Tetragrammaton with Rick Rubin - Patricia Sun

Episode Date: February 21, 2024

Patricia Sun is a pioneering thinker, philosopher, teacher, speaker, and world-renowned astrologer. With over 45 years of experience, she has addressed audiences worldwide on topics ranging from famil...y dynamics to global peace. Patricia has engaged with over a third of a million people through workshops, keynotes, and media appearances across 40 countries. She holds degrees in Psychology and Conservation & Natural Resources From the University of California, Berkeley. Patricia's expertise lies in fostering interpersonal relationships and fostering creative solutions by reshaping thought patterns and perceptions. ------ Thank you to the sponsors that fuel our podcast and our team: LMNT Electrolytes https://drinklmnt.com/tetra ------ Squarespace https://squarespace.com/tetra ------ House of Macadamias https://www.houseofmacadamias.com/tetra

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Starting point is 00:00:00 Tetragrammaton And I don't like fame. I never did like fame. I always thought it was kind of an insanity, and I just avoided it at all costs. And as soon as I started to get famous, there was a period of a couple months I was on the cover of four magazines, and it freaked me out, you know.
Starting point is 00:00:38 It's strange. It's very strange. It's strange. It's not natural. It's not natural. Well, what it is, it's old-style thinking substituting success and connection with an appearance. You know, Linda Evans is a very dear friend of mine,
Starting point is 00:00:55 and we used to travel a lot together to do things, and mostly her work and sometimes mine. And I used to think the way fans treated her, you know, it's supposed to be, they just loved her. You know, I had this terrible vision. It's like, people are going to like lift up your skirt and see who's there. I mean, the whole thing was insane. And I thought, I don't like this. I don't know what this is, but I don't like it. And she was so gracious with it. She never looked down on anybody. She was grateful to everyone. She was well known in the whole industry of having no enemies.
Starting point is 00:01:34 Always kind to everyone. It's one of the reasons I loved her so much. Many signs in Scorpio. Very Scorpio person. But she really was a kind and committed to it, even when she didn't feel kind. She was committed. That was an overriding. Maybe it was a defense.
Starting point is 00:01:53 God knows. It's an awfully good one because it cultivated goodness. You started as an academic, didn't you? Oh, definitely. Interestingly, I went to Berkeley. I got two degrees in three and a half years. I got all As, except for two things, one in philosophy, one in psychology. But when I was at Berkeley, people would say, you know, students, what sign are you? I thought, what is this, the Middle Ages? This is when the astrology boom happened in the 60s?
Starting point is 00:02:26 It started. It was not quite a boom. It's more a boom now than it was then. But yes, it was. But the one good thing about the way I think is I realized I didn't even know about astrology. But you doubted it to start. I doubted it, and I threw it away. I just thought, what's wrong with these people?
Starting point is 00:02:44 This is the Middle Ages. This is not real. But one of the biggest sillinesses we can do is decide something can't be and bias our investigation against it because we've decided it can't be. That's one of the biggest futilities you can do. So anyway, I realized that and I thought, well, there was a course offered, a student course in Australia. I thought, well, there was a course offered, a student course in Australian. I thought, well, I'll take the course, and I'll learn how to do it. Then I can prove to people, and I can explain to people how it doesn't work.
Starting point is 00:03:11 And now I don't really know what I'm talking about. So you set out to disprove it. Yes, I did. I was sure that that was going to happen. Well, I was only in about three sessions, and I think about the second session of the class, they used my chart as one of the examples. And it's almost like I had little explosions go on in my brain. It was almost as though some part of my DNA knew all about this, and I had just blocked it. And it was just popping open. And I ended up doing about 2,000 charts and it's a language and it's a complex language with much nuance that interweaves like a tapestry to make new
Starting point is 00:03:51 colors to create new energy to show new possibilities and so it's not simple it's it's a complex thing you can make it fairly simple and get a lot out of it but if you really get into it it, it's the universe talking to us. So that's what got me into astrology. And in trying to prove it wrong, I was astounded to see, my God, this is real. How could it be? Even though I was using it, I saw it worked. I kept testing it and testing and testing. It kept working and working and being more and more amazing. A part of me kept saying, can't be, how can it be, can't be. And I remember I ran into Carl Sagan very briefly when I was at Berkeley,
Starting point is 00:04:29 and we just talked very briefly. And I wanted to bring up about astrology, and I got a total, do not mention it, you will think you're crazy. Now, he was a brilliant mind, did wonderful things, the cosmos was fantastic, and I think he's a Scorpio, did wonderful things. The cosmos was fantastic.
Starting point is 00:04:46 And I think he's a Scorpio too. But I find out when somebody's a very strong doubter, they really are believers that don't want to believe it. They're defending themselves against succumbing. Because it's too scary. It's too much. It's too scary. It's too much.
Starting point is 00:05:03 Because it's not really understandable. It's invalidating too It's too much. It's too scary. It's too much. This is just not really understandable. And it's invalidating too much of your reality. So that's why I'm very gentle with people all the time. It's my nature anyway. So I got these degrees, one in conservation and natural resources, and the other was in sociology with a psychology major. And I was doing family counseling at the Berkeley Mental Health Clinic. But right at the end of my going to Berkeley, I opened. Explain that.
Starting point is 00:05:31 Yeah, it's a very deep thing. So I started reading people. One of the things about reading for me, it's so natural, I hardly knew I was doing it. And some of my fellow therapists, counselors at the clinic would get upset with me because we used to have these meetings where we'd bring up cases we had, maybe we had some difficulties. And I remember this one guy wrote something in, I'm very attuned to sexual abuse, I can tell. One because it happened to me when, not horribly, but enough just to feel the ugh about it and the inhibiting fear that it was.
Starting point is 00:06:13 So anyway, this thing that I had as an extra sense became extra sensitive too because I knew what it felt like and where it came from because I analyzed it in myself and my own family. I would say something. I said to this one fellow, he had a family and the father and the mother and the kids. And I said, you know, you might check out, I think the father might be molesting the daughter and I think there's something going on you should question well it freaked him out everybody said I was rather where do you
Starting point is 00:06:50 get that you know just I didn't really know them they didn't actually even say much about them I just got this strong feeling and the next time we had a meeting he was so angry with me he said how do you know you know that? I want to know how you know that. You know, because it turned out to be true and it was a big breakthrough for them, but he didn't like it because it scared him. How could you know? And not only the, there's a secret thing too,
Starting point is 00:07:19 and even therapists can be very codependent sometimes. They're human, everybody's human. So anyway. That's a key point that They're human. Everybody's human. So anyway. That's a key point, that everyone's human. That's right. Exactly. It really is. It's key to the whole thing.
Starting point is 00:07:32 It's not only is everybody human. It's part of the work. It's part of the job. You can be the greatest insightful person that ever lived. You will still have some thread of something you have to work on. And it will unfold over time as you allow yourself to see more, or people will come into your life and allow you to see more. Because really, people, and I include myself in this, who are very insightful from the time of being very, very young. It is so easy for me to cover my tracks
Starting point is 00:08:06 because I could see what everybody was doing. I could read their minds. I really did. When I was two years old, I remember my mother scolding me about something. And I started listening to her. And I saw like a cartoon bubble over her head how she saw the event.
Starting point is 00:08:23 And I remember thinking... You could see her thoughts, basically. Yeah- You could see her thoughts, basically. Yeah, I could see her thoughts, yeah. And I could see it and I thought, well, you know, she just doesn't see it how I see it. And I thought, I think that's something you forget as you get older. I was like two.
Starting point is 00:08:39 And I remember thinking, I think you forget this. I want to be sure to remember this. That's why I remember it so vividly. I really anchored it in my mind because I think when you get older, you forget this. And it's a very valuable thing that you read my mind and I read your mind. Didn't exactly call it that, but you hit it right away. And all my life I've read people's minds and people have read mine. I'm a very good sender.
Starting point is 00:09:04 That's what was the essence of all my workshops I've read people's minds and people have read mine. I'm a very good sender. That's what was the essence of all my workshops that I did. I did thousands, you know, in 40 countries over 15 years. It just, it was a telepathic back and forth. And I was sending the freedom of not being a dualistic thinker, not being stuck, loving unconditionally for the joy of it. There was no reason not to. And I remember one time, Hitler always would come up whenever I would start talking about loving unconditionally. And I had so many experiences and I said, well, imagine, I remember this one, I was at a talk, big thing in New York and Ramdafs was the speaker, I was a speaker, and most of the
Starting point is 00:09:46 audience, I believe, was probably Jewish. And I was talking about that if we keep hating, we keep promulgating the problem. And that forgiveness doesn't mean you agree, it means you're not stuck being caught in the match. You are bigger than the match. You're filled with love and compassion. So you become a frequency of undoing the match. You don't become a co-creator back into fighting and blaming and blah, blah, blah. So anyway, when I said something about we even have to forgive Hitler.
Starting point is 00:10:25 Because it's what always came up. And these two ladies in the front row, so close to me like you are, and I could hear what they were saying. And this one lady said, I will never, ever forgive Hitler. And the other lady said, never say never. It was so sweet. And I said to the woman who said never forgiven, I said, well, what if you could imagine Hitler when he was three months old and he had an alcoholic, abusive father,
Starting point is 00:10:54 a mentally ill mother, and what he was going to experience was going to turn him into the person unable to defend himself from being the crazy person he became. What if you could send him so much love, you'd inoculate him, you would protect him from that life? Because many people have terrible upbringings, but somewhere they get love, either from their own soul or from someone else or from God itself. Anyway, and as soon as I said that, I said, would you forgive him? And she said, yes. So it took 20 seconds almost from never, never, never to yes. And that's the realization of where we're going. And interestingly, at that same conference, I always gave hugs afterwards.
Starting point is 00:11:43 And I've given so many thousands and thousands and thousands of hugs. But this one lady, sweet little white-haired lady, she came up and she gave me a hug, and she whispered in my ear, and she said, Thank you, dear, for saying and teaching what you're teaching. It saved my life. And she pulled up her sleeve, and she had the numbers tattooed on her arm. So it just says, this is it. We all have it. We all can find it. But we all
Starting point is 00:12:17 need to allow the compassion to empathize. It's very hard sometimes to empathize. It's very painful. But it's also tremendously liberating because it like flushes out the picture. The whole thing explodes to be a much bigger version because either or in black and white, it's simpler, the brain and survival defenses like yes or no, fight, flight, or freeze. We got to decide quick, we're going to have to live. So we have a lot of that programming in our old style thinking. And it's programmed in at a survival level of trauma
Starting point is 00:12:58 and so hard to give up. And we have many defenses who are extremely clever. In fact, the smarter you are, the better you can really defend yourself from transformation. Unless you decide it's worth surrendering to heaven, to surrender to the source. You have to surrender to the higher order. me to religion because religion, dogma, whether it's in academics or medicine or politics or anything human, that could be good. If it's dogma and it's old style thinking, it's going to be corrupt and it's going to cause harm. Religion is just the same. And all the
Starting point is 00:13:41 great religions of the world come from a true source, and they're all true, and they've all got something so valuable to teach. But they're full of dogmatic organization that's full of, and doesn't do it. And especially Christianity, which is one of the highest frequencies because it is all about love. And that is the one thing, you know, Buddha came first, 500 years later, there was a Silk Road, went through Jerusalem. I'm sure young Jesus heard a lot of Buddhist philosophy as he was growing up, but his soul was open to everything about it
Starting point is 00:14:17 so he could manifest it in a culture that was very attached to black and white because of survival issues and still is. The fact that very few Christians manage to even think about what Jesus taught and live it is so shocking to me. I don't know how they can't hear the hypocrisy. And it's sort of like America doesn't even, many people in America don't even know what democracy is. Oh, that's the word, you know, that's the word. They don't know what it means. It means you get to have your truth, I get to have mine. And we take it as a conscientious effort to share with each other
Starting point is 00:14:53 my concern and your concern so we can see what we can create. And that we don't worry about that. We let the assimilation that occurs to create a something that will be better than any other kind of fighting and If it's something not good in that that we create we get the next chance To look at what wasn't good and to do it again and that is organic growth That is how it happens So democracy is a sacred thing and it's very important and it's part of the evolutionary leap that I think we're all in the midst of. Can you walk me through how astrology works? Like, talk to me about the planets.
Starting point is 00:15:32 You will really understand this because you energetically already, whether you do it through music and listening to people, or you call it your creative receptivity, you're already tuned to source as a kind of thing to trust. And not exactly that it's infallible, but in a way it is, that if it's not one thing, it'll be another thing, and you are open to that. Well, what I finally decided what astrology was for me, it was the language of the heavens through a filter of our metaphorical minds, our archetypal mind.
Starting point is 00:16:16 So I have a question. If you have five different skilled astrologers who look at the same chart, how much of their readings will be related? skilled astrologers who look at the same chart, how much of their readings will be related? Well, the one thing I used to always say, you'll get as good a reading as the astrologer is conscious because a person can only kind of perceive into the depths of what they already can do. So some astrologers definitely are better
Starting point is 00:16:43 than other astrologers. There's a lady named Molly McCord, who I love, has a podcast. Great. And there's an English woman, Pam Gregory. Great. And another fellow, Adam Ellenbos. They all, from my point of view, come from that frequency place. And they learn their astrology by feeling it through people. So to answer your question, most astrologers, you'll get pretty good similarities. good similarities. The only thing is there's the accepted version of, say, what Taurus is, what Leo is, Pisces is, or what this house stands for. Those are fairly consistent, and they have evolved into a kind of collective assimilation that even somebody who's not maybe as enlightened as we might hope,
Starting point is 00:17:52 who has studied it, will come up with pretty much the same things. But the difference is, one of the things that makes a big difference is when you look at a chart, it's a map of the heavens. This one, yeah, is a map of the heavens. And as you can see, there's lots of parts. And different people, different things will stand out to them, things they're familiar with, things they've seen in other people, things they have in their own chart, things they know is really important. Even to this day, there's some things I won't see something because it's not really in my realm. But I am so overwhelmed with so much that I do see that I usually am offering tremendously valuable information just by what I do see.
Starting point is 00:18:33 But I do know I don't see it all. And that almost maybe nobody could in a way. But some people are definitely better than others. And some people are better than others for you. Some people are definitely better than others. And some people are better than others for you. Some astrologers... But if you compared notes with another master astrologer, and you look at the same chart and have a discussion about it,
Starting point is 00:18:56 would you generally agree about a lot of things? Yes, you would. You would. And in fact, there's a podcast called The Podcast, I think, that he brings in other astrologers, and they talk about what's going on and occasionally different people and so on. And they kind of brainstorm together and they each bring out different pieces. They have a sort of presentation of what they think it might be. They refer to famous astrologers, well-acknowledged astrologers,
Starting point is 00:19:24 and things about what's going on. So it almost is a proof. The thing that's different about astrology that the linear-minded consciousness doesn't like is it's metaphorical. It isn't linear. And so it's talking about an archetype. isn't linear. And so it's talking about an archetype. And there may be 10 different ways that archetype can manifest, one in you, one in somebody else, two in you, that seem even contradictory. I got a lot of contradictory parts of my chart, but that's what makes me valuable, is because I see a lot of sides to things, because it's in me already. And one of the things I learned about psychology from astrology,
Starting point is 00:20:06 and we should talk about Carl Jung, who was a very famous astrologer, psychologist. I didn't realize he was an astrologer. All his work was really based on astrology, personality type. And my favorite professor, my only really loved professor in psychology at Berkeley, I used to say at Berkeley they don't believe in love because you can't measure it. You know, I was like, well, I just, it killed me on academic psychology.
Starting point is 00:20:34 I just didn't want to have anything to do personality assessment of people who would be tolerant and able and resourceful in being good spies, basically. And of course, it turned into the CIA, which is very different than what he did. And this happens a lot in government and in religion and many human organizations. Start out with some great, insightful person or thing, awesome, but it soon gets corrupted. And this comes to a question you've already asked, that why does this keep happening? Why do we keep subverting religion and politics and... Education, everything.
Starting point is 00:21:19 Well, it is. Everything, absolutely. And I realize what it is. It's what the universe... We are here to be the creative energy engines. That's our job. So like Buckminster Fuller used to say, when you're good at solving problems, God gives you lots of them and gives you big ones because you're good at it. That's what we're supposed to be doing. Instead of thinking, oh, I got this and that didn't happen. That's what we're supposed to be doing. Instead of thinking, oh, I got this and that didn't, I shouldn't have happened. No, no, no, no, no.
Starting point is 00:21:49 We're built for this. We're built for it. It's our purpose. It's our meaning. It's the meaning of life because channeling love is your quick out on anything. That's why Jesus was so important. Buddha too was compassion, but Jesus hit it right in the head. Love your enemy, because if you love your enemy, you don't have one anymore. Somebody you love who doesn't like you, if you keep loving them, they'll either start liking you or they'll disappear out of your life because they can't stand it. They can't be around somebody who's loving them who they want to not love because they're talking about themselves and they're not loving themselves
Starting point is 00:22:28 and you're representing that. So you can't have one person in a fight or in an argument. No, that's right. That's right. And that's the secret of the universe. I called it, and I think in a way I learned this from astrology too, I called it matching energy. Whatever I'm feeling about you, no matter what I say, I'm sending it and you're getting it. And if I think you're a jerk inside, no matter how much I flatter you or whatever I say, you're going to think, God, she's a bit of a jerk. You're going to match energy. If I love you and think you're fantastic, even if I don't agree with you or blah, blah, blah, you're going to love me back because I love you so unconditionally. It's irresistible. And so this is what's good about
Starting point is 00:23:12 a power, a creative out. It's that we all have that we can always use under any circumstances. I've been in circumstances where there's like war going on, people with guns, dangerous situations, and I just become a beam of light and I can walk right through it. Nothing happens to me. Nothing happens. People either will see you and defer or they won't see you and defer, or they won't see you and they'll just go away from you. And I've had it happen too many times. You know, I had it happen in Mexico, I had it happen in Spain. So I've learned there's really nothing to fear. And if someone's going to kill me, well, then it was time for me to go. And I say, farewell.
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Starting point is 00:25:50 or are there other elements? Oh, yeah, there's a lot of other elements. It is the position of the planets, but where they are is the other element. So how you categorize where they are, and where they are in conjunction to each other as well as where they are... Yeah, there's a number of different kinds of aspects they can have, and each aspect represents a different kind of energy.
Starting point is 00:26:15 Very interestingly, actually, right now, today, there's been a new moon, which means the sun and the moon are in the same place. New moon always means that? Yes. Full moon means opposite. The moon is getting the sunlight shining on it, so you see full moon. New moon, moon's invisible.
Starting point is 00:26:35 So new moons are new beginnings. Sometimes things that are hidden that are starting to come out. And we've got the new moon in Scorpio. Scorpio is the eighth house. It is about hidden things, secrets. Pisces is about hidden things, but divine, mystical, heavenly hidden things, and sorrows. Scorpio is sex, death, money, and power. sex, death, money, and power. And it's all about the hidden stuff about that. And it's the symbol of transformation. Like a butterfly, your guts have to turn to soup and you have to rebuild yourself to be the butterfly. So we're all caterpillars. We all go through metaphorical stages of our guts turning to soup, which is sometimes just unconscious and sometimes very painful
Starting point is 00:27:28 and sometimes kind of interesting. Depends on the person and other aspects. It's filled with aspects, each thing representing a different thing. And the main key thing is, the first thing is one of my favorite quotes of Albert Einstein, and I took it out of a book I'm in because I wanted to say it exactly right. Einstein said, the most beautiful and profound emotion that we can experience is the sensation
Starting point is 00:28:00 of the mystical. It is the sower of all true science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger who can no longer wonder and stand wrapped in awe is as good as dead. Remind me of you talking about on the podcast with Jack Cruz, where the equilibrium comes, you're a cadaver or something like that. You're dead, you know, it's the same kind of thing. Anyway, he says, to know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty, which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their most primitive forms, this knowledge, this feeling, is at the center of true religiousness. And religion, the word religion is the Latin word for ligere, which is the link to that which is greater.
Starting point is 00:29:05 Wow. And so all religions of the world are true. I am the most religious person I know. I believe in very few dogmas at all, if any. But I love all religion. All religion, I love all cathedrals. I love all omens. I love all parts of that intelligence. When it is innocently received as a creative, the creative act is a way of being. When you're being it, I was so impressed with the title because it said the whole thing. It said the whole thing.
Starting point is 00:29:41 You really outdid yourself. Plus you got sun symbol and the symbol of wholeness on the back. So, anyway, it's good. But, so I love Einstein, and I love that. And also, Benjamin Franklin was a very good astrologer. He supposedly, I haven't been able to find real documentation on it, but I have heard of it, that he predicted the time of his death through astrology. And Benjamin Franklin wrote,
Starting point is 00:30:14 Courteous reader, astrology is one of the most ancient sciences held in high esteem of old by the wise and the great. high esteem of old by the wise and the great. Formerly, no prince would make war or peace, nor any general fight in a battle. In short, no important affair was undertaken without first consulting an astrologer. This is all through human history, from the Chaldeans, the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans, all of them. And I'm going to digress just a little bit here, too. I was in London decades ago at the museum, their national museum. And they have an awful lot of Egyptian artifacts because they pilfered them. And there was one very large room that had things inside, enclosed, encased glass, mummies. So I walked into this room,
Starting point is 00:31:10 and I make these sounds that are healing sounds, and they definitely possess me. They just come in and they take me. And I felt this feeling, which I get in certain churches and certain places and certain people, but I felt this feeling and I thought, geez, I can't make sounds in the middle of the museum. You know, there's people here. And I looked around this huge room. There were no people. Nobody was in the room. And I saw this coffin with paintings on the inside,
Starting point is 00:31:48 and I was compelled to just walk straight ahead to it. And I did the energy building, and I made the sounds. And then as I got there, after I made the sounds, I look at the coffin. The inside of the coffin has all the astrological symbols, so exactly anybody would know them today. There's one slight difference with Aquarius, something about the way the water was being poured. Water is spirit, and it was being joined back into the earth. And I thought, oh, that's different. It's the only difference. Everything else was just so much like it. And I looked at the little label about what this is, and it says, Mummy of a woman who made sounds.
Starting point is 00:32:30 Wow. So I've been around. Or somebody like me. Who knows what it is? You know, I don't know. But I identified, to say the least. So the thing is that astrology is so ancient, so rich, and it evolves like everything. If you study ancient astrology, some of it's quite confusing.
Starting point is 00:32:55 It's like if you read ancient Egyptian texts, some of them just catch me and entrance me and I get it. And the same is true with the I Ching. When I read some things, I always say I have to put on my Chinese mind. Put on my Chinese mind and all of a sudden it makes sense. But it cannot make sense unless you can do that. And it's understandable because everything's in a context of its time and those cycles repeat over and over and over. They're never the same.
Starting point is 00:33:27 They are always altered, just like democracy alters an outcome of something or a discussion between two different points of view, we are creating. So creativity is the purpose of being human. Doing it with love is how we do it well. That's all there is. It's that easy. And no matter how we find ourself or where we find ourselves, we can do that. So Benjamin Franklin also said, oh, the wonderful knowledge to be found in the stars. Even the smallest things are written there if you had but the skill to read. And it's true. And it's endlessly true because it's God speaking. And how it's God speaking is it's the body of God moving in cycles that our body is made of cycles. Our thinking is made of cycles, our world is made of cycles, everything we do is made in cycles, and astrology is just a way to perceive the cycles as a metaphor that can be used.
Starting point is 00:34:41 And now we get to answer your question about all the different things about astrology, why there's a chart. And of course, I'm talking about Western astrology. The Mayans had an astrology, you know, every culture. Dr. Vedic astrology. Yeah, ancient Asian. Everybody had an astrology, so there's all kinds. And then very interestingly about Chinese is an awful lot is quite similar. They use different animals. They use a different symbology.
Starting point is 00:35:14 It's like in Chinese, I'm a snake. And a snake is kind of a combination of Pisces and Leo. And I am a Pisces with a Leo rising. of Pisces and Leo. And I am a Pisces with a Leo rising. So it kind of has the psychic thing, but it also has a kind of creative, not glitter, glitter's too strong, but a shimmer or something charismatic almost that's part of the energy. And Leos can be like that, or they can be a pain in the neck. They can be immature. An immature Leo wants all the attention all the time. Everywhere gets a little bit narcissistic. But they're always creative, and they're always generous, even when they're narcissistic, because it's a very creative sign. It's ruled by the sun.
Starting point is 00:36:01 How can they not be? I can actually explain each thing, and it is a, it's in a way very logical. There's a logical matrix within which this matrix, the reality of what's happening, the reality of what we know in the past, what each thing symbolizes and where it came from. And some of these astrologers I listen to on podcasts, I mention their names because, especially Adam Anambas, he really, he teaches ancient astrology, so does the astrological podcast. Go to the podcast, you'll find him. He studies Hellenistic astrology and the ancient meaning of everything. And I found it just enough to get the matrix, to get the basic energy, and then follow my own experience as I looked at someone and I looked at something and I saw
Starting point is 00:36:53 what was happening or what they did. Talents that I have is to see what some people see as difficult and see how it's valuable. So one of the things I did learn from astrology was one of the aspects is called an opposition. And right now, as I started to say, the sun and the moon are in Scorpio, conjunct, exactly, that's a new moon and I saw it last night I saw Mars is also conjunct going to be exact tomorrow but Mars conjunct a new moon especially and they're those three things are opposed Uranus and Taurus right now I'm having my Uranus return. People are familiar with Saturn returns pretty much because it's pretty recognizable that in your 27th year, give or take a year or two, you go through a big change. You get married, you get divorced, change jobs, something happens, you change. I opened. And what happened for me was for two and a half years, my whole Saturn return,
Starting point is 00:38:13 And what happened for me was for two and a half years, my whole Saturn return, I revised my whole vision of reality because I was having psychic phenomena happening to me day and night, 20 times a day. You know, I told you about the woman who made sounds. Multiply experiences like that about 10 times a day for two years. 10 times a day for two years. It left me with no doubt what psychic ability was. I got all the different versions, all the different kinds, and why there's lots of kinds. There was a great psychic lady who was part of a, I was at a conference, a big conference at Berkeley, on intuition and
Starting point is 00:38:46 psychicness. And they gave tests through the whole thing. This is when I was opening. So I was right in the middle of it. And I answered each thing. And like when you had to choose between A, B, C, or D, D would feel sticky. Sometimes something would glow. All different ways, but I'd get a little on something. And I did everything, and I had to keep almost dissociating myself. I did dissociate myself from the fact I was getting them all right. I couldn't, it was too much for my linear mind. But if you start thinking about it. I didn't recognize it until the end.
Starting point is 00:39:31 If you thought about it, it probably would have interfered with the process. It would have interfered and gone away. Yeah. So much of today's life happens on the web. Squarespace is your home base for building your dream presence in an online world. Designing a website is easy using one of Squarespace's best-in-class templates. With the built-in style kit you can change fonts, imagery, margins and. So your design will be perfectly tailored to your needs.
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Starting point is 00:40:41 Track inventory and connect with customers while you're on the go whether you're just starting out or already managing a successful brand squarespace makes it easy to create and customize a beautiful website visit squarespace.com slash tetra and get started today. And one of the interesting things that happened while I was, one of the tests was they were showing slides, and you were supposed to guess, you know, what the slide would be, and you made a little picture or you wrote words that described it.
Starting point is 00:41:29 And the guy that was doing it would ask first, before he put up the slide, he said, so what do you see? What I saw was a mountain and something orange, maybe like a sun, and three figures on a horse climbing the mountain. And so he said, how many people saw something entirely different? I said, oh, I guess I got this one wrong. And so he puts up the slide, and it's three men and a horse climbing up a mountain with an orange in the background. And he says, oh, that's the wrong slide. That's not the slide that's supposed to come up. And I remember thinking, thank you, God. supposed to come up. And I remember thinking, thank you, God. This means I'm not doing telepathy with this guy. I am actually reading the energy that's coming next, which reminded me of Mitchell,
Starting point is 00:42:12 you know, the astronaut who did all these tests. And what they found out, it was all negative significant. Negative significant is very significant. It was getting more wrong than chance. What he then found out later was he was reading everything before the people on earth had done it. He was getting what they were giving him to guess before it happened. So what this said to me in two instances is that precognition, and I've had it all my life, so I didn't really need scientific proof because I knew it. Precognition is part of this something more, part of creativity, part of that source we need to all open up to. It's why I kept grinning after I read it. I read it real fast the first time, and I just was smiling. I was so happy because you were making,
Starting point is 00:43:18 almost dizzy with the joy of making it easy for people, the joy of making it easy for people, for many cultures, many people to accept a primary thing we have missing that we have to be open to. And the only people who criticize your book are people who need to be so linear-minded they're freaked out. It's too soft. It's too touchingly real for a space they cannot acknowledge. And so that's all there is to that. And it doesn't matter. So that's fine. You know, I used to say, either you believe in it now or you will later, so it doesn't matter. That's what I used to say about God. Either you believe in God now or you don't now and you will
Starting point is 00:44:00 later, so it doesn't really matter. So we don't need to argue about it. Because I experience God. I feel God in every second of my being. God resides in my cells, and I see him residing in yours. So it makes it very easy, not only for me to love you unconditionally, it's not an effort. It's just a recognition. It's just there. And when you find that with people, it just anchors the goodness in the world. And it's catching, as you said, which is another wonderful thing. It's contagious. And we get afraid of contagious. We think of a disease and that you lose power and you lose control if somebody can influence you. lose control if somebody can influence you. Because one time, I went to Russia, and I had a lot of Russians come that I brought to the United States, a whole other thing that's a whole other story.
Starting point is 00:44:53 But one time, I don't get cold. And from the time I was little, I don't get cold. I radiate heat. I can get warm. Unless I'm sick or very emotionally upset. It's the only time I get cold. heat, I can get warm. Unless I'm sick or very emotionally upset, it's the only time I get cold. So it was winter, we were in New York, and this Russian guy, and in Russia, in the middle of winter snow, I have a dress like this on, and I didn't get cold. And I didn't have gloves on,
Starting point is 00:45:21 I didn't have a hat. And the Russians would stop me in the street and say, And I didn't have gloves and I didn't have a hat and the Russians would stop me in the street and said this is dangerous You can die and I'd hurt my hand my hand be so warm and they'd go how you do that? And this guy in Russian is are you a witch? And this is I said, of course Which you know was a fear button I wasn't supposed to push but it was so silly in a way I just had to say yes, and I said, you know, was a fear button. I wasn't supposed to push, but it was so silly in a way, I just had to say yes. And I said, you know, witches aren't what you think they are.
Starting point is 00:45:54 You know, and we maligned many people. And some people who did, you know, they did have, what was his name, the guy, the crazy guy, the monk? Rasputin? Yes, Rasputin. So, you know, he's like a version of a witch and terrible person, terrible things. But he had psychic energy. He had a lot of power and he did hypnotize people. And he got all confused with sex and power. So that's what messed him up. So like we started saying even earlier, everybody has wonderful talents unique to themselves that only they can
Starting point is 00:46:24 deliver to the world. And that's why, again, I kept smiling reading your book, was because you affirm over and over, everybody has this. Everybody has to find their own version of it. And it may be something strange. The only sensor I ever say, it should be kind. You know, I think the truth is very important. Of course, the truth is so big, you can't say it. I mean, so it's always going to be incomplete by
Starting point is 00:46:52 definition because it's too big. But to have the intent to be truthful is very powerful. You must add to that to be kind. Because you cannot tell people very crucial truths if you're not framing the whole energy in kindness. Because if you tell the truth without kindness, it'll be assault. If you give kindness without truth, it's meh. You know, it's make nice mush. To get the full thing, it's the left and the right brain. It's the linear and the intuitive.
Starting point is 00:47:30 And somewhere along the way, I want to bring up my favorite peeve, I guess you would call it a little bit. Silicon Valley has instigated, and I think it's them, the idea of counterintuitive. it's them, the idea of counterintuitive. The whole thing, the word bugs me, Noen, because they say counterintuitive when they mean to say illogical. But illogical has such a charge in it, in our culture, you can't say, you know, you were illogical there. You say, oh, what you were doing was counterintuitive. Well, intuitive is a truth that comes from non-logic. It's truer than logic. It's truer than logic. You know, truth is bigger than logic can hold. Reality is bigger than logic can hold.
Starting point is 00:48:19 It's bigger. And so intuition needs to have more reverence and understanding of what it is. And to make counterintuitive a common word for illogical is a disservice to the process of really understanding intuition. And it's one of my favorite things. It's one of the things I feel like I'm a walking matrix of permission for intuition because it's the right brain activated. It's what heals women from being judgmental. It's what inspires men to creative action beyond their dreams. Bigger than their dreams. Your dreams aren't good enough. Your dreams are great to open the
Starting point is 00:49:05 door, but you got to walk through the door. And that's letting, letting, letting, letting, letting heaven possess you. Loving inspiration, which is intuition. Take hold. It has to take hold. This is the evolutionary leap. This is why there is an undoing of the old style thinking by an alchemical interaction of love over hate, of intuition over too linear logic. Logic is a crime. It's great. It's a tool. It's a tool for discerning reality. It's not equivalent to reality. It's a tool. It's a tool for discerning reality. It's not equivalent to reality. It's a tool.
Starting point is 00:49:48 Intuition is the means to touch the source. It's why astrology works. It's the intuition of the archetypes of the movements of the cycles. And it allows the intuitive complexity. And that's why the ancient Egyptians were the most intuitive people, I think, that ever lived on this planet for a couple thousand years until the Romans got it out of them. But they joined the intuitive and the logical. And that's why even their gods were amalgams of different animals with animal bodies. Because the symbolism, the energy of the animal taken to a human power was a godlike thing. And that's why they understood astrology and they were part of the creators of it. Describe for a minute what goes on in you.
Starting point is 00:50:47 How do you recognize intuition in your body? Is it in your body? Is it in your mind? Describe your... All of the above. All of the above. I am one of those... Some people, by sound, by vision, by smell...
Starting point is 00:51:02 I wear a very distinctive perfume, but somebody gave me, they actually gave it to my mother and she didn't like it. And when I was in Mexico and I was like 14, 13, 14, and I have used the same perfume since that age. And this perfume is called GĂ©revin, which you'll remember me. And it's made by Worth. And people sometimes would smell my perfume before I came into the room. But to finish that story, because it was kind of interesting, I went with a friend to Paris and then to the Loire Valley to stay with a friend of hers, a beautiful chateau.
Starting point is 00:51:48 And her husband was part of the noble family. The castle was his family. And actually, their house was what the monks lived in. It was a big, long stone thing. And when I walked in the door, she gave me a hug and welcomed me. She gave me a hug and welcomed me. She says, oh, I see you wear Jerovian. And I said, yes. And she said, I can tell you something about that you might like. And I said, what's that? Well, my father adored my mother, loved her just so much. He wanted to make the perfect perfume for her.
Starting point is 00:52:22 And he made Jerovian for her. And I sometimes think, what a thread of energy this is. You know, a lot of this stuff you have to take much more personal than we do. And in other ways, you have to constantly, it's not personal at all. It's the most incredible just connection
Starting point is 00:52:44 of everything to everything. That's wonderfully good. It's not personal at all. It's the most incredible just connection of everything to everything. That's wonderfully good. It's wonderfully good. So it's an interesting thing. It's just one of those things. Anyway, so I feel intuition. Like I told you when I took that test that was a whole seminar, a long day long thing. And only at the end did I realize
Starting point is 00:53:06 I'd gotten everything right. Even the one I got wrong, I got right. It was just the timing was right because I was having so many psychic experiences. But no matter what I wanted to doubt, nothing came the same way each time. So I was just getting things one way and another way. just getting things one way and another way. An awful lot is in my body because my body is my connection to your body. It is my connection to every, not every human body, but to animals, to trees. My body is my piece of the planet I'm sitting in. And so that's why I say anything, everything you have to go through, anything you project on in anybody else, if you're thinking it, you're feeling it's yours because there's nobody in there but you and piece of the planet experiencing itself.
Starting point is 00:53:53 So I'm just open to however way it may be. Sometimes I do hear things. I hear a very clear, almost like somebody just said it. And then other times I see a vision like when my mother, I saw how she saw it. And when I learned from all that picture, pictures are very powerful, that's like ideographs, you know, ideographic languages are very powerful because they're capturing many things in one thing, which is what astrology does, it captures many things in one thing, which is what astrology does. It captures many things in one thing. And that's why it's hard and why it's hard to understand. It takes time. It took me time. I learned to speak Spanish in three months. Six months, totally fluent. But astrology took me
Starting point is 00:54:39 about two years, really. And I'm still learning it. It'll never end. It'll never end. It's a lifelong. Yeah, it's lifelong. Never ends. I'm always it'll never end. It's a lifelong. Yes lifelong never end. I'm always surprised and always delighted it's always got some of the oh how wonderful that is you know it's interesting. Welcome to the house of macadamias. Macadamias are a delicious superfood, sustainably sourced directly from farmers. Macadamias, a rare source of omega-7, linked to collagen regeneration, enhanced weight management, and better fat metabolism. Macadamias are healthy and brain-boosting fats. Macadamias, Heart healthy and brain boosting fats. Macadamias. Paleo friendly. Keto and plant based. Macadamias. No wheat, no dairy, no gluten, no GMOs. No preservatives, no palm oil, no added sugar. no preservatives no palm oil no added sugar house of macadamias i roasted with namibian sea salt cracked black pepper and chocolate dips snack bars come in chocolate coconut white chocolate and blueberry white chocolate
Starting point is 00:56:01 visit house of macadamias.com slash tetra. So intuition is something definitely that I teach. It's sort of the hallmark of my philosophy, is that intuition is what is being born in human being. We have it, we have a whole hemisphere dedicated to it. We use it, every human uses it, whether they know it or not. I think even if you have that hemisphere removed, I think your cells will still tell you intuitive things.
Starting point is 00:56:41 So you don't get away from it, but we have it blocked because of fear. And it's why we burn people at the stake. One of my psychic experiences opening, I didn't think I was going to tell you this one. It still makes me kind of cry a little bit. When I, I think I had a dream. I can't remember what instigated it. And I woke up and I just had this experience where I was chained to a stake. And I could feel people kind of maniacally running around. And I felt the flames. And I felt my body catch fire and I actually felt myself die in the flames.
Starting point is 00:57:33 And as I was dying, I was saying, why? Why? I didn't hurt anyone. Why? I didn't hurt anyone. Why? And I realized from that experience, being on the other end of it, you know, most of us know when we persecute other people because they're different or because they scare us. You know, any kind of bullying energy. And it's an interesting thing. I was thinking about that, about bullies.
Starting point is 00:58:03 I never was bullied as a child. And I was odd. I mean, I was pretty and I was blonde and I was serious. I had a self-containment about me. But with kids at school, anybody, people would do any energy like that, I'd just look at them and they would just stop. like that, I'd just look at them, and they would just stop. I remember this one girl, she had polio, and her whole body was crippled, and she would sometimes be wet, and when she got her period, she'd get blood in her. There were some boys making fun of her. I mean, why she was forced to go through all this, I never know. But when I just stepped up to them
Starting point is 00:58:46 and I looked at them and I was saying in my mind, you don't want to do this. You don't want to do this. I don't think I said anything to them. I just kept saying in my mind, you don't want to do this. You don't want to do this. And they kind of went like this and they turned around and walked away. So I've always had that ability. So in a way, it made me not afraid of a lot of things people are afraid of. I never needed to join in. I was born with what I know. I came in with it day one. I absolutely know it. So I didn't expect to be helped. I expected to be alone. One of my premonitions is my first memory was my parents were young. My mother was 18, my father was 19.
Starting point is 00:59:30 And my mother was not really too interested in me. She was only interested in my father. And the nurses had told him to go away, that it was going to be a long time. But actually, I was born rather quick, and I was 10 pounds. And I was born quickly, which nobody expected. And they had told him to go home and she was mad because, and I had this vision, like I've had out-of-body experiences with accidents and things that pop up, look down, see how everything's happening. I had this experience of when I was born, my mother's got her arms folded and she's pissed off because
Starting point is 01:00:06 my father's not there. And I'm looking down and I'm saying, oh dear, nobody's going to take care of me. I have to take care of myself. Nobody's going to take care of me. I'll take care of myself. And that was my life. And I traveled throughout the world by myself. I did everything by myself. And one of the things I think is happening, what's happening astrologically right this minute, and you're asking me to come on this day. This is a difficult day. It's not difficult at all, is it? No, it's not difficult at all. Not at all. Astrologically, people would say, ooh, you don't be ready. Could be difficult.
Starting point is 01:00:47 People might get angry. Blah, blah, blah, blah. No. I don't run into that, so I don't get that. You don't either, so you don't get it. So this is how astrology is different. But what's not different is the planets have an energy. They have a meaning.
Starting point is 01:01:05 Mars is assertion, aggression, and creativity of a certain dynamic sort. The moon is the unconscious and the collective, sort of. The sun is the radiant self. The sun and the moon and the new moon connected as one thing. Mars conjunct it. Some energy popping in there.
Starting point is 01:01:37 Opposed and opposition to Uranus is sudden inexplicable change ahead of its time's thought. A lot of uncomfortable changes. Can't predict it, won't know what it is. Sometimes people have accidents, especially Mars, Uranus. If you've got anything unconscious running, you might watch out what you're doing. And astrologers will tell you that, and usually there's enough case history on all that to say, yeah, do that. But I'm having my Uranus return,
Starting point is 01:02:01 which only happens supposedly every 84 years. And what happens with planets is they go direct, they move over a point in the chart that represents something, and as they move, they activate that point, and then they move away. And then if they do a retrograde, they come back and they go over that point again. And it gets activated again. But this time it's not such a surprise because you kind of know what you did the first time. Maybe just without knowing it, you did it.
Starting point is 01:02:33 And it goes back again. And then it comes back again. So the third time it goes over an important point. It's like a Saturn return. It makes a big imprint on people because everything in their life changes. Something in their life, at least, definitely changes. Usually about how you judge reality because it's Saturn and authority. So my whole authority structure completely changed.
Starting point is 01:02:58 You know, I gave up. I didn't give up science. I love science. But to me, it's a very minor tool and very poorly done for the most part right now. Not very scientific. It's a lesser tool. Yeah, and it's not done very well. You know, it's turned into a dogma like religion's not done very well. You know, science has become too much of a clique.
Starting point is 01:03:15 You know, blah, blah, blah. I loved your podcast with Andrew Huberman. Oh, I just couldn't stop listening to it. I stayed up all night. I didn't sleep. It's so good, so good, so good. Everybody should listening to it. I stayed up all night. I didn't sleep. It's so good, so good, so good. Everybody should listen to it. They will.
Starting point is 01:03:30 Anyway, a few months ago, they found some breast cancer in me. I've had it like three or four years. I pretty much ignored it. I didn't believe that cancer can exist in my body unless I let it. And what I was letting happen, especially for women, is when you don't nurture yourself enough. And I haven't been nurturing myself enough. And that was why it happened.
Starting point is 01:03:53 And I knew that. Of course, doctor doesn't believe that at all. They're all freaked out. And so they put me on some estrogen blocker and it started to shrink. And in less than a year, it practically disappeared. But there was a little piece left and it wasn't disappearing. And it was in a very easy to get spot right here. And so I said to the doctor a few months before
Starting point is 01:04:17 this, I said, I've decided, because she wanted to have, she wanted to take it out. She said, sorry, she wanted to take it out. Take it out. It could come back. They do all this fear-mongering on you, and they don't know what they're talking about. So I said, well, you know, if I just had even a mole I didn't like or something, I'd take it off. I don't care. It's not that big a deal. And I said, okay, I've decided to let you take it out. It's near the surface. Not that big a deal. The only thing is I can't have any general anesthesia. I don't want any anesthesia. I've never been anathetized. I don't want to be And she goes I can't do that Well, I said that I won't do it because I know it's not a problem and it's local God
Starting point is 01:04:56 It's not that hard a thing. And so she thought about it and the next time I saw her she said I've decided to do that So they did it and the date she put first pick for surgery was the exact day of my Uranus return. So I knew something, you know, maybe I was going to die. Something's going to happen. Something is going to happen. So I have a well-being meditation tape, which I recommend to everyone. And I did it some 40 years ago because it's just a healing to me and I thought I'd share it with other people. But I give it to anesthesiologists a lot to use because I get a lot of feedback from them and their patients that they need less anesthesia when they use this meditation.
Starting point is 01:05:43 that they need less anesthesia when they use this meditation. So I told her about this, and I said, I'd like to play it for myself and for everybody, actually. It didn't necessarily, I thought it was only going to go to me, but as it turned out, it only worked through her phone, and so everybody in the room heard it. And people were grinning through the surgery. It went so easy. It was nothing for me. All I had to do was be filled with light and love.
Starting point is 01:06:23 I was smiling, like with your book. I was just smiling. This is going to be quite an impressive thing to this doctor and all their helpers who think this is so serious and so hard. They have to knock people out. You don't have to do it. So that was what happened. And it was great. And of course, I didn't have no recovery time really to speak of. I wasn't ever knocked out.
Starting point is 01:06:41 That's what really... I remember my father telling me, because he had like 168 IQ and so did I. We had very high IQs and we got along. He taught a lot about the world, but I remember him telling me, anesthesia is near death. You don't want to ever be, you're not going to sleep. They're putting you near death.
Starting point is 01:06:59 Don't do it if you don't have to. So I never have. Anyway, doctors don't always understand that. So that was my first. Then the second one is just a few days ago. But more importantly, this eclipse, this new moon eclipse with Mars, which implies difficulty, is opposed my Uranus, which is one degree off my actual thing, which is a close conjunction. So that's what we're doing right now. What I'm doing is I'm talking about things I wouldn't normally talk about. I'm talking about astrology. I'm going to explain how it works, as you've asked me. And I'm talking about personal things. Well, you know, like I had
Starting point is 01:07:43 the partial mastectomy. And they call it partial mastectomy. She did a little bit of a sloppy job because she had to go in the muscle, but mostly it's just nothing. It's nothing. There's so much fear mongering. And it's part of old style thinking. And sadly, it's part of control because doctors are very insecure. They know they don't know what they're doing. And they know that more and more every day. And so it's unsettling. And the more wise of them will admit that and listen to their patients and keep looking for YouTubes and things that tell them other things like Andrew. But even Andrew, Jack was really kind of hard on him. The one thing, you have this beautiful mind. He does. He has a beautiful mind. He has a
Starting point is 01:08:25 wonderful way of explaining things. Why I've always loved this podcast. I get to tell people all over the place in my family, listen to this, get educated about how things work in your body. It's good to know that part. But I also say, after you know how it works, heal it yourself because you can, which people don't like to hear. Anyway, so the thing about astrology, when I first got into it, was I did it by resisting. I did it by conceding, oh my God, when they did my chart. Because they knew a thing about my being psychic when I was a child and things that,
Starting point is 01:09:02 that are really, I didn't talk to anybody about it. And so I thought, well, if they can do that, I'm going to study this. And I did, and I got good at it. You know, there is no best, I don't think, because there's different strokes for different folks. So different astrologers suit different people. And I always recommend you go to more than one. Get at least two readings. So
Starting point is 01:09:27 you will see the parts that are completely the same, and then you will see what that person sees. And I see the things that I resonate with, and another person will see the things that they resonate with. Sometimes they're the same thing, but sometimes they're not. Of course. And all of it is good. I don't think, you know. And the only time is if you really disagree with something, it's probably wrong. And by wrong, I mean the person is interpreting it too narrowly or too harshly
Starting point is 01:09:59 because these are archetypes. These are metaphors. And, you know, a metaphor where something drowns isn't necessarily you're supposed to drown. It's a metaphor for something else. What may fall within the sphere of Tetragrammaton? Counterculture. Tetragrammaton.
Starting point is 01:10:29 Sacred geometry. Tetragrammaton. The avant-garde. Tetragrammaton. Generative art. Tetragrammaton. The tarot. Tetragrammaton.
Starting point is 01:10:39 Out-of-print music. Tetragrammaton. Biodynamics. Tetragrammaton. Graphic design. Tetragrammaton. Mythology and magic. Tetragrammaton. Biodynamics. Tetragrammaton. Graphic design. Tetragrammaton. Mythology and magic. Tetragrammaton. Obscure film.
Starting point is 01:10:48 Tetragrammaton. Beach culture. Tetragrammaton. Esoteric lectures. Tetragrammaton. Off the grid living. Tetragrammaton. Alt spirituality.
Starting point is 01:10:56 Tetragrammaton. The canon of fine objects. Tetragrammaton. Muscle cars. Tetragrammaton. Ancient wisdom for a new age. Tetragrammatin, the canon of fine objects. Tetragrammatin, muscle cars. Tetragrammatin, ancient wisdom for a new age. Upon entering, experience the artwork of the day.
Starting point is 01:11:50 Take a breath and see where you are drawn. Okay, so the logical part and the nice logical part of astrology is it's got a logical order. It has a structure. It has meanings that are assigned to planets, to houses, which cover different areas of the person's personality. Then there are aspects from one planet to another, one point to another. Some aspects make ease, shrines. Some aspects make growth, good but growth, different, a little alien but growth. That's a sex style, and some things are like squares which are difficult, they're really different, different reality almost. And so some person can take a lot of their life always running into the difficulties
Starting point is 01:12:36 of these two parts of themselves just in conflict or with another person. They may have a conflict with that person, they don't know why, because they've got some squares that will make it difficult. another person, they may have a conflict with that person. They don't know why because they've got some squares, you know, that will make it difficult. But the advantage I learned since I have about five squares is everything I know of unique knowledge came from my squares. Some things took me 20 years pondering it in myself.
Starting point is 01:13:01 Why is this like this, this like this, this like this, until I realized they were just two different styles of reality that didn't mix well. And that if you just let them not mix well and see the two things, usually you will get some super information. And the other thing that I learned from astrology that I use psychologically, and Carl Jung, again, as we briefly said, he did the charts of all his clients. And there's a great Carl Jung, so I don't want to leave it out. He was, you know, by his lake home in Zurich. He's had a wealthy wife, so a beautiful home. And on the porch, he was talking to the woman who had come to see him. He said, what's the problem? What do you think? She says, well, birds persecute me. And he was just about to say, what makes you think that? And this bird swooped down and hit her in the head.
Starting point is 01:14:08 Hacked her, hit her in the head. And he said, I was going to ask, what makes you think that? But, you know, there's something else here. You know, so the universe tries to get you to pretend. I talk to birds all the time, and they come. Animals aren't afraid of me. Ever since I was one of my best things as a kid, I used to be in the woods. Wild animals come to me.
Starting point is 01:14:30 I love it. It was my only happiness actually as a child was the woods and animals. Because people were not so nice. People were confused. People were so confused. When I was in grammar school, I remember vividly this man who was the principal. I can see him so clearly, his body type, his face. He was probably only about 38.
Starting point is 01:14:55 He looked older. He was overweight. Very manicured with steel rimmed glasses. Very sad. He looked so sad. I later found out he hung himself in the kid's coat closet. Wow. So I was just reading his grief all the time. But it was one of my early experiences, and I had a number of them,
Starting point is 01:15:24 where why people do really bizarre things from their grief. And why it was so important to me always to alleviate grief. Not to eradicate grief. Grief has a value. But to use it as a transformative thing to see more, to be more compassionate, to have a broader view. So I'm back again to the aspect that I learned psychologically from astrology, which is an opposition.
Starting point is 01:15:57 An opposition is in a chart, which is a circle, it has a rising sign, and that's called a rising because that's what the ascendant of the sun is, rising. All these, this is on the other side of the earth. These are the planets above us. So rising is where the sun is when you're born. Yeah, well, where the sun rises. The sun can be anywhere.
Starting point is 01:16:19 But where the sun was rising. That day. That's your ascendant. Yeah. I see. That's why you need the time, the exact time. I day. That's your ascendant. Yeah. That's why you need the time, the exact time. I see. And that sets the houses. It sets the houses.
Starting point is 01:16:31 So the rising sign, I sort of devise this thing. Your rising sign represents energetically. If you think of an analogy like a photograph, a camera, film, and the light shining on the real deal. So the rising sign is what fixates on the film. So I have a Leo rising. So I look a lot like a Leo, but I'm not really that much of a Leo. I have a lot of Leo, but I'm not really that much of a Leo. I have a lot of Leo, but I'm not really.
Starting point is 01:17:06 I'm a Pisces. So would you say it's like a surface? It's like a surface. And because it's not just surface, because this is real and it is substantive and it does influence your knowledge and your ability and your nature and your personality. In fact, it's very much your personality. It's your appearance. When I was going to Berkeley people, you know who were interested in astrology They guess it's oh you're a Leo. I said no How could I get that so wrong? because It looks like and it's a real thing and it affects the world and it's so that's why I made it the photograph
Starting point is 01:17:39 It's the photograph you get but the light Well, the moon is the unconscious. It's the lens. So the light of the real person shines through the lens. And the lens is like the unconscious. You know how a lens distorts the reality? That's the filter that goes through, and then it fixates on the film. that goes through and then it fixates on the film. The light shining on the actual person is the sun. So the sun is very important. So the sun is your sun sign. It's your sun sign. That's why people talk about sun sign. And it's a fairly decent shorthand because it does capture an awful lot of what somebody is and what they're about. More than they're rising? Yeah. Oh, much more.
Starting point is 01:18:25 In depth. Not necessarily how they appear. Yes. That's why they can appear a little confusing. I see. But if you want to know who they are. The sun sign. The sun sign, yeah.
Starting point is 01:18:34 And who they are is their moon sign also. You are all these things, but you have to consider these things. I used to say, astrology is like, you know, you can have the plans for the Taj Mahal, magnificent plans chart, but you can make it out of paper mache. It'll look like maybe the Taj Mahal, but it won't really be the Taj Mahal. Same is true with astrology. You can have two people with very similar charts, and they'll be different people because, one, the soul inside is different. What they're going to do with the energetics they chose for themselves, I believe, we choose our chart. We choose our matrix of energy that we come in with.
Starting point is 01:19:17 And I say, we choose our parents, and everybody would moan. and everybody would moan. No, no, we did. We choose our parents because for good and ill, they set us up for the challenges we have decided as a soul to take care of, that we're going to handle, we're going to look at. And you need to get programmed to have something to handle. So anyway, the opposition is important
Starting point is 01:19:41 because it's an overview, is what I realized. When you have an opposition between, as we do, Scorpio and Taurus, Taurus is fixed Earth. It's ruled by Venus, very physical, likes good food. I think a puppy dog sometimes, it can be, you know, Ferdinand the Bull when it gets mad, you know, it can be pretty imposing. But it's an earthy physical sign ruled by Venus. Scorpio is a water sign, it's a deep emotion ruled by Mars or Pluto, old, before they knew about Pluto, it was Mars. So you get that comfortableness with the Mars conjunct in Scorpio, this conjunction of the sun and the moon.
Starting point is 01:20:34 So this has got a lot of powerful, deep, emotional shadow stuff, sex, death, money, and power, a place where there's a lot of shadow. And the main fault that Scorpio's sort of, and I hate to ever use that term, is that they have so much ability and they keep looking for everything in the wrong place because they get conditioned in this world. And they can be the most powerful healers, very wise, but they're still trying to get power.
Starting point is 01:21:06 And they're still trying to do something with sex and trying to make money. And they're afraid of death. So it doesn't mess them up. It is their grist for the mill. It's the thing that they get to. They're rooted in the material world? Oh, yeah, very much so. Emotionally, they feel it. They sense it everywhere. They're rooted in the material world? Oh, yeah, very much so. Emotionally, they feel it.
Starting point is 01:21:27 They sense it everywhere. They're living in this dimension. So they're going to get it, you know. They have these resources, but they get carried away, you know. And that's why they can be sometimes not so nice and also incredibly beautiful and loyal as well. So anyway, so the opposition, I realize psychologically, is that if you go up high enough, this thing that looks like two polar opposites, never the twain shall meet kind of thing,
Starting point is 01:22:01 they are a continuum. They are connected. kind of thing, they are a continuum. They are connected. They are two parts of one thing, and the continuum is the insight that holds them together. And you get that information when you go up high enough, when you look from above.
Starting point is 01:22:21 So you're not looking at a polarized disagreement. You're saying, oh, we're polarized. Oh, good, what? You know, right away, it's a benefit. So that's something I do. Would you say they balance each other? Or is that not the right way of looking at it? They sometimes do. They're handling different parts of the puzzle.
Starting point is 01:22:41 All parts of the puzzle don't necessarily balance. But because they're continuing, it looks like a barbell, the symbol too, two circles with a line. That's an opposition symbol. I'm trying to cultivate they are connected and to enjoy the connection. And this is why this is not a hard day for us. This is a breakthrough day because we're embracing Uranus and Taurus. And I have a natal Uranus and Taurus in my 10th house, which is my career. So what I teach the world
Starting point is 01:23:12 is how to be comfortable in a physical way with futuristic ideas ahead of its time, thought and strange phenomena. This is natural to me. And it's also trying Neptune and Virgo, which is Neptune rules Pisces and Virgo's the opposite sign, another opposition.
Starting point is 01:23:33 Whereas I see, I analyze, like Virgo does, psychic things. So it's all one to me. If melding two concepts that seem contrary to the ongoing benefit of both. Beautiful. Yeah. So this is it. And right now, as we speak, we have this conjunction with the sun and the moon and Mars in Scorpio, exactly opposite my Uranus, and the world's Uranus right now in Taurus.
Starting point is 01:24:10 So we're trying to make normal, head-of-its-time thoughts so we have a comfortable physical way to be in it. And so it's not too strange. It's just more pioneering of wonderful stuff we get to do with the body. And it's great for sex and for being good friends and for being good parents and being good with other people because it's a tolerance that isn't tolerant. It's just, it's excitingly interesting. It's not an effort to be tolerant. It's wonderful. It feels so good. It's the gateway. It's not an effort to be tolerant. It's wonderful. It feels so good. It's the gateway.
Starting point is 01:24:50 It's the portal to something more. And there's a phrase I'm very fond of now, the something more. In everything, there is the something more. There is nothing you can't look at, nothing we can't deal with. There is something more. Look for the something more. There's nothing you can't look at, nothing we can't deal with. There is something more. Look for the something more. Whenever you get stuck, whenever you get polarized, whenever you get mad at somebody, whenever you fall in love with somebody, also be willing to see the something more. It can take it to deeper levels you never imagined possible. it can take it to deeper levels you never imagined possible. So it's all good, the something more,
Starting point is 01:25:30 and it's the evolutionary leap from my point of view. The philosophy, my basic philosophy is consciousness beyond duality, unifying the two hemispheres, being able to think of them simultaneously, comfortable. And I use astrology a lot, not only for realizing how that was true when I was learning it but also it's very true for why it can be kind of magical almost it seems to people in understanding solutions that didn't seem possible and and a lot of times people are so funny they'll say you know when you say it, I knew that, but I didn't know it.
Starting point is 01:26:06 And that's completely true. You do know. You know everything. Except you don't until it reaches that point. It's almost like you're reminding them. Yes. Yes. Because that we're all here at this point means we all know.
Starting point is 01:26:25 There's nobody alive in a body right now that doesn't know what we're talking about. One of the interesting things traveling alone, you know, I get cab drivers of all nationalities. I get to talk to people on planes and stuff, different countries, everything. They all think I'm them. They all think I come from wherever they come from, no matter what I look like. Even Japanese people say, only our old people know this. How do you know this? Because it's all the same. We are here and we have a thread of connection. And because I know it and feel it
Starting point is 01:26:55 and have observed it and lived it, I'm a good sender because the pathway is already there for me. It happens automatically. So I look at somebody and I see them and I love them and I see, oh my God, you're so good. You're doing this, you're doing that. And that's what you do with people too.
Starting point is 01:27:13 You give them that affirmation to look at themselves without that criticalness and to have the space to see where it'll go. And this is the growing edge. That's another term I use all the time. We're living on the growing edge and it's constantly moving. The growing edge is just constantly growing. We are all constantly expanding. The whole planet is getting it. And that's why not only should we not be afraid of the future and what we will do to this planet but we do have to pay attention to the ridiculous harm we are creating and call it all as it is because each of that is a little growing edge about understanding
Starting point is 01:27:58 more about the nature of reality let's do the rest of the planets. Okay. So one of the easiest ways to do this is I started to show you the chart. It's a circle. And there's the middle line. And this is the ascendant, the rising, and this is the descendant. So when the sun sets, this is where the degree it'll set at. And when it rose on the day and the moment you were born, this is where it was. Is the descent also a calculation that you look at or no? Oh, yes, definitely. The descending is the cusp of the seventh house, which is relationships
Starting point is 01:28:31 and what you do in relationship with other people in the world. And one of the interesting things about me is I have Venus and the moon in Aquarius. And Aquarius is considered kind of a cool size, the ruler of Uranus. Or Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius. And I have a very far out analytical way that I love. It comes in a kind of pure good for humanity criteria. You know, it's not just falling in love with somebody or it's not just erotic. good for humanity criteria. You know, it's not just falling in love with somebody or it's not just erotic necessarily, though that's nice when that comes too.
Starting point is 01:29:13 And I realize I also can use that as a defense. When I meet someone who I care for very much and I see the possibility, part of me longs for it so much that I will create defenses. I'll be maybe more glib than I would be, truly, not myself. So in tarot, that's the tower card, where your defenses get struck by lightning because your defense, the tower, is silly.
Starting point is 01:29:51 Isn't that what you want? And you need to see that. And when you see that, it's a relief and it's a release and it's a good thing. So the seventh house is what this cuts from. The first house, it goes down and around this way. So the horizon signs is a straight line cut through the circle like a horizon. And then you move down.
Starting point is 01:30:09 This is the first house, and that's the first sign. And the sign at the horizon is the degree that the sign is. So the ascending goes down? You do it counterclockwise. The zodiac symbols are always in the same order they're always in the same order but they move around yes that's right and so depending on where the clock is tells you which house yes the clock is set by your birth time that's why it's so important to have the birth time i understand because that sets where everything else falls and i use the
Starting point is 01:30:43 placidus system i don't use equal houses. They don't make a distinction too much between the different houses having different degrees. I do. It tells you what planets are in what house and how that's going to affect your personality. And so I have Sun and Venus in the seventh house and Mercury. So the way I think, my basic self, and the way I love is very concerned about relationships.
Starting point is 01:31:15 I love relationships to work. It just is so wonderful to me to see people get along. And I know you can't fix anything. It's so wonderful to me to see people get along. I know you can't fix anything. You cannot, you know, as a therapist, I had to learn, you know, when a couple comes to me, I'm not here to make a relationship work. I'm here to help you have the relationship you want by being authentic to yourself. And I used to say, the real reason for breaking up with somebody is you let the actual energy
Starting point is 01:31:54 of the interaction, the weight of it, the relationship rises or falls of its own weight. So if the person is going to undermine you constantly or criticize you, you cannot be with that person. You may love them to pieces on a lot of things, but that's not acceptable. That will not work. You can go through a process sometimes where people learn how to not do that, and then it's very deeply learning for both people. But it's a little bit rare. It's a lot of pain. Anyway, that's a little bit rare. It's a lot of pain. Anyway, that's a whole other story. So this is, the rising sign is set by the time you were born. It also sets the descendant and the midheaven,
Starting point is 01:32:35 which is your career, and the IC, which is your childhood. So my midheaven has Uranus in the 10th house and exactly on the midheaven, I have Jupiter and Saturn conjunct. And that's kind of interesting, and in Taurus. So I make practical duality on the physical plane. I teach it, but it's a new consciousness. It's a different thing when they're together. And so I have them exactly conjunct and exactly in the midheaven. Explain what each one of them represent.
Starting point is 01:33:09 Represent. Thank you. Thank you very much. Jupiter is expansion. It's Zeus, basically the king of the gods. It rules Sagittarius, which is a very exuberant sign, very sweet sign really. Jupiter tends to make bigger whatever it is, so could exaggerate it to some detriment, but mostly gives enthusiasm
Starting point is 01:33:33 and it's a really joyful kind of sign. And they sometimes blurt stuff out, you know. I think one of the phrases I remember reading, the person at the party with their foot in the mouth is the Sag, because they'll say, oh, you know, they say it out loud, what they're thinking. They don't all do that, but it's the exuberant spontaneity of it that's lovely. And that's Jupiter. So Sag is ruled by Jupiter.
Starting point is 01:34:01 And Saturn is completely different. It rules Capricorn, it's serious, it's rules, it's order, it's consequence, it's creating things to happen as they should. I used to say about Saturn, it's the concrete in the steps that lets you ascend. We do need the Capricorn energy. It's one of my favorite signs, actually. I'm Mars in Capricorn. And I like Capricorns because they're very earnest people.
Starting point is 01:34:41 Probably if there's one quality I admire more than anything is earnestness. I have unforgiving love to anybody who's earnest because it's pure, it's good, and it puts you in alignment with the process accurately. And it makes me love them. It's very respectful, respectfully. So Saturn is, I hate to say opposite. They are opposites. They're called opposites all the time, expansion and contraction. But for me, they're one thing. I see them as one. I feel them as one. My brain uses them as one. It's what I teach in the world. It's exactly in the midheaven, which is what you do in the world and what you teach in the world. So I totally fit my chart. So the sun is the basic
Starting point is 01:35:26 self. The moon is the unconscious, the mother often. When you see it in a chart, sometimes it represents the public. I have my moon in Aquarius, as I said, and Venus in Aquarius, which is humanitarian, Uranian orientation. I love humanity. One of the things they say about Aquarius is they love humanity. It's people they don't like very much, which is a very fair statement because people can be very difficult. But humanity in the aggregate is a wonderful thing. Okay, so going back a little bit more, or sun, moon, mercury is communication,
Starting point is 01:36:12 your nervous system to a degree, the electricity of your nervous system. That's why I love your podcast, Electricity in Nerves. Oh, this is so true. And I'm a little bit deaf. I had some experiences that sort of, and I'm so looking forward to them finding out how to activate it so I can hear again, because hearing is extremely important to me because I read people's voices. It's just a terrible loss,
Starting point is 01:36:39 so I'm looking forward to getting that back. But anyway, Mercury is the messenger of the gods, sometimes mischievous, but quick. That's why Gemini is ruled by Mercury rules Gemini. So Gemini's can be very glib. So many funny stories for Gemini's. To just give you a very quick snapshot of complete different people, both Geminis. Trump is a Gemini, the Leo rising, I believe. And John F. Kennedy was a Gemini with a Libra rising.
Starting point is 01:37:17 So John F. Kennedy was eloquent with words, lovely. Libra rising, the filter fixated on, came through, was just beautiful. And he was educated. Poor Trump is wounded, damaged by a cruel and harsh father. So he is very quick with words, not real deep in a certain way. I think he has a Cancer moon. So he does tune into the emotional fears of people, the emotional needs.
Starting point is 01:37:51 So he's got that Gemini quick words, glib, ridiculously glib, contradictory. Gemini is often contradictory. Yeah, you say it's black and they say, oh, no, it's white. You say, oh, yeah, it's white. Oh, no, it's black. They just can't help themselves. It's going to always try to do this duality thing.
Starting point is 01:38:15 And that's why it's considered sometimes an immature sign, young anyway, because it does everything so, it's hard for it to be deep and unless it has other aspects that make it deep it will kind of appear that way the last boyfriend i had many decades ago was a gemini moon in pisces so we were completely telepathic and got along. We never had an argument. He used to travel like so easy. He did, you know, the guy things. I took us magically through places. It just was wonderful.
Starting point is 01:38:59 But he used to tell stories. He couldn't say, you know, I had a big believer in telling the truth. It was incredibly important to be truthful all the time. And he'd make stuff up that happened that didn't happen. And that's what Trump does. Geminis tend to do that. And I said to him, you know, it really upsets me that you do that. And he said, well, it's a better story that way. And to him, that was perfectly reasonable.
Starting point is 01:39:21 And I could feel, like looking at my mother's picture, I could see how that was perfectly reasonable to him. It's a talent, actually. It's part of what they do. So I had to give up being about truthfulness, although I know attempting to be truthful, caring about it, is a power that's immense. And you don't want to lose it. It'll guide you through many things. So it's a valuable thing. Okay. So we're doing the sun, the moon, Mercury, Venus. Venus is an interesting thing because, you know, obviously the goddess Venus or Aphrodite. It is the goddess of the arts, music, beauty, eros in the feminine, erotic sense, as Aries can be in the masculine sense. Libra is ruled by Venus, as is Taurus.
Starting point is 01:40:21 Libra, particularly the scales, suffers when there's disharmony around it. And that's like when I do counseling with people, you know, somebody's like a Capricorn saying, well, you know, this is the truth, this is what's happening, and the Libra's, you know, can't stand it. I'd say, you know, that person is hearing this in a different way than you are. And they don't hear what you hear the way you hear it either. And often what I was as a translator, people would say that to me all the time. When I'd come for counseling, they'd say, he'd say what he says, and I'd explain to her what he meant.
Starting point is 01:41:02 She'd say what she says, and I'd explain to him what she meant. And they'd go, how did she do that? You know, it was so easy, actually, because the boundary or the difficulty we're suffering was just this energetic style difference. And once we get that under our belts, that that's a reality, there's a lot of pay dirt in there. There's a lot of stuff to learn,
Starting point is 01:41:25 a lot of stuff to do. And as I say, the only deal breaker is nobody's entitled to be mean on purpose. It's a deal breaker. I say, don't spend 10 minutes with somebody who hurts you on purpose. Even if it's only once every six months, this is a deal breaker. You can tell them once or twice or even a hundred times if you want. That's a deal breaker. But at some point, if it keeps happening, that's a deal breaker. Because it's off. And it's indulging offness to go along with it. You're not being tolerant. You're being abused. And that's not okay. And you're in charge of whether you get abused. And so part of being mentally healthy is knowing when that is.
Starting point is 01:42:13 And that you can speak up for yourself. You don't have to get mad. You just say, sorry, that's not acceptable. Walk out the door. You see, how fast people turn around when you just turn around and walk out the door. How fast people turn around when you just turn around and walk out the door. The game that they've been playing, the game of their culture or their childhood or their defense mechanisms, they keep making you pay.
Starting point is 01:42:37 Nobody's playing the game anymore. It's like, what if we gave a war and nobody came? Like we said before, it's how it ends. Can't do it. What's after Venus? After Venus, Mars. And Mars is the warrior, the assertive, the masculine energy. One of the things I discovered is every planet and every sign has a high note and a low note.
Starting point is 01:43:04 So when things aren't working well, you're doing the low note. You don't have to give up the energy. You have to move to the high note. So the low note of Aries is war. The high note of Aries is great assertion and bravery and courage and ability to go ahead and create things. It's wonderful. Life is wonderful about men. Venus, the high note, is beauty,
Starting point is 01:43:36 the art in every way, sensuousness, loveliness. The negative is the kind of malicious thing that Venus was known for her jealousies or things like that. You can't do that. That's the low note. So if you're being jealous when you're dealing with that energy, you got to move out like that. You can't do that. That's the low note. So if you're being jealous when you're dealing with that energy, you've got to move out of that. So after Venus comes Jupiter. And when Jupiter as a planet touches any other planet, it expands it, gives it more energy. I'm having my Jupiter return as well in Taurus. So I'm always optimistic and positive anyway, but now I can be
Starting point is 01:44:08 optimistic and positive about how we're trying to destroy the earth and we're not going to. And that doesn't mean we don't have to do something about it. We do. So, okay, after Jupiter comes Saturn, we did Saturn. And after Saturn comes Uranus. And Uranus is the futuristic thinking, head of its time thought. It's way out there. Every time I talk about Uranus, I have to quote Niels Bohr, astrophysicist, who said, when asked about the universe as he was discovering things, he said, the universe is stranger than we think. He said, no, it's stranger than we can think. This is where we are now. This is the crux of the matter. There's nothing we can know enough to handle what we're leaking into the rest of the universe. I used to have these two
Starting point is 01:45:01 mind stretchers that I gave in workshops. And I'd say, okay, one mind stretcher is, here's the whole universe. I just spread my arms real wide. It's the whole universe as it actually is. Down here in a little tiny part is us. And it's the duality playing game. And what's going to happen to us when we're in this duality playing game is we're going to leak out into the rest of the universe. That's the mind stretcher. Be ready to leak out into the rest of the universe. So that's what's happening now. We're
Starting point is 01:45:28 leaking out into the rest of the universe and the universe is leaking into us because we are part of it. So the other mind stretcher is, this is best done visually, but if you can imagine me holding my hands together and what we have to realize, all there is is now. All there ever is is now. And if you get your two fingers together and you open your hands slowly, this is now. And as you stretch it out, it's now, it's still now, it's still now. Everything that is, no matter how far you go out into future and past, it's still now. It's all now. Our brains are evolving to be able to
Starting point is 01:46:08 handle that concept very well. And when we do, I do believe we'll end war. I believe that the end of war could be even in my lifetime. That's how potent I believe the shift can be because it can happen quickly. Because as we use love as the mediator, as we use love as the connecting freedom to see and to feel and to know each other, as we actually do that, the rest of the universe can enter us and our brains are already built to handle it. We just have censored them down to a very narrow, we've made them stupid. The advantage I have being born in 1941 is that, and I realized the reason I had to be born in 1941, is I had to be born during the war. I had to be actually alive. And my father went to war and he came back. He really was in the occupation of Japan
Starting point is 01:47:05 and it was very painful for both of us because we both loved Japan. We loved Japanese art. We had a great affinity. I don't know where it came from, but beyond knowing, when I was a little girl, the knife, the woman's sword that he brought back, I looked at it and I knew how it was made.
Starting point is 01:47:22 You know, I was six years old. I'm looking at the sword. I could see the folding and the psychic attunement to the metal to make it. And the lacquer, the lacquer work, the patience, the many layers. I relived it just looking at it. So it hurt both of us that Japan was an enemy.
Starting point is 01:47:48 But I have always said, anything that's already happened had to happen. Otherwise it wouldn't have happened. That's right. It needed to happen because we were so unconscious in that way. And as we get to reflect back on it, we get to see how that wasn't necessary. But it was necessary because we didn't know it wasn't necessary. This is the paradox of time and living through all now, now. Anyway, it's an exciting time to be alive. And the next planet after Uranus, which is all this kind of, all we're talking about very Uranian conversation, Pluto. Tell me about Pluto. Tell me about Pluto. Pluto is really interesting. Pluto is a very odd planet. It has a different elliptic. Everything it does is different. But Pluto, which was discovered when plutonium was discovered, and it's interesting how all these planets got these names that are metaphorically completely accurate, and the last few of them given by astronomers.
Starting point is 01:48:48 I mean, I think there was a point they were considering calling Uranus King George or something because Herschel discovered. Anyway, the consensus and the synthesis always happens because there's synchronicity in the universe. Synchronicity isn't causal exactly. It has a causal quality, but it is part of another dimension of how things work. We don't have really a name for that except synchronicity, which is only sort of talking about the effect. There really is more to reality that if we would relax and allow more love and more communal confrontation of understanding, it would start becoming evident.
Starting point is 01:49:35 Pluto is part of this. Right now, the United States is having its Pluto return. It only happens every 240 years, so human can't have it, but our country has it. And what Pluto does when you have Pluto aspects is it makes you face things. It's now the ruler of Scorpio, along with Mars, but now the major ruler of Scorpio. It makes you face things about sex, death, money, and power that are dark, that you don't want to see, that you have a defense mechanism against, that is part of your shadow. It makes the shadow be confronted by circumstances that happen.
Starting point is 01:50:17 So what's happening? What is America's shadow? Slavery? Stealing the land from the Indians and demonizing them, women not having any rights, and getting rid of a king, authoritarian thinking. The four things we are being confronted with anew as we have a Pluto return, that which wasn't covered, covered quite amazingly well, even though they couldn't get rid of slavery because people wouldn't allow it. And even though, yes, I know Jefferson and, you know, Johnson had slaves, but that was the thing that was there at the time. Now is your time to see
Starting point is 01:51:00 forgiveness for what we did wrong. I don't know what, I want to say incredible joy for the room we are going to make for liberty and justice in this world. We're going to live it. We're not going to play this song and dance of hide and fake and that we keep doing ad nauseum. That's going to get so tiresome. It's going to be the easiest thing in the world to just do what's fair, to do what's earnest, and to respect the liberty of other people.
Starting point is 01:51:41 It's a joy to do. It won't be hard. And people who hold grudges on any side of the equation will have to see that you can't have a grudge. It won't work. Claim your power. One of the things I love when I was young, there weren't too many black people in my school. There weren't too many black people in my school. I only knew them in the band. But black is beautiful. I loved that so much. I thought that was one of the best memes or buttons. Because all I could ever see was the beauty in black people.
Starting point is 01:52:22 It was counteracted by the craziness of the culture they were wrong so all I could see was the beauty one of my first boyfriends then at that time was Rafer Johnson who's an Olympic decathlon winner and we also met in a very psychic way there's no accidents really there's energetic opportunities you cannot avail yourself of. But you're usually pretty compelled to at least try it a little bit because it's very compelling.
Starting point is 01:52:54 The universe is laying it at your feet or in front of your nose. So you kind of do at least have to sort of see it somewhat. That's why we don't have to worry. You don't have to worry about what you missed. You just don't be afraid you didn't get what you wanted. Don't be upset if the plane's late. It doesn't matter. Even if it matters, it doesn't matter. I don't know quite how to say that. Just pay attention. It's wonderful. It's easy too. And it's creative because if you decide to change the channel, I think it was William James who said the great discovery of his generation, of course, it wasn't his generation. It happened many times before.
Starting point is 01:53:38 Gandhi had it and many people had it before. But in his generation, it was a big, in psychology, American psychology, it was a big revelation, is that we are in charge of our attitudes. We can create our own attitudes. We do not have to stay stuck in certain attitudes. We create them. And when you have that desire for truthfulness and kindness, create them. And when you have that desire for truthfulness and kindness, and when you have the desire of love and freedom and goodwill, it's amazing. It's like a synergy that's going to pop out all over. That's why I'm not worried. This is my message that I can feel experientially,
Starting point is 01:54:24 that I can feel experientially because I'm so sensitive. I mean, the first time I saw the video film on TV of the concentration camps, I was about 18 or 19. I threw up, and I don't throw up easily. I just couldn't stand it. I just couldn't believe it. I mean, I knew sort of about it, but every face I saw, I saw the whole thing, you know, and all that was behind it and what made it happen. It was all too much to bear. I don't quite feel that way now because I feel that we're all here to do our thing. We're all
Starting point is 01:54:58 part of the whole dance. Let's not keep make people die just to have revelations, you know. Let's make it easier. Let's make it easier. Let's make it easier. Thank you.

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