The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz - Postgame Show: The Michael Jordan Charisma Debate

Episode Date: April 2, 2024

Amin is furious with the rest of our cast over their disagreement with him that Michael Jordan is charismatic. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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Starting point is 00:00:00 You're listening to Giraffe King's Network. I'm surprised by that take. I think, I'm not being, I'm not trying to be funny here. I think he's more charismatic, like he's not as charismatic as like some other stars that we have doing this, but from what I've seen, he was pretty charismatic. I think you guys are confusing like a character with charismatic. Shaq was a character.
Starting point is 00:00:33 I know, I'm well aware of what charisma is, and I was of an age where I got to experience, with good memory, 80% of Michael Jordan's run, and he wasn't super charismatic. He was incredibly charismatic, man. This is not a knock on his game. You can be a Jordan guy. This is a poll.
Starting point is 00:00:52 Let's put it out on the poll. Was Michael Jordan charismatic? And also, are you 40 and older? Because I feel like that's a- I'm about to be 39. So I'm like, we're right there. I only saw wizards, Mike. That would be the rare, serious point.. Yeah man. I was born in 1995. What is surprising about that Roy?
Starting point is 00:01:09 I'm turning 40. That's why I'm surprised. I only saw wizards Mike too. You only saw wizards Mike Tony? Wow. So you guys don't really know like what it felt like. That's why the last dance was so great for us. I'm telling like I there's nothing I can compare to the absolute that's why it's like, you know when people ask me who's better LeBron or Mike and I'm like the Cerebral amine says you can't do this errors are different and guys are different and Mike was great in his way and LeBron's great in his way and great players are great players and all that stuff and then I say hey for every argument you make for Michael Jordan I could make an argument for LeBron James with the longevity, the greatness,
Starting point is 00:01:47 and winning with three different franchises, all these things. But the thing that, if gun to my head, is you gotta pick one, makes me say Michael Jordan is, no one ever felt the fear. Like when Michael Jordan stepped on the court, there was, you could have the best team ever, and you'd be like, okay, how are we gonna-
Starting point is 00:02:03 Right, no one disagrees with what you're saying. How are we gonna? Well, but now we're talking basketball. No, no, no. We're not talking basketball. We moved on, we moved on. We moved on. Your hoop is no.
Starting point is 00:02:11 Everyone knows he's captured everybody's imagination and totally revolutionized how you can be marketable. But also, he was very marketable. The proof is in the pudding, as I said, but he's not this super charismatic dude. He absolutely is. Every time he talks, people stop and listen and are drawn to him.
Starting point is 00:02:29 That's not charisma. That is charisma. I don't think you know the definition of charisma. What's charisma? Oh, OK. Clear out for Chris. No. It's just personality.
Starting point is 00:02:39 You hear him talk and you're like, oh, man, this guy could be a whole, he could MC an event. This guy, like, I don't know. No, he has a presence. Travis Kelce has charisma. Compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others. That's Michael Jordan!
Starting point is 00:02:54 No, he doesn't. His play did that. No, he didn't have, he can certainly inspire others with his play, but no. Devotion? I think you're conflating a presence with charisma. Yeah, people will hang on every word because Michael Jordan is the greatest To ever do it. He has a presence, but it's not because he's charismatic or a good talker
Starting point is 00:03:13 It's not. You think he's a bad talker? I think he's an okay. I think he's an okay talker I think we need to- I don't think he's a Michael Jordan of talking. We need to agree that his aura Was based on his talent on the court. It was not based on his personality. Regardless of, wait, hold on, no, hold on. No one's agreeing with you. I'm not saying that. Rick Flair is charisma. Steven A. Smith is charisma. No, I know I'm going over the top characters. Fair enough. Let me give me give me give me someone who is mild me. Okay. Do you think Wayne Gretzky is charismatic? No, okay, but not much of a difference there No, no, no huge difference huge like Gretzky's on TNT because he's Wayne Gretzky if Jordan wanted a TV job
Starting point is 00:03:59 He'd get it because he's right magic Johnson was charismatic charismatic. Yes, but also character, but he's over the top character. Magic! Hee hee! Hee hee! So you're just anybody with an ounce of charisma now is over the top? So I'll give you an example of someone who isn't, right? Derek Jeter.
Starting point is 00:04:20 Yeah. Who did he learn from? The guy's on the Jordan brand the islandized Jordan Okay, I'll give you I'll give you another guy who's not an over-the-top character who is charismatic Kobe Wright Again, he patterned his entire deal a guy. No wait wait hold on. Kobe not until like his mid 30s did Kobe tap into finally something that truly connected with folks because he kept getting accused of just ripping off Michaels say nothing style. Muhammad Ali. Charisma. That's charisma. Are you kidding
Starting point is 00:04:59 me? He's a character. Come on man. They do is rhyming and stuff selling fights. Yeah That's correct. He's on you when he's talking on a microphone. You're intrigued. I mean you you have charisma You don't know when I'm a character your character right now. I'm always a character. No, but we're on air I'm a job as bits as Barkley yes, Barkley have Chris but if I come up to you in real life you can hold a conversation you have Charisma you people are drawn to you. I'm Michael Jordan people are drawn to Michael Jordan because he's excellent So you think of Michael Jordan? I'm saying if Michael Jordan if Michael Jordan sold insurance He would struggle selling insurance because he's not super charismatic
Starting point is 00:05:39 I don't believe that and I say this knowing that he sold the more the more shoes than anybody. I think Michael Michael Now I got Michael Jordan on the brain Which you should we're talking about look he went his entire career being actively Uncharismatic he was never interested in revealing his personality that has nothing to do with I think I think that what it means talking About is like if you go to a postgame press conference, right Everybody and not just because he was dominant, but he he said Interesting things at that time. I mean and look I'm not even I already said I only saw wizards Jordan but if if you go to a press conference and there's someone who is
Starting point is 00:06:20 Captivating as this as a good quote is the same. Yeah, because there's a difference between, there are guys that go up there and talk and you are literally bored to tears by their answers. How come there are guys like Jordan? Michael Jordan was one of them. Is it like Joey Vados got charisma? Yeah, he does. Again, a character.
Starting point is 00:06:37 Ahmad Rashad has charisma. Nah. Ahmad Rashad has charisma. Joey Vados. The main man. OJ Simpson, famously charismatic. You guys might as well just say Kermit the frog He was the star of the Muppets am Newton
Starting point is 00:06:49 originally before before now he character cuz now he's a character but when he was like Baker Mayfield Charisma you think Baker Mayfield has more charisma than Michael Jordan. Yeah It was a good show I mean no one agrees with me He just walked off. I'm like trying to help him. Those progressive commercials, which he should get back by the way, were great. And the Hulu Live.

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