Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth - 2281: How to Put on 5 Pounds of Muscle Quickly, Adapting Your Workout for a Cut, How Sprinting Impacts Muscle Gain & More (Listener Live Coaching)

Episode Date: February 28, 2024

In this episode of Quah (Q & A), Sal, Adam & Justin coach four Pump Heads via Zoom. Email live@mindpumpmedia.com if you want to be considered to ask your question on the show. Mind Pump Fit Tip: Mak...ing things easier doesn’t always make them better. (2:33) Embracing being wrong. (11:28) Writing a note to your 20-year-old self. (15:45) How probiotics can help the CNS. (26:17) What’s on your heart? (27:40) Weird Science with Sal: Blind Sight. (29:23) Wild abilities and how our brains compensate. (33:48) Do the guys have ‘hardcore’ fans? (39:12) Protein propaganda wars. (43:01) The tides are changing when it comes to exercise and depression. (50:20) Shout out to Mind Pump x Pre-Script L1 Live Event! (54:57) #ListenerLive question #1 - Can a change in workouts contribute to poor sleep? (56:39) #ListenerLive question #2 - How should I adapt my workouts when in a cut? (1:07:12) #ListenerLive question #3 - Am I overdoing my workout? (1:20:19) #ListenerLive question #4 - Can lifting and high-intensity cardio complement each other? (1:32:04) Related Links/Products Mentioned Ask a question to Mind Pump, live! Email: live@mindpumpmedia.com Visit Seed for an exclusive offer for Mind Pump listeners! **Promo code 25MINDPUMP at checkout for 25% off your first month’s supply of Seed’s DS-01® Daily Synbiotic** Special Launch: MAPS Performance Advanced ** Promo code PALAUNCH at checkout for $80 off (Bonuses: Grip Strength Reference Guide + Eat for Performance + 30 Day Money Back Guarantee) ** Ends March 3rd, 2024 February Promotion: MAPS Performance | Extreme Fitness Bundle 50% off! ** Code FEB50 at checkout ** Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu - Jordan Peterson Canceled: Warning On Good vs Evil, God, WW3, Andrew Tate, Porn & Men Feeling Lost! Mind Pump #2267: Dave Asprey Uncensored Blindsight: a strange neurological condition that could help explain consciousness stephen wiltshire draws manhattan skyline from memory You might be eating an artery-damaging amount of protein, new study warns Effect of exercise for depression: systematic review and network meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials Fit4Mom Stronger Kids | United States | KidStrong MP x Pre-Script: Join us March 15-17 for an unprecedented collaborative education event hosted by Mind Pump Media and Pre-Script® Visit NED for an exclusive offer for Mind Pump listeners! ** Code MINDPUMP at checkout for 15% off ** MAPS Oldtime Strength Mind Pump #2245: Fix Your Sleep & Balance Your Hormones With Dr. Kirk Parsley Visit PRx Performance for an exclusive offer for Mind Pump listeners! Mind Pump Podcast – YouTube Mind Pump Free Resources People Mentioned Arthur Brooks (@arthurcbrooks) Instagram Tom Bilyeu (@tombilyeu) Instagram Jordan Peterson (@jordan.b.peterson) Instagram Dave Asprey (@dave.asprey) Instagram Justin Brink DC (@dr.justinbrink) Instagram Jordan Shallow D.C (@the_muscle_doc) Instagram Dr. John Delony (@johndelony) Instagram

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Starting point is 00:02:31 shirt right out to you. All right. Look, the data is clear. Sometimes the value in doing hard things is that they're hard. In other words, making things easier doesn't always make them better. It's true. The data shows this quite clearly. Struggle and challenge are what give us meaning. So sometimes when you're doing something hard and you make it easier,
Starting point is 00:02:54 you're actually making it worse. So are you doing avoid the struggle telling people they should sign up for these man camps? No, man camps. Although I think that the guys that come out of that who are like, oh, that was valuable. Man camps. What? No. Although I think that the guys that come out of that who are like, oh, that was valuable. That's why it was valuable. It was just hard.
Starting point is 00:03:10 They haven't done something with heart in a long time. It's been a long time since it's so hard. They're popping up left and right right now. Yeah, it's because, dude, it's the same reason why obstacle course racing became so popular. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I think so. Listen, it's also why video games are so popular with young men. I saw that. Oh, I shared that with you. You're the one that shared with Yeah. Yeah. I think so. Listen, it's also why video games are so popular. I saw that. Oh, I shared that with you. You're the one that shared with me.
Starting point is 00:03:28 Yeah, that's right. It's because, you know, we're wired this way. The data on this is so Arthur Brooks talks about this all the time. In order to find meaning and purpose in your life, there's a formula. And part of that formula is you have to do things that are challenging. You have to overcome challenges and find struggle. If everything's super easy all the time, you'll actually be in hell.
Starting point is 00:03:48 Even if you have everything that you want, you'll actually be in a place that is conducive to things like anxiety and depression. So you have all these young men, especially young men, you brought up the man camps, where they don't realize that they have this yearning for something. And so where they waste their time on
Starting point is 00:04:04 or spend their time on challenging video games. And they get a little bit of that, right? That little bit of that satisfaction. Like, oh, I just, I just overcame that level. I just beat that, that boss or whatever. But now we're wired this way. You got to seek out challenge.
Starting point is 00:04:19 If you want life to be meaningful. In other words, it has to be hard. You can't have an easy life. Which is weird. I think that's a good measure too for the young men and older men, I guess, that are still in the video games. I remember when we did that clip last year, boy, did that ruffle some feathers. Yeah. Heaven forbid you tell the men. And I get it because I was that guy too. Like I said the same thing,
Starting point is 00:04:41 I will never not play video games, you know what I'm saying? So I guess if you are making sure that you are going out and doing hard things and challenging yourself and stretching yourself, then you find that you like to escape a couple times a week into your favorite video game. I don't see a problem with that. But you also have to be self-aware enough to be honest with yourself and say, is the reason why I love this so much and I play it every day or every night, is it because it's the only thing in my life that is giving me purpose or that challenge?
Starting point is 00:05:22 And is this a healthy behavior? And if so, it needs to be addressed. Otherwise, I'm going down a path that leads to probably a very unhappy life. I remember talking to people who had, which we went to the first obstacle course race we went to was how many years ago was that? It was a Spartan race. We ran a gas? Yeah, we had a flow of five. Okay, that one maybe. We had to go over that gas? Was that the first obstacle course race. We went to was how many years ago was that? Yeah, we're out of gas. Yeah, okay Was that the first one you're the only guy I know Who's actually ran out of gas twice in their car? I didn't know that happened with digital gauges
Starting point is 00:05:59 That limit dog yeah for challenge grown men looking for challenge that limit dog. Yeah. I'm looking for challenge grown men looking for challenge. What happened to you guys? We got 13 miles to the gallon or we got 13 miles left on our tank and we got 16 miles. Can we do it? Can we do it? It's happened twice. We could do this. But I remember talking to people at the race cause I had this, this perceived, you know, at this kind of misconception or whatever. And then we get there, we talk to these people and it's like, what do you do? Like, oh, I computer programmer. Yeah. I'm like, why did you do this?
Starting point is 00:06:23 I'm like, it makes me feel alive. I feel so good. And remember Spartan races are like jumping in freezing cold water, dragging themselves through mud, running through wires of electricity and climbing mountains and doing crazy stuff. Many of them getting injured. It means hard stuff. And at the end of it, they're like, I feel alive. It's because we need to have strong, so now we have to like create, and here's what's weird. This is, this is the strange part. If we don't allow ourselves to do hard things,
Starting point is 00:06:50 we'll turn easy things into hard things. All of a sudden you'll create drama and stress and shit in your life, and with things that you probably shouldn't have, drama and stress. It's like we need to have this so much that we'll invent it and create it in ways that are unhealthy.
Starting point is 00:07:04 So do you think that- So frustrating, are unhealthy. So do you think so frustrating? The true. So do you guys think like this is, we're going to piss some people off right here. So do you think like the video games thing that the Spartan and OCR racing has become just as much of a fake outlet? I think it's, or do you think it's actually, I think it's temporary, but it's much more of an outlet than video games. It's at least much healthier.
Starting point is 00:07:26 What you're saying? Yeah, because I mean, it's a bigger challenge. It's physical physical exertion. You're out in the in the in the elements. There's also a social component. I know video games has that as well, but it's like a real social component where you're with other people. Okay.
Starting point is 00:07:41 But is it the same thing as like, you know, learning a new skill, challenging yourself out in the real world, you know, raising kids, you know, that kind of stuff, probably not, probably not. But I would definitely put it as a better tool. Because I know people that have gone down that direction too, that are like the desk job people, they found Spartan, and it's like they are collecting those things like crazy like they're entire. They got the trophies and everything. I mean, some people, that's a huge deal. Like the trophy is a big incentive. One of my favorite, I've brought this up so many times on the show, so people are probably sick of me, but my favorite like segments or clips of any movie was in the original Matrix, which by the way, it's a very, there's a lot of
Starting point is 00:08:24 wisdom, philosophical wisdom in the Matrix. If you, it's a very, there's a lot of wisdom, philosophical wisdom in the Matrix. If you really watch it and listen, there's a lot of spiritual wisdom in it. The, and that's probably why it was such a popular movie, but there's a scene where they've captured Morpheus and they're trying to get him to, to give them the codes to, uh, to the, the, whatever the humans are hiding. And, uh, agent Smith says to him, like the first matrix that we built was a perfect utopia for humans.
Starting point is 00:08:50 And he goes, but your feeble minds couldn't process it. And we lost crops of humans. We had to create this version of humanity in the late 90s, because we need to have struggle. We can't put us in this like perfect utopia where we get everything because we find ourselves miserable and unhappy. You know?
Starting point is 00:09:08 And this is a, I mean, look, this is one of the reasons why pornography is even an issue. It's like, and the way it used to be is if you wanted to have that sexual conquest, like you had to, you had to go through the gatekeeper of a girl actually wanted to have sex with you. You had to actually go out and try and fail and get rejected and like change a little bit and act differently So that she wants to date you and be with you
Starting point is 00:09:33 Whereas now you go on the internet and boom you get that sexual release But then it causes problems because it's no challenge in it. It's just it's just right there It's just the the finish line. Yeah, and we have a real hard time Accepting this right or owning it, you know, like yeah just right there. It's just the finish line. Yeah. And we have a real hard time accepting this, right? Or owning it, you know, like, I was so blown away. I saw that our friend, Tom Bill you interviewed Jordan Peterson, and he had texted me beforehand, like, Hey, man, I just wanted to let you know, I got Peterson, I saw your guys's interview with them, and got some really good stuff to ask him afterwards. And
Starting point is 00:10:03 how was it? And we were talking before it happened. I just saw that it went live. And so I went over to his page just to see like what people were saying. And my God, the amount of people that just refute and want to challenge and just condemn him for what he's talking about, it blows my mind. When he's talking about the problems with masculinity in our society and the things that, and it's like the amount of people that get so upset and angry about him communicating that is mind-blowing to me. Like either one, you easily can just be like, oh, that's not me. Like I don't struggle with that. It's triggering.
Starting point is 00:10:44 Very. Yeah. And it's obvious's not me. Like, I don't struggle with that. It's triggering. It's very. Yeah. And it's obvious by the comments. Like, you just like... Well, we've been conditioned to think that if anybody, even if it's just one point of reference of like something he said that you don't agree with, then you have to dismiss and discard and turn them into an enemy and Satan. And that's like in politics, and it's reinforced in the way that we interact because of social media. And so it's like, you can't ever say one thing
Starting point is 00:11:15 that's in opposition to your philosophy or the way that you perceive the world. And it's a really dangerous place to be mentally. Did you see the thread that Sal and I got into on our forum? No. Oh, you didn't see that? Yeah, so I roped him in. He's like, why'd you rope me into that?
Starting point is 00:11:36 I said, you know, cause we get this every once in a while, even in our own private forum. You know, we had Dave Asprey on the show and Heaven forbid. Oh, that thread. Yeah, Heaven forbid. We have Dave Asprey on the show and heaven forbid. Oh, that thread. Yeah. Heaven forbid we have Dave Asprey on the show. Why'd you give him a platform? Uh-huh. Yeah. Turn off the, just don't listen. What do you mean? Why'd I give him a platform? So ridiculous. And this, this idea that, uh, we,
Starting point is 00:11:58 that you could even build a business like this where we have, what do we interviewed 400 people by now, Doug? Close to that, at least 200 and something to 400. like this where we have, what do we interview? 400 people by now, Doug, close to that? At least 200 and something to 400? I would think it's up there. Right, 400 people? Like, could you imagine trying to find 400 people to come on the show that you agree with everything they say?
Starting point is 00:12:14 Get the fuck out of here. I don't even agree with you, everything you guys said. I know. And imagine how unhealthy that is for you to only talk to people that agree with you. Like, talk about a recipe for not having any personal growth in your life to not challenge your own belief. To me, that's like, that's something that I have learned to, to hack into growth
Starting point is 00:12:34 is to when I don't like somebody or when I disagree with somebody, instead of de-platforming or not giving them a platform, it's like, you know what, I'm going to embrace this. I don't think I like this guy. I don't think I agree with that. Let's see what happens. Let's see if after that conversation, my bias is confirmed,
Starting point is 00:12:53 or let's see if my mind is blown and I'm wrong. And guess what? More times than not, I'm fucking wrong. I've been wrong. And so this idea of- But what's weird is that, it's not weird. I think it's human nature. You don't want to be wrong so badly that being wrong, like threatens your very identity.
Starting point is 00:13:11 So you don't even want to be in a situation where you could potentially self-protection. You have to embrace weak. You have to embrace, you know, why I like being wrong, like why I like being surprised that way. Cause now I've learned something right now I can be like why I like being surprised that way. Cause now I've learned something, right? Now I can be like, I believe this. I remember one of the first times this happened on our podcast, in the very early days, I said, I made some comment about childbirth and I said something along lines of like, thank God for Western medicine, modern medicine, cause childbirth used to kill so many people, so many women, blah, blah, blah. And a midwife in our forum comments and said, that's not true. She's like, actually,
Starting point is 00:13:50 natural childbirth is very safe. And I talked to her for a second, and then I did some research, and I was like, oh my God, like I was so wrong. And I loved it. I loved the fact that I was, that I could learn something new, but we need to embrace that. You know, one of the things I like about exercise and strength training in particular, just because it's the way it's oriented, is that if you do it long enough, you have to learn how to like that because you're going to do new exercises, you're going to suck at the end. Hey, it's going to teach you whether you like it or not. You won't be able to stick with it.
Starting point is 00:14:20 That's it. You're not going to be able to stick with it. If you're afraid of sucking, this isn't for you because you're going to suck. And you're gonna suck all the time. Every time you try a new exercise, every time you work out with a new person, every time you hit a new plateau, you're gonna suck. And so it's like this new challenge, this new hurdle. But I mean, the data on this is super clear.
Starting point is 00:14:39 But at the same time, like if you were to tell me, hey, Sal, I could either give you $10 million right now or you could struggle and, I could either give you $10 million right now, or you could struggle and grind for 10 years to make $10 million, what would you choose? Like I'd be lying if I didn't say, I'll take the $10 million right now. But the truth is which one would be more valuable? Which one would develop me into a much better person?
Starting point is 00:15:00 There's no comparison at all. And again, the data on this is super clear. I actually have had this conversation with my daughter and I said, we were talking about like fame and popularity and money and that kind of stuff. And I said, honey, I said, look at the suicide rate with celebrities. I said, why are they committing suicide?
Starting point is 00:15:19 They've got so much money, they have so much power, they have so much fame. All these people say they love them and this adoration and they're killing themselves. Why? So because that is not, that's not God. That is not what you're supposed to worship. That's not everything. That's actually a path towards destruction. If you start to worship that stuff and hard and struggle is good or bad. It's baked into the formula of happiness, unfortunately, or fortunately. Were you in the studio this morning when I was talking to the guys about writing a note to my
Starting point is 00:15:51 20-year-old self? No. Oh, so I do this every once in a while. And I think this is a good exercise. I also hope one day I've collected all these notes and I have them for when my son approaches this. But sometimes I'll do this when I have, I have a thought like thinking back, like, oh, I wish I would have known this. So you literally write yourself. Yeah. Yeah. Like I got like a nine 40 or 10 o'clock at night.
Starting point is 00:16:12 I'm just weird. Like 20 year old Adam. Yeah. Yeah. And it's, it's, and again, it's like, it's just stuff like, Hey dude, you're going to get way more awesome. I know this. Trust me.
Starting point is 00:16:21 This was like, uh, you know, I don't remember. However handsome you think you are. I don't remember. Normally it's because Katrina and I are in a conversation. That's a very interesting practice. Yeah, it's self reflective. I like it. And it, it, well, it helps me, you know, reflect myself. And then also I think it will serve me as in fatherhood, right?
Starting point is 00:16:41 Like when I, when the time comes to like communicate. So this was the tip of the, and I'm And I'm setting you guys up to see if there's something on top of mind for you or that you've thought about recently. So you can think about it where I'm telling you. But it was a financial tip I would give my 20 year old self. I said, it said, build as much passive income to support all the materialistic things that you want. Resist the temptation now. So that was the advice. And I think back to like, in something along the lines of like, you know, I probably would have arrived where I'm at financially a lot sooner, had I resisted those temptations when I was 20 years old, you know, in Doug was, you know, trying to, yeah, but you enjoyed
Starting point is 00:17:18 a lot of that in your 20s. So yeah, I agree. I think, I think, and I'm not saying that I would have not done any of them, or I would take back all of it. I just think that if I, if I had somebody that was mentoring me financially, I probably would have made some moves differently and I would, things would have been even better financially sooner than what it is now. And, uh, the, the stress of building enough passive income to support these materialistic things that we like not to mention what I've learned in my 40 plus years now is when I've learned to delay gratification on materialistic things, many times I don't even want it. Like I've told you about that practice before where I
Starting point is 00:17:58 have a rule, or if I have this impulse like, Oh, I want to buy this. I don't tell myself no, I go tomorrow morning, if I still want to. Did you say put it in your cart? Yeah. And then you wait. So I'll put it in the cart, I'll go through the whole process. Yeah, next day.
Starting point is 00:18:11 And then I won't check it out. You know what, by the way, what you're saying so true, do you know how much money, how much more money Amazon made when they allowed people to click one button to buy? One click, yeah. That simple, like, instead of having to click twice. It's the groundbreaking feature. Yeah, dude. Just a little bit of like, let's get these people
Starting point is 00:18:29 right when the impulse hits. And that's such a highlights the point, right? Is that we were, we all are these emotional creatures and we react on things like this so often. So that's how I, that's how I determine whether it's something I really, really want and I maybe deserve or, you know, why not indulge, I have worked hard to have these things. And so if I can just wait the next day or whatever, and I tell you what, nine times out of 10, I don't. Nine times out of 10, I don't buy. Like I almost always put it in the cart.
Starting point is 00:18:57 I wanna see what this cart looks like. What's in there? I'll, I mean, whatever, I'll tell you. There's all kinds of stuff. I'll tell you the next time I put something in the cart and I don't. I'd love to see. Yeah, yeah, I'll tell you. You don't go through and delete it, you the next time I put something in the cart. And I'd love to see you go through and delete it.
Starting point is 00:19:05 You just leave it there. No, it eventually gets deleted. Yeah. You know how many times I've almost bought, almost bought one of those salt shotgun shooters that shoot a lot of flies? Yeah. Yeah.
Starting point is 00:19:16 I almost buy them. I'm like, what am I doing? I'm going to be shooting some of those at 8. So I saw that and I was like, oh, that'd be fun. And by no means, by the way, am I a perfect still? Because I still make, I mean, I've got a drone that I've flown like twice, you know what I'm saying? So I've got some, you know, I've got some
Starting point is 00:19:30 Oculus goggles that I haven't worn before. So I definitely still. I just bought a track suit. Did you really? I bought, hey, I bought, you know why? You know that Adidas jacket I have with the Sprite? You're the track suit guy. Jessica made a mistake, right?
Starting point is 00:19:40 She told me it looked attractive on me. Like, ladies, if you tell your husband something looks attractive, I'm expected to buy five more of those things. But anyway, I went on Amazon like track suit. What's on there? Can you get you like a velvet one? And I found a couple, like,
Starting point is 00:19:54 it looks like a Russian mobster, you know? I ordered one of them somewhere, it's coming up. I mean, back to how this started, right? Like the 20 year old South thing, do you guys, and maybe you don't think of it in the same context of like talking to your old younger sub maybe think of it more of stuff. Are you planning to tell your son, you know, or your daughter?
Starting point is 00:20:10 Are there things that go through your head that, you know, maybe, and you haven't reached, I know Justin, your boys are getting older now and maybe you're having more of these types of conversations. There's things that you're like, you know, my parents really didn't talk to me much about this. I'm, this is going to be an area where I focus on, do you guys think about that? Or is there something like currently right now, like that you're going through with that? All the time. Um, yeah, I'm, it's, it's interesting.
Starting point is 00:20:32 Yeah. I have the time. I forget I'm talking to myself even with, especially my youngest, just because he falls into the same traps. Um, and a lot of it is it's, it's self punishment. Uh, and it's, it's And it's very much guilt driven. And so a lot of decisions turned into, yeah, because of shame, like promote like ways
Starting point is 00:20:57 that they're trying to make up for that. And then show, you know, that they're, they want to get acceptance and they want to, they want to get back in on the good side of things as opposed to really owning the mistake and then just moving beyond it and not holding on to that and repeating those same patterns. That was a big issue for me. You know what? So that's a big one for me. And what helped me was to think about when my kids do make a mistake that they can't help themselves. Like an easy example is like in my three year old, three year olds are impulsive, right? So he'll do things like if there's a cup on the table and he's running by, he'll like knock it over, right?
Starting point is 00:21:37 Just impulsively, right? He can't control himself, right? And he feels bad about it, whatever. But so, so what's my point with that? Is I wanna help him correct the behavior, but I don't think he's like some terrible kid. He can't control it yet, right? So I'm like, can I flip that on myself for stuff I've done in the past? Cause there's things I've done in the past
Starting point is 00:21:56 where if I think about it, it's all about shame, right? But then I was educated and the person I talked to about this stuff, she's like, you, you're, you're judging yourself with what you know now. So you're looking back to when you were however old, 17, 20, you know, 30, and you're looking at it with the wisdom you have now. You had, you, you were doing your best back then that doesn't excuse it. You're still trying to improve yourself, but the, it takes away the shame. And if you don't take that away, man, that shame will drive you in ways that are not
Starting point is 00:22:28 beneficial. You treat yourself like somebody that doesn't deserve to be treated well. There's also like a bit of wrinkle in this too, like when you're talking about your kid, because you also don't want to potentially stifle something that could be a superpower. For example, your point you're talking about, it's interesting you brought that up. I was literally talking about you and Kyle last night to Katrina and we're talking about leadership. And I was telling her one of my favorite traits.
Starting point is 00:22:51 They're talking about glutes? Yes. Do they have that? Do they have that in common? They have that in common too. They have that in common too. No, I was talking about, I was talking about actually the things that remind me about Kyle that are similar to Justin and I said, you know, one of my favorite
Starting point is 00:23:03 traits about Justin and I remember this as far back as us first working together is that I never had to, I never really had to hold him accountable to doing something or I ever had to reprimand him for making a mistake because he was so hard on himself. And you could see that it was like, the last thing you want to do to someone like that is to like tell them how, yeah, add on top of it. It's like, they're already beating themselves up harder than I ever could. Why would I want to add to that?
Starting point is 00:23:28 That'll only send them off the edge. So that's also kind of a superpower of yours. So it's like, you know, and then you say, and you don't want to kill that in your son, right? So it's like, that's a, that has also probably allowed you to excel in a lot of things is that you are so hard on yourself. You hold, so it's like,
Starting point is 00:23:43 how do you teach him to have forgiveness? That's, you know, I thought the same thing. It's a tough balance. I thought the same thing, but actually it's hindering. The pro growth side of him is still there. The beat yourself upside is actually slowing down the growth because you're focused on the what I did wrong. Oh, and, but the growth side is still there.
Starting point is 00:24:02 It's still growth minded. So it actually becomes a hindrance. That's, that was something I had confused. It's like, okay, well, what the growth side's still there. It's still growth minded. So it actually becomes a hindrance. That's, that was something I had confused. It's like, okay, well, am I going to become less effective? So I think that's what I mean though, right? Is like, so you teach the, Like how do you do that? You forgive yourself.
Starting point is 00:24:15 Yeah. Cause you don't want, like I said, you don't want to stifle his ability to look inward like that, right? He's, he's, he's so fixated on it. You were so fixated on your mistake that you, you recognize that you own it and then you pivot and you fix it. The crippling part was that you let it faster or you continue to beat yourself,
Starting point is 00:24:31 where it's more like, I fucked up, you own it. It's like, I'm going to get better at this, but forgive yourself and move on. And so it's like learning to teach him how to do that. Well, I think a lot of things I've had to learn is that, you know, part of that is you internalize the dialogue. And so you're fighting all that just inside you. Nobody knows. So I'm not good at communicating any of that
Starting point is 00:24:54 or getting help or getting other people involved in a situation like that, because now it's like, this is all my problem. And so I have to work my way out of it. It was always just me working my way out of really difficult spots when I've actually pulled people in. It makes it so much easier and then I move forward. And then I'm not taking forever to just drag myself
Starting point is 00:25:17 through the grind of it all. So too, and that's why I see this when my son is in sports and he's doing something and he's so frustrated because he can't nail this to the degree where he gets like a good score for it. And he thinks he's worthless now at it, you know, completely. And he's like, I just want to do it. You know, and so I always had those comforts. That was a hard thing for me too. Like I wanted to throw the ball the hardest. I wanted to do all the things, you know, at the level of the best player and then and had to literally like take practice every day and like work on each one of those skills. Like it never
Starting point is 00:25:56 came naturally, you know, it was just it was a constant work thing. So that's that's the good side. But like, I think, you know, to make it more healthy would be to verbalize it because also too, it gets it out, you know, because for me, it just, it stays in. And then I'm like, I have all of this stuff that's just like, you know, you ever realize stressing me out. Yeah. This is just a big realization where you have these thoughts. If you don't verbalize them, they circle. You circle. And they don't leave. It stays in your body. It literally is right here in my stomach, dude.
Starting point is 00:26:28 I tell you, half my gut problems are psychological. Oh, I'm 100% same here. I mean, now that they've connected the vagal nerve to the gut, which is your CNS, for sure, which then leads to SIBO and all that stuff. So then what happens is you treat the SIBO, goes away, comes back, why does it keep coming back? Yeah. It's damn CNS stuff.
Starting point is 00:26:49 What a great commercial for seed. Oh, didn't you make it? That was an accident. You mean it. It's so good. It's just such a great transition. It just happens. I mean, geez, I didn't even know we were coming.
Starting point is 00:27:00 I didn't expect you to go. Well, you know what? Okay, fine. You want to go in that direction. Probiotics help, they help the gut, but they also help the central nervous system. I didn't expect you to go. Well, you know what? Okay, fine. You want to go in that direction. Probiotics help, they help the gut, but they also help the central nervous system. There's data on this that shows that because it's a two-way street of communication, gut, brain, brain, gut, right?
Starting point is 00:27:16 And the right bacteria in the gut does communicate to the brain through neurotransmitters and other mechanisms we don't fully understand to tell the brain that it's okay to relax. So they find that probiotics reduce anxiety and depression oftentimes in people. That's interesting. Which is wild. Now if you think about it makes sense. You have your gut off and notice how you feel everywhere else. Yeah. Yeah. I think it's always interesting why we have these old sayings that have been around forever like, oh, I feel it in my gut. I always trust your gut. I trip over that. Yeah.
Starting point is 00:27:47 I trip over that. There's three places that we feel when we talk about thinking something or knowing something. Our head, that's where our brain is, our heart, and our gut. The most serotonin receptors that we have are in the brain. Second's the gut. Third is the heart. All the serotonin receptors are in those three places.
Starting point is 00:28:04 That's where they live. Yeah. And we, and for thousands of years, and we just, we've only recently discovered all that science. Like this is, people have been saying this forever. It's weird. Like even, okay, so even right now, so I'm going through this RCA process, right? So I'm going through and reading the Bible and stuff. And in there, it talks a lot about your heart. What's on your heart? What's on your heart? How did they know? Why did they say the heart? All they knew was it's an organ. did they even know it pump blood? Maybe I guess right why would they keep saying the heart? I love that I love that your nerdy science brain is going through all that stuff because that's an area where somebody wouldn't even think like that
Starting point is 00:28:37 That's such a profound thing in scripture. It's like oh my god like think about think about how long ago And that they're they're telling you to follow it's not even close to like It's like, oh my God, like think about, think about how long ago this is written and that they're, they're telling you to follow. It's not even close to like, I think we take for granted some of the stuff that we believe now, but who would think that? Imagine if this was 10,000 years ago and I'm like, you know, I love you with my heart. Like, huh? You're with my what?
Starting point is 00:29:00 Yeah. What are you talking about? Well, just replace that with another organ. I love you with my lung. Yeah, yeah, why? Why can't we see it? My kidney urns for you, dude. Yeah, bro. And then we go in and we find all these serotonin receptors.
Starting point is 00:29:11 Really weird. It is. I know, and I think that makes me think of how we think the brain is so separate from the body. It's like, man, it's all interconnected. No, everything's in her. And it's way more strange. You know, it's funny.
Starting point is 00:29:23 I was just reading, speaking to the brain. Have you guys ever heard of blind sight? Oh, blind sight. Um, no, I've heard of mind's eye. Sorry. I was really weird. I remember I learned, I saw this documentary once and they showed blind sight on it years ago.
Starting point is 00:29:38 And then I was, I don't remember what I was reading. It led me to reading more about this. So blind sight happens and they've documented this. So they'll have people have their eyes totally damaged. Okay, so they can't see they're blind, their eyes don't work. And yet they'll put things in front of people and they'll be able to determine.
Starting point is 00:29:56 They'll be able to either describe it or determine which sight it's on with far greater odds than just random. So you think that has to deal with something like electromagnetic waves or like some kind of like. No, so they did brain imaging. They've now done brain imaging with these people. I was just gonna say, I have a theory on that
Starting point is 00:30:13 because I think that in the. Oh, sorry, sorry, I gotta reverse. It's the part of the brain that's damaged that processes site. So their eyes work, but the part of the brain that processes site is damaged. So they did brain imaging and what they found was other parts of the brain are lighting up So site isn't just about like this part of the brain
Starting point is 00:30:31 There's other parts of the brain that kind of tell you what's happening weird really weird And then that led me down this path of like how the brain compensates and they're finding that when people lose Like some parts of the brain atrophy due to dementia or whatever other That's a weird one. That's weird people lose like some parts of the brain atrophy due to dementia or whatever. Other parts of the brain pick up. That's a weird one. That's weird. That's where you hear colors and you smell sounds or whatever. It's all like this crossing of different senses at the same time. You ever seen interviews with people like that? Yeah, they'll say something like, all right, when I say the number two,
Starting point is 00:31:02 like pink and fuzzy. Yeah. You're like, yeah, dude. That's wild. That's so, it'll be so weird. Well, I definitely think that when you have, I mean, this is like, I remember, I remember I was talking a lot about this when Max was first born, right? And I just, when you, when you don't have the ability to use certain senses, the other ones tend to be heightened because your, your body just adapts in
Starting point is 00:31:22 that direction. And I feel like you, you see see this like in people that are blind. Because that's where your focus is. Yeah, that's the way they navigate through the world and they don't have this one. So then the other ones get hyper focused on it. So they can allocate more resources in the other departments.
Starting point is 00:31:36 100%. It's interesting. We're someone who has, you know, sight, hearing, everything all working for them, right? It's evenly distributed somewhat, right? To all of them in order to do that. But get rid of your hearing completely and all I have is my smell and my sight to rely on.
Starting point is 00:31:52 I would think that those would be heightened because all that extra priority is in the open. You know there's a famous music choreographer that's deaf. She has no that. I can't remember her name. Beethoven was deaf, right? Was he? Yeah. He had lost hearing. Yeah, but not, he wasn't born deaf. I don't remember her name. Beethoven was deaf, right? Was he? Yeah. He had lost hearing.
Starting point is 00:32:06 Yeah, but not, he wasn't born deaf. I don't think he was born deaf. Oh, I thought he was born deaf. I didn't know that. I thought he was born deaf. No, there's this woman, maybe you can find who she is. She choreographs music based off the vibrations that she feels in the floor.
Starting point is 00:32:18 Yeah, see, I mean, that, talk about crazy heightened senses to be able to do that, right? And then there's the weird ones where like people like eat with their feet and stuff, like do we? Holy cow. I can barely, I can barely. Some people have a real crazy dexterity with their toes. But that creeps me out.
Starting point is 00:32:34 Yeah. It's a little creepy to see, but it also highlights how fucking backwards we were as a society to throw shoes on our feet and to like eliminate that. And even utilizing it. As a practice, it's actually one of the pieces of like obviously we get, you know, I'm sure you guys get the same thing,
Starting point is 00:32:51 like lots of DMs of like, oh, I'm gonna be a new parent. What's your parent advice? The shoe, like barefoot one is like a go-to one, because I just don't think anybody really thinks about it and they think that's crazy to do that. Yeah, you look at pictures of like hunter gatherers feet. Yeah, they're all like this.
Starting point is 00:33:05 They're like the toes are all spread out and it's like all like muscly on the bottom. Like, oh my God. He could. And I think I feel so much smashed and hammered like mine. Yeah. Yeah. I'm way more passionate about that after our experience with Dr. Brink and really starting to like, I don't know why before as a trainer,
Starting point is 00:33:22 I didn't connect those dots. But when I saw all the dysfunction in my own body, then I realized how much of it was stimming for my feet. It's like, how many other people have all these pains that they deal with, the hip pain, back pain, knee pain. The whole kinetic chain. And it's all stimming from the feet because they got these weak ass feet
Starting point is 00:33:38 and it's broken down all the way up. Who is this? Is that the person, Doug? I believe it's the person you're referencing, Alexandria Walis. Isn't that cool? I'd love to see that. So along those lines, I went down this path
Starting point is 00:33:50 of like people with weird abilities. There's this autistic dude that, he gets in a helicopter, they'll fly him over a city once, he'll land, and then he'll draw the whole city, buildings and signs in detail with pencil one time. Let's fly over and then he gets down and he draws out and they were showing these huge drawings of just incredible detail.
Starting point is 00:34:13 That's so wild. Cause he just, he saw one time. That's so wild. I know, I don't remember your name half the time. And this guy says, I'm so, you know, I'm like so obsessed with like figuring out what my son's thing is going to be. You know what I'm saying? Like, you know, obviously I always wanted it to be sports.
Starting point is 00:34:27 It's not going to be sports. It's going to be something else. Right. And so I'm like, and as a dad, like that's all I feel like that's, that's my job. My job is help foster. Yes. Is whatever it is, it could be something I'm totally not into, whatever. I accept that. You know what I'm saying? But I'm so obsessed with figuring that out, like what it's going to be. And like there's this glimmer of like Oh, it could be math. He's gonna be math
Starting point is 00:34:46 I love math like I was into math big time and like ever since that numbers thing like it's wild what I'm watching him It will be super into it. Yes, like and it's progressing It's like oh my god, dude like it and he's asking Katrina like you know playing games with her where he's like make it harder Make it harder and yeah, yeah, and she's and she's challenged. She's like, yeah, I kept challenging him. And I started going like a thousand plus this. And of course it's still easy for him. It's like a thousand plus one, right? It's like, it's like still easy, easy stuff.
Starting point is 00:35:13 And then she'll throw him like a real hard curve ball and it'll stump him and then you see if you get like a little. So look at that. That's the guy. Dude, that is crazy. Stefan Wiltshire. Is that his name? Steven Wiltshire.
Starting point is 00:35:22 Look how, look how detailed that is. Look how detailed that is. Look how detailed that is. And it's one time he saw it. No way. What? Yeah. That makes you wonder how much our brains... How much we're perceiving, yeah.
Starting point is 00:35:34 Yup. Like just every minute. Like you're just like observing. And well, because too, we have to be able to discard a lot of information in order to... Well, you do this with, with studies. Yeah. I mean, I always like that, bro.
Starting point is 00:35:49 I mean, to an extent you do. Hey, you know what? Do not see how you do. Like there's times I tell the story all the time. Because I don't remember anything else. Well, people compliment how smart you are. I'm like, he's really not that smart. I'm like, he's not.
Starting point is 00:35:58 I think so. He's taking all his directional. I go, listen, Justin and I are smart. You guys don't know that. We just remember study. I go, we read the same study, the fucking same time he does. We go to the podcast and then you would think that he's read that study 400 times and dissected it. I said that but he has this ability to regurgitate it.
Starting point is 00:36:19 You do that. It's valuable for podcasting. Speaking of what your brain forgets, do you guys know that you always see your nose, but your brain makes you not perceive it? Do you know that? No. Now you see it right now. Now look at your nose, yeah.
Starting point is 00:36:30 And then. It's always in your line of sight. It's always in your view, but your brain literally edits it out. Yeah. So that you don't trip up over that. That's a trip. That sucks. Well, that's like all those visual things that you just,
Starting point is 00:36:43 you try to create order out of what you're seeing in terms of like the data you've already acquired. Right. So this brings it all the way back to what I said at the very beginning, right? It's like, uh, this is what I wish I knew when I was a kid, but also this is what I still have to teach myself now. You really don't know what you need. You know what you want, but you don't know shit. You really don't know what you need. You know what you want, but you don't know shit.
Starting point is 00:37:05 You really don't. Because how many times have you gone through something and why you're going through it, you're like, this is the worst thing ever. This is terrible. And then when you come out of it, you're like, I'm so glad I went through that. That was amazing.
Starting point is 00:37:17 You had no idea what you need. Have I, or we're bouncing back and forth between these dollars, but you reminded me of somebody that has like a crazy talent. Have I told you guys, have you ever seen a LeBron James recall a game? No, if you haven't, tell the boys, tell the boys to find a YouTube clip of LeBron James recalling plays in the game. It's like one of the crazy that is he like a bro.
Starting point is 00:37:39 It's just about it. It is so fascinating to watch him do this. Dreymaund Green has a little bit of it, too. LeBron, I think is probably the most talented in this I've ever seen. And he will, like an interview will happen. And it is post game games over. He's sitting there after the locker room. Game's been over for an hour or two hours. And the people are just like, Hey, you know, the play down in the corner
Starting point is 00:37:59 where you got the elbow, this and that was at the pivotal moment. And then he'll go, you mean, and then he'll recall like the previous, like two minutes of the game, like play for play where someone was on the court, who passed it first and did what that, like to a tee like that. And there's other viral clips that I've seen since I went down a rabbit hole of this after I was watching these clips. And there's this great viral clip of LeBron James playing. I want to say it was the calves. And there's this great viral clip of LeBron James playing.
Starting point is 00:38:27 I want to say it was the Cavs. It was another team and he is on defense. And the team he's playing is running off it, they're running out of play. And the guy that is guarding is right in front of him and he's lost, he doesn't know where to go. And LeBron leans over and tells him his team's play where he's supposed to be. And then he goes, he goes right. Yes.
Starting point is 00:38:48 Yes. Oh, like, dude, that's the next level right there. Hey, what do you think these guys were 5,000 years ago? Right. They were all warriors, right? Had to. Yeah. Yeah.
Starting point is 00:38:56 They were all like on the field like had to. That was your main. Mapping out the battlefield. Yeah. Yeah. Bring out LeBron. Well, and they're built that way too. You know what I'm saying?
Starting point is 00:39:04 Can you imagine him walking? Of course. Yeah. Yeah. Bring out the brawn. Well, and they're built that way too. You know what I'm saying? Can you imagine him walking? Oh, of course. Yeah. Yeah. Holy shit. Six, six or eight. You're going to be like coming in, just slaying everybody. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. For sure. Hey, I wanted to bring something up because you've made this comment on the podcast so many times, Adam. I would love to.
Starting point is 00:39:17 Like, do you really believe, say this all the time, that oh, South fans don't like Adam or, you know, whatever. Like we all have fans that don't like the other coast because they're hard. 100%. You think so? Yeah, I think we have a group of hardcore fan because this isn't, most of our listeners tend to say they like the whole thing. Right.
Starting point is 00:39:33 All of us. But, but you think I have like, I have a hard core group that hates you or hates Justin and vice versa. Justin's not involved in this. It's you and I. Oh, Justin. You mean, no, I get, you know, that's true. Everybody likes you. I don't have any. Really? I don't think of one time
Starting point is 00:39:47 somebody like that. It's usually your fans. No, that's not true. You are the worst fans ever. It's been established. This has been established. Well, it used to be when I would like, you know, interject with some joke and like get you out of your flow. Oh, yeah. Boy, no, like, oh, they hate that. They hate that. They let me know that. Your fans hate that. Dude, if your fans are like, if you guys could just shut up and like, sell talk.
Starting point is 00:40:08 Sal was just coming up like, yeah. He was just in this like perfect rhythm and I was getting so much out of it. Then you just came in. Oh, yeah. I think so. This is how I think our audience is broken up. I think there is a large portion that appreciate all four personalities and how everybody works together.
Starting point is 00:40:26 And I would say that's 60%. And then, yeah, no, yeah, only 60. There's a big bulk of division, I think. And then, so there's that 60, right? They're like everybody say equally. Well, it's like, I got a little, like I'm nerdy. With, so I'm like sports and all that and being cool, you know, I'm over here with Adam.
Starting point is 00:40:44 So it's like, you know, I'm kind of split between. I've never cool. So the 40, the other 40, the other 40% all like Justin. And then there's a probably a pretty close even split on that 40 of 20 of 20 or your people, 20 or my people. And they all like Justin. And they hate each other. Yeah. And they don't like it.
Starting point is 00:41:01 I don't know, I hate a strong word, but they don't like, like they don't like me. You know, they don't like me or they don't like you. It's like,. I hate a strong word, but they don't like like they don't like me You know, they don't like me and or they don't like you It's like there's something about you that rubs them the wrong way just like something about me That's the rub your people the wrong way. You say really believe that. Oh, it's a fact. I know it is I think it's the funniest when I get people that will like pile on you like it's like I like I really don't like you or something like it's like I really don't like you or something. It is funny, it is funny. You guys like DMs of like showing videos of things
Starting point is 00:41:28 of like, oh, this is like making fun of, yes. Yeah, totally. Yeah, send this to Adam. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Adam's an idiot or sells an idiot, look at this. It's although it is less today than what I used to feel. I did notice that more in the past. And I don't know, maybe the, uh, maybe we've all become more likeable in a sense.
Starting point is 00:41:51 I don't know. I hope we're less hated. Justin's rubbing off on us a little bit or maybe those DMs are just just buried. So I don't see if anymore of those people. Calming you guys down a little, keeping it a little more zen. But it is, I do think, I mean, it's funny because it's also what, why the dynamic worked with building a business because we're,
Starting point is 00:42:10 we're just enough alike that we work well together, but we're enough different that we don't get sick of being around each other. Yeah. Like we have this, this, this connection and bond with each other because we have enough in common that we appreciate, but we're all very different. I mean, when you think about all of, every one of us, the things that we're into and like, I think there's, I think the 60% that likes all of us
Starting point is 00:42:34 actually thinks that we hang out all the time outside of here. We work out together, we go do things together all the time. And it's like, I don't think people realize how much we kind of disperse and go. Hold hands and go, you know. Well, we have, we talk all day with each other. What do we do? You have to work.
Starting point is 00:42:48 I don't want to talk with you. Hey, call up Justin South. They were the fuck. No, I fucking see them every day. I talked for six hours with those guys yesterday. I'm literally exhausted. Yeah. Anyway, so, uh, I want to, I want to take a left here and talk about some more propaganda in
Starting point is 00:43:06 the news. Did you guys see this article by the New York Post on protein intake that came out? Did you guys see it? Did I share it with you guys? On protein intake. Tell me. Here's the title of the article. You might be eating an artery damaging amount of protein for breakfast. New study warns. For breakfast of all the the meals go after. This is so annoying.
Starting point is 00:43:27 You might be. So, yes. Remember, when they say that, it means it's not true. What they're trying to do is either alarm people, get clicks, or there's an agenda, which I believe. This is the laziest ever. There's an anti-protein agenda that is part of the, you know, pro-vegan, don't eat animal agenda. I think it's part of it, right? Now here's the cases, the case that the article makes. One is, and I hate this one,
Starting point is 00:43:52 because it's so dumb, is how protein stimulates mTOR, mammalian target repamycin, which is a growth signaler. It also makes cancer grow. So people will say, oh oh if you elevate mtor. You're gonna get more cancer that's not how it works in a pro cancer environment anything that promotes growth. Any hormone that promotes growth carbohydrates amino acids whatever can potentially fuel cancer but in a healthy environment. Pro growth is fine and tour is healthy ideal yeah I'm towards healthy it builds muscle recover all that stuff so that's we already know that super debunked but the other argument it growth is fine. MTOR is healthy. Yeah. MTOR is healthy. It builds muscle, recover it, all that stuff.
Starting point is 00:44:27 So that's, we already know that's super debunked. But the other argument it makes is that if Americans eat even more protein, then they're going to eat even more calories and get fatter. That's the argument they try to make, which completely flies in the face of all the studies that show that hitting protein targets is one of the best ways to control calories. Yes. Period.
Starting point is 00:44:47 It's easier. Especially, that's what made me most infuriated about this, is breakfast. The data shows a high protein breakfast reduces blood sugar spikes throughout the day, regardless of what you eat. Which is huge on its own. Oh, okay. And controls your appetite because of proteins satiety producing effects. So it's not just,
Starting point is 00:45:05 again, misinformation. It's the opposite of what's correct. So mad. I find this like propaganda or so interesting to me because I don't care how hard they try, they're going to lose. Time will tell. Like, and I remember when the first, what was it, was it what the hell through, what was the game changes when those came out? Well, thank God for new media allowing us to debunk and other people to go and, you know, yes, but also, I was really surprised by the amount of people that that changed their eating behaviors after that.
Starting point is 00:45:37 Like it was, I had people in my family and that I had no idea they're like, and then we're still vegan by the way. No, no, yeah. And that's why I say like go all day, well, all you want with this propaganda bullshit, go for it. Because I mean, because I know what we're talking about on here and I feel comfortable that we are speaking out, we're using our platform to
Starting point is 00:45:57 communicate the truth and help people. So I don't feel guilty about all the knuckleheads that fall for this trap. That if, because the resource, there is resources out there. There are people that are, are sharing the right information that are trying to truly help you that aren't trying to scare you into eating a certain way. And if you're too dumb to figure that out or to go research or look, look it up or ask questions like, hmm, that sounds weird or strange or
Starting point is 00:46:20 counter from what I've heard or seen or noticed or feel in my body. If you're too dumb, then okay. Then so be it eventually enough of those people that will fall into this trap that listen to this stuff will, will come back full circle. They will have to. I don't know if it's just because the last few years and just like seen, just being kind of disappointed and depressed with, you know, how a lot of people like, uh, got swept into a lot of the propaganda all this, or it's just like, yeah, to your point,
Starting point is 00:46:46 it's like, I started to think, I'm like, well, it's pretty much survival of the fitness, or the fittest survival of fitness. So like, that's a good name of podcast. It is actually. So someone's gonna do that now. Watch. Yeah, you're welcome. Yeah.
Starting point is 00:47:00 Yeah. But I mean, that's, that's just the thing I I can't I can't Put it upon myself to change Somebody else's mind or the way that they view You know their reality like that's not my job like I have to just like live a good Life and model what I can and see what happens, you know with people around me, but it's just like it's frustrating And it's it's hard. It's the same conversation We have when a family member that you really want to get healthy and in shape, you know, what's the best approach? And it's like, well, you know, just keep doing what you're doing.
Starting point is 00:47:34 It magnified. Yeah. Yeah. You know, what's funny is that along those lines, you said survival of the of the fittest. The the if you look at the data, it's actually already happening. The people who kind of follow the tenants that we promote are the ones having more kids. The ones that are following the propaganda are so disenfranchised and so upset and depressed and fearful or just they think that they're going to get value out of life by, of life by maybe it's better not to have kids. They're not having kids. So the reality is in a couple generations,
Starting point is 00:48:10 they're gonna breed themselves out. Have you seen that, the data on that? It's crazy, yeah. I mean, it's been alarming. A lot of people have been bringing that up. Yeah, they're the ones not having kids. So I think you're right. I think we just gotta wait it out.
Starting point is 00:48:20 It is, it's a just hurry up and wait game. Cause eventually the numbers won't lie, the stats won't lie. We've already seen what happens when people go that way. And the best that we can do is to try and help by informing and getting like, getting infuriated by it and losing sleep over it. I just heard a spiritual,
Starting point is 00:48:37 I don't know if you're talking about that. Nothing gets come out of that. No, I just heard a spiritual influencer say on social media, there was like a clip and she's like, they're like, what's the best diet? I'm like, oh, this'll be good. Let's see what she says. And she goes, process foods aren't good.
Starting point is 00:48:53 The more alive a food is, the better it is. So I'm like, oh, okay, I see where you're trying to go, but whatever. Okay, so far right, I guess. And then she goes, but the more suffering a food went through, the worse it is to eat. So she's like, ultimately, you don't want to eat animals. And I'm like, I see the point they're trying to make. Now you can make the case for raising animals in a humane way and all that stuff.
Starting point is 00:49:15 But the argument about it being like, if they suffer, it's not healthy for you. I don't know. Have you ever seen, I mean, do animals ever not suffer in nature when they get eaten? Yeah. I mean, I remember I had, do animals ever not suffer in nature when they get eaten? Yeah. I mean, I remember I had, I actually had- Watch Nature's Metal, I guess. Immediately point them there. I had one time a friend of mine tell me that and say, Oh, you know, when they kill their beef, like the cow,
Starting point is 00:49:36 adrenaline's pumping through the meat because they're gonna die and then they die and it's terrible for you. And I'm like, I thought about it. I'm like, when do they not, when did that not happen when they die? Like does a lion like trick them into falling asleep? Yeah, no. And they like slowly kill it. That just like that fuckers running for his life. Just as perfect. Watch nature's metal.
Starting point is 00:49:53 Let me know how many of those animals look like they're not under stress when they're getting to that. Vicious out there, man. It's scary. Yeah. Like, yeah, it's, yeah, to be a cow, like on like in a pasture like that's pretty that's pretty awesome You're not that's not that stressed out water buffalo You take nutrition advice from a spiritual fit or a spiritual influencer on Instagram you deserve what you get
Starting point is 00:50:20 Anyway more a meta analysis came out on exercise and depression. Another one. This was a big one, huge one. I really do see a tide changing in the medical world when it, in regards to, um, exercise and, and depression. This was a big study and, uh, it says effects of exercise for depression. And this is the summary, uh, for treating depression,ious exercise modalities are well tolerated and effective, particularly walking, jogging, yoga and strength training. Effects were comparable to psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy.
Starting point is 00:50:57 Exercise worked better when more intense across the board. So pretty cool. Now these are these, I think that they haven't gone far enough. Joga can be intense. Say what? Joga. Joga. I bet that's a, that's probably a beach.
Starting point is 00:51:12 It's gotta be a beach body workout. Joga. It's gotta be. Oh my God. They're for sure. They have a Joga. It's a hip hop. They have something for everybody.
Starting point is 00:51:19 Hip hop Joga. Hip hop Joga. Got it. Coming up. Is that, I was talking to somebody that day about the, the strides business keep going? Does anybody know? That was a big popular business for a hot minute there.
Starting point is 00:51:29 Strides? Yeah, it's like basically like workouts for moms and strollers. Oh! Brilliant concept. Very brilliant. Yeah, yeah. And I knew it was like hot.
Starting point is 00:51:40 Back when I was doing boot camps, it was like the big deal. And I haven't heard much about it in the last. I don't know. And I wanted to, I wanted to tell you guys, did I tell you guys my idea for, not that I'm going to do this, but I thought this would be cool. Imagine a gym, like a small gym, 8,000 square foot facility.
Starting point is 00:51:56 And then in between the equipment are areas for kids, play pens and stuff. And then the staff is trained on working with kids and watching kids. So the kids are around moms and dads while they're working out. And it the staff is trained on working with kids and watching kids. So the kids are around moms and dads while they're working out. And it's that kind of an environment. Of course you'd have to charge for it. It wouldn't be cheap.
Starting point is 00:52:11 Yeah. But imagine a gym like that. I could see a lot of parents. I mean, I love what we're dropping them off at the kids club. Like that's great. But I could you imagine if you're. Well, you see what my dad's doing. Yeah.
Starting point is 00:52:22 You see, well, yeah, I think that would be awesome. Right. To see a parent. Well, I mean, they have the kids strong, which I'm super interested in their business. Well, and dad's doing. Yeah, you see, well, yeah, I think that would be awesome. I'm right to see a parent. Well, I mean, they have the kid strong, which I'm super interested in their business. And those are popping up all over. The one is popping.
Starting point is 00:52:31 I think, isn't that the one Margaret says is, Margaret has a kid that, yeah, her kid goes there. And I know Brendan is an investor. I have another friend who's an investor in it. And they teach them like more than just, it's not just like, oh, go play. They're like, they teach them math and they're teaching them.
Starting point is 00:52:46 All integrated. Yes. Oh, wow. Yeah, yeah. So it's a really confidence. They teach them, they're teaching them a lot of different stuff. Oh, they have it.
Starting point is 00:52:54 Look at that. It's called stroller strides? Yeah, yeah. Stroller strides. Yeah, yeah, that's it. I mean, that's a great concept. It is a brilliant concept. I love that.
Starting point is 00:53:02 Is it, it's franchise, is that right? Do we know? You know, it looks like a workout. So I don't know if it, it's franchise, is that right? Do we know? You know, it looks like a workout. So I don't know if it's a workout that you can pay for access to, but it seems to be from this fit for mom program. Well, isn't Stroller Strides, isn't that- Is it a registered trademark, yes.
Starting point is 00:53:16 Yeah, I think it's franchise. I don't know, maybe Andrew can- See, I really think- It's a dad version of like- It is franchise, right? Plate loaded, like sleds, but you put the kid in there or the seat. Let's say it's on time.
Starting point is 00:53:26 I think that there's a lot of parents who would even bring their kids to a gym like that, who don't normally, who don't need to take them, like have them drop them off the kids club. But they're like, you know what, I want you to come with me. Like imagine working out a gym like that. Why don't you enjoy that with your kids kind of, you know, amongst, you know, what you're doing. We should start one of these.
Starting point is 00:53:42 You gotta mute that. The Storst rides. You gotta mute that, Doug. Maybe we should start one of these. gotta meet that. Strourestrides. You gotta meet that dog. Maybe we should start one of these. We just put it up there. Oh, it's. You never have to leave your baby or your kids. Oh, it's not.
Starting point is 00:53:51 Okay. Yeah. It's not me. It's auto play. Yeah. Yeah. So brilliant business model though. Very brilliant.
Starting point is 00:53:57 And you, but you remember it back when you were doing. Yeah. Yeah. Back when I was doing boot camps, it was like a, it was a bit of a fact. I had some boot camp ladies that were like, that was the thing they were doing before they had found my boot camp and other kids were like out of the stroller. And so I was training them like, Oh yeah, dude, if you're not hurt a stroller,
Starting point is 00:54:12 I was like, what the hell is that? And I looked it up and like, Oh, that's smart. Like that's really, really clever. Like to get, and then, you know, like, you know, the dad markets not tapped in with that. I bet you that would be a markup. That's what I'm saying. Yeah.
Starting point is 00:54:24 Where dad can take his kids. Well, they do rocking, right? Like it's a big thing. That's how you imagine that. You just get your kid and then you put like, you know, weight in the front. I mean, that's a great idea just that, but that itself, instead of it being in a store, you have them strapped to you. Dad hikes or something. Dad hikes and body weight squats. I bet you there's something. There has to be. There has to be. There has to be someone. And it's not, it's opportunity for someone to do. I brought this up in one of our-
Starting point is 00:54:47 Until the kid has a blowout, right? And then dead. Ah! Hey guys, hold on. Yeah. We got a situation. Oh, soup. Who's got a hose?
Starting point is 00:54:56 Get the hose. Okay, while we were recording, Katrina DMed or messaged DMed, messaged all of us about shallows thing still on. He's like confident that he's going to be able to get enough people. Did we get that new link, Doug? Yeah, I'm looking up right now. Okay.
Starting point is 00:55:11 Yeah. So I just saw, I mean, look, this is a, it's a great opportunity. First off, um, you're the first, how many people? 10? Yeah. First 10 people sit in on a live show. Um, we're going to do a meet and greet. And of course, in order to do this, you become a part of a certification course,
Starting point is 00:55:29 which is if you want a comprehensive fitness certification that teaches you like workout programming and biomechanics on a whole another level, like this is the one. Doesn't get much better than that. No, it doesn't. It's live. It'll be done in person. Yeah, that's so he does these virtually. So you have the ability to do it
Starting point is 00:55:45 virtually, but to have access to him personally and to come down to the mine pump. One of the smartest people in fitness. Yeah. No, I love. What's that? What's that? Yeah. Go to mine pump l one dot com. Mine pump l one dot com. Yeah. That's going on from the 15th, 16th and 17th of March. Coming out.
Starting point is 00:56:04 Look, if you want to try the benefits of CBD, use NED. NED uses full spectrum hempoil extracts that have CBD, but also other beneficial cannabinoids. Look, here's the deal. Other CBD products you take them, you don't even know if you took anything. With NED, you feel it, literally take it, 30 to 45 minutes later, You feel more euphoric.
Starting point is 00:56:25 You feel less inflammation and pain and you can sleep better. Go check it out. Go to hello. Ned.com. That's H E L L O N E D. Dot com forward slash mine pump. Use the code mine pump. Get 15% off.
Starting point is 00:56:37 All right. Back to the show. Our first color is Steven from North Carolina. Steven, what's going on, man? How can we help you? How's it going, guys? Good. What's happening?
Starting point is 00:56:48 Perfect. All right. First of all, man, just want to thank you guys for the content that you guys put out. I think you just make me a better husband, a better dad, and a brother, and a better brother, and so on. So thank you guys for that. Definitely definitely improved my holistic outlook on not just fitness, but life. So thank you guys for that. Appreciate that. Thank you guys for that. Definitely definitely improved my holistic outlook on not just fitness, but life. So thank you guys for that
Starting point is 00:57:10 My question is I'll turn 40 in July I had the RGB bundle and I've cycled through the program for great results I'm currently training three days a week, but during the summer I noticed that when I went to an upper lower split I was having better results with body adaptation, sleep, and energy. I recently transitioned back to Maxinabolic in an effort to gain some strength. I'm seeing great results, but noticed that my sleep was off. Last week, I had some drop sets and noticed a significant increase in my sleep and energy. What do I attribute this to? I'm not sore after working out, but I feel like my weight is progressing.
Starting point is 00:57:44 What are your next steps for recommendations? And I kind of put some notes in here. My sleep, my slow-waves sleep and my deep sleep probably went up from three hours to about three and a half, four hours. My HRV was up about 10 points, pretty consistent with calories at around 3,000. And if I had to put a goal on this, I'd say my goal is just optimal health and longevity. Okay, I don't think the drop sets are what improved your sleep.
Starting point is 00:58:14 So many things can affect sleep, including just lifestyle and what's happening during the day and temperature. But I mean, there's so many things that can affect this. I don't think a drop set, it's not like you went from not being active to being active. You were already active. Um, now the occasional increase in intensity, um, can induce some nice
Starting point is 00:58:32 adaptation, typically though, you'll need to back off so you can go short spurts. Can we peer, can we peer into that a little bit more of those? So like I do have a question around like your activity level outside of the workouts. What does the rest of your day look like? Are you pretty sedentary? Do you move? Do you walk? Do you track steps?
Starting point is 00:58:51 I probably eight to 10,000. I don't try to overdo it. I was, I was overtraining there for so long. And I think you mentioned a couple of podcasts ago that if you had to schedule a dealer week for anybody in the, it would be sale. And I kind of train like that. I train first thing in the morning, three days a week, maybe one day a week, I do the sled, but not heavy,
Starting point is 00:59:11 just to get moving, doing mobility on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Just to, I consistently wake up at five o'clock, just trying to be consistent, just it just it's I consistently wake up at five o'clock just trying to be consistent Just like I said, longevity is is where I'm key. I'm not overdoing steps by by any stretch of the imagination Now you said you're you're you're not sore, but you are getting stronger For sure, I'm sure like my I've seen my dead lift go up. Maybe five pounds or something like that I'm not sure at all.
Starting point is 00:59:45 I actually feel energized when I leave, which is the feeling that I want. I'm just trying to see what, you know, if I went from map, Santa Bala, I can influence and drop sets. Wonder, I mean, there's all kinds of, I realize there's all kinds of different variables,
Starting point is 00:59:57 but I'm just trying to pinpoint from a training perspective, is there something that I can increase or add? No, I would follow up maps, and a ball with mass performance for sure, especially if you're looking for longevity. that I can increase or add. No, I would follow up MAPS et. Bollock with mass performance for sure, especially if you're looking for longevity. It's the perfect follow program to MAPS et. Bollock.
Starting point is 01:00:12 It's going to move you in different planes of movement. You're going to add some rotation. It's going to help with your joint integrity. And it's a very similar program in terms of stress on the body. So if you respond well to MAPS metabolic, you'll do very well with MAPS reformation. And it sounds like we're trying to speculate on what like, you know, get to the bottom of,
Starting point is 01:00:31 what gave me this great sleep? It's probably, it's more likely something related to either nutrition or stress. Yeah, lifestyle problem. So I don't know what your, your currently has happened at work or with your wife or anything, anything like, if, if something like that, that's more likely to have attributed to a good night's rest than adding a
Starting point is 01:00:49 drop set into your routine. So it'd be different if you were in what sound that's why I asked about the steps. Like if you were like this really sedentary person, and then all of a sudden you went to working out like absolutely that can make a major impact on your sleep. But you've already been doing all that and adding a drop set or an extra set or adding more weight to that and then a sleep being amazing that night. It's more likely related to personal stress that you have or don't have going on in your life or nutritionally. Another thing, the other thing too, is, I notice this when I make a choice to eat
Starting point is 01:01:25 earlier in the night than when I eat closer to bed. Like when I give my body time to fully digest the food and I go to bed, uh, like hours later after eating versus eating really close, but that makes a difference in how good asleep I get. So it's more likely something like that is, is, is what we just- Yeah, just the consistency of like hitting that same time I go to bed and the same time I wake up, like that plays a massive factor for me as well. If I interrupt that, it tends to kind of like throw everything off. Yeah.
Starting point is 01:01:53 And you know, the other thing too, Stephen, is typically it's stress. However, it can also be excitement. So people, you know, any change from baseline can affect your sleep. So, you know, if I have something exciting Like good something good that's happening the next day or the next week that I'm anticipating That'll affect my sleep like stress. Well, so sometimes people just think it's you know something negative But it could be something exciting, you know, like oh my god, I'm gonna go on vacation or oh my god I'm gonna go do that interview. I'm so excited about or whatever
Starting point is 01:02:24 That'll that'll affect, anything that's outside of baseline can affect your sleep. The other thing to look for is, I don't know if you're a coffee drinker or not, but I know it's a huge difference on the days that I get my caffeine consumption earlier versus if I let it go a little bit out. Me drinking a caffeine drink one hour or two hours later
Starting point is 01:02:44 than I normally do. We'll make a difference on my sleep that night versus me getting it really. So it paid attention to those things too. If you're a caffeine drinker. Yeah. I think a performance worked really well for me. I think, um, aesthetic was a lot, but I finally got through it. The caffeine I've kind of taken back before noon.
Starting point is 01:03:05 So I have my last cup before noon and I'm probably somewhere between 350 and 400 milligrams there, so don't really try to overdo it. But it was just when I, you know, I was doing anabolic, went through anabolic performance, aesthetic. And then I went to Joe DeFranco's SB911, SB911 tried that where it had some unilateral movements in there and got some, some great results from that.
Starting point is 01:03:28 So just trying to figure out what that next step was from, you know, I don't have a lot of stress at home. Where I mean, where it, home life is great, jobs great. I'm kind of in that sweet spot right now. So just really trying to just optimize, optimize my health and longevity. What about like old timing for him?
Starting point is 01:03:45 Oh yeah. I mean, it's okay. Now that I know more about the programs you've done, do you like doing different kinds of workouts too? I love to be challenged. I think for me as long as I'm working towards a go done deal, we're going to send you love this. We're going to send you maps old time.
Starting point is 01:04:00 You're going to train like bronzer strength athlete. Yeah. You'll love that. And you've done some great programs with Joe's and ours. Like, yeah. See now that we know that this will be, this will be something very unique. And so that'll, that'll send a new signal. That'll be good. You're kicking ass by the way. You're doing real well, man. Man, I appreciate that, man. Appreciate that, man. I'm trying to, trying to be,
Starting point is 01:04:18 just trying to take from you guys, right? Take little bits and pieces of, of learning experiences and failures and just adapt that. Like I said, holistically, it's not just about fitness for me. It's man, I got to be a great husband. I got to be a, a great dad. I've got a little girl also. So just trying to, just trying to make sure I set the good example for them and be a great leader at work as well. So just holistically, just want to be a person. You'll love maps all the time. Good, good, good, good suggestion. Yeah. I'd love to hear back from you as you go through it too. You'd be a great person to hear how it turns out.
Starting point is 01:04:48 We're going to shoot that over to you. Yeah. Oh man, that's perfect. Thank you guys, man. I genuinely appreciate that. Thank you. You got it, man. Yeah.
Starting point is 01:04:55 All right, have a great one. You too. Thank you. Doug, will you also send him a coupon code for 50 off of 40 plus? Because of the lifestyle stuff in there? Yeah, that's good. He'll, I think he'd get a lot of growth. I definitely like, yeah.
Starting point is 01:05:07 He's a growth minded individual. You know, as we, as we continue to talk, you could just hear that he's, you know, being growth minded is like, you know, you're always going to get better. You're always going to improve. And he comes across it that way. So that's awesome. And then when we heard all the programs he went through, it was like a great mix. Yeah.
Starting point is 01:05:23 You know, great foundational base. I do, I do want to continue the conversation a little bit between us on the sleep, right? So, excitement. We'll do it too. Because by the way, this, I, I totally, this is something I think about a lot, right? And I have these nights where it's like, whoa, that was so good. Or my score on my eights. Yeah. And, and so the order I'm going through, like one of the last things I think about was something I did in my workout. Cause that's, if I'm consistently kind of super over-trained than you.
Starting point is 01:05:50 Yeah, right. So it's, so, yeah, exactly. If I did something like that was really out of the norm, like, Oh, this is when I decided to do hill sprints or 20 sets of squads. Yeah. Or I pushed myself like, okay, then maybe I'm, I'm looking peering into that, but that's not normally what I'm doing. Cause that's relatively consistent in my life of like as far as my training routine Intensity days all that stuff like that is so I'm like, okay Caffeine is normally a big one for me to look at right away
Starting point is 01:06:14 Did I eat how did I eat diet? Why yeah diet wise was I on point that I closed dinner out earlier? Also getting ready for bed, you know, did I stay away from electronics? I noticed the earlier I do that better. I know we tell people just an hour or two before, but I noticed it makes it more sunlight. Yes. Yes. Did I go out? Did I go outside? And so that's, I just want to give, I just, I just remember specifically, even if this was, I thought of you, Adam, like there was, there was a purchase you were going to make. I'm not going to get too many details, but you were so excited. You didn't sleep for like four days. Remember you kept texting.
Starting point is 01:06:45 Oh no. I had terrible sleep like, because it was the thing you were excited about. Yeah, no, room I sleep for an entire week. And so yeah, so those are like, I'm checking that. And I saw he was taking notes. That's why I wanted to go over more with him so he can go like, I and I'm going to go look at all those things and go like, what variables did I change last night that is most likely to have made
Starting point is 01:07:04 that greatest impact and the intro workout stuff is less likely unless it was way dramatic or over the top, right? Like you said, like over. Our next caller is Nolan from Minnesota. Nolan, what's happening? How can we help you? Hey, hey, thanks guys. I appreciate being on your show. Um, you got it before we got started too. I wanted to just say that, you know, I listened to your show and a lot of the content that you put out about Just your lives and being fathers and even to just fitness and you know friends of yours like
Starting point is 01:07:36 Dr. John Deloni, I love that content and I think it's really really good for people like me as we try to find good Like male role models. So thank you. That's nice. That's nice compliment. Um, so essentially my question is I have been working out for about a year and a half and last year in the spring time, I started to work out with a trainer. And I worked out with that trainer until about December and I actually started to use a maps program since December
Starting point is 01:08:07 I'm on the end of anabolic phase three, which I've really liked my question is about my time with my trainer So when I worked with them We only changed like my my block my training block three different times and I worked with them for about eight months my training block three different times and I worked with them for about eight months. So we did a six-week block and then we did another six-week block and then I went into a cut and I was in that cut for about four or five months and what they said is during the cut we don't want to change anything with your training and they were saying that the problem is that if you make changes, you could cause additional muscle tissue damage and essentially you'll maybe lose more muscle during your cut than you mean to. Um, basically what I'm
Starting point is 01:08:52 wondering was that, is there validity behind that? If I do a cut again, should I be careful about changing my programming or should I stay with like a, how maps the structure where I'm going to have change ups more often? The opposite is true. Well, so Nolan, let me ask you this first. What, did you get stronger? Did you see body composition changes? How did you feel during this period working with the trainer?
Starting point is 01:09:15 Sure. So when I initially started working with them, I got significantly stronger. I was also going though from like, I was in a home gym. And then I started working out in like a big box gym when I started working with the trainer and I saw like crazy big improvements which I did like well on my cut I did stagnate which over the course of those months I didn't really get any stronger. I actually got a little bit weaker. You know when you're cutting for about four months I probably lost about 15 pounds pounds. So I mean, I'm not surprised. Um, but you saw no strength decreases.
Starting point is 01:09:49 Yes. Correct. A little bit. No, okay. So just a little bit, a little bit, like not like me, it wasn't like major, but a little bit. But a 15 pound lot. All right. So look, there's two schools of thought with this.
Starting point is 01:09:57 Okay. And there's validity in both in my opinion. One of them is let's, let's. Control as many variables as possible. And then let's change the diet so that all the other variables stay exactly the same. And we know exactly what the diet is doing for the person. Okay, as far as excessive muscle damage, stuff like that, maybe, but really the validity has more to do with, we're going to make this change. Let's keep everything else the same and then change accordingly if we need to.
Starting point is 01:10:28 The second school of thought says we're going to go into a cut. One of the best ways to send a louder muscle building signal is to switch up the workout. Right. That novelty effect tends to do that. Now the challenge with that, and here's why a lot of trainers don't go with the second school of thought, the challenge with that is knowing how to control the volume and the intensity appropriately, because oftentimes when you change, you increase the volume, you increase the intensity, and then you also go on a cut. And now it's like, okay, am I too much of a cut? Like what's going on? Why isn't my body responding? Why am I getting weaker? Whatever. Whereas if
Starting point is 01:11:06 you control the variables, we can very easily see, okay, the same exercise that we've been doing for the last five weeks. Now we're seeing a slight decrease. Maybe the cut is too high or whatever, right? So they're both good. They're both okay. I tend later in my career, I would switch the workout up with the cut, but I also knew, you know, just through experience where we would go. Like, you know, and I would always typically go with lower volume into the cut to kind of manage the potential muscle loss, but you know, without looking into the getting real clear and exactly what happened with workouts, it would be hard for me to say
Starting point is 01:11:45 if it was a right or wrong thing. I will say this, losing 15 pounds and seeing a little bit of a strength loss is not bad. No. That's not bad at all. You did pretty damn well. This isn't a right or wrong per se situation. Like it's not like, you know,
Starting point is 01:11:59 I said to you the opposite is true, but by that I don't mean that what he's saying is wrong either. It's not that like you can't do what you did because you obviously did that. And you actually sound like you got pretty good results. So it's not a, you know, this is the wrong way. This is the right way. I've done both with clients for a very long time and I've just had way more success by changing the adaptation up.
Starting point is 01:12:21 And one of the ways that I love this show and, and part of this too, which which you know, on our show, we're always talking about not just the science behind it, but also the psychological piece that comes with it. Bingo. One of the most challenging parts about getting in a cut is losing strength because it's inevitable or plateauing or just feeling weak. One of my favorite ways to show you strength gains in a cut is to introduce new movements. For example, if you've never done a barbell hack squat, right? It's a very unique exercise. So I just threw something out there that maybe you've never done before. And you and I, I was training you and we put you on a cut and I introduced that
Starting point is 01:12:57 movement to you. The first day we did it, it's going to be difficult. It can be not very good at it, but I guarantee the very next day we do it again. You're going to be a little bit stronger than a cut, even though you're at it. But I guarantee the very next day we do it again, you're going to be a little bit stronger, even though you're going to cut, even though you're going to cut. And then the very next time you do it again, you're going to be a little bit stronger. And so you get to see these strength gains in the gym while we're depleted and we're cutting and you should be probably losing some strength. And so the psychological benefits of that, that is one of the most positive
Starting point is 01:13:21 things that I've seen from that. And then I also think there's some value of your, your're incorporating muscles that you really didn't train in other planes or other exercises that you were currently doing. And so we are building some muscle too. So there's value of potentially building muscle in that cut. The psychological benefits of seeing yourself get stronger in the gym in something while you're in a cut, which is really difficult to do. And so I have moved away from what
Starting point is 01:13:45 Sal was allude to, which when I was a new trainer, Yeah, you controlled everything. I wanted to control every variable. And then if I tested it with a client, that way I could tell them, Oh, it's because we're, we're cutting too much or we're not cutting enough because I didn't change any of these other variables. Or now I've been doing this long enough that I know if I cut somebody by this many calories, I know what, what's going to probably happen. And I also know if I had changed these variables in the workout routine, I also know what the benefits of that psychologically will be with them. And so I forever moved in that direction that is that, and that's how I
Starting point is 01:14:13 train myself. Like if I am changing from a ball, and it goes for the same in a bulk too. If I go to bulk or cut, anytime I transition diet, I also switch programming up. It just, it's like a mental shift. Yeah, you can't this cannot be overstated. You've been doing this for a while now, Nolan. So this is good. This is good advice for you. When you're considering all the factors with diet and exercise and lifestyle at the top, at the top is going to be the psychological aspect, the mental aspect, because that affects everything
Starting point is 01:14:42 else. So I don't care what the data says, I don't care what the numbers say, I don't care what the whatever. So the first option would be how a scientist would approach this. What a scientist does is they change one variable and try to keep everything else the same. But you're not a lab rat that we can control perfectly where how you feel doesn't matter,
Starting point is 01:14:59 you're gonna do what I tell you to do. The psychological aspect is massive, it can't be overstated. So that's why I say, that's one of the main reasons why I switched to the second approach, even with myself, Adam said, he does this with himself. I do it myself and I know what's going to happen. I know it's going to mess with my head, but I still do it. Uh, so I still, uh, uh, change it in a way where it'll help me psychologically.
Starting point is 01:15:20 Cause I know what's going to happen and I can anticipate it's going to happen. So, so it can't be overstated. I saw on your question too, have you, you've never run a maps program yet? No, he did. So yeah. And I actually, I kind of changed how I asked my question because when I emailed this in, um, I had never run a maps program and, uh, actually around December, so around the holiday time, I actually let my trainer go and I actually switched
Starting point is 01:15:43 to running a maps program. Okay. So part of my original question was asking like, Hey, should I stick let my trainer go and I actually switched to running a maps program. Okay. So part of my original question was asking like, hey, should I stick with my virtual trainer who this this is somebody who they worked at the gym I worked at but like I wasn't seeing them in person. I was doing like a once a week virtual check in with them. I could send them videos of me doing the exercises and they would critique them. They had a really nice app that they had made for their program.
Starting point is 01:16:06 So that part was good. I felt they were a little pushy with doing a meal program with me that kind of became like the focus of like every check-in for the last three months, which I guess I wasn't a cut. So that makes sense. And one of my questions was, hey, should I stick with this trainer
Starting point is 01:16:21 or should I switch to a maps program? Well, yeah, obviously I'm gonna tell you switch to the maps program. Well, yeah, you definitely, obviously I'm going to tell you switch to the maps program. I'm also going to tell you this, I'm going to put, have Doug put you in the forum and you'll get that. One of the ways that people use the forum the most is exactly what you just said is they will video themselves doing movements. And then within five minutes, you'll get a bunch of other coaches, trainers,
Starting point is 01:16:41 and ourselves. Look, I'm going to get a lot of, I'm going to get a lot of flack for saying this. Okay. But a virtual trainer or coach, most of ourselves. Look, I'm gonna get a lot of flack for saying this, okay? But a virtual trainer or coach, most of their value is gonna be with diet. When it comes to training, in-person is what you want. An in-person trainer who's good, I don't have a maps program that can compete
Starting point is 01:16:57 with a good in-person trainer for exercise. But a virtual trainer with workouts, it's better than nothing for sure. But it's not, nothing for sure, but it's, it's, it's not, uh, the value of them virtually is mostly going to be diet. It's not going to be the workout stuff. I mean, the idea of maps programs was to compete with the virtual type coaching and training.
Starting point is 01:17:15 It was not to compete with in-person training. We've, you've all, well, you've only been listening for a year, but we've been saying that since we've started this, that a good, a really good, one of us in person could never compete with the virtual version of us, just can't, because that's real time. I can ask you how you slept last night, how you're feeling right now.
Starting point is 01:17:33 I can see the way your body's moving and I can make on the fly adjustments based off of what I see real time and just no virtual coach can do that. None of us can. It's just, unless they're following you around with a camera and you're literally posting. Even then, there's something missing. Yeah, it's just not the same as having that in person. So an in-person good coach is better than the best maps program. But
Starting point is 01:17:52 I guarantee you that maps program with the forum access that I'm giving you right now will out-compete anybody that's doing anything virtually for you. Yeah, that would be huge. I mean, the switch over to maps has been actually really, really great for me. The only thing that I was missing was being able to do like a quick on the spot check in of is this movement good, which now I've been working out for a year and a half. I'm kind of getting past that point of like needing to check every single exercise. You post the video in the forum. Yep. You'll get lots of feed. There's lots of trainers and coaches. That's how most people use it actually right now is to do form check.
Starting point is 01:18:23 That's awesome. Well, thanks guys. I really appreciate it. You got it, man. All right. No, we'll call him in the form. Yep. Have a good one. You got it.
Starting point is 01:18:30 You know, I got to make this point again. Everybody wants to do the thing that the data shows produces the 5% more, whatever. It's the psychological piece that you have to consider the most. The thing that you said, Adam, is the most important thing that we said. I don't care if they're equal, it doesn't matter. If I can make the client feel better, then that's gonna work better. It's just the bottom line.
Starting point is 01:18:52 It's 100% bottom line. And what you were talking about, the strength gains are in the cut because it's a new exercise, those are CNS adaptations. They also matter. Will you build more muscle? Probably, but even if you don't, going into your workouts on a cut
Starting point is 01:19:04 and seeing improvements in your strength or reps, like is that going to make this more sustainable? You better damn believe it. This is the difference of, I mean, I feel like this generation, we've created even more of these trainers, right? That, you know, and I'm not going to name drop the trainers that are famous on YouTube and that all they do is down studies. And they, and they, and they, they coach virtually from studies. And it's like, I, that's better than a guy who doesn't know anything, I guess. Sure. But it's definitely not better than somebody who's trained hundreds or
Starting point is 01:19:34 thousands of people in their lifetime and have already put all the studies to test and compare them to other things too, like the psychological piece. And your point, what I have found is that I don't care how good the study is. If I noticed that it messes with my client psychologically, that makes a bigger difference on our total results. I don't care what the studies say. So that always gets better. And then when you talk about something like this,
Starting point is 01:19:58 where it's kind of a splitting hair difference, like, uh, yeah, we could train this way where we don't change any variables and just a diet, or we can switch it up. There's not even, like, I guarantee if we we could train this way where we don't change any variables in just a diet or we can switch it up. There's not even like, I guarantee if we took two test groups that did the difference there, you would see minimal to not much change, but I guarantee if we dove into the psychology, which one do you like, which one did you do? Yes. What's one you want to do more?
Starting point is 01:20:16 Right. Then you notice a difference. Our next caller is Anthony from Florida. Anthony, what's going on, man? How can we help you? Hey guys, how are you doing doing i appreciate you having me on i love the podcast you guys are giving me a lot of great information. Just in the past few weeks i actually just recently found you guys about a month ago and i found you like the perfect time so i'm gonna give you like a quick background before i just jump into the. The questions that I had.
Starting point is 01:20:45 But basically like, you know, I've kind of been in and out of the gym pretty much my whole life, but I got to a point where, you know, I have young kids, my work kind of got crazy. I just got completely like out of shape for a while. And, you know, I'm five eight and I got up to like 245 pounds.
Starting point is 01:21:02 Like I was just kind of a mess, you know? And finally some things changed and I was able to really 245 pounds. Like I was just kind of a mess, you know? And finally some things changed and I was able to really start taking care of myself. I had some time work, got a little bit better for me. So as soon as that happened, I was like, all right, time to get back into the gym, take care of myself. And I did the only thing I knew how to do, which was kind of just like jump right into a cut.
Starting point is 01:21:20 So in one year, I cut the whole time. I didn't like go in and out or take any breaks like I probably should have just for lack of knowledge. And I went from 245 down to about 185 in that year. Started off obviously my calories were fairly high at the time and I got down to like 1900 calories. And that was like probably about a month ago. And like I just got to this point,
Starting point is 01:21:44 like my workouts were just absolutely terrible. I felt like crap. I didn't even want to, like I was weak. I didn't even really want to work out anymore. And I kind of knew in that moment, like, all right, I need to eat more or something's going on. So I started doing a little bit of a research and that's great when I found like,
Starting point is 01:21:59 you guys talking about reverse dieting. So like that day I literally went from 1,900 calories to 2,300 calories in within 24 hours. Like I felt just so much better just from that, that increase in my count decrease in my calories right there. And then so I kind of stuck with that because I because I was like learning about the reverse diet and I didn't want to jump too fast. So I did about I'd say about 20 days at 2,300 calories.
Starting point is 01:22:26 And I actually lost weight. I went from 188 and now I'm down to 183. After about 15 days of that, I jumped up to 2,700. My strength just skyrocketed. My workouts got so much better. Everything just started getting better. So that kind of brought me into, you know, my questions were basically like,
Starting point is 01:22:45 as far as reverse dieting, am I going too slow? Should I be eating a lot more than I even am? Um, I'm somebody that works out five to six days a week on hour of, of just straight lifting. Um, and then that brings me to my next question is, am I even working out the correct way for my body at this point? Well, how, how was your progress in the gym? Are you getting stronger?
Starting point is 01:23:06 Yeah. And especially just in this last like point. Well, how, how is your progress in the gym? Are you getting stronger? Yeah. And especially just in this last like, just inside my calories, like everything's just gotten a lot stronger. I feel a lot better. Um, my energy is a lot better. Um, like I said, but for some reason I lost weight still. Anthony, if you're, if you're, if you're getting stronger and your weight is staying the same or going down, you are, you're building muscle and getting leaner, dude.
Starting point is 01:23:26 Yeah. Yeah. And that's what, so that's what has happened. That's fire. Is that you increase calories, you built muscle, that sped up your metabolism, meaning now your body wants more calories. And so just keep doing that incrementally. I think you're doing, um, I would love to, I would love to put you on one of our programs just cause we're kind of good at that. Um, and if, you know, not to say to put you on one of our programs just cause we're kind of good at that.
Starting point is 01:23:49 And if, you know, not to say that what you're doing is wrong, but I think that if we set you up with something, I think between that and what you're doing, reverse dieting, I think you're going to see tremendous results. It's a great combo. Yeah. Tell me a little bit about the, Yeah, no, that's Tell me a little bit about the way you do these training. I see it's a training split. It looks like upper body, chest, shoulders, and then you do like a, tell me a little bit a training split. It looks like upper body chest shoulders. And then you do like a, which tell me a little bit about your split. So I know what program I think. Yeah.
Starting point is 01:24:07 So, so for like the, for like the first like probably eight months, I was like exactly what you guys call like the bro lift it. Like I would just go in and do, I would just smash chest for an hour. And then the next day I would smash back for an hour, you know? And, uh, and I, and I would just do like tons of different sets, like way over the top, probably way too much. And then I go back to the point where I was like alright
Starting point is 01:24:25 I'm gonna start doing like some type of splits and I started doing like chest shoulders and triceps one day And but I was still I still was probably doing like way more sets of each thing than I necessarily needed to and then I would do back Bars and traps and then I would go into legs and stuff like that And then since listening to you guys like I've been adding in, uh, so I'll start my week off with a full body workout and then I'll do a chest split with the shoulders and the tries and then I'll do the back of the buys and then I'll do a leg day and then I'll jump back into a full body kind of workout routine and then get, you know, usually take the weekends off and
Starting point is 01:24:59 you're getting, and you're getting strong and you're getting strong like I said. Yeah, I'm definitely getting stronger and I, and I, and that's my issue is like, I, I have this horrible, like, and I know it's wrong, but I have this like mental block that like if I, if I'm in the gym for an hour and I don't feel like, I feel like I can keep going. I'm like, Oh, I didn't do enough. You know what I mean? And I know that's actually wrong, but I have that hard time of being like, okay, like I'm over doing it. And I kind of felt yesterday for the first time, like that I might have been like going a little bit too hard because it
Starting point is 01:25:30 was like, you know, my calories are up. It was the first day of the first time in a while that I kind of felt like, oh, I don't really want to be here, but I kind of pushed through it. I just did like a really, really light weight workout and like just lifted slow and kind of concentrated on like the movements more. Anthony, this bit of dramatic.
Starting point is 01:25:46 Hold on a second. The picture you sent us is that recent? Yeah, that was a couple of days ago. Yeah, bro, your job, your job. Dude, are you now, are you trained naturally? No, he's on TRT. You're on TRT. I put in that.
Starting point is 01:25:59 Yeah. My, my levels when I first started getting back to the gym, like they were just like incredibly low. I went to the doctor and they're like, you definitely need to be honest. So I do TRT and it, you know, definitely changed everything about like my energy. And just like, it made me like, honestly,
Starting point is 01:26:14 like I was just like, wasn't sure about it, but like since doing it, like even just being a husband and a father, like around the house, like I just feel so much better, you know? So I was like, all right. I got a program for you. Let's go maps and a ball like advanced. I think you'll love that program. You obviously can handle the house, like I just feel so much better, you know? So I was like, all right. I got a program for you. Let's go maps and a ball like advanced. I think you'll love that program.
Starting point is 01:26:27 You obviously can handle the volume, the intensity. So I'll send you that program and that'll, that'll, that'll, you'll like it. And I would bump your calories again. Let's go, let's go up another 300 calories. So where you're at, I'm looking at your physique right now. You're in a great place. The goal now is literally, so it's going to sound crazy, but the goal is where I want you to be is to be able to do less work and eat more calories and maintain
Starting point is 01:26:50 that physique. And that's, that is possible. I can keep you looking that good, increase your calories significantly more and have you doing probably half the work you're doing right now. So that's the goal. The goal should be that. So not how much of a beating you can take in your workout. It's more like, can I slowly keep increasing these calories while backing off the amount of hammering myself and continue to maintain this physique? Like that is possible. Yeah. You do maps and a ball advanced with a, with a 300 calorie bump. You're going to, you're probably going to put another five pounds of lean body mass on.
Starting point is 01:27:23 Yeah. You're doing good, bro. Okay. Cool. Yeah. Cause I doing good, bro. Okay, cool. Yeah. Cause I know, cause like since listening to you guys, like I, I definitely was somebody that like neglected, um, doing like basketball lots and, uh, like dead lifts mostly because I had a back injury when I was completely out of shape. But like, I feel great now, but I'm like, no, the more I hear you guys talk about the more I'm doing it and like, I feel really strong and everywhere.
Starting point is 01:27:42 And then I do those exercises. I'm like, I'm not that strong, but, but I'm just trying to really like learn those routine. Like cause. Yeah. Bro, take your time with that. Yeah. That's perfect.
Starting point is 01:27:50 That's exciting. Jesus Christ. You're not good at those lifts. So much potential. Yeah. You're going to put more than five pounds of lean bottom. Yeah. I'm going to add that to the goal, right?
Starting point is 01:27:58 Is to just be a good deadlifter. Like, yeah, like that's the other goal. I'm going to add to what I just said originally to you is like, if you do the things I said. And focus on that. just good at deadlifting watch the gains you're going to get just from that and training that way. Yeah, 300 calorie surplus follow anabolic advanced. I predict by the end of it five at least five pounds of lean body mass. Okay. And so my only other question would be like as far as as far as that program. So the gym I work out they don, they only have a Smith machine. Is it doable to do this stuff on a Smith machine,
Starting point is 01:28:29 or should I go to a new gym? Is it feasible for you to go to a new gym? Yeah, I mean, it's more just convenience. Like I got young kids and I already feel guilty, like leaving my wife home with our kids. So I try to make it as quick and, but whatever, at the end of the day, like it's not gonna make like, yeah, I can change gyms. Yeah, I think I mean, you can substitute exercises. Okay. But
Starting point is 01:28:53 you know, deadlifting, barbell squatting without a Smith machine, it's a different exercise. Yeah, right. I would either do that or literally invest in just a barbell and some plates, you could deadlift at home. Because that's all you need. Okay. So yeah. So that's all you need. Okay. So yeah.
Starting point is 01:29:06 So that's also a possibility. Like I, so I have like a real basic setup at my house, but I still have a gym membership. So sometimes I'll just do my squatting and deadlifting at home, but then I'll do my other, you know, machine exercise, exercises, all that bullshit. I'll do the gym, but it's so that's not a bad investment. And it's not crazy ridiculous to get a bar, but barbell and stuff. No, that's worth it. I actually was thinking about crazy ridiculous. It's a bar, but barbell and stuff.
Starting point is 01:29:25 No, that's worth it. I actually was thinking about that because my wife's due with that third kid in, in a couple of weeks and I kind of felt like I'm probably not going to be leaving the house as much. So maybe maybe that's a little bit of a check out. So go, go to, go to mind pump partners.com, scroll down to, okay, scroll down. So mind pump partners.com. We'll send you the link. And then scroll down to, scroll down. So, mindpumppartners.com. We'll send you the link.
Starting point is 01:29:45 And then scroll down to PRX. PRX makes a sick thing that you can like hang on your wall. So you literally still park your cars in the garage. You can still have all this space. It's a squat rack that folds into the wall. And it's, it's, it's more. Oh yeah. I know what it is. Yeah. Oh yeah. You'll like it.
Starting point is 01:29:59 And they do a thing on there to where it's like payment plans, like a gym and they compare it to a gym membership. So they, they're literally like buy all this equipment and you'll pay your monthly payments just like you're having a gym membership and now you have your gym in your house. Right. And then it gets paid off when you're done. So that, that's if you did the whole gym, but even if you just did the barbell and weights, they have a sick ass thing that the barbell and the weights go in the wall.
Starting point is 01:30:17 So it's like super clean inside your garage. Yeah. Nice. You got, what is this baby number three coming? Yeah. My third daughter. Oh, three girls, man. Three girls. Yeah.
Starting point is 01:30:28 You know what that means, right? You know what that means? It means you were probably a playboy when you're in your single. Yeah. Why does God does that a little bit? Isn't that crazy? Is that every one of my boys that was a playboy has got three girls? Yeah.
Starting point is 01:30:42 That's why I got to get that's why I got to get into good shape. Because when that first guy comes knocking on my door, I take my daughter. That's right. You're get, that's why I got to get into good shape. Cause when that first guy comes talking on my daughter, that's right. Yeah. That's right. I know guys. Let's go. Hey, daughters are the best man. God bless you. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Appreciate it. All right. Anthony. All right. Anthony. And so just my last quick thing was like the only thing I felt like I, I, I lack in progress in like, for the amount of chest I do,
Starting point is 01:31:03 I feel like everything's growing, but I have a high time seeing like the improvements of my chest getting bigger. Do you think just by doing this new program, like I'm, that's just not even going to be, I think so. Yeah. Let's stick with that now.
Starting point is 01:31:14 And then if you're still feeling that way after this program, hit it's back up and then we'll talk about what to do next. Run it all the way through and see what happens. Yeah. Okay. Cool. All right, Anthony. All right, man.
Starting point is 01:31:23 All right. Appreciate it guys. Talk to you later. All right, bye. What a transformation pic. All right. Appreciate it guys. Talk to you later. All right, bye. What a transformation pic. He pulled up. Super impressive. Well, you know, you just see his face, you know, but the transfer and he said he weighed the same. Well, I mean, holy shit. And he said he lost 60 pounds right over the last year. So I was expecting him to kind of have that look of somebody who just lost 60 pounds. Well, because then there was another before and after where it looked like he had lost
Starting point is 01:31:47 the weight and then he started lifting. Yeah. And he built a ton of muscle and lost more body fat. Yeah. That's incredible. It's all there, man. Yeah, incredible. And the fact that he can handle what he's doing now and he's improving, you bump the
Starting point is 01:31:57 calories, do anabolic advantage. He's gonna, I said five pounds, but I wouldn't be surprised if you put more on. No, no, he'll probably put more on. He'll be in body, man. Our next caller is Daniel from Australia. Daniel, what's happening? Hello, you guys. Thanks so much for taking my call.
Starting point is 01:32:11 I've been listening to you guys for a while now for a few years, and I've just uh, yeah, love the work you guys do in the fitness and health space. So great job. Keep it up. Thank you. Um, so just a bit of background to my question. After a fair few years of ground work, I've finally managed to get my wife to do some strength training with me. She was previously into the classic calorie cuts, running through body composition changes, and I finally managed
Starting point is 01:32:32 to get her along with cardio. And I finally managed to get her to do some strength training with me. And we run through anabolic twice. So she's motivated to go basically for success with how clothes fit in before and after pics, whereas me, I'm more of a numbers guy and I want to see the bar increase. So my goal for her is to get her as strong as possible and just trust the process that the physical goals and body recompositions going to come with the result of the work that she's put in. So my question is that we still want to do a little bit of cardio. So on potentially on trigger days and on days that we can't lift. And I know what you guys think about cardio, but for us, it's more the reason why I'd
Starting point is 01:33:10 like to do the cardio is to do just a bit of cardiovascular health. I'm a physical education teacher in high school. I don't want to get gas when I'm playing basketball with kids at school and school and stuff like that. So my question is, what about anaerobic activities? Can doing some high intensity cardio assisting fat burning but preserving muscles? So basically short interval sprints, 85% to 100% of your max heart rate, your work to rest ratio intervals of you know, one to five sort of a thing and getting those intervals going. So we're currently doing maps performance with the goal of pulling on some, uh, some muscle, but I just, yeah, interested in the cardio and especially the anaerobic activity cardio and want to know what you guys would think.
Starting point is 01:33:52 Great question. Yeah. I don't do, I don't ever do cardio with the goal of fat loss, but if the goal is health or longevity or stamina or endurance, excellent cardio is amazing. If you're looking for athletic performance type stamina, then high intensity interval style cardio is probably best, right? So sprints or interval type training. If you're looking for longevity, act, you just movement, um, then, you
Starting point is 01:34:19 know, low intensity type cardio is fine for that kind of stuff. Walking, hiking, even long distance running, if it's appropriate for you, it's totally fine. As far as fat burning is concerned, don't do cardio for fat burning. Now, which one of those is the most muscle preserving? Well, it's gonna be the one that's most like strength training, which is gonna be the high intensity style.
Starting point is 01:34:38 One thing I'll tell you though, Daniel, to keep in mind though, is high intensity interval training style cardio, like sprinting, it can start to dip into your body's ability to recover because it's intense. So just pay attention to that, right? Is it starting to add too much stress to your body? Do you have to compensate by reducing volume
Starting point is 01:34:55 and other parts of your training type of deal? That would be the only thing I would say. The other thing I would add to that is stay fed, fed before and after. So like whenever I was trying to, I played basketball while why I was also trying to change my body and my physique. And so cause I love playing the sport, right?
Starting point is 01:35:10 Although I knew that all that basketball playing was not serving my bodybuilding goals, right? I knew it wasn't helping that, but I love playing basketball and I didn't want to not be able to play a pickup game on Saturdays because I was so out of shape. So I, I played. So for me, before and after I played, I would always get, I would drink like a liquid within 30 minutes of me playing.
Starting point is 01:35:29 I would drink three, 400 calories liquid that I get into my system. And then as soon as I was done, I would make sure I fed the body. That way I wasn't in this like depleted state while also pushing really hard in cardio. So that'll just, that'll help. That's better. So it's not going to, it's not going to hurt the muscle muscle goals or I know there's also like in a far lick training, if you go for the, you know, it's like a continuous run, but where you're doing the high intervals during your continuous run would, is that something I don't want? You don't want to hurt the gains, but I also want to get that cardiovascular. The way that it could hurt the
Starting point is 01:35:59 gains is if it compromises your body's ability to recover and adapt. Okay, now I want to say this too, just overarching. Also if it takes you out of a core maintenance or something. Yeah, so like here's the, I want to say this, okay overarching, if adding cardio improves somebody's health, it could very well improve their ability to build muscle. And I want to say that for the people watching who like to like comment and say a bunch of stupid stuff.
Starting point is 01:36:24 So now that being said, you're already obviously healthy. You're already obviously working out. You're doing great. So this added cardio, is it going to improve your health? Probably not, but it will improve your performance, um, with stamina, but it probably will take away a little bit of your ability, uh, with your strength training. So it's going to be a bit of a trade. How much of a trade? I don't know. But if you, if you value the stamina, endurance in the time with your wife doing this kind of stuff,
Starting point is 01:36:48 I mean, who cares? Yeah. And I think a lot of people don't realize like, so if we increase the number of reps that you're doing with a lot of these exercises, like your heart rate's going to go up, you're getting a lot of cardiovascular endurance type benefit, even just from changing your rep range around. And so, a lot of those same kind of traits and benefits for longevity and health, you're gonna receive from that too. You're doing performance, which is addressing a lot of movement specific,
Starting point is 01:37:17 reinforcing your joints and making sure like you're able-bodied and athletic, in terms of the actual overall like stamina cardiovascular side of that, you know, if you if you can can kind of undulate that and blocks like how it's kind of laid out in the program, like you're gonna be just fine, you're gonna be able to maintain and keep a pretty pretty pretty nice stamina throughout like your, you know, if you're running around
Starting point is 01:37:40 with kids and all that like it's still gonna be there. Are you are you and the wife and a calorie surplus or maintenance or deficit? What do you guys run out diet wise? We're trying to be sort of in that maintenance to I've been bumping her from a few sort of going into surplus into a few little cuts and then into a surplus. So we're sort of doing sort of like a four to six weeks in one and then dropping down into another for another sort of four to six weeks and then just just mixing it up a little bit. So right now we're pretty much in a surplus, I think. Here's what I would say too. It's like, if you guys enjoy, if you're like a fitness couple,
Starting point is 01:38:13 you love working out together, you really enjoy this, you like the stamina that comes from athletic performance. Here's what I'll tell you to do on those days. Find something you enjoy doing together, whether it be a sport or, Hey, let's go run on the beach or let's do this, like really challenging hike, do that instead. And you'll get better results from doing that just because of the enjoyment, then trying to tie it to fat loss. Cause that can be kind of a losing battle. Um, and people, and when you're doing it out of enjoyment, it kind of self
Starting point is 01:38:44 modulate, you know, you tend to modulate it naturally. And that's what I would recommend, especially when you're doing it out of enjoyment, it kind of self-modulate. You know, you tend to modulate it naturally. And that's what I would recommend, especially cause you're doing it together. So rather than being like, okay, we need to do this specific workout, whatever. Say Thursday, let's go do that, that crazy hike that we've wanted to do, or let's go. Let's go to that beach and pickleball. Yeah. Or let's go play a sport, like have fun with it. Yep.
Starting point is 01:39:01 The real, the real, uh, challenge or juggle here is it has everything to do with like how much of that attribute you want. Right. Like Sal was kind of alluding to this where it's like, if you want to be really good at playing the sport and having stamina, then it's going to take a little bit away from our building muscle. It's just a fact. Like, will it completely stop it?
Starting point is 01:39:22 No, not necessarily, but it could if you're doing a ton with the weight training and you're doing a ton with that. And so one of them needs to scale back a little bit. And you just need to decide. So if you end up finding yourself where you're like, man, you're really, and this is how I'd have to juggle like basketball, like there'd be times where I'm playing once a week or once every other week. And so I just need to maintain enough stamina to where I don't get my ass kicked when I get on the court. Then there was other times where I was playing get my ass kicked when I get on the court. Then there was other times where I was playing three times a week.
Starting point is 01:39:46 Well, the times where I was ramping up and I'm playing three times a week, I had to scale back on the strength training because lifting more weights was not benefiting me having more muscle. Although people don't think of it that way. They think, oh my God, I'm lifting less weights. How could that be serving me with building muscle? Well, it is if you're also doing a ton of cardio and stamina. You know, it's interesting when I, I was like experimenting that with like getting back into like rec basketball
Starting point is 01:40:09 and like trying to you know, move around. What was really the most fatiguing was the unfamiliarity with the movements. And so for me, focusing more on mobility and reinforcing a lot of those like rotational movements, lateral movements, things like that, my body got less, you know, I didn't have to expend as much energy to produce. The better, the better skill you have with the movement, the less tiring and exhausting it's going to be. And this is just, I mean, obviously, right? If you really bad at a movement and you go try and do it, you're going to use a lot of energy trying to do it. The body starts to become very efficient. So Justin's point is like, I mean, it's, it's, it's beautiful because if you're trying to get more stamina
Starting point is 01:40:48 for a specific type of sport, well, playing that sport will do better than anything. Yep. Well, it's, yeah, it's more just, I want to get her as, as strong as possible and put on some muscle because I know that's, you know, obviously all the, the health benefits of that. And that's also the best for body recomposition because she wants to just sort of lean out a little bit. But for me, it's more just for the cardiovascular aspects and just for the odd, you know, the pickup basketball game at school or something like that. So I'm not like looking to be an athlete, but I am looking at the priorities to put on muscle and strength.
Starting point is 01:41:18 And then, but I do want that cardiovascular aspect so that you just don't get gassed. So have fun with it then. Awesome. Thank you so much for your help. Appreciate it. You got it, man. Thanks for calling in. Cool. See you. I want to talk to that point that you made, Justin. They've done studies on this. Well, they'll take extremely high level, incredible VO2 max athletes with incredible endurance,
Starting point is 01:41:42 and they'll have them do their chosen the sport that they compete in. And they'll switch to something. And then their calorie expenditure goes through the roof and their ability to perform it drops significantly. Yeah, and it's weird that, I mean, I just kind of thought of that because even, even if you're doing something silly like a wee boxing or like something that's like, you wouldn't do normally,
Starting point is 01:42:02 but man, why am I so tired? It's so exhausted. It's just, you're just, you haven't do normally, but man, why am I so tired? So exhausted. It's just you're just your body. You haven't trained that way with your body yet. So your body has to expend a bit more energy to be able to recognize it. 100%. Look, if you like the show, head over to mind pump free.com. Check out all of our free fitness guides.
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