entertainment is reporting it. Fixer Michael Cohen is shopping a reality show a la The Apprentice. You know, while he's testifying against the former president as a convicted felon. And you know the name. What a beacon of humanity and a citizen example this is.
Starting point is 00:55:59 And you know the name of the show. It's called The Fixer. So he's leaning into his role of being this dubious, shady, bad guy that will flip on his client. Is he married? Does he have kids? Yes, he's married with kids. He's still married. Yeah, I remember him giving an interview years ago about my family, my kids, my wife. I don't know if they're still together. They should be proud. Hold their heads up high. Yeah, but it just, you know, everyone thinks that it's all about Stormy Daniels and the sex and the allegations. And you saw that even Bill Maher basically fact check her. He interviewed
Starting point is 00:56:30 her in 2018 and she's like, listen, it was completely consensual. There was no issues. And now she's saying, I don't know why I did it. I felt weird. Exactly. And then he basically rolled the tape and he's like, well, you said this and now she's basically saying he's bigger than me He's stronger than me locked the door using all the buzzwords from the me to movement I don't know if you can play this clip, but it's more than just Stormy there's a there's a cast of characters here. There is also
Starting point is 00:56:57 McDougal what's her name Kathy McDougal Karen Karen McDougal actually gorgeous girl. She was a playmate She was a playmate of the year. You look here breaking news guys. Allegedly Donald Trump cheated on Melania. Allegedly. Stormy, Karen McDougall, you know my argument would be like she kind of knew she was marrying when she married billionaire Donald Trump who also owned the Miss USA World Pageants and everything like that. But there's also this guy David Pecker who's the CEO of I think it's called American Media. They own tabloids like the National Enquirer. And what's famous about him is these does these catch and kill stories, where it's like we got this story about story about Stormy, we got this story about McDougal, it's going
Starting point is 00:57:43 to cost you x amount of money to make the story go away. And then the other guy is Alan Weisselberg, who was the CFO of Trump Enterprises. And they would basically cut checks and do these things. Here's the thing at the end of the day, there's nothing really illegal about this. You might say that it's shady. You might say that it's immoral, but paying off people hush money, I don't think that's illegal. We're about to find out. What did Vivek say yesterday? That if you reverse engineer the story and if you do it the other way around, then they basically prove that there's nothing wrong with that. So if you actually reported the money that you spent
Starting point is 00:58:19 on the hush money as a campaign contribution, like they're going to come after you either way. So we're going to see what happens here. We know that Eric Adams is ready to lock up Trump. It's all, I think a lot of smoke and mirrors here. But the thing, the interesting thing about Melania, cause everyone's like, Oh, Melania should leave them. Oh my God. You know, she even came out and said that she deemed his lewd comments locker room talk, you know, what's funny about Melania, you know, there's the famous song, uh, standby your man. She's still with them.
Starting point is 00:58:53 Good. Now she, they got married in 2005. They're about to have their 20 year anniversary. She's still with him and he's running again in 2024. She's still with them. They's running again in 2024. She's still with them. They have one child, Baron Trump. You've spent a lot of time with Baron funny, quirky, good dude. But here's what's interesting.
Starting point is 00:59:11 You know how long he was married to Ivana Trump for 1977 to 1990 13 years. She's the mother of Donald Trump Jr. Eric Trump and you know, allegedly the favorite child Ivanka. You know how long he was married to his second wife Marla Maples, only six years, 1993 to 1999, they had the daughter Tiffany. So as much as Melania, oh my God, I can't stand them. Oh my God, are they sleeping in separate? All the stories, they're about to have their 20 year anniversary and she's sticking with Trump. Kind of respected. By the way, for people who have been married and are married, marriage
Starting point is 00:59:45 is very hard. Especially then being married to a figure like him, with a reputation like him and a personality like him, Melania didn't marry someone she didn't know who he was. So it's not like, oh, I'm marrying a saint. No, no no she knew who she was marrying. Yeah, he had a reputation of being a guy who Loved women in New York and all over the place And so sometimes when you marry somebody like that that comes with the territory top what you're trying to say something Yeah, the phrase hush money is a sensationalist headline term What it is is an NDA and a settlement and a release and it happens every day when you have a small business and
Starting point is 01:00:30 Somebody is upset and they have a fight and you want to you you have to say goodbye to an employee and you say I'll Tell you what we sign a mutual release. I'll give you a one month with medical and you go away That's a settlement and NDADA, and a release. So technically that's hush money. But you don't talk about us, you don't talk about you, because it's all for the best. Employee goes off to get another job, company goes on and continues. Sometimes companies have situations with an executive behaving badly. The settlements that CBS did on Les Moonvives, you could call them hush money. It happens all the time. And they are taking one instance of something that is on a scale of one to ten, about a
Starting point is 01:01:16 one or a two on this scale, and it's being blown up because it's a political hit. This happens a lot, and I think we need to get over it in terms of the sensationalized part of it. And America, look at it for what it is. This is a political hit. And these things happen all the time. Rob, do you have the clip of when he comes out and starts talking about the polls? Do you have the clip when he comes out, he literally comes out and starts talking about
Starting point is 01:01:40 the polls? I'll read it to you. Trump leads in five key states as young and non-white voters express discontent with Biden. You'll find a clip. He's just coming out, it's literally coming out the courthouse. So, a recent poll by New York Times, CNN College and Philadelphia Inquirer revealed that Donald J. Trump leads President Biden in five critical battleground states, ready Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and Pennsylvania among registered voters. Trump's lead underscores a significant shift in demographics with him winning over more than 20% of black voters and essentially tying Biden among 18 to 29 year olds and Hispanic
Starting point is 01:02:17 voters despite them largely favoring Biden in 2020. While Biden maintains lead among registered voters in Wisconsin. The race is tighter among likely voters, indicating a challenging path to reelection for Biden. Initially, dissatisfaction with the economy and the cost of living remains high, with over 50% of voters considering the economy poor. Despite recent stock market gains and cooling inflation, the polls are highlighted as a desire for change among voters, with nearly 70% expressing a need for more changes in the political and economic system.
Starting point is 01:02:49 Tom? Well, you know what? The Democrats crowed when they said, we really didn't, and they did. You can find the headlines of it where certain Democrat strategists says, all we have to be is not Trump. Remember that? Remember that run, Vinny? Yep. Oh, oh, all we have to do in this election is is not Trump. Remember that? Remember that run, Vinny? Oh, all we have
Starting point is 01:03:05 to do in this election is be not Trump. Isn't it freaking interesting that now a percent of voters that had voted for Biden, that are liberal now leaning center, that now they're voting for not Biden? The smart voters are looking at who's best for the economy, who's going to be best at the border, who's going to be best for the economy who's gonna be best at the border Who's gonna be best on defense who's gonna be best on draining the swamp? And you don't think that Trump's got a different cabinet coming You don't think he's got different programs coming then you're crazy and guess what's happening people are seeing it They're seeing through the ruse and now the cross tabs on all these polls what the cross tabs is is exactly what Pat Just read when you read into the polls and you say, okay, okay, big poll, you know, 54% this, 48% this, okay, what's in the poll? Let's
Starting point is 01:03:51 take it in. The crosstab is who is in the poll and what are they saying? And guess what we're discovering? These young people, people of color are saying, you know what? I don't like what I bought. I want to return it. You know, I bought Biden. You know what? I don't like that. And you know what? Now I have a way to compare. And for the first time, and Vivek said it, for the first time since Grover Cleveland, if you don't know who Grover Cleveland was, he was a guy that was president once and there was a gap in between his two presidencies, are able to say, I had the choice, Trump versus Biden, and I could compare them, and I took Biden. Now I've got a choice, Trump versus Biden again, I can compare them and I took Biden. Now I've got a choice Trump versus Biden again I can compare them again the same two and now it's
Starting point is 01:04:29 time to say do you like what you bought? No and inside these polls people are saying you know what I don't like it and now I'm gonna buy something else. It's almost like that buy now pay later Tom they voted now and now they're paying well under Biden it was buy now pour later with what he did to the economy. That's what I'm saying. So good. VNPL, vote now, pay later. Pay later.
Starting point is 01:04:49 Or vote now, pay later. Watch this here. This is, he's coming out of the court and watch this. Go ahead and play this. They've kept me here for three and a half, four weeks instead of campaigning. And yet we still have the best poll numbers just came out in the New York Times as we discussed before. Mark, what are you doing?
Starting point is 01:05:07 Great, they've kept me here for a... He's following. He's following and the audience in a marketplace is realizing, you know, I'm about case studies. I love case studies. One of the things when you go get an MBA, I went to a program for a couple of weeks, we did like 20, 30 case studies. Apparently when you get an MBA, you do two, 3, 400 case studies of different businesses. Imagine the case study they're gonna do of the 2020-16 separate case study.
Starting point is 01:05:33 2020 separate case study and by the way, these are three separate case studies. Let me explain it to you. 2016 guy who's a non-politician, billionaire TV guy comes and beats the person that everybody thought was going to be the first female president of all time, which is who? Hillary Clinton. What a case study. 2020, COVID, Biden, record breaking, 81 million votes. Case study, one guy's going out, 50, 60, 80,000 people during COVID are showing up, BLM protests.
Starting point is 01:06:04 The other one's showing up, 22 people are showing up, but the guy with 22 people during COVID are showing up. BLM protests, the other ones showing up, 22 people are showing up. But the guy with 22 people showing up wins. 2024. They're going through, this guy is going to have three, the top three, you know how you look at UFC and the biggest pay-per-view tickets ever sold? It's what, three out of five or four out of five is who? Conor McGregor, right? Conor, of course. And then you go look at boxing, four out of four biggest pay-per-views ever sold you know who it is four out of four it's on Mayweather it's not Tyson
Starting point is 01:06:32 money it's not Holyfield it's not it's Mayweather four for four the top three case studies for presidential election of all time it's all gonna be Trump and it's gonna be written about criticized talked about documentaries movie shows for decades I'm telling you Vinny. I'm gonna call it any move at it Tazza movie plot the lead Trump We're gonna be 84 years old oh my sitting at the movie Translate that for us. Well, just we're gonna be like dude, can you believe it? They're making another movie about Trump. Let's go.
Starting point is 01:07:10 I'm like, Oh, my back hurts. But, but he makes a great point. And it's like, but the tactics of the left, the tactics of the left, every single thing has backfired and they've had this four years to basically show the world, Hey guys, to hell with Trump. We, you know, he was going to destroy everything, look at what we've done. And then now this case study that you're talking about, for four years, zero, absolutely nothing.
Starting point is 01:07:32 They've bankrupt us, they've given money all over the world, we have no security, economy is shit, houses, people are struggling, and I just hope, I just hope they let this be a fair and free election because they, to me they seem way too calm because when I see Adam, when I see the polls and I see, I'm not a big poll guy strippers or whatever, but when you see, when you see 48% it's neck and neck. What the hell are this 48%? What are you?
Starting point is 01:08:00 Are you blind? Are you stupid? I don't understand. I don't, how is it a neck-and-neck race unless you're the top top 1% and you're chilling which that doesn't make up the the 48% what are you talking about? Are you that blindly loyal to a shitty party that doesn't give a damn about you doesn't give a damn about the country I just don't understand. I'm not all of them are that's what pat work red and those numbers Not all of them are some of them are getting smart. You should give them credit Vinny. They're coming across
Starting point is 01:08:27 They're coming across slowly unlike the border where they come across fast But that's probably one of the issues the election But there are people coming across back to the center and they're saying they don't like it So your question is correct a hundred percent correct But give credit to the voters that are coming across and tell them to bring their friends Well, this is the beauty of America and the beauty of democracy is it allows you to be bipolar and allows you to have buyers remorse I know Vinny still can't comprehend that elections are close in America. It's crazy to me, but you'll figure it out But it's a race to the bottom Trump said 41 binds at 40 breaking news y'all It's gonna go into October November and there'll be some sort of October November surprise But it's a race to the bottom. Trump's at 41, Biden's at 40, breaking news y'all.
Starting point is 01:09:05 It's going to go into October, November, and there'll be some sort of October, November surprise. But the swing states will tell them all. There's a hundred thousand people in America that decide elections. They all live in Detroit, in Philly, in Madison, Wisconsin, in Nevada, in Georgia, in Macon County. Like that's who runs America. We all know that certain people are going
Starting point is 01:09:25 to vote right and certain people are going to vote left. It's all about convincing the people that shift from Bush to Obama to Trump to Biden to go back to Trump to come back here. But that's the beauty of America. Would you rather be in Russia, in China, in Iran or in Gaza where they literally don't hold elections or their sham elections, it allows you to have buyer's remorse. And we all know that the single most important issue for the Democrats are abortion and the threat to democracy. And on the right, it's basically the border, safety, security, and the economy.
Starting point is 01:10:02 But the odds are in Trump's favor. He's still slightly ahead of Biden. Two weeks ago, it was, I think if you bet a hundred bucks on Biden, you'd win 125 bucks. That's a five to four odds. Now it's 11 to 10. So meaning if you bet a hundred bucks on Biden, you win 110. Trump is even money. But Trump is like, you saw Ice Cube just come out and say something something Trump's like an ice pick He's picking away at certain voters. He's picking away at blacks at Latinos at
Starting point is 01:10:32 Independent he's picking away chip chip chip and the way the politics works It's a coalition by addition and the Democrats have always been a big tent party Everyone's coming in but it looks like based on what Biden's doing There's gonna be a rain out and people are leaving the tent big tent party. Everyone's coming in. But it looks like based on what Biden's doing, there's going to be a rain out and people are leaving the tent. But I'm shocked that you're shocked that I think it's a close race. And I guess I understand close races, but in the history of the United States presidential elections, has anything been this big of a shit show?
Starting point is 01:11:00 Here we go. No, no, I'm being dead serious. Has it ever been, Adam, has it ever been? It all depends on who you ask. if you're living in a bubble and only speaking with a certain elk of people then you're immune to the fact that other people have concerns here's the reality but I know you're not a big pole guy yeah just look at the polls then and then you become a pole with Hillary you mean those same pollsters because I'm asking you you still haven't answered my question in the history of the United States of
Starting point is 01:11:25 America has it ever been this big of a shit show meaning from 2016 to right now all the shit surrounding what they've done to him all the cheating election interfering the fraud Yeah, the jail the China it well No, no, it's never been like this and for half the country to be like yeah to hell with that guy I can think of a few times that had kind of got uglier than this I don't know in the 1860s there was that little war between the north and the south it got pretty ugly then Benny I'm talking about but then in the I'm over here these exactly when Tom was there when Tom was growing up on the phone 60s it was ridiculous
Starting point is 01:11:59 yeah him and Lincoln where was Tom when Lincoln got a sad I did not I can say the guys dress I was in the restroom and In the 1960s. We don't need to raise our voices. Tom, give me your thoughts. Respond to Vinny. So what Vinny is talking about, he says, hey, you know, I'm confused. And it's kind of what I was saying to you a minute ago. You say, I can't believe it's this close. Well, it is this close. It is. But when you look at the states that are outside of this, it's not that close. And you look at the swing states, it's increasingly not that close. Vinny, what it takes for it to be that close is large, entrenched masses of liberal humanity in California, New York. That's a national poll. And by the way, have
Starting point is 01:12:42 you noticed how few, and I'll tell you, Vinny, you know, the electoral college, we add up all the states, we elect a president, right? And then other people say, well, screw the electoral college. It should be the popular vote. Let's just do the whole thing. Have you noticed how few liberals are talking about the electoral college over the last 60 days? Try to find the stories.
Starting point is 01:13:00 There's only a few of them, very few of them. You know why? Because they don't want it either way because they're staring into the headlights of a loss. As long as they want to get rid of the election college. Democrats win the popular vote every single time, but they lose the electoral college. Well, not every single time. It's happened recently. The last time the Republican won the popular vote? Find that out. Yeah, well, Tom, it's just odd to me. And we keep talking about the case study of Donald Trump and the case study of Biden for
Starting point is 01:13:32 anybody. I don't give a shit about the loyalty of the party for anybody to go, Joe Biden. You have no idea what the hell you're talking about. You just hate Trump. So you're going to vote for Biden because nothing. If you could tell me one positive thing that's happening in this country I'll shut my mouth one positive thing nothing is going right it just it's just odd to me it boggles my mind that people are still like I don't like Donald Trump it's a case study it's
Starting point is 01:13:57 you already know who's who's better by far it's not even a close by comparison so it just boggles it just drives drives me nuts, Tom. That's it. That it's ever going to be that close. For some people Vinny, they're just in, you're right, but for some people they're just entrenched in logic takes a holiday until they feel the pain personally. And we're seeing people making videos. We're seeing amazing videos coming out of people that you wouldn't be thinking would be speaking this way. They're giving chapter and verse of what they're personally experiencing You're right. You know what? That's why people are listening to this podcast That's why so many people are listening because we're opening up to the center
Starting point is 01:14:32 We're putting things on the table that they haven't seen before and Vinny. I'm actually I'm with you like I'm I understand your frustration. I'm happy to be here Yeah for the intellectual intervention of Vinny with politics and polling, but this is the reality of America most people Focus on personality not policy. So when they see Trump, oh orange man bad. It's it's a gut feeling They can't get over it. Yeah Trump derangement syndrome. It's real. Is it real or fake? It's one Real and they're that's the so I know that you're gonna be like, I can't believe I can't believe Start believing that's the reality that we're not believe it and I feel bad for them Tom. What's this? Take a look at this Vinnie. Yeah, what happened in Georgia? They had a case. Yeah in the middle What you don't realize happened is how pissed off?
Starting point is 01:15:19 Georgia outside of Fulton County is Vinny go look at that poll in Georgia It's 49% now towards Trump to to what to Donald Trump to to who's the other guy? outside of Fulton County is. Vinny, go look at that poll in Georgia. It's 49% now towards Trump. To what? To Donald Trump. To who's the other guy? To 39, to Biden. Look at that spread. That's because they ran that case
Starting point is 01:15:35 and it was in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, it was in the face of all those people in Georgia, and they got pissed off. You're seeing that, guess what? They didn't like that. And now they see the spread is happening and now what's constant look at Nevada Nevada I don't remember the last time going back to Reagan that Nevada was actually won by by a Republican you look at the last because there's massive unions that are in Las Vegas and Harry Reid used to control all that well now
Starting point is 01:16:03 take a look. Look at what's happening in Nevada. And then in Michigan, look at the spread. Look how close it was under Hillary. Look at Arizona. Who cares about the border? A lot of people in Arizona. Look at Pennsylvania.
Starting point is 01:16:18 Pennsylvania is the one they fear. Because if the Biden must win, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and one other, and the one other that pick one that you think you're going to go after, they don't even put North Carolina on this list anymore. You know why? Because the pollsters are looking at it saying to don't even think about it. Don't even think about activating. And Biden won North Carolina.
Starting point is 01:16:43 These are the most important people in America. It used to be seven, now it's six. And these are the states that you're going to see in the final month of the election that they're going to be circling the wagons going to each and every one of these states. We saw that Hillary made the mistake of going to the southwest, Nevada, to Arizona, when she should have been in Michigan and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. And let's see if Biden makes that same mistake. I believe Pennsylvania will determine the election because I believe that North Carolina,
Starting point is 01:17:11 Georgia and Arizona are a done deal unless something really weird happens. And it also has the most electoral votes out of any of these states. Well yeah, and by the way, if you were to look at the map, I should do something on polling and kind of break all this down. Because right now, Trump's within like eight electoral votes and they all know it. And Pennsylvania puts it over, whereas Biden needs to get the three. He needs Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and one other. And he doesn't have it. So we'll see.
Starting point is 01:17:41 This is the part where Trump is getting out there and talking about the fact that he said he's in Jersey. He's giving a speech. He said in Jersey, he said, I think I wouldn't be surprised if we win 50 states. Now he's a salesman. So he's selling. And he's selling all day long. Winning 50 states means you're winning California.
Starting point is 01:17:59 You know what it is to win California? Rob, is this the one or no? This is where it's about flipping New Jersey. Yeah, can you play this? It's actually hardest to flip Hawaii, by the way. Oh really? As you can see today, we're expanding the electoral map because we are going to officially play in the state of New Jersey. We're going to win the state of New Jersey. Wow, 100, These guys, wow. A hundred thousand people. But I'm telling you, this is going to be the greatest, one of the greatest case studies ever.
Starting point is 01:18:31 Three of them. I don't think people fully realize what we're in right now because we're in it. When you're in it, I used to tell my guys all the time, I'm like, guys, we're trying to build an insurance company and we were in a very, very hard, tough season. Very. Like we are like I don't know what's gonna happen in this season. I said just trust me on this You're gonna miss this season because the season is gonna go very quickly gonna be rich I said and when you become rich from there on you're gonna talk about these seasons, right?
Starting point is 01:19:00 Meaning right now in this season. it is insane. It is dark. It is nasty. It is ugly. But five, 10, 15, 20, 30 years from now, they're going to talk about the season. Play Ice Cube's clip. Let's see what Ice Cube's saying here. Go for it. Yay, yay.
Starting point is 01:19:16 Do you think that we are seeing waning support for President Biden? What can you tell us about the black community and the voter out there who's watching such a divisive situation going into the 2024 election cube? Well, you know, everybody's different. So there's really no way to kind of put your finger on what everybody's thinking. But I know a lot of people see billions and billions of dollars going everywhere, but in the hands of, you know,
Starting point is 01:19:45 the people that helped build this country. So, you know, the people that helped build this country. So, you know, I think that's a factor. I think all politicians have to deliver, you know, no more lip service. I don't think people are going for that no more. People want results. And if you don't, if you don't give results, then, you know, your popularity, your approval rating, all those things start
Starting point is 01:20:07 to wane. Well, you're right. We've got money going to Ukraine, money going to Israel. You've got money going to young people in the form of this administration wanting to forgive their student loan debt. And yet the black community, the Hispanic communities are wondering, you know, why they can't get a leg up. What needs to happen to?
Starting point is 01:20:33 I think it needs to be a change in philosophy. You know, it's cool to try to help the world, but Americans need help here. You look around, cities are struggling everywhere. People are struggling. And it doesn't look like it's getting any better. It looks like it's getting worse. So, you know, I think that alarms everybody. And, you know, when people are alarmed, they wanna make a change.
Starting point is 01:21:03 Yeah. By the way, so what's his name? Cuba they want to make a change. Yeah, by the way, so What's his name? Cuba Gooden tells me a story says when I'm on boys in a hood He says it's the first gig I get right he says and they tell me it's gonna be with ice cube Okay, and ice cube in 1988 Has the album that comes out straight out of Compton, I believe. Can you check to see one?
Starting point is 01:21:29 Rob, you should know one straight out of Compton. What year was it? Tom or Rob? Yeah. What year? 19... No, no, no. Straight out of Compton.
Starting point is 01:21:37 Which one is... Type in Ice Cube's first album. Ice Cube's first album. What year is it? Is it... What year is it? Zoom in is it is it uh, what year is it zoom in america go to the right see if zoom in shows and shows what year it is Okay, 1990. Okay so
Starting point is 01:21:53 And they're shooting the movie right around that time And cube is tough guy right now cuba gooden jr, right? and cuba says I go to Uh ice cube and I say yo o'Shea. What are we gonna do with this movie? He says come here. I Said what's it come out? I tell you something says you don't call me O'Shea. You call me cube Moving forward you don't say O'Shea And he says from there on I call them cube and he says there's a scene which is hilarious
Starting point is 01:22:24 He says cube comes and says, look man, I need your help. Cube was like, what do you need your help with? He says, when my brother dies, I don't know how to cry. I'm not a crier. What do I do in that scene that they want me to cry? Because I'm the kind of guy that just doesn't cry.
Starting point is 01:22:40 And he says, why don't you think about all the homies you lost? Yeah, okay? He said so you have to say so then when he goes and does that scene with the body Oh, yeah, and you see Cuba reacting the way he does He says ice cube in that moment thought about the homies he lost and his reaction comes from a genuine standpoint of my god You know I lost, can you imagine? And by the way, do you know what they pay Cuba for the movie? Cuba Gooding Jr. for, that's his first drama ride.
Starting point is 01:23:09 500 bucks. Let's say, 50 grand? 50 grand? $35,000. Yeah, he did another movie called Gladiator, which he made. Not the Gladiator. No, no, no, different one. He made 50, $60,000.
Starting point is 01:23:22 The movie was so bad. No, $32,000. Boys in the Hood, Gliator made a hundred thousand dollars But one of the movies paid him thirteen million dollars Okay, men of honor was only one and a half million and he killed it What did he get 13 for he can you can you he said what movie got 13 million for Tom? It's not one of his best movies, but he says that's the movie that paid him 13 million. He says it's all gone I don't have it in snow dogs snow dogs paid him 13 million. He says it's all gone, I don't have it in it, Snow Dogs. Snow Dogs paid him 13 million dollars.
Starting point is 01:23:46 Wow. And have you ever seen Snow Dogs, Rob? Nope. You ever seen it? Rob has, of course. So yeah, it's a Disney movie. Of course Rob has. Snow Dogs.
Starting point is 01:23:55 But no, I mean listen, Ice Cube is not alone. There's a lot of people that are kind of feeling the way he's feeling, but this is gonna be, it's a part of me that agrees with what a lot of guys are saying that this, who said it's not gonna be an October surprise, it's gonna be November surprise. Who was it? Was it Chris that said it? Como said it, right? He said it's gonna be November surprise.
Starting point is 01:24:14 I think this is going down to the wire. We're gonna do a live podcast. It's gonna be a, what do you call it, where people are gonna be here all day. We're gonna have food, music you know cops outside sheriffs outside La like at 59 90 after 59 like what we did in 2020 Yeah, but not with an audience with an audience. So we're gonna be eating talking watching finger It's gonna be an insane insane Super Bowl. I'm telling you this is gonna be one of those things where This is gonna be the Super Bowl of super bowls of super bowls of politics.
Starting point is 01:24:46 I just hope that if we leave and Trump is winning and we all go to sleep and we wake up and all the sudden Joe Biden skyrockets overnight, the people that just don't go, well, you know, it happens, mail-in voting. I hope that- Allegedly. Allegedly, he's going to skyrocket at night. And I hope that point people allegedly he's gonna skyrocket at night and I hope that point people don't just don't go, oh well we got lesser of the two evils. I don't want to hear that crap. Can you play Seinfeld's video I sent you of his speech? I just love what he says here. You know one of my favorite things, I used to tell Mario, I'm like Mario, I think we probably interviewed more 80 year olds
Starting point is 01:25:25 than anybody else has. There's something special about talking to people that are older, that they give you something and they make things so simple that maybe you can't do, you definitely can't do in your 20s and 30s. You sometimes flirt with it in your 30s and your 40s and 50s. I'm not 50 so I couldn't tell you. But look how this guy describes one thing here that Professor Galloway shared. Go for it.
Starting point is 01:25:52 I can reach across a couple generations here to tell you the most important thing I am confident that I know about life. I'm 70. I'm done. You are just starting. I only want to help you. The slightly uncomfortable feeling of awkward humor is okay. It's not something you need to fix.
Starting point is 01:26:13 I totally admire the ambitions of your generation to create a more just and inclusive society. I think it is also wonderful that you care so much about not hurting other people's feelings in the million in one ways We all do that every second of every day. It's lovely to want to fix those things But all caps but what I need to tell you as a comedian do not lose your sense of humor You can have no idea at this point in your life how much you are going to need it to get through Not enough of life makes sense for you you are going to need it to get through.
Starting point is 01:26:45 Not enough of life makes sense for you to be able to survive it without humor. And I know all of you here are going to use all of your brains and muscle and soul to improve the world and I know you're going to do a bang up job. And when you're done, as I am now, I bet the world, because of you, will be a much better place.
Starting point is 01:27:08 But it will still not make a whole hell of a lot of sense. It'll be a better, different, but still pretty insane mess. And it is worth the sacrifice of an occasional discomfort to have some laughs. Don't lose that. By the way, you can stop that by the way it's so true though like you know comedy man plays such a big role to lower the temperature on everything that we're going through just like for example Brady's roast yes so good some of these things like for me Dylan He he's a comedy guy Tico wants to watch
Starting point is 01:27:47 scary can shining You know we're staying at a hotel the other day PGA National what is it called national tour hotel? Whatever? It's called. He's his dad this floor reminds me of the shine Okay, so why would you say that before we're about to go to sleep? It's 11 o'clock. No, but look at look at the hallway It's like the shiningining. He wants to watch The Shining at 11 o'clock. Mark my words, he's gonna be a writer-director for horror movies. He loves it, right? Absolutely loves it. But Dylan likes comedy. Dylan watched Couples Retreat. I don't know if it's appropriate to let your sons watch Couples Retreat. They're gonna watch it at some point. Dylan just sits there
Starting point is 01:28:24 and dies laughing. I think humor is necessary though. Adam, go ahead. They're gonna watch it at some point. Dylan just sits there and dies laughing. I think humor is necessary though. Adam, go ahead. We're gonna say something. Well, right after he gave that speech, in the middle of it, there was like a few dozen Gays for Gaza protesters that stormed off. The media put it, it was sort of trickled off. And in just Jerry Seinfeld fashion, he's just like, what's the deal with all these protesters? I mean, come on. And Jerry Seinfeld fashion. He's just like, what's the deal with all these protesters? I mean, come on. And Jerry Seinfeld, if you know anything about Seinfeld, it's so funny. He's on the back nine of life right now. He's 70. You don't think he's going to lift to 150?
Starting point is 01:28:54 I think Seinfeld is going to make it to a hundred because he's got satire in those jeans. But you know, we know about Curb Your Enthusiasm. We know about Kramer. We know about Costanza. We veep with Elaine Bennis, Julia Louise Dreyfus. It's all because of Seinfeld, Larry David Seinfeld. And he's the least controversial, never curses vanilla best comedian ever. So I mean, there's you put Chappelle up there, you can put Pryor up there. There's a lot of names. They all curse.
Starting point is 01:29:24 He does zero cursing. His whole element was coffee and cars with comedians. You know about this many as a comedian, but it's so interesting to see him giving commencement speeches, taking a stance on something. He was just on Bill Maher talking politics, which he never does. But that's sort of like, all right, I kind of got a stand for something or I'll fall for anything and he's absolutely right Gen Z unfortunately because of helicopter parenting and every and participation trophies are the least funniest most emotional most offended embracing cancel culture generation ever and it takes someone like Seinfeld to get up there and be like take a joke guys relax a little bit. Yeah, but unfortunately a lot of them can't many thoughts
Starting point is 01:30:08 No, I just I think you know that we have five senses But notice every time people nobody ever talks about this when you say you got a sense of humor That's a six that's not on the on the chart to have that sense of humor to not take everything serious Yeah to laugh because there's so much I mean look at me do I get angry and I get emotional because I genuinely truly care and I am an angry patriot. I love this country and I'm willing to, I would rather die free than live as a slave. I'm trying to do anything. Yeah, to wake everybody up at the same token, laugh, and I think we need to laugh.
Starting point is 01:30:39 I mean I keep the serious moments for the seriousness, but to like relax for a second and, and enjoy each other's company and take the lighter side of things. I think it's hugely important. Yeah, I agree. And by the way, Rob, I mean, we know that Marissa Tomei has got a thing for short, funny, bald guys. Then that was your market right there. That's why you're a big Seinfeld fan. I am. And I think he's one of the he's what a shame for the students that walked out and missed that part of the speech
Starting point is 01:31:06 Yeah, I mean the odds that you get a celebrity like that somebody that's well-informed well-read And he is the most profitable comedian of all time billion because of Seinfeld more than Chappelle more than Chris Rock weren't any of those Guys that guy has made the most amount of money launched the most amount of careers in television and you walk out What do you mean he launched the most careers on television? Well, look at all the spin-offs for the TV shows. Outside of Michael Richards, everybody else on that show went on a stardom outside of him. George, the guy that played George Costanza went into movies and other TV shows.
Starting point is 01:31:38 The girl that played Elaine also on other TV shows. Then you look at the spin-off characters that were on that show and got other TV shows. Oh wow Like the guy Well yeah Newman Newman Newman Jurassic Park
Starting point is 01:31:47 Everything Bryan Cranston was a role player Cranston That went into Breaking Bad Breaking Bad Can you pull it up his role on Sight? Bryan Cranston yes Oh yeah
Starting point is 01:31:54 He was the doctor What was the dentist? What was his name? The dentist The dentist The dentist Oh everybody Everybody went through that show
Starting point is 01:32:01 Look at him Yeah Out of here Yeah It looks like a freaking He quiet Soul popper porn star Look at that guy He does Yeah. It looks like a freaking quiet soap opera porn star Look at that guy. That's look like a soap opera porn star. What was his name on the show?
Starting point is 01:32:09 Wattly Wattly Wattly. Yeah, and Seinfeld is literally a billionaire pull up his net worth. Yeah, I guarantee he's a billionaire Yes, it'd be a billion 700 billion. No, I'm going Billy when they sold. Where's he at? 1 billion Yeah, and and and he is a guy who just stands true. He's a comedian. When he went on Bill Maher, he goes, I just can't be around people that aren't working. I need to be working. If you're not working, what are you doing? This guy can be retired doing nothing, but he still wants to work. And that's what you talk about. There's always levels to this thing. And he could be retired doing nothing. Is he the argument of gold or no? No, not in the, in the, he's shit. He's 100% in the conversation. He's
Starting point is 01:32:50 out on my Rushmore. I don't know if anybody has him as number one, but he's in the conversation. I mean, no doubt. George Carlin, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor. Oh my God. Dave Chappelle. Yeah. I mean, I put him in maybe in the top 10, but and again, comedy, comedy is subject, it's what, what cup of tea, but I'm talking about like the world. Dave Chappelle is really up there. If you ask the boomers, he's up there. If you ask Jetsy who doesn't have a sense of humor, he's not economically, he's on Mount Rushmore, but the art of comedy, it's these other names. Can you, Rob, can you pull up with Tom, I'll bill Martin pull up the clip about Bill Maher by Daily Caller
Starting point is 01:33:27 of him talking about, I think I sent it to you, if you'll check your text. Yeah, I sent it to you, he was talking about COVID, I don't know if you see it, I sent it, it's in the same link I sent with the other videos that are the Seinfeld humor. So if you have the Seinfeld humor one, you should have this one as well, I don't know if you see it.
Starting point is 01:33:47 What's he talking about? What's he talking about? It's very, I mean, you know what he's talking about. The moment he starts, you're going to be like, okay, I know exactly what he's talking about. Go ahead and play the clip, Rob. We didn't know exactly what was happening at the beginning of COVID and some mistakes were inevitable. But four years on, I'm tired of hearing, well, we didn't know.
Starting point is 01:34:07 No, we didn't. But some people guessed better than others. And the people who got it wrong don't seem to want to acknowledge that now. Some people said closing schools for so long was pointless and would cause much worse collateral damage to kids, and they were right. Thank you.
Starting point is 01:34:31 Four years ago, the Daily Beast ran a story with the headline, Bill Maher Pushes Steve Bannon Wuhan Lab Conspiracy Theory, which was typical of the mainstream media at the time. Of course, it wasn't a conspiracy theory and it wasn't owned by Steve Bannon and now everyone including the Biden administration admits there's at least a 50-50 chance that the virus could have begun in the lab in Wuhan that was doing gain-of-function research on that virus. Duh! But I don't see a lot of retractions being printed. Yeah, when COVID hit, we did a lot of stupid things.
Starting point is 01:35:12 Because America never reacts. It only overreacts. Ubers look like those orthodox Jews who wrap themselves in saran wrap and paste their plane flies over a grave we We walk I get it that we didn't know exactly what he's saying What do you think about what he's saying? Well with Bill Maher every now and then you have sober Saturday and he goes on a monologue that I agree with that I'm I'm that I think is well crafted and well put together I'm I'm that I think is well crafted and well put together
Starting point is 01:35:52 The issue I have a Bill Maher is that he flips back and forth from slaughtering people on one side for laughs and for You know ratings and for clicks and everything he does and then on the other side He puts together these monologues that I think are well crafted correct and very very believable And I just you have to wait and see which Bill Maher you get each morning. I'm kind of with Roger Stone on this and this is a fact you're saying like he's like you're seeing him on this show Tom he has a stable of writers I don't think I don't think Bill Maher is right I've actually know some of his writers he's not writing any of that stuff and you nailed it he is such a bipolar flip-flopper of points like one day you're like like, oh my god, he's trying to come around and then boom, Trump derangement syndrome. He has
Starting point is 01:36:28 another relapse and it's like, you never know what you're going to get. And I get it. And by the way, all these guys were all pushing the same thing with the vaccine and with all the COVID stuff. All of them, every single one of them now are starting to turn and we're just all supposed to go, yeah, you know what? Yeah, you guys got it all wrong. No, no, no. Who was telling you guys to say it? Were you guys getting paid to say it? And now with all the crap that's happening with everybody, all the physical stuff that's happening, all the lockdowns, all the mental stuff, all the shit with the kids, all these
Starting point is 01:36:55 random injuries that are happening, people dropping dead, cancer is up, now we're supposed to just do what? Well, we got it wrong and now let's hopefully we get it right the next time. I think, I think, I think the accountability definitely needs to be held people. Everybody that was talking that crap needs to be held accountable. And he's too much of a flip-flop guy. Like one day, one day he's here. One day he's there. You don't know what the hell you're going to get with them. I don't know if he's a flip flop or I just think it's important to establish where he is on the political spectrum. Nobody knows by the way. I'll tell you exactly where he is. So number one, shout out to his writers because there's a clear distinction between when he's
Starting point is 01:37:28 reading from the cue cards, reading from what the writers write, then what he's doing on club random with PBD when he's high random is what's going on. Those are Q obviously PBD will, you know, he's reading a teleprompter. Yeah, I know. Okay. The whole time. Literally what I'm saying. Okay. But he's a classic liberal. So look at the political spectrum if you want to just give it into five elements. You have the far left, you have the center left classic liberals, you have moderates who kind of can go either way depending on the issue. You have the center right, you know, most entrepreneurs, capitalists sort of fall into that category. And then you have the far right extremists on that end.
Starting point is 01:38:06 He's a center left classic liberal. So he does not identify with the progressive left and he will mock them to the end of time, but he certainly doesn't identify with people in the far right. That's why he has someone that he would still be labeled as Trump derangement syndrome. So it's pretty clear where he is on the political spectrum, but this is why he still gives praise to Gavin Newsom. Yeah. He can't basically acknowledge the fact that Gavin has ruined California and leftist politics have ruined a lot of these blue cities. He still hasn't crossed the middle, but he still will talk trash about the, of course. And guess who he's voting for, for this election,
Starting point is 01:38:41 no matter what, not Trump, Joe Biden, he's going to vote for Joe. The country could be literally burning on fire. I could see him also voting for RFK. He had RFK on recently and he goes, I'm trying to help you get elected. Yeah, we'll see. What was your big takeaway from when you sat with Bill Maher? Bill Maher? Yeah. I didn't say a lot. I was just, but you did say, what's it like? I can't sleep at night. What's the one thing? What's the one thing you said you can't sleep at night? Global warming. Oh yeah, global warming. You fix your suit and you said,
Starting point is 01:39:10 it's what keeps me up at night. And he went, good, me too. Yeah. But what? You got him so good. Cause he, like climate change. Like really, that's the freaking problem. Do you think he'll ever have you back on
Starting point is 01:39:22 based on that last convopat? We're not going away, man. And listen, the vision we have is, you don don't have a choice but have to have a song. We're going to be, it's just whether we're going to want to be on or not. If you only knew the stuff that's going on behind closed doors, one of these days people are going to wake up and they're going to be like, holy shit, so that's what they were up to. It's part of a, when a vision is real, you're convinced that the stars are lined up in your favor and God's
Starting point is 01:39:46 on your side and you have certain things that's going on. You just got to trust it. Good things are happening. So I will welcome the future conversations we'll have. Yeah, definitely. Okay, so next. Suddenly there aren't enough babies. The whole world is alarmed.
Starting point is 01:40:02 This is a Wall Street Journal story. Fertility rates have plummeted globally, with the United Nations projecting rates below replacement levels far sooner than anticipated. Actual birth registries report significant undershoots compared to UN estimates. With countries like China and the US experiencing substantial declines, according to Fernandez Villarreal, global fertility may have reached between 2.1 and 2.2 last year, potentially marking the first time in human history that fertility falls below replacement levels. First time ever.
Starting point is 01:40:37 The pace of the decline has caught many off guard, with fertility rates declining faster and more extensively than previously predicted, despite expectations for a gradual reduction, fertility rates have dropped swiftly. Challenging assumptions about population growth and economic stability, according to Kearney an economist at the University of Maryland, it has snuck up on us. Rob, can you pull up some of the charts that they have? Not that, not that. The other chart that has to do with this story.
Starting point is 01:41:06 You don't have that, the article that I just read right now because it shows. I can send you the picture. Yeah, is this the one? I sent it in the chat, by the way. What are these countries? Can you zoom in so we can see them? Okay, so that's the replacement. Where we were at, where we're at now, United Nations estimates of live births per woman, how it's declined, keep going, used to be 4.86 to now 2.1, 2.2, whatever the number was. This is what Rob, this is US, is it US 1.62? In South Korea is
Starting point is 01:41:38 0.72 and the world average 2.15? Oh my, and it used to be 4 or 5, even in K-Go little Lord, what's the next one Rob? Is there any other charts? No, that's Oh my, and it used to be four or five, even in, okay, go a little lower. What's the next one Rob? Is there any other charts? No, that's the one, that's the one I'm looking at. Zoom in a little bit. So US has declined. Mexico, dramatically, wow.
Starting point is 01:41:57 They were having five kids. They're down to less than two. US went from 1.8 up to 2.1 down to 1.6. India dramatically dropped from 4.9 to 2. China dropped from 3 to 1. Damn, look at South Korea. They dropped from 3, 2.8, 2.9 to 0.7. Hungary dropped, came up.
Starting point is 01:42:24 Japan dropped, keeps dropping. point eight two point nine to point seven Hungary dropped came up Japan dropped keeps dropping and Japan there's something called the sexless society in Japan you ever heard this before no type in Japan sexless society Japanese folks don't have a lot of sex and this is not a joke it's called a sexless society Japan is a sexless society click on it what yeah Japan is a sexless society those girls are they're having fun by 2060 Japan is expected sexless society click on it. What yeah, Japan is a sexless society Those girls are they're having fun by 2060 Japan is expected to have a population of eighty six point seven million down from 128 million in 2008 at least forty percent of the eighty six million is expected to be 65 and older as a population declines there will be few younger people to care for the older Tokyo is expected to have medical and nursing shortages The decline in Japan's population has been in the works since the early 70s
Starting point is 01:43:07 Why has Japan gone through this and it explains has Japan become a successful society Tom? What are your concerns with these numbers on the birth rates were having? so first of all The Socialists have a spreadsheet problem They need money and they need to tax taxpayers and taxpayers are people under 60 that are working. So if you're gonna take all this money and you're gonna have a socialist society, when people live too long and you don't
Starting point is 01:43:36 have enough new taxpayers, guess what? Your spreadsheet breaks. The second thing is I think is really sad is this talks about the global destruction of a simple institution that has been pervasive in history and it's called the family and With the destruction of the institution of the family has come, you know fecundity rates haven't changed fecundity rates is people's ability to have kids and Fertility rates is how often they have kids and it's terrible I think the destruction of a family, you know abortion and Things that go along with it that are you know giving us an older population retired
Starting point is 01:44:19 Okay, so let's write that down. Hang on. Let's go through Tom. So Abortion so you're saying abortion rates? Okay, number two you're saying what boomer generation growing so they're not having kids. What else would you say? What's another reason why fertility rates in us are dropping? Is it fair to say we're becoming more of a selfish society where it's about us not others have we increased in our selfishness? Absolutely, you think so. How Have we increased in our selfishness? Absolutely. Do you think so? How do we prove that? How do we prove the concept that we become more of a selfish society?
Starting point is 01:44:51 Gather up every headline that says that children are an economic burden. Economic to who? You can't do what you want. You can't have more fun. Kids are in the way. Look at all those headlines PBD. That points to, oh, children are an economic problem. Children are an issue. Children take away your ability to live life. Rather than having the delight of raising new citizens and being so proud of them and what they can be, we're upside down. Let's just go find all these headlines and talk about that, and I'll put them in a bucket called, you know, Exhibit A, Selfishness. Okay, what else would you say? Vaccines, maybe?
Starting point is 01:45:27 Rob, can you look at what I just texted you? Take a look in and see if that's true or not. And then if you have credibility to show it's not, I want to talk about that. Can we put vaccines on there? Because they're saying sometimes they have infertility in the vaccines. Okay. Why aren't people having kids? Maybe they can't.
Starting point is 01:45:41 Fine. That's allegedly. Allegedly. We need to research it. What else yeah What else could be the reason for? fertility rates could it be could it be the lack of values and principles marriage family that could be one testosterone down Testosterone time. Okay fine. So maybe that could be linked to too much phone time
Starting point is 01:46:04 Fine, so maybe that could be linked to too much phone time. It's so Yeah, all that stuff. Okay. Okay. Boom. The next next thing is porn becoming too accessible. I'm making a list guys Like the other sex the porn's the sex dolls the toys the this the that Be married to have kids not in the market are there some high-end sex dolls right now I can't I don't know them firm or denied I error or denied Rx I mean I'm from on the CR So what else so porn being accessible? What I have to be married to have kids but divorce rates that have been going up since the 80s You know proves the family's fracturing What else?
Starting point is 01:46:40 What else Tom I would say nine faith What else What else Tom I would say nine faith What else what else I'll give you mine when you're ready Tom keep going go ahead Adam. What else would you have? Well? I'll give you a couple things number one We saw that Wall Street Journal article about the decline in traditional American values The leading thing was patriotism people aren't even proud to be American anymore. We've seen that decline. The declamation of family, the declamation of people having kids, the declamation of religion, the declamation of community involvement. The only thing that actually went up was
Starting point is 01:47:15 money. Speaking of selfish or being selfless, I think it's totally okay to be selfish up until a certain point when it's time to be selfless. I'm going through that transition right now, not the type of transition Vinnie talks about. But also a part of it is what it costs to have a kid. It costs $250,000 per kid from 0 to 18. If you're Gen Z or millennial, and you're actually the only generation that's expected not to be as rich as your parents, you have some math problems to do. And we all just saw the buy now, pay later situation that's going on economically with people and their money. Then you have student debt that's basically pushing people down to waiting time to buy
Starting point is 01:47:49 a house and it's taking longer to do that. Then you have the feminist problem. All right, modern feminism. We saw the war of words that I had with Chelsea Handler about a year ago when she was advocating for being a boss babe and never having kids and then just thinking that you're going to be happy alone at 50 years old, couple cats and a vibrator good luck Chelsea but modern feminists working women and boss babe culture is taking over speaking of culture there's something called hookup culture and
Starting point is 01:48:15 there's also called baby mama culture I don't need no man Lyndon Baines Johnson married the state don't marry a man they'll pay for you your welfare Queen now baby girl good luck with that. This wait a minute slow down Who said this? Linda Baines Johnson from the Great Society what he talked about with I remember watching that yeah Adam were you paraphrasing or is there an article in that somewhere? I want to paraphrase right there, but we all know what's going on there, then there's abortions out there stop stop slow down I'm sure taking notes. Okay. I'm on fire
Starting point is 01:48:43 I'm loving this. Hang tight. So here's what we got. I'm tracking. Don't stop a train when it's on the track, man! Modern feminism. This is actually very helpful. So modern feminism, because sauce cast, these are the things you talk about. That's not our content.
Starting point is 01:48:55 So boss-babe culture. And then the other one you said marry the government. What did you say? Marry the government. Marry the state rather than your man. Marry the state, not a man. Okay, keep going. You talked about that with Linda Benjonson.
Starting point is 01:49:05 Yeah, this is great. You talked about the lack of men in society and that what you mean you've talked about this what it used to be 4% of all kids were born to a single parent. Now it's up to 40% and the darker your complexion, no offense, the less likelihood that your man's going to be in the house. If you're Hispanic, I think it's 60%. And if you're black, I think it's 70% that the father's not in the home, not in the home because they're encouraged to basically have fatherless homes.
Starting point is 01:49:34 It's going on. We've seen what happens with fatherless homes. You're more likely to do drugs. You're more likely to go to jail. You're most likely to drop out of school. You're most likely to have all these sorts of issues. Then you have the phone situation that, you know, you don't need to go play outside., you're most likely to have all these sorts of issues. Then you have the phone situation that, you know, you don't need to go play outside,
Starting point is 01:49:47 you don't know how to interact with others, just stay on your phone all day. So it's just a complete shit show what's going on in America right now. We talk about the great replacement theory that Tom's a big proponent of out there, but the great replacement theory is that people aren't having kids.
Starting point is 01:50:02 Now here's the catch, because I'm sure they'll say, Adam, you don't have any kids. The difference is I want to have a bunch of kids I'm just waiting to choose the right Wife and mother to the kids but I can do that in my 40s women if you actually choose to play the long game You're gonna have a very sad future because by the time you're 35 what is known as Basically you have trouble having a baby I forgot the name of the exact term after 35 you have trouble having a baby. I forgot the name of the exact term, but after 35 you have...
Starting point is 01:50:28 Well, Don Lemon said you're not in your prime anymore. Exactly. You're not in your prime. You have an issue having kids. I forget the name of the term. But when you're 40, it's basically very tough to have kids, especially if you want to have multiple. Good luck having one of those.
Starting point is 01:50:40 But for men and women, it's different. But women, this goes back to the decline in traditional values. Women have lost sight of what their superpower is. And that is motherhood. Yes, you can have a business. Yes, you can make money. Yes, you can work. But nobody, despite what certain people in the trans community can say, will tell you that men can have babies. Women are the ones that are having babies. And they need to remember that that is their superpower. And that's a remember that that is their superpower. And that's a lot of what Andrew Tate talks about when we had those conversations with him.
Starting point is 01:51:09 But people want to blaspheme him for having traditional values when women are the ones that have the babies as much as they're trying to push that men can have babies too. Like there's baby, men having baby emojis on your iPhone, but there's no family emojis. They took them out.
Starting point is 01:51:24 You took them out. You took them out. They took them out. And what about abortions? We didn't mention abortions. People have a baby because they're killing what, 73 million a year globally, or abortions? I think, is that an accurate number? Rob, how many abortions? If you had to guesstimate, Rob, how many abortions worldwide do humans do?
Starting point is 01:51:43 How many? 73 million average? That's one's one and then what about? Environmental concerns people that are like we're overpopulated. That's one of the reasons that they don't want to have baby. What is the worldwide? Oh, I'm sorry 100 each year 121 million abortions And then yeah, this translates to 73 million abortions per year 73 million human beings
Starting point is 01:52:07 Conversation by the way, it's geriatric pregnancy. What I was thinking. That's a 35 actually go through this Let's actually go through this because this is a very interesting topic here Rob tell me if this sounds Does this sound accurate? Okay. I just don't like manipulation and lies being told. The guy is going around saying something. I'll respond to him in a minute if Robbie can verify that on email. So let's go through it.
Starting point is 01:52:31 So why is fertility rates below? Abortion. Robbie, is there a chart to show how much abortion has increased over the years? Year over year abortions. If you can show year over year-year abortion, okay in America I have a feeling it's gonna go up. Yeah, it's year-over-abortion rate long-term Abortion just here or worldwide. I don't care whatever the number us is preferably what I want to see So what does that show you goes down comes up? So depending on who the president it goes up down. Okay fair
Starting point is 01:53:02 So abortion one, okay, and by the way you know what that impacts the most? So this was brought up was started Planned Parenthood by lady name Sing, what's her name? Sing, Margaret Singer. Which by the way she, there's been a lot of things that she said, the biggest thing Planned Parenthood has impacted is African-American babies. Yep. Tom, there's a word you use. What do you call it? I call abortion in America a genocide on African Americans.
Starting point is 01:53:33 14% of the population to 17% of the population, depending on what you're talking about, yet they've run 38 to 40% of the abortions. I happen to think that Barack Obama shouldn't have been the first black president, he probably should have been the second, and I think that there is an atrocity that's there that I could go deeper on, but that is a statistical fact. So let me continue. And Kanye talks about that, not that Kanye is making a lot of sense these days, but that is one thing that is accurate. Next, boomer generation is the largest generation since I think Millennials are
Starting point is 01:54:04 the only one that's close to them. 76 million kids born between 46 and 64. Obviously, they're not having babies anymore. Selfishness, we're thinking about ourselves. You got vaccines, you're saying, allegedly, maybe somebody can do the research on that. Values and principles declining, church going, declining testosterone, declining. Too much of, what do you call it? Porn. Porn, we said porn, but there was too much of a what do you call it porn porn
Starting point is 01:54:27 we said porn but it was too much this is an internet now it's social media okay too much social media which means we're spending too much time on the phone not interacting with others yes so husband and wives are in bed not talking to each other during the phone you're definitely not having sex for sure or singles are just in their home on the phone doing dating apps and not meeting up in real life. IRL. Porn being accessible, faith, modern feminism, okay, boss babe, marry the state, not a husband. So the other day I'm sitting on talking to a group of a couple that was sitting in front of me and the daughter sits right in front of me, tickles to my left, he's 12, she's 12, The daughter sits right in front of me, tickles to my left, he's 12, she's 12. They're sitting right here, they're 42, and the daughter's like, I want another sibling.
Starting point is 01:55:09 And they have two kids. I said, so why two? Why not more than two? She said, well, you know, we've talked about it, all this other stuff. I said, look, you guys make good money, you're good people, you're raising good values and principles. Why don't you go for three or four or five? And the husband actually was straight up, he says,
Starting point is 01:55:25 look, the worry is we got two healthy kids. I worry, what if the third one isn't? By the way, very valid concern, okay? Very valid concern on what could happen, especially when you're age and you're going through it, right? Okay, no problem. Yesterday I'm walking the dog's middle of the night. One of my neighbors pulls up, we start talking,
Starting point is 01:55:42 high-end lawyer, son of a guy. And I said, so what's going on? He says, we're expecting our second. I said, you gotta be kidding me. He said, no. I said, seriously, yeah. He says, I'm surprised myself because we didn't think it was possible. How? My wife's 48. No way. Yeah. She looks like she's 38. Okay, great. So he's 48. They're having their next baby. No problem. Good for them. There's a fear of having kids. There's a fear of we're not going to enjoy our life and it's going to be about me, me, me, me, me. This level of selfishness. If there is a way to rate the level of selfishness in America according to the book Power vs. Force, you would see America's become more of a selfish nation.
Starting point is 01:56:21 We all have. Everybody's thinking more about themselves. Let me tell you, do you know when you have kids, everything revolves around them. This weekend, Friday, I have to drive up to Palm Beach, I have to put him there, Jen has to take the kids to another birthday party on Saturday. Saturday morning, Dylan's got a soccer game. We have to be there at 7 15. Then he's got another soccer game at one o'clock, so there's a four hour break that there's nothing going on. Then after the soccer game, his sore, his legs hurt. Then I took these guys to go watch a movie. We watched a new Planet of the Ape Kingdom of the whatever it was. It was actually a very good movie. Then we go to dinner as a family. When we're going to dinner as a family, we eat at this place, Butcher's something.
Starting point is 01:57:00 Is it Butcher's Club? I think it's at... What city? Butcher's, Palm Beach. Type in Butchers Club restaurant, Rob. Just any Google, anything. Butchers Club, Palm Beach, okay? Food was awesome. A little slow, because typically when you go to a place with four kids, you would hope they kind of move
Starting point is 01:57:17 a little faster. But we saw a bunch of nice people. Waiter was very nice. They were good people. Food was ridiculous. Look at that, that was truffle. Ridiculous. So it's taking so long that I'm like, Jen, I can't have Brooklyn being here.
Starting point is 01:57:29 She's climbing on my back. We walk out. I walk out, kids start racing. One of the kids racing, they come back, and finally we're walking back. Brooklyn trips on her own foot and hits her head on the edge of a door. Like imagine a metal door. At a restaurant it splits her back of the head there's I put my hand on the back there's literally blood all over
Starting point is 01:57:53 me blood all over her dress the kids start panicking all of them of course it's your sister baby sister Dylan Tico Sena don't know how to react we call the ambulance we call the cops they come out we go to the ER She gets three stitches in her head. Okay, and That's Friday. That's Saturday night Then we get up Dylan has a soccer game in the morning and we have to pack then we have to come back Dylan has a football game In the afternoon, so we go to the football game. It's literally a hundred degrees. Then we come back home
Starting point is 01:58:21 They got a celebrating grace a 16th birthday, future Supreme Court justice. So we're celebrating that. And then, you know, and from there we go and just, and there is no weekend. There is no weekend. There's no chance to do what you want to do with you. There's no date. There's none of this stuff. You're not taking a nap.
Starting point is 01:58:41 And guess what? Of course you don't have, but guess what? 10 out of 10 times I do it all over again for sure ten out of ten times You know why cuz you're you're seeing something grow when Tom comes up to me He says hey Pat just want to give you my dates in advance this date this date this date I said what is it these dates? I'm gonna go with Bailey to look at these schools because this and I'm gonna go through the interview Tom lights up Tom's a whole different human being when his girls are around him He's not the same guy
Starting point is 01:59:05 Whenever you see Tom look at Tom when his girls are around him you've been around him when Christmas were at Aspen Yeah, Tom's not the same man when his kids are around him He's a different man when his kids are around you just can't explain it, right? I think we have sold this Selfish society of not having kids we have sold faith is a bad thing We have sold live for you not for others We have sold not having kids because they own you and there's so we have sold so many different things and people Gradually are buying into it, but I'm telling you one of the greatest risks You'll ever take in life if God blesses you is to kids. If you're teaching the right values and principles, you make money, you're able to make it work, have as many
Starting point is 01:59:49 kids as possible. There is risk to it. I'm not telling you it's going to be all perfect and dandy. There's a scary part. It's valid. You ought to be scared. You ought to be concerned. You ought to be doing the due diligence on all the vaccines kids should be taking, not be taking. You ought to be concerned about what things you're not comfortable with, how to raise your kids, private schools, public. all of these are valid, valid concerns. But the opposite side, like, it's telling this couple, I'm like, guys, you have to realize life doesn't make sense to me without Brooklyn. Life doesn't make sense to me without Brooklyn. I can't explain life without Brooklyn. If I don't meet Brooklyn, life doesn't make any sense to me. So this idea, when you're
Starting point is 02:00:22 seeing stuff like this, there's the logical argument, there's the divisive argument of the depopulation community, and then there's the argument of, look man, one of the greatest blessings you'll have is if you can experience, everybody's experienced what it is to love a mom, because if you're born, your mom gave birth to you. Love of mom is different. If you can experience love of a father is different. Love of a sibling, different. Love of a best friend, community, different. Love of your job, trade, different. Love of God, different. Love of your trade industry, different.
Starting point is 02:00:55 Love of your country, different. Love of a child, I'm telling you, it's so unique. It's so tough to describe. Look at the way Brooklyn sees you as she runs up to you. it's so unique. It's so tough to describe. Look at the way Brooklyn sees you, how she runs up to you. Imagine that's yours. It is so difficult to explain, but when you have it,
Starting point is 02:01:14 you know exactly what I'm talking about. I just don't know if we're selling this. I don't think the people that have kids and are enjoying it, I think they're selling too much of the drama and how hard it is and all this stuff, and they're not selling all the other good Stuff I'm all for it, but I also understand a risk aspect. I'm not gonna sit there and say there's not a risk to it
Starting point is 02:01:30 I get it, but I'm just telling you it's a risk. We're taking Yeah, well, I sent you something on your phone because you are making a difference and when you read it I'll tell you the story right there, but you're absolutely right. Everything in life comes to risk and reward But there's another R in the risk and reward situation. You crying? No, no, no. I'm making you emotional. I know, Pat. He's playing the whole my eyes are it's not. Yeah, but there's another R in the risk reward thing and that is regret and what you get to the beautiful thing in life is that you get to choose your regrets. I've heard Chris Williamson talk about this before, but you can choose your regrets. I will never forget PBD, it was Thanksgiving 2020,
Starting point is 02:02:10 we were at your house in Dallas and you and Jen made that announcement, right? Yeah. And I won't go into all the details, but long story short, you have Brooklyn here. But you guys took the risk to have the fourth child, made two boys, two girls. I know you talk about you'd have a hundred more if you could. But I'll never forget that Thanksgiving dinner. The table was crying. Oh my God, this is crazy.
Starting point is 02:02:37 It's bad. Another kid. Oh my God. And then a month later we moved to Florida. Boom. It was all good from there. But I'll circle back to there is a difference between men and women. And I'll use an analogy. You know, I always encourage men to take your time, because women get their shine on the front end, where men, it takes a lot more time to basically become a man of status. And sometimes it's gonna take you into your 30s or 40s to become that man. And I encourage men when it comes to dating, test drive as many cars as possible, just to see what the final car that you want to buy.
Starting point is 02:03:10 If women test drive too many cars, they're known as high mileage vehicles, and they have too many tread on their tires, and nobody wants to use car. But with a man, if they actually get a lot of practice like Vinny's doing, he's no longer just a used vehicle, he becomes a classic muscle car. So it is different. And when I talked about geriatric pregnancy after that, after 35 and 40, women can't have kids. Men, we take some time, like a good pasta sauce takes some time to basically become our own. In our 40s, I mean, there's a reason why men are called silver foxes, but nobody's like, Oh, look at that hot chick with gray hair. It's not a thing.
Starting point is 02:03:50 George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio. It's a little bit different. Tom Ellsworth, all major studs that are out there that basically take time. Tom, you didn't get married and have kids until your 40s. Correct? That's right. Okay. And how old was Kim when you had your first kid?
Starting point is 02:04:06 I'm not allowed to say that publicly. But way younger than you because you all kicked your car. Good for you. Yep. Well, all I'm saying is there's a difference between age between men and women and women at least need to acknowledge that that you could be equal, but different men and women are different. So we should have like a national everybody get out there find somebody like and hook up they just to save humanity I mean rock the boat rock the rock the boat the cradle so hate that I say this but by your definition of over 35 we had to geriatric geriatric pregnancy let's go Kim 36 and 41 yeah so there's there's some important things in life this is one of them if you're watching this and you stepped away from you change
Starting point is 02:04:46 This guy's life right here. I don't know if you saw that we had a conversation Let me see this and cuz Pat has been going out there telling people have more kids have more kids If you have money have more kids I won't say his name because I don't put out there but we were sitting at your house at lunch Two guys with the same name and this guy Having a kid and what's the last thing he said? Let me see this here. Let Pat know he played a role in this because you were like, have more kids. And he sent me this message.
Starting point is 02:05:12 This is who I think it is? With the skate... Oh wow, crazy. His friend. His friend. But that's something that you did. Congratulations to them. Well, listen, I mean, God does it and then you do the work. Others, if they can encourage you to want to risk having kids and being gifted by God, it'll be the greatest.
Starting point is 02:05:30 Think about the greatest gift you ever got. Nothing even comes close. This is a very unique situation here. Okay. All right. So, Vinny, last thing with you. You have something you want to share with us. Tell us what's going on with what you found out with Moderna and AstraZeneca so people
Starting point is 02:05:43 can do their own research. Okay. SoZeneca so people can do their own research. Okay, so for people that want to do their own research, well Moderna, first and foremost, they stopped their new mRNA vaccine trials after a high rate of side effects puzzling skin. That's just Moderna, that's their new mRNA-1 HIV vaccine. So it's just, you know, they're having problems over there. Second, AstraZeneca is withdrawing its COVID-19 vaccine worldwide, months after the pharma giant admitted the drug could cause very rare, but life-threatening injuries.
Starting point is 02:06:13 The British, Swedish drug maker also withdrew its EU marketing authorization for the vaccine branded Vaxxveria. Since 2021, the authorization is the approval to market a drug. EU's member states, the withdrawal was due to, they said, a surplus of available updated vaccines against new variants of the novel coronavirus. The application to withdraw the vaccine from the EU was made on March 5th and came into effect a couple of days ago on May 7th. As multiple variant COVID-19 vaccines have since been developed, there's a surplus. They're basically saying everybody's making vaccines. There's a surplus. They're basically saying everybody's making vaccines. There's so many of them. We're going to step, we're going
Starting point is 02:06:49 to step back. But in the same voice, they said, in the same, same breath, they said they admitted that the vaccine initially called Covishield could cause very rare side effects like blood clots and low blood platelets counts the telegraph reported this so it's just you know in this in this room with all this stuff that they're you know with all the vaccine stuff and Then I sent him this uh, there's a bird flu and not to be the fear-mongering guy I just I read between the lines. I watch a lot of content and I want to see you know what because you know Fauci and I'm not fudge. I'm sorry Bill Gates and you know, who's the who's the cloud Schwab? They're always warning I keep hearing pandemic number two pandemic number two. These are just little things you guys have to be aware of I sent Rob the video this guy's name is dr
Starting point is 02:07:37 Jeremy Farrar chief scientist at the WHO which by the way, the WHO is having their pandemic treaty meeting It's coming up for two weeks at the end of this month Tom. This is the world the World Health Organization Yeah, the not the band the who warning us about bird flu h5n1 The virus can jump from cows to humans and spread from human to human and the mortality rate is extraordinarily high Please guys don't take this as a oh, they're just trying to scare us No, they're putting the information out there just like when Christopher Wray warns of something bad happening, take their word. There's 70 potential cases reported in Colorado and this guy hints at another vaccine and the virus affecting cows, think about it,
Starting point is 02:08:16 we'll hit two targets. This is my opinion. It'll reduce meat consumption, which that's all they're saying and then pushing another jab. I have the video of Dr. Jeremy Farrar our chief scientist at the WHO no not this one Rob the one that I sent you it's the chief nope not that that guy right there let's reduce his beef consumption so all the cows get sick because the thing about it that's because we're not stopping the meat eating you know they keep saying eat bugs and shit none of us are gonna do it I'm nobody's gonna get between me and my freaking have some meat in some
Starting point is 02:08:47 bugs in Oaxaca Mexico how did it taste it was actually very crunchy and it was me and Mario Mario this was back in the days when Mario was still testing it all the tequilas around the world got you seven eight years ago so he tried mezcal and he put bugs in there no we ate the box so we were you know but this was a Mexican traditional box but going back to your point to this eating bug stuff lowers your testosterone you're not give me yeah yeah I'm not doing it but um but yeah Tom so think about this they've they're they were telling us don't eat me Bill Gates and all these guys they're buying up all this farmland
Starting point is 02:09:20 on purpose what's this so and so this is them they're saying it this is the who Jeremy for our talking warning us about the bird flu and just just pay pay close on purpose. And so this is them, they're saying, this is the WHO, Jeremy Farrar, talking, warning us about the bird flu, and just just pay pay close attention to what he's saying. The virus now evolves and develops the ability to infect humans and then critically the ability to go from human to human transmission. And we know that in the rare cases, I think off the top of my head, four or five hundred cases so far of humans, the mortality rate is extraordinarily high. So to me, this is a major concern. The current outbreak, for want of a better word, in America amongst cows is really concerning as well, and also
Starting point is 02:09:57 talks to this issue of transmission. We have to understand in those cow settings, sheds, how H5M1 is transmitting because it may be learning, not learning, evolving into transmitting in different ways. This is a huge concern and I think we have to watch more than watch. We have to make sure if H5M1 did come across to humans with human-human transmission that we were in a position to immediately respond with access equitably to vaccines, therapeutics and diabetics. Ready for this? So giving you a heads up. Just by the way, for the WHO, he's the chief scientist is warning us and I waited for the
Starting point is 02:10:37 end, and we just have everything and a vaccine ready to go. As if, and this is the one thing that really, really bothers me. When it comes to these pharmaceutical companies that are making this time. I know that you know this there needs to be some liability Okay, besides the fact because I know Pat you said that they shouldn't be able to give money to any To donate any money to any campaigns or any accountability Accountability because the majority of these companies have immunity and there's also the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986. That's a federal law that reduces the potential financial liability of vaccine manufacturers due to vaccine injury claims. So if you can make this thing, the problem comes up, you make this thing, you know what I mean? And there's no fault for any
Starting point is 02:11:22 of the side effects. I think that there should be something put in place. There has to be some liability, some accountability for these people. Don't you think? There's a couple things there that you say, and I agree with you. We're hearing things that these people are saying, and we're not drawing conclusions or writing research paper here. We're saying, is this guy saying that the cows could get sick and we may all need another vaccine?
Starting point is 02:11:44 That's what he's saying. Is he saying the mortality rate is high and they're worried about it? Oh my gosh. It almost kind of sounds like the first little rumor and then we learn Wuhan, what's Wuhan? Well, it's a city in China. You remember that? You started learning all these old things. It really kind of raises your suspicions a little bit when you hear things like that.
Starting point is 02:12:03 And Rob, you put up the one with Bill Gates. It's not as if these people aren't telling us they're warning you, they're giving you a heads up. Can you go to the Bill Gates one, Robbie? This is Bill Gates. Look at what he says. I had predicted there was a risk of a pandemic and sadly, you know, that came true. He's a psychic we're past that now we need to get people working together in partnership and Taking innovation and applying it to help the very poorest in the world He looks what was this when is this I think this is recently because he looks rough But he's saying like he predicted it. He warned us He told us when the WHO is telling you guys there's a bird flu
Starting point is 02:12:46 It's in cows it could jump from human and then we could we can spread it I think people should start paying attention and then Rob I send you the you said the camel one It's I mean this is totally all subject, but it's happening everywhere, too There's another one look at the camera, but this is a camel Outbreak fears is camel flu with 35% fatality rate kills one and affects two more. Rob, can you scroll down? Look at that camel. Look how pissed off his face is. Go down. Look at that guy. He knows he's sick. He knows. He does not want to get a shot. That's what he thinks. So the pathogen known as Middle East Respiratory
Starting point is 02:13:20 Syndrome, MERS, typically comes from camels, which is why it's often dubbed camel flu. The previous outbreaks were traced back to people working close with contacts with the animals or their raw milk. There's a handful of cases right now from human to human. So I'm just saying, it's slowly happening and this is election year, so a lot of craziness is gonna be happening.
Starting point is 02:13:39 The fact that, again, we're talking about it and the audience gets to make a decision for themselves and do your research is the key. That's it is. But yeah what I'm interested in This is why we're hosting the debate and the discussion with Dave Smith and Chris Cuomo And by the way while I'm posting is somebody just text me saying Tim pull just said so if you can pull this up Rob, which is kind of I don't know what Tim is going through and if he is he is trying to find a way to create beef for himself, I don't know what it is.
Starting point is 02:14:11 We don't process a lot of how Tim is processing this. A guy commented, said, take notes Tim Cass, when you're fans back by having and hosting the important debates, he responds, actually I was asked to do the debate and turned them down. First of all, we never asked you to do this debate last week. We spoke to you on March 25th, which was when you called us out for having Chris Cuomo being one of our talent that's gonna be doing podcasts and different shows with us. You were not happy. You said it was, what was his words? He says something effing dumbest, effing decision ever. He said something like that, if I recall.
Starting point is 02:14:49 He didn't have nice words. No, no, but by the way, totally fine. I think he's actually a very talented guy and he does good work. He does very good. He's actually a very smart guy. We've had him on before. But Tim, I just put this on Twitter and I said the following. I said, hey, question mark, if you want to pull up my tweet, Rob, because, and I got Rob right here who spoke to Vanessa, your person, go to my last tweet.
Starting point is 02:15:13 I said, actually turned it down, question mark. Our team and your team spoke on March 25th. Your book has said you wanted us to fly you down in a private jet. No one's ever asked that, which was kind of a strange request, especially after I attended your paid event in Miami. You asked me to do, and I asked you for nothing. It was a favor. So it's kind of weird to say, I come to your event with Matt Gaetz and others, and it was
Starting point is 02:15:36 free and you paid, you made money that night, and we ask you to come and have a conversation after you say it's the worst effing decision and you say this. So let me know if you want me to share the email exchange. you to come and have a conversation after you say it's the worst f-ing decision and you say this. So let me know if you want me to share the email exchange. And Rob, I think you communicated, so you want to kind of give any commentary on this. Well, we did. We tried. It's difficult to figure out the first class jet issue.
Starting point is 02:15:55 We weren't looking. That's not in the budget for the event that we had. So what we offered was what we normally offer, round trip accommodations, a business or first class flight, a hotel when they said that they needed the private jet we offered to do the podcast on a different day and time so that he could fly down on a commercial plane but still keep his recording schedule and come work with us and do the podcast and they continue to insist after multiple times that they just wanted the private jet so that was the negotiating
Starting point is 02:16:24 well he does live in a city that's not located near a big airport. I mean literally I think he's somewhere out in West Virginia. Tim, I'll say a bunch of nice things and maybe something you should look into. Smart, opinionated, gets views, very capable, but book recommendation, maybe you read How to Win Friends and Influence People because there's better ways to navigate relationships. This is not how to win friends and influence people. This is called lying. There's a difference because how to win friends and influence people you could take a different
Starting point is 02:16:55 approach. Here he says what? What? Scroll down Rob? Go scroll down Rob. I offered it. He said I turned it down. You never did.
Starting point is 02:17:04 You asked for a private, so don't lie Tim Just say that you wanted us to pay for private jet And of course we're not gonna pay for private jet if you wanted to have the conversation you'll have the conversation anyways folks This is getting spicy a lot of people want to see this conversation with Dave submitted Chris Cuomo if you are with Dave Smith and Chris Cuomo. If you are wanting to see this live, May 31st, 6 to 9 PM, go to 5990live.com again, go to 5990live.com, get a ticket, come down to the show, and then afterwards we'll have a cigar or two with you, with Dave and Chris, at our cigar lounge, and it's great because it's on Friday night. It's going to be great for people to hang out. I don't know how long we'll leave the cigar lounge open, but it'd be great conversation the crew will be there
Starting point is 02:17:47 You'll see Tom Vinnie and Adam everybody else will be there as well Rob we don't have a podcast all week this week right because I'm out of town But we will get back at it again next week Just because I'm out of town doesn't mean he's not doing a podcast later on today And it doesn't mean unusual is not doing a podcast today This week and doesn't mean that Tom's not doing other things this week so make sure you go check him out and Rob put up the Manect if you could at the end last but not least remember Candice is officially on Manect welcome her send her a Manect and say Candice it's great to have you on Take care everybody, God bless, bye bye bye bye.

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