Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth - 2272: The Dangers of Heavy Metals & How to Flush From Your Body With Dr. Stephen Cabral

Episode Date: February 15, 2024

What does the Minerals & Metals test cover? (1:59) The correlation between high levels of certain heavy metals and autism. (4:03) The common offenders when it comes to heavy metals in your body.... (6:59) How is this increasing? (10:17) How to avoid passing on heavy metals to your baby. (12:51) Why do you look at the hair for heavy metals? (17:16) What are the symptoms that someone would feel with higher levels of heavy metals? (22:45) Revealing the guy’s Minerals & Metals test results and comparing them to their test two years ago. (24:50) Adam. (27:01) Doug. (36:58) Justin. (45:58) Sal. (51:43) The two heavy hitters that can remove heavy metals. (54:28) What would a client feel by removing heavy metals? (55:26) How to get this test to take yourself! (58:11) Related Links/Products Mentioned For Mind Pump listeners only Equi.life is offering a FREE At-Home Minerals & Metals test Shipped Right to Your Door. (Customer pays shipping and handling and First-time test-buying customers only). For a limited time only, Mind Pump listeners get a free LMNT Sample Pack with any purchase: Visit DrinkLMNT.com/MindPump February Promotion: MAPS Performance | Extreme Fitness Bundle 50% off! ** Code FEB50 at checkout ** The Rain Barrel Effect: How a 6,000 Year Old Answer Holds the Secret to Finally Getting Well, Losing Weight & Feeling Alive Again! – Book by Stephen Cabral The Lancet Commission on the future of care and clinical research in autism Home - GAPS Diet Big 5 Labs - EquiLife Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction - Wikipedia Mind Pump #1780: Why Blood Tests Are Overrated With Dr. Stephen Cabral AirDoctor | HEPA Air Purifier for Home and Office Use the 3-2-1 Formula for Best Sleep Results | Cabral Concept 2526 Mind Pump Podcast – YouTube Mind Pump Free Resources Featured Guest/People Mentioned Dr. Stephen Cabral (@stephencabral) Instagram Website

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Starting point is 00:00:00 If you want to pump your body and expand your mind, there's only one place to go. Mind pump, mind pump with your hosts, Sal DeStefano, Adam Schaefer, and Justin Andrews. You just found the most downloaded Fitness Health Entertainment podcast. This is Mind Pump. All right, we brought Dr. Stephen Cabral back on the show.
Starting point is 00:00:20 He's been on the show many times. He's a functional medicine practitioner, one of the best in the country. Like he's phenomenal. In today's episode, he actually went through the results of a metals and mineral test that we all took, right? So we did a test where we can see if we have high or low levels of key minerals and whether or not we have levels of heavy metals, which can be very toxic. In fact, for our audience, he's offering all of you listeners right now a free test. Literally you could get the test,
Starting point is 00:00:49 all you do is pay for shipping, you get the test and you can find out what your mineral levels are and you can find out if you have any levels of heavy metals. The link for that is stevencobral.com forward slash htma. Steven is spelled S-T-E-p-h-e-n. It's an amazing test and you'll love this episode. We go all into it.
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Starting point is 00:01:34 which is drinklmt.com forward slash mind pump, you'll get a free sample pack with any order. We're also running a sale on some workout programs this month. Maps performance is half off and our extreme fitness bundle of programs is also half off. If you want to learn more or just sign up, go to mapsfitnessproducts.com and then use this code for the discount, FEB50. All right, here comes the show. Dr. Garal, welcome back to the show. So good to be here. I appreciate you guys having me back and it's always a lot of fun to get together.
Starting point is 00:02:05 Yeah, we love having you on. And these episodes were- I always have a weird feeling about him coming out here. I have mixed feelings. You're nervous. You're not alone there. Yeah, I have mixed feelings about seeing you. Really like you as a person,
Starting point is 00:02:16 but don't always like the news you deliver to me. No, these episodes where you go through, you did tests on us, and then you reveal what our test results show. I've been so popular. Yeah. Because we get to go over what's happening and then we get to figure out how to make myself healthier and feel better. So yeah, it's amazing.
Starting point is 00:02:33 The test we did this time was the heavy metals test. Explain that first, how we did it, what they're looking at, and then let's get into the whole thing. Yeah. So the minerals and metals test is going to look at, a lot of people always talk about what are my vitamin levels, which is great. You look at your folate, your methylcombalamin for your B12,
Starting point is 00:02:51 your B6, all of those things are fantastic. But the body also uses minerals, and it uses minerals actually more for energy. So if you're, let's say, your calcium and your magnesium are off, or you're sodium and your potassium, those are your electrolytes, your main electrolytes. And so if those are imbalanced, people can end up with feelings of fatigue or headaches or muscle weakness or poor recovery, not just the carbohydrates you take in or the fats,
Starting point is 00:03:15 it's actually the minerals that are helping to drive the body as well. So we're going to look at those four minerals, plus we're going to look at your copper and your zinc, which is great for the hair, the skin, the nails, also good for your immune system. We'll look at chromium for blood sugar, selenium, which is great for the thyroid. It's an anti-cancer based, probably one of the most potent anti-cancer based antioxidants, even though it's a mineral. And then we're going to look at phosphorus. So phosphorus is typically normal, and it's normal for most of the guys I see in my practice,
Starting point is 00:03:43 but it is sometimes off when people are going too low protein or it's too high sometimes when there's too much bone or muscle loss. So I always like to evaluate that. And then we get into the heavy metals, which is your lead, which we hope no one ever has. That shouldn't be elevated at all. Then we have mercury, we have arsenic, we have cadmium, and then we have aluminum. And I want to talk about those specifically today because they don't go away on their own.
Starting point is 00:04:07 And you can actually have them from childhood. And that's like one of the biggest things I wanna bring that up because there was a brand new study in the Lancet, actually an autism. And I'd love to be able to get a little bit more in depth on that, not that everybody who has heavy metals
Starting point is 00:04:19 is gonna have autism, not saying that, but we are now seeing, instead of one in 1,020 plus years ago, we're now seeing one in 68 children with some level of autism spectrum based disorder. And is there a correlation between high levels of certain heavy metals and autism? Is that what they're finding? 100%. Yeah, and this is actually published now in PubMed and specifically through the Lancet. And what they found is that it's maternal based exposure, which is the craziest thing. So it's the mom who's exposed
Starting point is 00:04:46 that is then passing those metals through the placenta to the unborn child. The child is then born with heavy metals before they've even come into this world. Now, I first read about this, but it wasn't as corroborated because it was a small study. So it was called 10 Americans.
Starting point is 00:05:01 I mentioned it before, but I think it's worth going over. So in the 10 American study, this was actually with the Environmental Working Group, they tested 272, I believe, individuals to look for heavy metals. And they only tested 400 heavy metals or 400, let's just call it toxins from the environment. Is it probably a better way to say it because there's not necessarily 400 heavy metals. And what they found on average is there was 232 toxins out of those 400 for each individual. But it turned out that these individuals weren't even born yet. And that's what started all of this research is that they found that in the fetal cord blood, there was 200 plus manmade toxins.
Starting point is 00:05:42 And now they're taking toxins more seriously. If you talked about toxins even 15 years ago, you would have been laughed off of a podcast. Yeah, the word alone. It's like, oh, it's a conspiracy theory. That's not a conspiracy theory. We know these things are in nature. We know that just five years ago,
Starting point is 00:05:57 there was 77,000 manmade chemicals when I wrote my book. Now there's over 120,000 in the United States. There was 8,000 in Europe five years ago. Now there's over 120,000 in the United States. There was 8,000 in Europe five years ago, now there's over 10, 11,000 in Europe. Well, Europe is that much different than us? Hugely different. They have much different regulations than we do. Bro, yeah, but did you hear the number?
Starting point is 00:06:15 That's like massive discrepancy. You've ever seen the difference? Like they'll have like Fruit Loops in America versus Fruit Loops in Europe or this product here versus that product. And you look at the ingredients. The ingredients are huge. Very different, very, very different. Because of the regulations, right?
Starting point is 00:06:29 Because of the regulations. The worst thing is this though, the United States is now subbing out their farming to Mexico and other areas where they have even less regulations. And then they're importing it back with who even knows, you know, what's on a lot of these foods. So these, these talk, these toxins that the mother is passing on the fetus. And she's, this is, these are things that she's exposed to while pregnant or
Starting point is 00:06:52 before pregnant or both. Before pregnancy and while pregnant. Yes. Oh wow. Interesting. And what are the, you know, not to go too, too far to comment. Yes. We have, we have, where are they, where are they being exposed to these?
Starting point is 00:07:04 Is it through cosmetics? Is it through cosmetics? Is it through food? Yes. All of the above. The two largest ones are mercury and aluminum. So that's what they found. So not so much the lead. We hope that nobody's exposed to lead.
Starting point is 00:07:17 Really, lead's been outlawed for a while, but they're still old homes and there's still a possibility of getting lead in certain things, but it's not in paints anymore. So we've got lead, we've got cadmium, we've got arsenic. Cadmium is absolutely detrimental to the central nervous system. Arsenic is detrimental to thyroid and many other metabolic-based disorders. Those are commonly that come from the soil, come from food, but mercury and aluminum can come from
Starting point is 00:07:40 other products as well. So the most common cause of mercury, and this is actually important, because when we look at our labs, your body doesn't rid it on its own. So it can be from other products as well. So the most common cause of mercury, and this is actually important because when we look at our labs, your body doesn't rid it on its own. So it can be from, and I don't want to get controversial here, I'm not saying that vaccinations are good or they're bad, all I'm saying is that many of them, especially if we're all 40 plus, definitely back in our day, there was mercury in those. Now there's usually heavy metal. The reason why there's an adjuvant or there's a metal in these things is because it actually excites the immune system. So in order for a vaccination or something to take hold,
Starting point is 00:08:12 you do need some type of immune-based stimulant. And so that's why they're in there. Now they're using other things now, it's not the only thing. But what I'm saying is there was still mercury. And so we have mercury, we also have mercury, mainly from fish. That's the most predominant way
Starting point is 00:08:24 that you're gonna be able to get high levels have mercury. We also have mercury mainly from fish. That's the most predominant way that you're going to be able to get high levels of mercury. So for example, when I was in college, 18 to 22, every, I had my dinner at like, let's just say six o'clock at night. Every night at 9 30, 10 o'clock or so, I'd microwave a bag of rice, minute rice. I'd put a can of tuna on top and just some cheap olive oil. You know, this is just all I was trying to do was get to 200 pounds and that was like my whole goal. That was my whole life, right?
Starting point is 00:08:47 And so I did that and it was very cheap. I could have that whole meal for like less than $3. But when I then learned at about 20 years old how to do the same exact lab minerals and metals test, I didn't learn how to do it. I went to a doctor, the doctor did this lab on me. My mercury was off the chart and he said, are you eating tuna?
Starting point is 00:09:03 And I said, every night. And he said, this is why. And I said, I thought tuna was healthy for you. He said, are you eating tuna? And I said, every night. And he said, this is why. And I said, I thought tuna was healthy for you. He said, it's not that it's not healthy for you. Is that it does also contain high levels of mercury. And I said, Oh, okay, interesting. But then when I started to look at the research and they looked at Norway and other countries that don't have a lot of fish consumption, they were still, they could have elevated levels of mercury in their hair.
Starting point is 00:09:23 And so they were finding that the predominance now of mercury is not just fish, but actually from the soil So fruits vegetables grains What was the other one which is basically everything that we're talking about right now can have a contamination from the soil Water is the biggest culprit besides fish because unless you're filtering water There's almost always aluminum because they use aluminum to basically, aluminum will bind other metals inside of the water and drop those to the bottom of the tank. Any additional aluminum that's left though
Starting point is 00:09:56 is maintained or in the water. And there's no upper limit necessarily of aluminum that can be in the water. And so what happens is, sure, you might get not a lot of these other issues like lead in your water, but you could have aluminum. And the last spot, and this is I think where many men and women are getting it,
Starting point is 00:10:12 toothpaste, antiperspirant, and a lot of bath hygiene-based products. Now, how has this increased so much in the environment? Is this due to pollution? Is this a natural result of, I mean, is it normally found in the soil at this rate? Or is this new? That's a good question.
Starting point is 00:10:31 That's the exact question I had is, because I said, how is this increasing? So we've run over 100,000 minerals and metals tests, probably let's just say 250,000 or so of these labs. So we run, it's not our lab, we don't own any of these labs. And actually always want it that way, because when the three of four of you run by, what's that? So you're not biased? Exactly. I don't want to control the lab process. So when you run the labs, it goes to a third party. Now, all of the labs we use are CLIA certified, but they don't go to a
Starting point is 00:11:00 health insurance agency, they don't go to your doctor, everything is kept private, which is what I wanted as well. And so I don't actually know what your lab results are going to be until I receive those and the lab isn't necessarily comparing those to two years ago, which is the last time we did yours. So I get a really unbiased look at this, but I also get an aggregate of data of a quarter of a million labs on this. And I've absolutely seen it.
Starting point is 00:11:24 I've been looking at these labs now for over a decade, I absolutely see aluminum on the rise. And so I asked that same question, Justin, that you had. And the only thing that I can find is the worsening of the seas, like the ocean, not increase in hygiene products, I don't really think, but the soil contamination. Now, do reverse osmosis filters
Starting point is 00:11:43 remove the aluminum out of your water? Yes, they do. Okay. So that would be the way it now. Now, traditional filter would not. Well, when you look at the most popular filter in the world, like the Brita filter, and I'm not disparaging this company anyway, I consider it like the curves of the fitness industry. It's a great place to start. But it's not going to do a whole lot. It's a great place to start, right? Like, but it's not going to do a whole lot. It's a good entry point. A British stock just went way to fucked up. So they found that it actually adds, it can add back aluminum, because now they may have
Starting point is 00:12:15 changed this, so this was three years ago, it added additional aluminum because of the aluminum mesh filter. So we could take out, well, it could take out some chlorine other things, but you don't want aluminum filters filtering your water, which breaks down over time. So you want reverse osmosis, but then you probably want to add back some elements. Exactly, so that's what we do.
Starting point is 00:12:32 We do a countertop reverse osmosis. If we end up staying in the home that we're in now, we're gonna do a whole house filter so that we also don't need to do a, because we have a shower filter, we've got our water filter, and then we add back the minerals and So in the future, I'll do a whole house filter that also helps to add back the minerals So this thing with with this connection between some of these heavy metals and autism could could this be a potential
Starting point is 00:12:58 Kind of avenue for what this is happening? The child is born already with elevated levels of some of these heavy metals already. Then they get vaccines on top of it. In the normal circumstances, these vaccines may not cause an overload of heavy metals, but because it's already elevated, then they throw the vaccines on top of it. Could this be a reason why some people are trying to make this connection? Yes. And I think the hard thing is, and I started to learn about autism back around 2010. I worked with them. I didn't work with.
Starting point is 00:13:26 I studied under Dr. Natasha McBride, and she had something called the gut-associated psychology programs, something like that, GAPs. And so that kind of opened my eyes. Again, this is going back some time now. But even herself, this is her life's work, could not tie it to one specific thing. Back then she was mainly tying it not to metals but the gut microbiome, because there's the same correlations
Starting point is 00:13:52 with microbiome inflammation that there are with heavy metals. So what I'm saying is I think that there is literally the rain barrel effect. I think there's a multifactorial problem going on here with autism that is not one thing, it's many things. There's a large amount of inflammation
Starting point is 00:14:06 that inflames the immune system in the brain, which are connected essentially, and metals are one of those. They test hair from children without autism and children with autism. Again, this is right on PubMed, and they can clearly show elevated levels of heavy metal in autism.
Starting point is 00:14:22 They're not saying that it's causatory, but that they are saying that it's correlated to that. Yes. In other words, it could be a reverse causation or something like that. Maybe. It could even be that if you have autism, you're not detoxifying as well and you're not getting rid of metals and maybe that's exacerbated in it. But for sure, they do believe that it's at least part of the cause. Okay. No, I don't want to turn this into a vaccine conversation, but you just said something that is, I'm curious. And I was wondering if it was just, it was a silly strategy we did or based off of what you're telling me right now. It sounds like it was a smart strategy is we, when Max, my son,
Starting point is 00:14:54 had his vaccine shots, they typically want to just like kind of knock them all out in the, you know, like the first like 60 to 90 days of, them, we stretched them out over like three years. Is that a better, because of the exposure of potential like mercury and things like that that are in there, is that a better strategy or does that not matter? Cause it's all getting into a system. So it's a great question.
Starting point is 00:15:15 I have to give my disclaimer now. I can't provide any medical advice, medical treatments, medical cures, medical diagnosis. So just my honest personal opinion is that a infant and toddlers immune system is not fully functional until two years old Okay, so if you start to introduce things that they would not typically be introduced to that quickly Maybe that that can be an issue for some children obviously not all right. It's a reasonable. It's a reasonable Potential I would say I think so especially, again, I know that many women can't breastfeed, but if they're also not getting breastfed,
Starting point is 00:15:48 they're not getting the immunoglobulins that the mother passes through, through breast milk, to the child to help support the immune system. That's not found in formula. And so I think, again, I'm not saying that every woman that does not breastfeed is going to have a child with autism, that's not it at all. But the thing is we don't have great testing right now. What we are using is something that we call
Starting point is 00:16:07 the starter kit. It's the minerals and metals test that you ran, but it's also the Candida metabolic and vitamins test, which looks at gut based issues like yeast overgrowth, bacterial overgrowth. It looks at overall neurotransmitter function. So high dopamine. These issues, you can see in a child, if they have high dopamine and they might have high norepinephrine, low serotonin, it can signal bacterial based issues and gut based issues. One of those bacteria is called Clostridium, Clostridium difficile.
Starting point is 00:16:35 This is a huge inflammatory. That's a bad one, that's in nursing homes, that can cause some big problems. That's right, it's mainly in hospitals and nursing homes, however, there are many people walking around with it, but since they're not immunocompromised because they're not below two years old
Starting point is 00:16:47 or especially below six months old or above 80 years old, it doesn't affect them to the same degree. So when we run those, and this is, I know that, we're not talking just to maybe couples looking to start a family, but every couple looking to start a family should run those labs six months to a year before they're looking to conceive if family should run those labs six months to a year before they're
Starting point is 00:17:05 looking to conceive if they can, of course. And then if they have heavy metals, eliminate them then. If they have methylation issues, fix them then. If they have gut issues, fix them. And then these things won't be passed on. Oh, interesting. Now, why do you look at the, why look at the hair for minerals and heavy metals? Why not blood or some other test?
Starting point is 00:17:21 So here has always been, or urine, predominantly what's used to look at metals because the body will, inside of the blood, is meant to be clean. I mean, it really is. The blood is meant to be, what we always refer to as homeostatic, or it should be at equilibrium.
Starting point is 00:17:37 So let's say you're low in calcium in your blood, your body will just break down some bone to be able to raise those calcium levels. So the body will move the metals into typically adipose tissue, or move it to the nervous system, the myelin sheath or the brain, which is basically all fat, like all three of those, if we're really talking about it, it's essentially fat. So that is a innocuous storage house for just to sweep it out of the blood.
Starting point is 00:18:02 And what happens then is that, and we see this a lot. I, I see, I work with, um, fitness competitors. I work with, uh, people that are looking to make massive body transformations, like 50 to a hundred pounds, they can actually be living a very clean lifestyle and then they lose 50 pounds and we'll run this minerals and metals test and their metals go through the roof. But they didn't, they weren't exposed. Cause release from the fat.
Starting point is 00:18:25 That's right. And it's the same thing. So when the UFC fighters, if you guys watch the UFC like John Jones, maybe he's used steroids, maybe hasn't. I don't know. But remember they said the whole thing with picograms? I don't know if you remember that.
Starting point is 00:18:35 So picograms is like this nano amount like of let's just say testosterone that started to be released in the blood. It wasn't technically testosterone. It was a specific substrate that you would use to kind of cover up testosterone use. Okay, so this, he could have taken them five years ago, 10 years ago.
Starting point is 00:18:52 It was in his fat. And it was in his fat. And when UFC fighters drop, wait, they're dropping 20, 30 pounds in 12 weeks. Yeah, this happened, this is, I've read of cases this happened with people with cannabis. They'll quit cannabis, then lose a bunch of weight years later and they'll get elevated levels of cannabinoids. Yeah. Cause it was in there.
Starting point is 00:19:11 That's interesting. Yeah. Cause cannabinoids get stored in the bottom. We all thought it was just an excuse. But it's, it's legitimate. Um, and so we call it in medicine, a Hertz hammer reaction. Yeah. So that's when inside of your fat, you can have all sorts of stored toxins. Okay, well now it overloads the liver, which is why I've been talking about functional medicine detoxes for over a decade, only because I was introduced to them when I was studying and I started using them in my practice
Starting point is 00:19:37 and I saw amazing results, but it wasn't really accepted. But now we know the way that you reduce Herxheimer based reactions is you get the liver to function better. And it's not like your liver's not working. It's just like, okay, well, you just now it's the same thing is going out and having a drink versus six drinks or 12 drinks. You're just literally making it more work for your liver. Well, when you lose all that weight or body fat or whatever it might be, your liver just has to work harder. So you essentially just, it was introducing intermittent fasting, specific clean eating, etc.
Starting point is 00:20:09 And specific nutrients that your liver needs to help with what's called phase two liver conjugation. So you basically take these fat soluble toxins, right? So your fat's releasing these fat soluble toxins. You need to convert it to a water soluble toxin so you can get it out through your urine, your stool, or even your sweat. So let's say you're lean. Let's say you're somebody that's lean. Does that mean that your body has a lower capability to sweep these toxins out of your body? Or is it just that the concentration will be higher in the body fat that you do have? Yeah, I don't, that's a great question. I don't know that I exactly know the answer to that. My brain immediately went
Starting point is 00:20:43 that it may store it more in your brain than than the fat tissue. But I can't say that. I don't know that I exactly know the answer to that. My brain immediately went that it may store it more in your brain than the fat tissue. But I can't say that, I don't know that specifically. But we also do know, again, it's the same with autism. We don't know that aluminum and mercury and other metals are causatory towards dementia and Alzheimer's, but for sure we know that when we examine the brain of someone with Alzheimer's, there's higher levels of aluminum.
Starting point is 00:21:05 And so what I would say is it's probably causatory because it's inflammatory, it's an oxidative stress on the body, and oxidative stress creates inflammation, which creates cell damage, and then you just kind of go down the line. So the reason why you cut hair is because your hair will show what you've been consuming or it gets deposited in there as well. Yeah, all you're here is essentially a protein that then when your body excretes gets trapped inside of that here. And so NASA, FBI,
Starting point is 00:21:34 they've all been using this for 40 plus years. They were actually using it before as a lab test. They were doing these results. And now, well, I mean, World Health Organization, all these organizations are using it because it's an easy way to test pregnant women to look at metals and other things like that. But it's also easy for drug testing. So all they need to do is snip the hair instead of the blood
Starting point is 00:21:54 because you can basically mask it. You can get things out of your system faster, but it's in your hair if you had it six months ago. That's the famous story I like to tell about Britney Spears. That's why she shaved her head? She shaved her head because she was about to have a drug test. Oh, I didn't know that. Is that true?
Starting point is 00:22:08 That's, that's, that's what I've heard. Again, I don't know. I'm not in the whole thing, but that's what I heard. Oh, everyone, she did that. It would make sense because long hair would mean the ends would have stuff that you took, you know, six months ago and the hair closest to your scalp is what you did maybe a week ago. So shave it off. Did she have like a court appearance right before that or something?
Starting point is 00:22:27 There was custody things again, like I remember that's what she wouldn't hear in, and what's the, Kevin Federline or what about that? We're divorced. Yeah. And I don't know a lot about Britney Spears. Now you're in my wheelhouse. When I was a kid, that's hella funny. That's so interesting. I was like, why'd you do that?
Starting point is 00:22:43 Trying to bust it or beat the test. What are the symptoms of higher heavy metals? What are some things that people may be noticing so that they can come and, you know, maybe go run one of these tests? So average individuals in our practice, they're overall like fairly healthy people, but yeah, they might have some autoimmune issues. They might have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, blood sugar issues, trouble losing weight, fatigue. A lot of the issues that they may see are headaches throughout the day, or just randomly,
Starting point is 00:23:12 they get headaches. Some of it's poor circulation, so cold hands, cold feet, but also pins and needles in the hands and the feet. All nervous system stuff. A lot of nervous system, exactly. They might get some brain fog. That can be attributed to so many things though. I can't say it's just heavy metals,
Starting point is 00:23:28 but another big one is nausea and abdominal-based pain, like intestinal pain as well. Because heavy metals can be in the gut. And one of the reasons is obviously we're consuming them through food. And they get, so we talked about actually adipose, so fat stores, but also in the bile films of your gut. So you have your microvilli or you villi,
Starting point is 00:23:48 they call it brush border. So basically like the finger like structure inside of your intestines. And so right around that, if you do have parasites or you do have bacteria or you do have yeast, what happens is a biofilm begins to be created. And that biofilm is a protein like matrix. It's a gel like matrix that you can actually pass
Starting point is 00:24:06 because you can break it up what's called biofilm disruptors. But inside of that are also heavy metals. Heavy metals add structure to that biofilm that can then protect what's below. Because again, your micro, so your microbiome is its own living ecosystem. It's literally like us living on the planet,
Starting point is 00:24:23 there are trillions of bacteria inside of your gut. There's about three to five pounds of bacteria just in our gut microbiome. Wow. And so these biofilms basically are created by these bacteria, parasites, whatever, to protect themselves so they can survive in your gut. It's the same thing as us building a house from the elements, from the exact thing. And this is why sometimes people will do treatments to try and kill bad bacteria and it just won't touch it.
Starting point is 00:24:46 Because it's behind the biofilms. Well, that sucks. Yeah. All right. Let's talk about these tests. Let's see, you know, what our results are and maybe we can tie symptoms to them or whatever because I'm very interested to see.
Starting point is 00:25:00 Well, this is what you found. Now, if I remember. Now, the last time you tested this, I would say this is one of the first tests that we ever did with you, right? I believe it was the very first. It was two years ago, almost to the date it was two years. And you found something in it,
Starting point is 00:25:09 was it lead that you saw on us before? Mercury, mercury and aluminum. That's the biggest thing we're going to chat about today. And, but overall, so when we look at this, it's actually very interesting. So I wanted to kind of preface it with this. So again, we're going over the minerals and metals. It's your calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium.
Starting point is 00:25:28 It's manganese, selenium. It is chromium, phosphorus. And then we look at the metals. So we'll go over those. But what I always like to tell people is that your body, so you have your, basically your genotype and your phenotype. Your genotype are your genes, that's your genetics. We know that that accounts for anywhere
Starting point is 00:25:48 between 5% and 20%. So researchers debate, is it only 5% that's your genetics matter or is it 20%? Well, I know we're gonna talk about that more when we talk about an additional lab in the future. But what I wanna say is this, the body essentially will move to its own, like if you add water, right, into some type of vessel, it's going to find level, it's going to find its own equal level.
Starting point is 00:26:13 Everybody's body kind of does that. So when I go over your labs, some things have changed, some things have stayed the same, but I want you to, I want to ask you and you can kind of answer it or not answer it's up to you. Have you done anything different over the last two years? Have you done things that kind of answer it or not answer it's up to you. Have you done anything different over the last two years? Have you done things that would move these markers, not move these markers, added more stress, less stress? And that's the way to look at the minerals and metals test. Because you can specifically move it, but they're not going to move on their own. And you're going to see them be similar in the way that your body
Starting point is 00:26:42 maintains its own level of homeostasis. Got it. Okay, perfect. All right. Let's see what happens. So these are at random. Like there's no, there's actually no winner loser. There's no winners and losers. Everybody's a winner here. We're gonna go participate in full shit. We know who won and lost at the end. At the end, Jesse, you can talk about that. All right. So Adam, we're're gonna go over yours first because it was just the first one that popped up. Okay. So your 2022 results were pretty good electrolytes, slightly higher calcium than magnesium.
Starting point is 00:27:14 And with this, I just wanna preface this for electrolytes. It doesn't mean that you're taking too much calcium or taking too much magnesium or not enough. Calcium and sodium are essentially a proxy for the fight or flight or the sympathetic nervous system. So the more stressed an individual is, the higher their calcium will be. When you're in a state of fight or flight,
Starting point is 00:27:35 you produce norepinephrine and you produce cortisol. Norepinephrine is an excitatory neurotransmitter, gets you fired up, gets the heart rate going, blood pressure going. Cortisol is a glucocorticoid, it will help break down stored glucose. Well, during that same process though, your body will pull calcium into the bloodstream,
Starting point is 00:27:50 to make it more calciumic, retentive. Is this the buffer, the whole thing, or does that have to do with it? Part of the stress process. It will actually help increase blood pressure, and much more. But the problem is, and this is why it's so important when we look, cardiovascular disease is still
Starting point is 00:28:04 the number one killer in the United States. You can have normal cholesterol, high levels of calcium, and calcium hardens the arteries. So it's like it's- I remember because in the 80s and 90s, they were hammering people to take more calcium to strengthen their bones and they're like, oops. We forgot magnesium.
Starting point is 00:28:19 Yeah, we forgot. Because magnesium then pulls calcium out of the bloodstream once it's done and back to where it belongs, whether it's the tissue or the bones. So all that to say is that you don't need to start pumping one or the other, except you can't actually move them needle with magnesium. Magnesium slows the sympathetic nervous system
Starting point is 00:28:37 and moves you more towards the parasympathetic nervous system. So 2022, your electrolytes were pretty good. Just you needed a little bit more magnesium. This time around, your levels of magnesium are a little bit elevated, which we don't see often. But it means that whatever dosage or whatever you're doing is is on the good side. However, there's still that elevated calcium. So when I talked with people, I use what's called the de stress protocol. So it's diet,
Starting point is 00:29:02 exercise, stress reduction, talks, removal, rest, emotional balance, supplements, scientifically backed supplements, and a success mindset. So the mindset is so you don't relapse, right? You don't go back. But so something says one part. So when we look at this overall, it's not just about taking nutritional supplements,
Starting point is 00:29:18 although yes, magnesium helps. Helps it's about reducing stress. That's a big part of what we talk about here. Okay, let's move on though. Ask me any questions you may have though, but I know that we've been through this one and so I don't want to belabor any points. Your 2022 results for your other minerals is that you had low copper, your manganese was great, your zinc was great, chromium was a little low, selenium was decent, and phosphorus was perfect. All right, let's check out this time around.
Starting point is 00:29:45 Your copper is now back up to optimal, your zinc is optimal, which is great, your manganese is good, chromium still a little low, selenium is now perfect. So I wanna stop there actually, and then I wanna talk about phosphorus. Anything different you've done over the last two years? I know it's two years, so it's a long time,
Starting point is 00:30:01 but did you start to use a daily activated molter, anything that would bring up your copper levels and your selenium? Cause it usually doesn't happen on its own. Yeah, I've been better this, the sense the last time we talked with taking a multivitamin, I'm still not as consistent as I'd like to be, but I've made way more of a conscious effort of doing that. We're in the past.
Starting point is 00:30:19 When we first met, I wasn't doing that at all. So I've done that. That's different. What are some other things that would be doing the GHKCU? Peptide before you took this test. No, okay Yeah, yeah, no, that's all that's all new. So I just recently started taking that What else would potentially affect that that I could be potentially doing I'm trying to think what else yet even beyond nutritional supplements if you started use more
Starting point is 00:30:43 Superfood powders like greens base powders fruits more super food powders, like greens-based powders, fruits and vegetable-based powders, or you had a more well-rounded nutrient-dense diet that I was welcome to help. Or eating pennies. It's stupid. Yeah, no, I mean, I'm probably better right now about doing my green juice, my multivitamin. Those are things that I probably wasn't doing nearly
Starting point is 00:31:03 as much as I was before. Again, I still think that I can be more consistent with that. But yeah, those are things that I'm doing better today than I was doing two years ago. But I can't think of anything else specifically that I would have changed. Definitely not supplement wise. And then I'm trying to think like in my diet, my diet's pretty similar, you know. Yeah. And I would say that so my only recommendation is just make sure the multi that you're taking right now has at least 200 micrograms of chromium. Yeah, because that's the one that's right. Is yours? Yes. Okay, that's why I got it. So,
Starting point is 00:31:32 okay. Yeah, okay. All right, perfect. And then phosphorus is a little elevated, which I almost never see, you know, in guys, especially, you know, who eat well, all of those things. So it can be tissue breakdown, bone breakdown, or high phosphorus intake. Phosphorus intake, yes, it can be for meats and things like that, but I don't typically see it with that. It can be from phosphorus in certain beverages, like phosphoric acid, can raise it. The other thing that it could be,
Starting point is 00:32:03 and I don't know if that would be... Celcius has it. I wonder if there is phosphoric acid in Celsius. I don't actually know. We'll get up to where we're talking. We can look that up. Yeah, and then the other one I wanted to ask you is, are you taking an electrolyte supplement that might have phosphorus? Because some do. Yeah, LMNT, don't they have it? No, that's magnesium, sodium, and potassium.
Starting point is 00:32:22 Oh, that's all that's in there? Yeah, okay. No, that's the only one that I'm taking right now. And it was only yours that was elevated out of all four. So if you kind of helped. Now you said the breakdown of tissue and bone potentially could cause it too. So one of the things that I'm guilty of, and I definitely would say that I'm there now than I was two years ago, more so, is I'm being a big guy to keep the muscle mass and
Starting point is 00:32:41 everything that I have. I have to eat a lot of protein and be training consistently. My volume of training and my consistency of hitting my protein intake is definitely lower than what it was before. So I know I've, I lose muscle. I always do. Like that's like my go-to if I'm-
Starting point is 00:32:54 Could you have had like a really hard workout or a couple of hard workouts and that would show some elevated from the tissue breakdown? Like in other words, inconsistency would cause more breakdown. It's good that you brought that up because that's actually the difference between a minerals and metals test
Starting point is 00:33:08 and every other lab in the world is that it looks at, so every month your hair grows about a quarter of an inch, the average individual. So if you give a quarter of an inch hair sample from close to the root, it's 30 days. A half an inch, 60 days, or three fourths of an inch. We typically just ask for a half an inch or three quarters of an inch,
Starting point is 00:33:28 which some people longer hair give. Okay, now you're looking at three months. So this is a pretty weighted sample of, for you, you're here short, probably 30 days to 60 days. So over that period of time, you could have had muscle loss or other loss there, or really hard workouts.
Starting point is 00:33:45 And that's the other thing. And then you can have tissue breakdown, you know, just from a normal hard workout. It would have to be, it would have to be more. Now you're not that far out of range, but this is why we do this. And you want to do these on an annual basis because your body's not static. So you actually want to see, Hey, what's going on? What did I do? And this was about two months ago or so.
Starting point is 00:34:02 You took this lab. Yeah. Not even. So something to think about. And I'm happy to go back and forth. Cause sometimes it just kind of jogs your memory and then you think about it tomorrow, you know, so we can chat about that. And then, uh, and then we'll check on the, the phosphoric acid in, um, did you look dope?
Starting point is 00:34:17 I did. I don't see it. Okay. Yeah. It's in, it's in like sodas, like Coca-Cola, things like that. Those have, well, I'm a big diet Coke drinker. Are you really? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. That's one of, I'm a big Diet Coke drinker. Are you really?
Starting point is 00:34:25 Yeah. Oh, well, that's one of my- Could be? Yeah, that's one of my bad habits. You might have found it. How bad is that for Dr. Caroll? It is not ideal. Yeah, yeah.
Starting point is 00:34:35 Okay, moving along. All right, moving along. Moving right along. So only when he smokes cigarettes. I only drink Coke when I smoke cigarettes. Okay. Um, so last year we, you had elevated mercury and aluminum. This year the mercury is still elevated at about the same level and the aluminum has gone down a little bit.
Starting point is 00:34:57 So two years. So what I would ask, I would ask you is this, did you run a heavy metal detox like a full heavy metal detox? Um, yeah, I would just, I would start there. No, we didn't. Did you run a heavy metal detox, like a full heavy metal detox? I would just, I would start there. No, we didn't. The only thing we did is, because we all had that, right? So we thought it had something to do
Starting point is 00:35:12 with being locked up in here. Doug ran out and bought the doctor filter or whatever. I have one in my bedroom now too that I... We thought maybe these lights, because they could be putting off some mercury. Yeah, it was interesting that we all had that. That's the reason why we did it. Cause remember, all of us had the mercury.
Starting point is 00:35:28 Yes. Yeah. And I know I eat a lot of sushi too though. So I know that there's potential that I could be picking up there. But those are the only things that we've done differently is the filters. There was nothing that we didn't do a big detox. Okay. Yeah.
Starting point is 00:35:40 So this variant, some people act, so out of the four of you, some of yours went down, some didn't. And so it's not one specific thing. What I'd like to do if you guys are all open to it, I'm going to send you four heavy metal detoxes. Then what I'd like to do is then retest you about eight weeks or six to eight weeks afterwards and just say, okay, is this an everyday exposure or was this just simply built up? Because as I said before, we don't know. Yeah, you could have had a 10, 15 years ago
Starting point is 00:36:11 and it's just your body's not eliminated in it. Wow. So it's not like, it's not, it's not uncommon until you do something that legitimately helps to empty that rain barrel. It doesn't happen. The other big thing is we can talk about this, you know, towards the end,
Starting point is 00:36:24 it's like what's the best thing to get rid of these Metals, but infrared sauna is also phenomenal. It works better than regular sauna for metals Now regular sauna is fantastic and may even have other benefits But infrared sauna although doesn't get as hot does seem to push those metals out to a greater degree Does the steam room do something similar to the sauna because of the sweating or does that not it does? Okay, anytime you're sweating're going to help with that elimination. It's the infrared sauna is essentially cooking you from the inside out rather than from the outside in.
Starting point is 00:36:49 Got it. Yeah. So it's a little bit different. All right. Any, um, so any questions on that? No, no, your answer is a lot there. Excellent. Let's see who's not up next.
Starting point is 00:36:58 Doug's up next. Yeah. All right. So we've got the 2022 and the 2024. All right. So we've got the 2022 and the 2024. All right. So in 2022, we had very elevated levels of calcium magnesium and then very low levels of sodium potassium. If anybody ever sees this on their lab tests, this is fairly common. We call this more like the coming off of the alarm stage of stress. So the body's no longer keeping up with stress the same way that it did a year ago, 10 years ago,
Starting point is 00:37:26 whatever it might be. If you ever see all four high, that's the alarm stage of stress. The body's maintaining itself very well, but it's at peak levels of stress. So this is like post-stressed. This is post-stress or usually body's not able to handle the stress as it once was.
Starting point is 00:37:43 Got it. Just, and that's what happens. Okay, so we see a slight lowering of calcium magnesium. We see an improvement in sodium potassium. So I would still say we need to work on overall stress-based levels and improving deep and REM sleep overnight. So if you're not tracking deep and REM. I am.
Starting point is 00:38:03 Okay, you are. I am. I actually have an aura ring. Yes, and Yeah, there's a lot of nights. I'm not hitting my targets with what do you what do you keep for your deep and REM targets right now? Oh boy, I have to take a look at my app. I thought they were picked by the app itself. So I didn't actually It will be so that's the thing the aura ring and the whoop Especially the aura which I love, I think it's a great product, that they base it off of you. So you get scores based on you. So it's an individualized spa.
Starting point is 00:38:32 Yeah. And so now again, if you do worse than your typical, then it will give you worse scores. So it's good in that way, but you want to shoot for 75 to 90 minutes of deep sleep per night, which is typically the first four hours or so you get more of that. And then for REM sleep, so deep sleep is mainly for the body and REM sleep is mainly for the mind and the brain. 75 to 90 minutes, so you said? Of deep and then 120 minutes, so two hours plus of REM sleep.
Starting point is 00:38:58 So like last night I got an hour and 46 of REM. So that was not bad, but 46 minutes of deep Yes, so it's very frequent that my deep sleep is not as high as I would like it We see that much more common in deep sleep than REM A lot of people are able to get close to that two hours or more two to two and a half hours But not able to hit the deep sleep and the reason is their body does not move out of Fight or flight and into the parasympathetic nervous system fast enough when their head hits the pillow. So their heart rate and their body temperature don't drop within the first hour or two hours.
Starting point is 00:39:31 They'll see in their aura ring or hoop strap, it won't drop until five, six hours into the night. They get their lowest body temperature. Yeah, some nights it's that way for sure. It's probably because of those Korean soap operas that he walks into. They're so exciting. I get sucked in, what can I say? I like that we're bringing a little bit of levity to the intensity of the conversation.
Starting point is 00:39:52 Yes. Yeah, so definitely these are two areas I know I need to work on. I've been very serious about tracking this and working on sleeping better, like hitting my target, at least eight hours in bed and hopefully sleeping most of that time. Yes.
Starting point is 00:40:09 I know my night routine doesn't start early enough. For example, I'm busy, okay? Sometimes I'm busy up until bedtime. And I know my heart rate may be elevated at that point and doesn't go down for quite a while afterwards. Yes. So the, the three to one sleep system is the best system I've heard on this. Three hours before bed, stop eating two hours before bed, stop drinking one hour before bed, no more screens, no more blue light.
Starting point is 00:40:36 Now it's better the earlier you can do this. I mean, if you can stop being off for your screen two hours ahead of time or three hours, even better, but this enables you to basically downshift. So use more amber lights or we're blue, light blocking glasses, get rid of the screens, anything that's just continuing to push the sympathetic nervous system. Cause if you think about it,
Starting point is 00:40:56 if you check your phone upon waking and you're already kind of jumping into it to start the day, let's say you wake up at seven o'clock, you don't go to bed till 10, you're in that sympathetic nervous system for like 15 hours a day. Instead of like 12 hours, let's say seven to seven, right? It makes a huge difference, especially as you get older.
Starting point is 00:41:12 You just start with the same buffers in the body. All right. All right. Now let's look at your 2022 previous minerals. We had elevated copper. I remember that, that was actually, you were the only one with the elevated copper. And we see that, yes, there is copper exposure
Starting point is 00:41:29 in the environment, there's no doubt about that. But oftentimes we see it as a lack of zinc. So every mineral has its antagonist. And if you're not taking enough enough zinc, because maybe your immune system used up a greater supply, building muscle, et cetera. So I'm not sure specifically what you did, but you improved your copper by about 50%.
Starting point is 00:41:49 We still need a little ways to go. So what we would actually do is we would not use a product called Balanced Zinc, which has 15 to one, so 15 milligrams of zinc, one milligram of copper, you would actually use a straight zinc-based supplement. And it would have 25 milligrams, and then you could just use a normal zinc-based supplement and it would have 25 milligrams and then you could just use a normal multi. And that will push down your copper
Starting point is 00:42:09 while raising your zinc. This is actually pretty important because copper can lead to like, cosmetically thinning of the skin, skin rashes, grain of the hair, et cetera. But it can also lead to brain fog, learning disorders typically more in children, allergies. You mean too much does that or too little does this?
Starting point is 00:42:27 Too much copper. Oh, wow. Yeah, so they call it kind of copper toxicity. It's not the same type of toxicity, but as like the mercury and aluminum, but it absolutely does matter, especially in kids. So we'd wanna push that down. Now you'd say, well, how come you can't just do this
Starting point is 00:42:42 with foods? You can, but a lot of high zinc foods are also high in copper Yeah, like oysters a great one. Yeah, any kind of mollux have that interesting all the rest were good chromium Actually, I wanted to ask you to your chromium was really good. Typically. We never see it on the higher side So are you taking a blood sugar related? Multimineral or anything that would be higher in chromium specifically. That's a good question. I can't say I have been. Nuts and seeds, are you eating like
Starting point is 00:43:11 more of those? Not really. No. Okay. Interesting. Yeah. We'll look into that a little bit more because that's not one we usually, it's not a bad thing, but we usually don't see it as much. Yeah, no, it's interesting. I have no idea. All the rest were good. We still have the elevated mercury and aluminum, essentially on par with what it was last time, maybe a little bit less. So that's why I really want to look into this. I want to, you know, specifically know for a while after the last time, I did some, uh, Chlorella, uh, tablets. So I don't know if that, how long did you use those for? Probably like two or three months. Okay. And do you know at what dosage usually it's two to three grams you would want to use I mean
Starting point is 00:43:48 I was taking a big handful of them. Yes, they're tiny. Yep. So we like crack cell chlorella We usually use synergies. So I can tell you exactly what we use in the heavy metal detox is crack cell chlorella. There's Kelp there is Sparolina What else is in there? There's bladder rack, and then there's the biofilm disruptors. And the biofilm disruptors are going to have the enzymes to help break down the biofilm,
Starting point is 00:44:13 which can contain that. And the last part is a binder to make sure they actually leave the body. So once they get moved from your liver to the intestines, typically through the bile, then you want to bind them up, remove them from the body. Do you take, like, would you take chlorella with food or would that potentially prevent the absorption of other minerals? Yeah, that's a great question as well. I'd have to do more research on that.
Starting point is 00:44:34 We always take it away from food though. Okay. Yeah, we take those away. That makes sense. Yeah, okay. That and the biofilm disruptors as well. They want to interact with each other, but they help the gut to a far greater degree. Plus you want the correct cell ch clorella to not compete with anything
Starting point is 00:44:45 as it's being absorbed through the gut wall. That sounds okay. That's what I thought. So I'm gonna send you all those kits just cause I know that you haven't done specific heavy metal detoxes. With that, and then just doing sauna as many times a week as you can,
Starting point is 00:44:56 those are two great things. That'd be cool to combine those and then test again and see how well we all do. I'd love to see that. Cause if not, there's a, there's a, not daily, but there's a weekly exposure that is going on because this isn't typical. We do see in our practice elevated levels of aluminum, but not typically this high. And we often see them go down once people begin protocols, but we never, we don't usually see mercury as elevated. Now, could that just
Starting point is 00:45:19 be from sushi? Yes, it can. Like there's no doubt about that. Tuna, sword fish king mackerel all of those will the reason why it doesn't seem like that is because Justin doesn't eat that at all Really and the fact that if he's the same if he's when you do his test if he's up there with these fish sticks Let's pull up Justin's right now. Let's see. Let's see about that. That'll be a good I thought Salemi doesn't selenium help balance out mercury or is that just the kind of fish that you choose? Selenium helps with livery detoxification, which may then as part of the process help with eliminating it from the body, but I don't know selenium specifically.
Starting point is 00:45:55 It may. I just don't know that it's specifically in livery. All right. So in 2022, you had overall very good levels of electrolytes. They were very balanced. So they were great. So very even very So very electrical very electrical your copper was slightly low your zinc was perfect Manganese was perfect chromium a little low slenderman a little low phosphorus was perfect So let's go take a look now at 2024
Starting point is 00:46:19 So overall great again with the electrolytes little elevated with the sodium and potassium Which can sometimes just show tissue breakdown, hard workouts. So if you think about it, potassium is typically intracellular. It's inside the cells and potassium is typically extracellular. So when you see these a little bit both elevated, you're often thinking about cell breakdown, tissue breakdown, and then the potassium is now being excreted to a greater degree because it shouldn't be in that body. All right.
Starting point is 00:46:47 All of your minerals came back into balance. So again, I don't know in the last two years what you've done to be able to improve that. The only thing that we need to still work on is copper. So unlike Doug, you would actually use a product called Balanced Zinc, which then contains the copper to help bring that up a little bit. It's only one milligram. You add that to something like the daily activated multi or daily nutritional sport
Starting point is 00:47:09 or your favorite product, you're now getting two grams a day and that should be enough copper to help bring you back up. Okay. I mean, I have been really addressing the nutrient in my diet and trying to kind of deal with other gut issues and things. So I have been taking my multivitamin a little bit more consistently.
Starting point is 00:47:28 So I mean, all that kind of stuff. I've been sort of a little bit more disciplined with, but other than that, you know, everything's been pretty much the same. If someone like him that's lower on copper used like a, like a GC key or GCK. GHKCU, it's a peptide copper. Would that increase it?
Starting point is 00:47:45 I don't know. Again, I want to look into that specifically as well. But just with all the gut-based work you've been doing, this is sometimes it's just you're eating the same great diet, you're taking just base level nutritional supplements, but since your gut is healthier, you're absorbing more. Yeah. So that's what I found myself.
Starting point is 00:48:03 My gut was a mess for like four or five years from like 17 years old to like my early 20s. And there was no protocols like in the 90s and like early 2000s like to do this. So it was just kind of figuring it out along the way. But after that, my nutrient intake was dramatically different. Like it was like, and I wasn't doing it a lot different. I was just actually absorbing it.
Starting point is 00:48:21 My entire digestive tract, which is like 25, 26 feet, wasn't inflamed. So that, I wanna, yeah, I don't wanna overlook the importance of gut health. If you were to see, we see in our practice, low minerals across the board. We're thinking, okay, this person's eating a lot of processed food or like, you know,
Starting point is 00:48:38 poor nutritional diet, they're overtaxing their body in terms of stress and exercise. So they're just depleting themselves more or really like poor digestion, poor gut breakdown. Cause it can be any one of those three. I want to ask something you just said right there that I think is interesting. So if they have a lot of low vitamins and minerals,
Starting point is 00:48:55 one of the things you guys assume a lot of times is that they have a highly processed diet. Isn't most processed foods fortified with all these vitamins and minerals? They tell you that it is, but it's fortified with only a couple and Those are typically folic acid Sometimes cyanocobalamin which we can talk about these You know not natural forms of B9 and B12 folate and B12
Starting point is 00:49:20 Iodine and just a couple other nutrients So these are the ones like vitamin D2 is a little. So they're like pixie dusting stuff that doesn't even really help us that much. Just enough to bring you back up to baseline RDA. Like the recommended daily allowance. Just what the requirement is basically. That's right.
Starting point is 00:49:35 And so it's only on a couple. Like they're not giving you chromium. They're not giving you selenium. They're adding iodine to table salt. They don't tell you for table salt is there's aluminum in there. So people that are, there's another cause of high aluminum. Just table salt. They don't tell you for table salt is there's aluminum in there. So people that are, there's another cause of high aluminum,
Starting point is 00:49:48 just regular salt. If you go to a restaurant, they're not using sea salt. They're using table salt. That sucks. Okay. So it's just the cheapest things that we use in this country leads to far poorer health.
Starting point is 00:50:00 And say you grew up in a farm and you're eating like all fresh foods all the time Probably don't need like and you're not you know, you're just doing your normal exercise You're not over-exerting you're getting good sleep You don't need to fortify as much because you're getting all this raw great nutrition, you know It's like it's just very very different But besides that like I said improve the chromium a little bit improve the copper a little bit all of those look good Okay, we'll take a look at your heavy metals So this may actually lead into the sushi debate because all we can say is that we have the data
Starting point is 00:50:31 So Justin's mercury is almost exactly where it should be almost perfect. Oh, see that's interesting But aluminum is elevated now aluminum is pervasive. We typically see that but yeah, so your mercury is much better So yeah, let me see if it's down from 2022. Do you see that often? No. I don't do. Well, you do fish though. I do do some fish.
Starting point is 00:50:52 You've eaten salmon twice in the last week. But I have gut issues on and off all the time, which could cause some of the stuff that's why I'm interested. Yeah, but I'm trying to nail down something that me, you and Doug become more common than he doesn't do. So one thing about salmon, even though it's a larger fish, it doesn't need other fish. And so it's mercury levels aren't high. Right. Right. And that's like one of the only outliers. Yeah. Okay.
Starting point is 00:51:12 Usually the small fish sardines, mackerel, anchovies, you know, those are the best ones to go for if you can. Sardines are okay. Yeah. Sardines. Yeah. I love fish. Sardines with the skin and the bones, which people think like, how would you possibly eat that? These are tiny fish, small little bones. It's one of the most nutritious things you could add to your diet. You're getting literal calcium from the bones.
Starting point is 00:51:32 The skin has the most amount of omega-3s. It's one of the best things that you can. Yeah, I'm just glad you guys aren't testing my omega-3s. So. Oh yeah, that's right. Those are low, yeah. All right, salad's up next. Let's pull up the 2022. This does. Oh yeah. All right. Sal is up next. Let's pull up the 2022.
Starting point is 00:51:46 This guy's a mess. Yeah. And Sal, I didn't even know that we went over your 2022 because I don't know that it was in at the time we went over it. I can't remember. I think we did. No, we did. We did.
Starting point is 00:51:57 Okay. So let's go over your 2022. Your electrolytes for calcium magnesium were actually very good. Your sodium potassium was a little bit low and that just goes back to, so here's the interesting thing, that was the very first time that you ran a minerals and metals test.
Starting point is 00:52:12 I can't tell you what you were five years ago, 10 years ago, 15 years ago, it's also why I highly recommend at-home lab testing because then you have data on yourself, especially like for hormones and all of these things. Especially if you start to feel different. Well, and especially since you already mentioned the genetic component, there's 20, 20% of it could be your genetics. So you're going to have certain levels that are different than what everybody else is. So using only one test is not enough.
Starting point is 00:52:35 100%. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. So let's take a look at those 2024 results. They're actually all perfect now. So you got, you ace the exam on the, it was really good. Wait till we get to the minerals. Wait till we get to the minerals. All right, let me get to those right now. Cause I have good issues, so I'm sure that's a problem. So for 2022, copper was low, manganese was low, zinc was good. Chromium was low, selenium was low to moderate, not bad actually,
Starting point is 00:53:00 not bad and phosphorus was good. Okay, so let's go to 2024 and copper improved slightly. Manganese a little low still, zinc still good, chromium very low, selenium excellent, phosphorus good. Okay, so improvements. So yeah, they definitely improved. Is chromium picolinate a good version of chromium? Yes it is. Okay, I remember that being the supplement.
Starting point is 00:53:22 I remember that in the 90s. Yeah, totally. For fat loss. Yeah, it's like I would go to GNC and the supplement. I remember that in the 90s. Yeah, totally. For a fat loss. Yeah, it's like I would go to GNC and pick up my chromium and there was like one other thing and I'm like, oh, this is gonna help me build muscle. Yeah. I was very confused.
Starting point is 00:53:32 Very confused. All right, let's go over your mercury. So in 2022, what were your levels of mercury? They were out of range, so 0.026. Again, we're measuring, that's why the here is one of the best things to do. This is very sensitive for how much mercury there is. Does that mean low or high?
Starting point is 00:53:49 Elevated. Okay. Yeah, now it's just on the range of elevated and then out of range. So better. It's better. Yes. Yep, slightly better.
Starting point is 00:53:58 And actually your aluminum was the best out of everybody's. It was elevated, but not super high. It was not super high. And it still maintained that exactly the same. Okay. Yeah. Okay. I use the, I use the steam room probably three days a week at least.
Starting point is 00:54:15 So that might be, I don't know if that helped with the- Without a doubt. Okay. It definitely helps. So if somebody got first place of all the tests, it would be me is what you're saying. I can't say that. I have to say I'm biased here.
Starting point is 00:54:24 I have to say I'm biased have to stand by here. If we were to pick somebody. I have to stand by here. But overall, great. Yes, so I would say the number one thing we're looking at is we're literally just fine tuning your nutrition, your supplementation, your overall stress, your overall sleep. That we're gonna do for all of us
Starting point is 00:54:37 for the rest of our life. We're always just trying to improve that. But metals is something that verifiably is not saying like, well, we can improve this, we can improve this. We need to get the metals down. And so that's really what we should focus on. So when kind of everybody's looking at, well, what are the big recommendations?
Starting point is 00:54:54 Okay, I can give you a couple of recommendations here. Like Doug, we talked about the sleep. We can do all of those things. But for the metals, we wanna do things that we know we're gonna lower those levels. Heavy metal detox is eight weeks long. We're gonna do that. We're gonna work on not just the metals, we want to do things that we know we're going to lower those levels. So heavy metal detox is eight weeks long. We're going to do that. We're going to work on not just the metals that are floating around in the
Starting point is 00:55:10 body, the adipose tissue, but actually bind them up, remove them from the biofilms as well. Try to do sauna three to four days a week. How long? About 30 minutes if you can. Those two things, like when I look at all the things you can do, because you can do a lot of things, those are like the two heavy hitters to get rid of. Beautiful. Now, if we are there's certain things I know ours aren't like crazy through the ripple. Let's pretend they were really bad. What are some things that a client would feel by solving that right? Is there a feel or see or
Starting point is 00:55:37 notice? What is aluminum because all of us had elevated aluminum. What would that cause? Nervous system and overall inflammation in the body. Oh, so then that can lead to this is why it's really important because all autoimmune issues or all cardiovascular issues or all brain issues have an underlying root cause. They don't happen for no reason. Right. It's not just like oh the body's aging and so these things happen. No, the body accumulates toxins as you get older and it also will call it reverse accumulates deficiencies. So you start to get lower in things like let's say chromium, right? And you start to increase then these metals just from being alive for 40 plus years.
Starting point is 00:56:14 And so what we want to do is lower those because any inflammatory condition does what then? Well it exacerbates your genetics. And so for me, would it exacerbate? Well exacerbated autoimmune issue, rheumatoid arthritis when I was younger, and then Addison's disease type 2 diabetes. There was other things as well. I had really bad allergies. So when I got rid of my high levels of mercury and I got rid of my gut based issues, didn't happen overnight, but over six months, I got rid of my autoimmune issues. And then I got rid of my blood sugar issues, and then I got rid of my Addison's as well. And so what it is, is we can't tell you exactly how it's
Starting point is 00:56:47 affecting you, but it's an inflammatory agent. And then the inflammation then goes after your weak spots, whether it's thyroid, joints, myelin sheath, brain, et cetera. Okay. All right. Very cool. I'm excited to try this detox protocol, just to see what the effects are. What do you typically see with somebody with that eight week protocol of detox? Like what kind of lowering do they notice in these heavy metals? We can get at least 50%. Wow, that much. Yeah, at least.
Starting point is 00:57:12 Wow, that's insane. Some people are higher responders to it and it also... Unless you're exposed every day, right? That's right, that's the issue. But now the nice thing is... That's really what we're teasing out by doing this, right? Like we know if we do this this if we do it and it clears 50 or more
Starting point is 00:57:26 Good chances it was something that was with us for a long time if it doesn't clear shit Seeing you said across the board because all of us had elevated aluminum You're seeing across the board or you're saying you saw that you're seeing this across the board Elevated aluminum levels starting to become kind of common. We see less than 10% of people with no aluminum. That's how crazy it is. So this is something environmental that we're just all being affected by. 100%.
Starting point is 00:57:51 Wow. Water, food, cosmetics. You know what I read? That the chemtrails have aluminum in them. That's hilarious. That's hilarious. My bad. Matt, to get this episode blocked up.
Starting point is 00:58:04 It already is from the vaccine. We're talking about this. It wasn't before, it is now. Awesome. This will have to be on a private setting. A private setting. Awesome. All right, so this is awesome.
Starting point is 00:58:12 Now, anybody could get this test. They'll get the results, have somebody interpret it for them, and then they'll get a protocol and know what to do, right? Yeah, the nice thing is they don't have to go to their doctors. We sign off on this. We ship it pretty much anywhere in the world. We can get it to people. This is an introductory lab that we actually offer
Starting point is 00:58:28 for free just shipping for the lab to introduce people to functional medicine testing. Wow, excellent. Appreciate that. All right, well thank you so much. Can I give the link where people can- Let's do it then, I'll give in the intro. I'll give it now too.
Starting point is 00:58:39 Well, it's up to you, however you want it. No, go for it now too. So it's stevencobral.com slash htma. And so, can I just say one thing? Because the biggest thing we get against this is that people are skeptical. How are you giving away $199 lab for free? So we do it for first time lab clients to introduce them to what I found out after two years of going from doctor to doctor, 17 and 19.
Starting point is 00:59:00 Almost turning 20 years old, I found a doctor that ran this lab and the stress-muntimatabolism test that actually we've run before as well and that was completely game-changing. I don't want to state this and I don't actually know that it's the right thing to do or not but and I know this is gonna sound a little odd. We've always given a charity for our businesses like always since the beginning before we're making money we give we gave to Boston Strong and you never know where your money is going to. Yeah. Like you legitimately. That's true. So I said we're gonna give away we can't give away a million labs we're making money, we gave to Boston Strong, and you never know where your money's going to. Like, legitimately. So I said, we're gonna give away,
Starting point is 00:59:27 we can't give away a million labs. We're gonna give away labs and that's what we're gonna do. Like, I know this makes a difference, and I don't know if it's the best charitable choice or not. I think it's better that way. But this is something I can directly affect and help people with, or at least introduce them to. I love that.
Starting point is 00:59:41 So this is what we're gonna do. We actually had a conversation about this. We did, we just had a conversation. All of us do that ourselves rather than giving to organizations. We do it to people we can see and touch and know that we're helping. Exactly. Direct families and things like that. So, awesome.
Starting point is 00:59:53 Anyway, I appreciate you having me on again. Thank you. And this was a lot of fun. And I want to make sure people spell this right. Stephen Cabral, it's S-T-E-P-H-E-N and then C-I-B-R-A-L dot com forward slash H-T-M-A. Yeah, it stands for here tissue mineral analysis. Awesome, awesome. All right, check it out.
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