SmartLess - "David Beckham"

Episode Date: May 20, 2024

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Starting point is 00:00:00 This is a smart list. Coming right at you. Oh, that's genius. Yes, wonderful. And cue the music. Lattice. Smart. Lattice. Smart. Lattice.
Starting point is 00:00:35 Jason, hi, sorry, so stressful. That is so stressful. We have sometimes, every once in a while, we'll have tech difficulties. Yeah, listener, we apologize if we were late today. Well, would we have been late with the listener? How does it work? Not like that.
Starting point is 00:00:52 But it's a good, I get where you're going with it. And yeah, more an apology to our special guest. Yeah, I'm so sorry, special guest. Who Sean and I don't know who it is yet. Yeah, so sorry. Well, let me tell you something, Will. You're going to be mortified when you realize that you've embarrassed yourself. You and your silly podcast operation have embarrassed yourself in front of this guest.
Starting point is 00:01:14 Why? How did I do it? I'm not in charge of Sean. Yeah, but you're going to feel the most embarrassment because... No, no, no. That should be... It's not even... I mentioned Scottie. This one's firmly on Scottie, and I feel like this is his department, he's in the tech department over at their house, and he's head of IT and he fucked up. I know nothing, I know nothing.
Starting point is 00:01:35 I hand him my iPhone. Where is Scottie today, what's his excuse? He's working in the back in his little studio. So he's doing his things instead of doing your things. That's right. There's the problem. Priorities have shifted. Yeah, they have shifted.
Starting point is 00:01:51 We should bring him in front of the council. Yeah. And he probably can't step away from those duties for 10 minutes, can he? No, no, he can't. Yeah. Yeah. It'd be the 12 steps that it takes him to walk
Starting point is 00:02:03 from the back to the front. By the way, Jay, I didn't know that Franny was in 9 to 5. Yes, yes. I would have completely seen that. Oh my God, you would have loved it. Yes, so Franny, Tracy, my 17-year-old, she was in a musical last week at her school. She was incredible, I can say.
Starting point is 00:02:26 I heard she was great, yeah. Yeah, and I'm just so, so proud. And she seems to, unfortunately, have been bitten by the actor bug, the performance bug, the audience bug, the whole thing. I bet. And so, you know, we're gonna have to manage that. I'm obviously gonna support her.
Starting point is 00:02:47 No, I mean, I've tried. I heard she played Roz, right? Did she sing the theme song, like the title song? As part of the ensemble, yes. It was, now, 9 to 5 was on Broadway at one point, was it not? Correct, yes. It, Nine to Five was on Broadway at one point, was it not? Correct, yes, uh-huh. It seemed like it's a great show.
Starting point is 00:03:09 Yeah, I heard it's really good. The whole tumble out of bed, stumble to the kitchen, pour myself a cup of ambition, yawn and stretch and try to come alive. Oh, you know the song. I've never seen Jason. I saw it three times last week. And Maple, our 12 year old,
Starting point is 00:03:27 she was maybe even more obsessed by the whole experience. Yes, she told me. There are two on the loading dock. Here it comes, Hollywood Better Get Ready. Maple liked it a lot too, huh? Yeah, she loved it. She's gonna get into theater when she gets to the upper school.
Starting point is 00:03:42 Really? She says she's not interested in the tech part at all. Yeah, she doesn't wanna get her hands dirty building sets and light cues and stuff like that. She just wants a spotlight. But it was very, very cool. I loved it. It's fun to watch that, right?
Starting point is 00:03:59 Now, Jay, the painting behind you, you painted that or you bought that? It seems like to watch that. The painting behind you, you painted that or you bought that or? It seems like it's some, like I would, I know, it's a little frame heavy left. Let me adjust my composition there. Let's do that. There we go. Let's go me and.
Starting point is 00:04:15 Oh, look at that nice kitchenette. It looks like flowers, but it's actually a broom. All right, sorry listener. You know what, it's been too long now. We've kept our guest waiting because of Scotty ignoring you, Sean. So let me do my best. Sean, just have a deep, deep pool of milk though
Starting point is 00:04:35 before we get the guest out here. Yeah, have a good one. He truly did, listener. Just a big, hard shot of milk. So this is a fella that, Will would probably do a better job introducing this guy. And he probably will be driving this interview much more than me, although I am a huge fan of his as well.
Starting point is 00:05:07 But I can't really elaborate with one of my incredible introductions like I usually do. When do you do those? But I will. Sean, what did he say? So I will say that, well, let me, I'm gonna say some things here, and Willie as soon as you guess it you can go ahead And introduce them. All right. All right
Starting point is 00:05:31 This guy this stud this world famous athlete in the room played for Manchester United Real Madrid AC Milan LA-Germain, and the England National Team. David Beckham, are you kidding me? David Beckham, get out here. What? No way!
Starting point is 00:05:53 Okay? Oh my God. No, I'm not joking. You're welcome, Will. I'm joking. It's not even your birthday. Wait, I'm so sorry for keeping you waiting. Don't worry.
Starting point is 00:06:03 Shut up, Sean. It doesn't have damage already. You't worry. Shut up, Sean. You've done enough damage already. You shut your mouth. David, thank you for joining us. It's a pleasure. Thank you for having me on. This is so exciting to me
Starting point is 00:06:14 because I knew nothing about football, soccer. Watched the documentary. It's all I can stop talking about. It was incredible. I can't stop talking about it. It was incredible. We're gonna get to that. And the fact that you had to spend so much time with Fisher Stevens shows what great resolve
Starting point is 00:06:29 you have as a human being. Well... Fisher's our friend. He's amazing. He's amazing. It took us a while to find him as a director. You know, I looked for a long time for the right person to help me tell the story.
Starting point is 00:06:42 And the moment I met him, I knew he was firstly, unfortunately, he was a Liverpool fan, like you will, but other than that, he's a great guy. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. David, what an absolute thrill to meet you, my friend. This is so cool. I'm such a massive fan. First of all, where are we finding you?
Starting point is 00:07:04 I'm actually in London okay I'm just I've been in the office all day and then I have a premiere of a Friends series on Netflix tonight so I'm I'm heading there after after here but that's why I've got a shirt and tie on yeah I was gonna say now let me guess is this is or is this for Ripley? This is Guy Ritchie's series tonight. So he's doing the Gentleman series. I've seen the movie, but the series he's been working on for a while, so I'm heading there tonight.
Starting point is 00:07:38 I think he's a great director. Well, it's no surprise, and you made an excuse for wearing a shirt and tie, but you always look really, really well turned out. Sorry you're not good looking. He's working on it. He's trying to distract from his ugly looks by dressing up a bit.
Starting point is 00:07:54 No, but I was gonna say. We do what we can. You do what you can. You follow, that is something that has been a trademark of yours. You've always been kind of into style and into fashion and that comes through in the doc, series about your life.
Starting point is 00:08:08 Do you feel pressure in that? I always want to know, do you feel pressure in that way because you've set this standard? Like you're like, oh shit, I better look good when I go to the store. Yes, to be honest, not at all. I never feel pressure on that side. I think my wife added to the fashion side of my life when
Starting point is 00:08:27 we met 27 years ago. But even before then, you know, I was always into fashion even at eight years old when I tell the story about when I was a page boy at one of our friends weddings, my mum's friend's wedding. And she asked me if I wanted to wear a suit or I wanted to wear tights and a pair of ballet shoes, and I chose the tights and ballet shoes. So, in all honesty, I never feel pressure. I enjoy wearing suits, I enjoy wearing casual clothes, but I never feel the pressure to look in any certain way. But so you have a position somewhere in the English government
Starting point is 00:09:13 or somehow with the fashion industry. I should have this and I'm looking for it. I don't have it here. Great research. Yeah, it's not great over here. Sorry, David. But can you fill in where my dumbness is taking over? Yeah, I do a lot for the Fashion Council, which they made me-
Starting point is 00:09:32 Sounds like the Ministry of Magic. They kind of made me an ambassador of the Fashion Council. And it was something that I was quite surprised about, but in all honesty, it's something that I've loved to be part of because it's about the new generation and the next generation of talented young designers. And that's what I love doing. The work that I do on the charity side, the work that I've done on the soccer side over the years,
Starting point is 00:10:00 it's all about the young talent and bringing them through. It's one of the reasons why I started the team in Miami, because I was excited about the talented players that we have in Florida, in South Florida, and obviously in Miami, and that excited me more than anything. So, you know, stepping into the fashion world in that way was exciting for me.
Starting point is 00:10:22 Well, here's the thing about fashion, because to me. Oh go ahead, yeah, let's hear it from the expert. Everyone's been dying to hear. So just, when you tie the baseball cap into the t-shirt, tell us what the process is. Definitely interrupt David Beckham to get your opinion on fashion, go ahead. No, but my thing is like, Scotty always,
Starting point is 00:10:46 my husband Scotty always wishes I, Another fashion firestorm. Always wishes I would dress better, right? Like, he's like, are you really gonna walk out of the house looking like that, can't you just put some nice pants and nice shirt? And I was like, you know, the looseness of a t-shirt and the looseness of, it's more comfortable to me. Yeah, that's what it is, and to me, comfort was like, you know, the looseness of a t-shirt and the looseness of, like, it's more comfortable.
Starting point is 00:11:05 To me, like, yeah, that's what it is. And to me, comfort is like, I don't like dressing in a shirt and a tie, because it's so restricting and the pants are tight and the tuxedo, like, and you enjoy that? Well, if it fits right, if it fits right, then it's comfortable. So most of the time it does.
Starting point is 00:11:21 So I feel okay doing that. But I, you know. But most of the day you'd like to be in sweats in a t-shirt. Absolutely. Or jeans in a t-shirt. Yeah, of course. Now can I ask you David, do you like a little bit of stretch in your jeans?
Starting point is 00:11:36 I do. I do. It's nice to have a little bit of stretch in the jeans. I get a lot of heat for the stretch I prefer in my jeans. But you know, us athletes, David, we've got nice-sized legs and a real motor behind us. And so we need some room when we sit down. We need room in our jeans. I agree.
Starting point is 00:11:54 Jason's a little different from you, David, in that he's got the kind of thighs that are made for playing video games. You know what I mean? It looks like he's been sitting in... He's got atrophied limbs. Well, to be honest, I was a fan of Ozark, so I saw those thighs quite a lot of times.
Starting point is 00:12:12 Oh, you. This is, take your time through this section, David. They look good, they look good. Thank you. He's a very handsome boy. I'm shy. To wrap up the fashion side of it, I'm curious, Will, I'm curious if you like going to these fashion shows.
Starting point is 00:12:29 Do you like sitting front row and seeing all the fashion forward stuff? To be honest, I very rarely go to the shows other than my wife's show. You know, I've gone to a couple of the shows over the years, but I don't go to as many as people think I do. But the ones that I have to go to now, and I want to go to, obviously, are my wife's ones.
Starting point is 00:12:49 So I enjoy that. Does she make men's clothing? She doesn't yet. She made me a pair of jeans, actually. She should send you a pair and they fit well. So she made me a pair of jeans the other day. So we'll see. I don't know what she's going to go into next,
Starting point is 00:13:02 but she's doing very well. She's a very hardworking woman. So yeah, we'll see. I don't know what she's gonna go into next, but she's doing very well. She's a very hardworking woman, so, uh, yeah, we'll see. She's always looking for new projects. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I think I saw a video of you at the show the other day, and she came over and gave you a big kiss, right? Well, she gave me a big kiss because obviously it was quite an emotional one for her.
Starting point is 00:13:19 These shows are always emotional for obviously the work that she puts in, and then it's over in like eight minutes. That's what I'm saying. So, yeah. So I got invited to an Armani one in Milan. Yeah. So I flew halfway across the world,
Starting point is 00:13:34 because I'd never been to a fashion show. Who's male were you accidentally getting that week? Fuck. So we fly around, halfway around the world, I go sit in the front row of this Armani fashion show, it's two minutes long. Yeah, I know, I know. I'm like, what?
Starting point is 00:13:47 It is amazing, but she was emotional because she's also got a broken foot at the moment. Oh, yes. So she broke her foot. Funny story, we went skiing. She came for two days. She kept on saying, I'm not gonna ski, I'm not gonna ski because I've got too much going on.
Starting point is 00:14:03 So she then went home after two days, left me with all the kids. She was stretching in the gym. And by the way, Victoria is the biggest fan of the podcast, by the way. Is she? Oh no way. She's so sweet. And we love her. This morning, I don't think I've actually never had so many texts from her during the day on the lead up to this. She actually texts me at three o'clock. She was like, have you done the podcast yet?
Starting point is 00:14:29 And I was like, no. And then this morning at breakfast, she was like, okay, I'm going to give you some pointers. Don't try and be funny. She said, you guys usually focus on actors and not so much athletes. Obviously, I've listened to a few of the athletes you've had on. But she was like, don't talk too much about soccer because these guys are intelligent. The people that are listening to these podcasts are people like me, she said.
Starting point is 00:15:02 So she said, I don't want to listen to soccer the whole way through this. So, you know. Right, right. We're gonna cover a little bit of it and Tracy's just gonna have to deal with it. Believe me, first of all, let's say that we're fans of Victoria's. Yeah, huge, huge, huge.
Starting point is 00:15:15 First and foremost, and so hello, Victoria. I'm a huge fan, yeah. Secondly, I'm sorry to say that when she says we're intelligent, she must be talking about a different podcast. Thirdly, we're gonna talk about football, AKA soccer, which by the way, we covered this. Soccer is actually an English term,
Starting point is 00:15:33 everybody thinks it's an American term, but you David probably know. Soccer is an abbreviation of association football, and they called it Soc-er, right David? Yep, that's true. No, I didn't know that. Yeah, it's not American. So, David, so let's get into it. Where did's get where did the ER come from song like the way they do
Starting point is 00:15:49 rugby and they call it rugger it was the same idea they was kind of right David by the way this is the first time I'm hearing this so I'm just agreeing with you will it's just oh yeah it's true so the way that's amazing rugby and they and they call that rugger is like a sort of a slangy version and soccer or football is called association football to distinguish it from rugby. It's called association football and then they just took the sock from association and called it soccer. Anyway. Wow. I think we just ran out of time. Yeah, thanks for joining us David. David, so listen, so you started playing football
Starting point is 00:16:27 when you were a kid and your dad, and I love that they cover this in the documentary, your dad was a huge Man U fan growing up. And then you go and become one of the great Man U players, when you say Manchester United, you think David Beckham. But you started the Man U Academy as a little kid, right? Well, I'm an East End boy, so I'm from the East End of London.
Starting point is 00:16:51 And obviously I started actually at Tottenham's Academy and Arsenal's Academy as a young kid. Oh. So. What about West Ham? Were you? Yeah, West Ham wanted me to go down and train with them, but I was obviously, at that point,
Starting point is 00:17:06 I was having to decide between Arsenal and Tottenham. My grandfather was a season ticket holder for 50 years at Spurs at Tottenham, so I decided to go with Tottenham. So I spent a couple of years training at Tottenham, till I was 12 years old, and then Manchester United noticed me down in London. They invited me up to Manchester,
Starting point is 00:17:27 and that's when it all started, and I moved up to Manchester when I was 15. Wow. And let me bring Sean into the conversation. Sean, when David said that he's an East End boy, did you start humming Pet Shop Boys to yourself? Absolutely. Don't lie.
Starting point is 00:17:40 Yeah, me too. I love that song. Wait, but I have a question about the doc, because now I know everything about you, and I'm obsessed with you like the west of the world. And so, because- Like the west of the world? By the way, are you just gonna go off topic
Starting point is 00:17:51 because we're just getting on- No, no, it's about soccer. It's about football. So because in the documentary, the thing that blew my mind was when the whole country turned on you in that moment, that right in the moment in the documentary, and the moment in your career.
Starting point is 00:18:05 And I was at home not knowing anything, not involved with the ins and outs of the crowd and the game and everything like that. I'm going, why are they booing the greatest player? They should be supporting you. So what is the mob mentality of turning on the best player in England? In the world?
Starting point is 00:18:25 I think the English have always had that mentality of build someone up, knock them down, and then watch them get out of that again. And once they get out of that, there's a lot more respect there. But I think, you know, I made a mistake in 1998 with the red card and I owned up to that mistake and then I had to spend the next three or four years trying to get through these games and the seasons and the abuse that I was getting. But I think, to your point, Sean, that I think one of the things that came out
Starting point is 00:18:55 of the documentary is the fact that everyone in America remembers me playing for the Galaxy. They remember me playing for my country and also other teams that I played for, but they didn't know the story of what I'd gone through. And so every time that I'm in Miami or LA or New York or somewhere in the US, people come up to me and were like, we didn't know that story.
Starting point is 00:19:17 Like, just like you've said, and I suppose for a lot of people, the documentary was a reminder of firstly how bad it was and sometimes also for people to actually know the story. So it was it was quite hard talking for it actually. It humanizes and you know look you at a certain point you and you know this David and certainly you guys know this to a different degree not the same way that David does but you become you are your own person but then the public owns you in a way they own this idea of you and you play for you play
Starting point is 00:19:53 for England you Captain England you they kind of in their mind they kind of own you so if you fuck up in whatever way that they perceive they're like hey man you go you don't get to you don't get to make mistakes. You don't get to be human. And too fucking, oh boo hoo David, oh you're rich, famous. And it's like, well I'm still a person who wakes up in the morning and makes mistakes. Yeah, and you can't hide, I'll bet, right?
Starting point is 00:20:20 I mean, England is such a small place in comparison to America. There's not a corner you can go without having to be ready for either confrontation or adulation. I know a couple corners in London I can show you. Go ahead. We'll be right back.
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Starting point is 00:24:14 Well, one of my, you know, and I talk about it in a documentary after the World Cup, the place where I went was New York because Victoria was there with the Spice Girls and she was on tour and my escape was New York. So I thought, you know, no one really kind of knew me in the US at that point. They kind of knew who I, some soccer fans knew who I was, but actually me, yeah, but me actually going there was an escape for me.
Starting point is 00:24:42 But then the media was so intense at that point. You know, I kind of disappeared for a few weeks, and then by the time I came back, I thought, and I talk about it in the documentary, I thought, oh, they'd have forgot everything, and they didn't. So it was kind of difficult at the time. But obviously being with a Spice Girl at that time, they were at the time. But obviously being with a spy skill at that time, they
Starting point is 00:25:07 were at the height of their fame. So it was kind of both worlds colliding. And I think that's why probably I got some of the abuse that I got. And in all honesty, I accepted it, I got on with it, and I knew the only way of me getting over it was working harder and being protected by Sir Alex Ferguson. I know, but you were so young to go through that process and to learn that that's how you get out of it. Like, how do you, you're so young.
Starting point is 00:25:37 Was it comforting at all to know that in England that is kind of what white hot fame looks like, that's the kind of treatment that you get, so therefore need not take it too personally, it's just that's the way they kind of do media there. Well, I suppose you do think like that to a certain point, but you do take a lot of the stuff that is going on personally. You know, a lot of the things that are being said,
Starting point is 00:26:00 but I kind of knew deep down, even though I'd not been through anything like that throughout my career up until that point, I knew deep down that I would be okay. I don't know how, I just knew that I was protected at Manchester United, I was protected by Sir Alex Ferguson, but the thing that I got upset mostly about was, my grandparents got affected by it, my sisters,
Starting point is 00:26:23 my parents, and that was what upset me more than anything. Yeah, yeah. Well, let me ask you this, David, and it comes out, it's something that I've always sort of suspected, but it comes out glaringly in the docu-series, and is that, how much is that support of, like you mentioned your family, Sir Alex Ferguson, how much was having that core group
Starting point is 00:26:44 of people supporting you? Was that the thing that got you through? Yeah, that was exactly what got me through. You know, obviously, my friends and my family, you know, I've always had good, close friends, and my family are an incredible support for me. They always have been. Um, and I've been lucky with that throughout my whole career,
Starting point is 00:27:03 even at, you know at a very young age, my parents supported me with whatever I did. But the one thing that got me through on the football side was the support of Sir Alex Ferguson, was the support of Manchester United, and probably the biggest was my teammates and the fans, because every other stadium that I went to around the world, I got abused.
Starting point is 00:27:24 But at Old Trafford, whenever I went to around the world, I got abused. But at Old Trafford, you know, whenever I went over and took a corner or a free kick, you know, the whole stand, like, jumped up. And that was, and that was, like, it was like a big family. So, you know, that's what got me. Yeah, you and your player, you and your teammates were like brothers.
Starting point is 00:27:43 I've seen a few different things. I saw that one. I forget what it was. It was the five of you kind of reminiscing and going... Do you remember that we came out a couple years ago? The Class of 92. Class of 92. Yeah.
Starting point is 00:27:55 So good. I watched that when I was in the UK a couple years ago. I just loved it. And obviously known as potentially the greatest dead ball kicker of all time. I mean, you had a movie named after you, Ben, like, back in... Yeah, that's so cool. That's insane. It was kind of amazing, actually.
Starting point is 00:28:11 Do Sean, if they did it for you, they'd do, eat sloppy joes like Sean or something. You know what I mean? Wipe your mouth like Sean did. But, hang on, hang on, hang on. But what I want to get into is, you and your teammates, you guys had that Class of 92, one of the great all-time classes.
Starting point is 00:28:29 I remember watching you guys, what was it, 99, when you guys were down, was it Champions League and you won it, you got the two extra goals. Two goals in three minutes, yeah, wow. It was un-fucking-believable. And so who were the tight guys in that group? It was, name them. Well, we were all tight in all honesty.
Starting point is 00:28:51 But obviously the lads that grew up together was me, Gary Neville, Phil Neville, Nicky Butt, Paul Skolls, Ryan Giggs. So we all grew up, like that was the class of 92 because obviously we all came through in 1992 the Neville brothers Those are the Neville brothers Gary Neville who's very outspoken and he's constantly constantly sparring with my guy Jamie Carragher who's a who's a Liverpool player? Gary is always on Sky Sports saying something controversially. Can't help himself. Is that right?
Starting point is 00:29:25 I love that. That is exactly right. And he's always been the same. He's always been controversial. He's always been able to talk a lot. And the funny thing, the relationship between him and Jamie Carragher, they used to hate each other as players. We all, you know, that rivalry was so intense, but they're best of friends now, which is amazing to see. I have a feeling Victoria is about to come in
Starting point is 00:29:51 and stab David with her headphones. I feel like this is the weed she's talking about. I wish I was at home and I'd bring her in, trust me. She actually said to me at breakfast, she was like, we should have done it, why am I not doing it? She was like, ah! That's true, Why am I not doing it? She was like, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Starting point is 00:30:06 We're gonna give her her own hour. I will just say this and then we'll leave it. I feel like I'm the David Beckham of this, of my crew of this marvelous crew. These guys are my supporting. We're the ball. And I would, except for the looks, the fashion and the athletic ability.
Starting point is 00:30:20 Barely, barely. Now, David, what part of the documentary were you most excited for the public to learn about you that perhaps they didn't know before? To be honest, I was nervous about the whole thing. When I retired eight years before, or 10 years before, it was actually 10 years, people wanted someone, they wanted me to do it then and there, there and then. And I wasn't actually ready to kind of look back. I was ready to kind of just jump into something else,
Starting point is 00:30:54 which was the club in Miami. But then about two years out from my 10 year retirement, kind of anniversary, we started to discuss it and talk about it and think, okay, maybe this is the right time. So I don't know. In all honesty, one of the reasons why I wanted to do the documentary was for my family. I wanted them to have something all in one place
Starting point is 00:31:22 for them to watch and for them to look back and reminisce. And that's what really we created. There was a hell of a story there from the upbringing to the different clubs that I played for, to the ups and the downs. And my career was always kind of a roller coaster, but obviously I was very lucky to be as successful as I was because of the teams that I played for
Starting point is 00:31:45 and the teammates that I had. Right, and now did you have, like, was there a moment where you thought, how am I going to chase this high of all of the success that I had, and if not, what made you get out of that feeling of like, God, I can't chase this high forever, like, what am I gonna do?
Starting point is 00:32:05 Well, in all honesty, I'm shocked with the reaction to the documentary. I can't believe the reaction that we've had to the documentary. You should be surprised that even I watched it. In my wildest dreams, I couldn't have, you know, I wasn't expecting all of what has happened since we brought it out have, you know, I wasn't expecting all of what has happened since we bought it out. But, you know, with chasing the higher, you know, I knew that
Starting point is 00:32:31 once I finished my career, I kind of planned it 10 years out, you know, before I retired. I didn't know when I was going to retire, but I always knew that I needed to step into something new. On the day that I retired, the day after, I knew that I'd have to go again, because that's just how I was brought up. My parents worked really hard, and they luckily built that into me, so I was ready to go straight after that. And nothing was gonna replace the feeling of playing soccer,
Starting point is 00:33:02 but I knew I needed to be busy How far after you how long after you retired was it that you purchased? Miami inter miami well, I announced I had to actually be finished playing soccer so When I signed for la I put that in my contract so I could buy a franchise at the end of my time Of playing in LA. And luckily they gave it to me. And it was for half the price of what they were worth at the time. And then obviously six years later I was able to announce it.
Starting point is 00:33:36 And then I was playing in Paris. My last game was in Paris. And the day after I flew to Miami and I announced the team in Miami. The day after. Wow, that's really cool. How are you liking that new role in the process, the role of ownership? You know what, it's been one of the most challenging things
Starting point is 00:33:56 that I've ever done. Whether in my career or outside of my career in the business side. Because we had to jump over a lot of like hurdles along the way. There was so many difficult moments, people turning around and saying, Miami is a really difficult sporting city.
Starting point is 00:34:17 Don't go there, don't take the team there. But I had a feeling that that was where I wanted to take the team. And it took a long time to get it up and running. And we're still jumping through different challenges, but in all honesty, my vision from day one when I presented the team and tried to put the logo together and the colors and all of that,
Starting point is 00:34:38 the last slide of the presentation that I presented to the creative guys was a picture of Messi in the Miami Jersey. So my dream was always to bring someone and him to our team. Unbelievable. I mean, how crazy that you've been,
Starting point is 00:34:58 you're Messi's boss. I mean, let's just, you know, let's not dress up. I can't look at it like that. I can't, I just can't. But it's pretty wild. And you, not only have you been successful with this team in Miami, but you brought over Leo Messi in a time when, and as you are well aware, a lot of players are going east to get those big, you know,
Starting point is 00:35:21 inserts of riches in the Middle East. Yeah. A lot of players from Europe, in search of riches in the Middle East. Yeah. A lot of players from Europe, a lot of players from the UK, they're all going there and getting these huge paydays. Famously, Ronaldo and everybody else. And Messi comes to Miami. And that must've felt like a real vindication for you, like a real sort of vote of confidence that he said,
Starting point is 00:35:43 you know what, I'm gonna go to Miami and I'm gonna partner with David Beckham and I'm gonna play for Miami. I mean, that must have felt good. It felt unbelievable, and I still can't believe it. Every time someone turns around to me and says, you have Messi in your team, you realize that, don't you? And it really is surreal, you know,
Starting point is 00:36:01 to say that we have probably the greatest player to have ever played the game, the most successful player to ever play the game, and he's playing in Miami in the MLS. But Leo, his vision was always, you know, he turned around to me many years ago, he said, I love Miami, one day I want to live in Miami, and it stuck in my head. And I thought, I'm going to make that happen one day. If ever we ever get a chance to bring a player like him and his caliber to Miami, then that's what I want to do.
Starting point is 00:36:31 So it took a lot of time. We started the process four or five years before he came. Wow. I sneaked into his dad's hotel. You know, I said, I want to sign your son. I know he won't come now, but at some point, we want to bring him to Miami. So we started the process five years out, and then all of a sudden, he decides to come. And yeah, I actually cannot believe.
Starting point is 00:36:54 But you're right. A lot of players were wanting to go and go into Saudi at the time, and he had a lot of offers, obviously, on the table. But he's very clever. You know, he's very clever. He knows what a massive market the US market is, the opportunities that you can have. I think he also saw the life that me,
Starting point is 00:37:16 the kids and my wife had in LA. And you know, that was his decision. Yeah, I mean, and then you also got Suarez and Jordi Alba. I know. It's quite aba. I know, yeah. Sergio Busquets, I know. I do get a little bit of stick from my Madrid mates because we're building a Barcelona team at the moment.
Starting point is 00:37:33 So at some point, we might have to bring some Madrid players in, but yeah, it's very exciting. Well, obviously, bringing these global superstars into American soccer is hugely important. It's something that you basically started, if I'm correct, and the sport has consequently been growing in the United States quite a lot since then. Since you started playing for the galaxy, basically.
Starting point is 00:38:01 Yeah, yeah, and so you kinda started a thing going there and it's reached its zenith, current zenith with Messi. Are you bullish, are you confident that American soccer will continue to grow and someday be on par with our American football and baseball and basketball as far as notoriety and attendance and licensing and TV rights, all that stuff? At the end of the day, it's hard to be as big as baseball, American football, basketball, because it's just what it is.
Starting point is 00:38:36 But I think we have a real opportunity with soccer in the MLS and in the US. And I was bullish back in 2007. I knew that firstly, moving from Real Madrid to the LA Galaxy, when at that time, I think there was 13 or 14 teams in the league, the league wasn't as established as it was. There wasn't a big TV deal there. There wasn't a big Apple deal. All of these things weren't in place. So I arrived and it wasn't as professional
Starting point is 00:39:05 as I'm used to. But I knew that I wanted that challenge. I knew that I wanted, I always loved the US. I always wanted to live in US. And my decision at that time was criticized, like quite heavily. And I was criticized as an athlete at that time. But I wanted that, you know, I wanted that challenge. And I could see. You know, I wanted that challenge and I could see, you know, what the future looked like in the MLS. And luckily, there's been a lot of people that have really put a lot behind, you know, this league. And now it's gone from one extreme to the other.
Starting point is 00:39:37 And now, you know, we need to continue to grow it. And what can we do to sort of grow the sport? I really, you know, as you pointed out, I'm a massive Liverpool fan. By the way, my only piece of advice I'll ever give you, David, when it comes to football, because you're one of the all-time greats, I will say this, is, and you've got a good coach manager over at Inter Miami, but you know what I'm gonna say
Starting point is 00:40:01 who needs to come in, because he's about to be available. He's my guy. I know, and you know what? If gonna say who needs to come in because he's about to be available. I know he's my guy I know you're gonna know what if I can bring your gun over and let me be the three Don't you start your again? You're gonna get it. You're gonna get an earful I must admit even as a men's United fan. I love you again. I I love I love his character I love his personality you know, I love what he brings to the sport. And, you know, to hear him say that he's leaving Liverpool, and obviously being a Manchester United fan,
Starting point is 00:40:32 I'm going to get killed by some of my Manchester United friends. But I'm sad to see him leave. I'm sad. You know, what he's done for the club and what he's done for the sport, has been incredible. Pull him close to your breast in Miami? David you should know this much money left We're gonna put it together we're gonna put it together I want to help make this happen you should know a couple weeks ago I was in Canada for the for the any the hockey all-star game and they had me be like is that right?
Starting point is 00:41:03 Hey, they had me be a sort... Is that right, eh? They had me be sort of like a celebrity captain, whatever. And so I was with Connor McDavid, who's one of the greats of all time, and I gave a speech, said, you have a speech for the boys in the locker room. I said, I sure do. And what I had done was I pulled together a bunch of Jurgen Klopp quotes,
Starting point is 00:41:20 and I made it into a speech. And I started, and because all his speeches are so inspiring, right? And it kind of goes beyond sport, the way he talks to people. And then I ended it by saying, when I first came to Dortmund, and then all the players looked at me like, Dortmund, what is he talking, anyway. We're going to get you in the club.
Starting point is 00:41:40 But I want to get my question was, what can we do to make football, sort of, how can we improve it in this country, you know, whether it's youth academies or just grow the sport? Because I really want young people to play. Yeah, well, in all honesty, when I came in 2007, I sat with the commissioner, I said, okay, talk to me about the academies
Starting point is 00:42:02 that run through the MLS. He said, we don't have any. I said, OK, well then, every team has to have an academy. And I'm proud to say that every team now has academy systems that run from 12 years old up until 23. And we in Miami, that's one of the most exciting things for me, the academy, because we had six young kids in our first team last year. And those are the things that you need to do. You know, and also, you need to do that,
Starting point is 00:42:32 but you also need to bring stars. You know, bringing Leo to the league wasn't just about, you know, giving a gift to the US and the MLS and obviously to the US and the MLS and obviously to the Miami fans, it was more about what he can do for our Academy players. And continuing what you started. Gareth Bale did it too, the great Gareth Bale.
Starting point is 00:42:56 Yep, we love Gareth. We love him. He's a great golfer by the way. He's a great golfer. He's a great golfer. Good Lord. How's your golf game, David? It's okay, it's okay. I bet your golf game, David? It's okay.
Starting point is 00:43:05 It's okay. I'll bet it's pretty damn good. It's okay. Come play with us. Come play with us next time you're in LA. Okay. I'm not that good. What's your...
Starting point is 00:43:13 Gareth embarrassed us. Gareth, he literally embarrassed us. Did he, JB? Yeah. And it wasn't just the hair. No. We'll be right back. Thank you to one of our new sponsors, Liquid Death, for supporting the show. Be right back. of crisp low sugar sodas, low sugar iced teas, and refreshing mountain spring water.
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Starting point is 00:46:21 If that sounds like your cup of tea, you will love our podcast, British Scandal, the show where every week we bring you stories from this green and not always a Schumer. If that sounds like your cup of tea, you will love our podcast, British Scandal, the show where every week we bring you stories from this green and not always so pleasant land. We've looked at spies, politicians, media magnates, a king, no one is safe. And knowing our country, we won't be out of a job anytime soon. Follow British Scandal wherever you listen to your podcasts. And now back to the show. What is your favorite sport aside from soccer that you enjoy playing and or watching? I love basketball.
Starting point is 00:46:55 Do you? Basketball? I love it. Are you a Miami Heat fan? No, I'm a Lakers fan. I've always been a Lakers fan. I've always been a Lakers fan. And then obviously when I moved to LA, I was able to go to the games every week and I made sure that I go to the game every week.
Starting point is 00:47:17 And what I found a little bit strange and I always say it that even through the early games and the middle of the season games, two minutes to go, people are leaving the seats and going home. No one wants to get caught in traffic in LA. Well, Jason needs to get home. Yeah, I gotta get home. I gotta get on the slip piece.
Starting point is 00:47:35 I always stayed right to the end, firstly because I'm a loyal fan. You're also leaving in the SUV from the tunnel under the Staples Center, what was then called the Staples Center. You don't have to deal with the nonsense of traffic getting out of the big lot. That is true. Don't embarrass him.
Starting point is 00:47:53 And you've deserved that. You've earned that. But Kobe was on the court. So there was no way I was not going to watch every second of Kobe being on the court. Yeah, I get it. So it's more about that than anything else. I'm a Lakers fan. Yeah, yeah, that makes sense. I'm a Lakers fan too.
Starting point is 00:48:09 David, we have, every once in a while, we get a lucky caller will break through with a question. Oh no. I don't know if you're seeing it there on your board. Oh, this is for Will. This caller is from New York City named Justin T. Fucking Pharrell. He is so good looking.
Starting point is 00:48:30 He says here... Don't say that, don't say that. His arms are cold though. So Will, he says, he says, I love the show, Will. You've always been a huge Liverpool supporter. As you know, your guest Mr. Beckham has at times not had the warmest of receptions by Liverpool fans, but because he is a wonderful man and a top bloke,
Starting point is 00:48:52 he has generously forgiven them. My question is, as a Liverpool fan, would you like to use this moment on the record and on behalf of all Liverpoolians to apologize to Mr. Beckham's beautiful face and admit that you were wrong and you should shut your big fat mouth. That's a question.
Starting point is 00:49:10 First of all, less of a question and more of an opinion when he says shut your big fat mouth. There's a lot of opinion there. Yeah. There's a lot of. I would. Can you apologize?
Starting point is 00:49:19 I will apologize for all the Reds fans out there. Because. Wow, you're not gonna be able to go back to Anfield. I know, it's true. I'm going back to Anfield in May. Because I want to see Jurgen before he wraps it up. But no, I will apologize for rude behavior. For sure I will. Looks like he's got a follow-up question here. He's got a follow-up question also for Will.
Starting point is 00:49:45 At night, do you use moisturizer on your chest or just regular prescription burn cream? And he says he can just take the answer off air. He's hanging up now. He's unbelievable. Yeah. David, I have a question for... I know.
Starting point is 00:50:03 We all do. He's got great arms. What is the arms... Why has he always got his arms up? Yeah We all do The arms why is he go always got his arms up? Yeah. Well, why would you why would you hide them? I mean if you've got those arms, I've never Somebody's in such good shape for somebody who's so unathletic You throw a ball at him he runs the other direction You throw a ball at him, he runs the other direction. Oh my God. Now David, you mentioned like, you know,
Starting point is 00:50:26 my question about the documentary, about all that drama that you encountered. Just sitting here talking to you, never having met you before, you seem like the kind of guy, and I'm guessing, you strike me as someone who, that recognizes people or situations that could potentially be drama or controversy,
Starting point is 00:50:44 like you mentioned your mate that always gets himself into trouble because of all the controversy. Do you run from that now, having been through so much drama your whole life, with reporters, journalism, the field that you were in or continue to be in? Journalisms, I'm not gonna lie. Journalism. Fuck it, I'm falling back for that.
Starting point is 00:51:03 Do you recognize it now that you're older? I think he's got it. Thank you, Sean. No, I don't run for it. I don't run for it. You really? No. Really?
Starting point is 00:51:17 No, I really don't. It's just, you know, it's been part of my life for a long time and, you know, everything happens for a long time and everything happens for a reason. I had to go through that difficult time to maybe have the career that I had. I'm just saying, cause you're so mellow and cool and easy. Please tell my wife that. Please tell my wife that. It's also conditioned you well to be a great husband,
Starting point is 00:51:44 although she doesn't need any help navigating media, but a good father to help explain what some challenging stuff can be. Also a great owner for the team when some of these players start going through some of the same media scrutiny and stuff. So it's so great that you have a position that you've earned that is going to demand all of the things
Starting point is 00:52:06 you've had to create, manage, you know? Well, let me say this, David, let me ask you this, because this might help inform that if we can sort of backtrack. Are you, obviously you've done a lot, we've talked about a lot of these things, are you happy right now with where you are in life? I'm so happy.
Starting point is 00:52:24 Without crying, answer the question. Hang on. I'm sorry. I are in life? I'm so happy. Without crying, answer the question. Hang on. I am very happy. I'm very happy because I feel very blessed to have had the career that I've had and played for the teams that I have and experienced that.
Starting point is 00:52:37 And the one thing that I always wanted for me, I was lucky I met Victoria when I met her because I always wanted to have kids young because I always wanted to have kids young. I always wanted to have kids that lived through my career with me. And I was lucky the three boys all lived through most of the teams that I played for. That's really cool.
Starting point is 00:52:56 And that for me was a really important part of my life. Yes, and that was one of the coolest parts of the documentary when you were like, you looked at her on screen and you're like, I'm gonna marry that girl. I mean, that's crazy. And then you met her and then you married her. I mean, that's just nuts. And you're still married.
Starting point is 00:53:13 And you're still married, yeah. 20, 25 years in July. That's awesome. Well, that is awesome. And I guess the reason I ask that is because if you're happy and you seem like you are and you've got great kids and you're really close to them, that's evident, that really comes through. And you and your wife are really close.
Starting point is 00:53:32 But everybody goes through stuff in life, right? Like it's like you're always going to go through shit. I actually, you know what I quote all the time is, I don't know if you watch that All or Nothing, the Tottenham season, and Mourinho was on there for part of that, right? Yeah. It was great. I advise people to watch it. It's really good.
Starting point is 00:53:48 But I love one of the things that he said and is that he, I remember at halftime, he's talking to the players and he said, look, the other team is gonna score. They're gonna have possession. The question is, how do you cope? And if you can cope with that, you know, and it's true with life.
Starting point is 00:54:05 I think about it all the time. There are going to be times where you're not going to have your best day, where somebody else is going to get the thing you want, blah, blah, blah, blah. But how do you cope with it? And if at the end you end up being happy, then that was your journey. Yeah. And that's one of the things I think we both, me and Victoria, probably both get emotional about and after watching the documentary, after everything was over and we watched it finally,
Starting point is 00:54:30 that's the one thing that we looked at each other and was like, I don't know how we got through, you know, the last 27 years, but we did. And we have an amazing family, we have amazing businesses, and we're happy. And yeah, of course course when you're with someone for that amount of time Of course you have your ups and downs. Everybody knows that and at the end of the day We were lucky because we had each other at those moments, you know, she was a Spice girl I was playing for Manchester United and even when we were going through the difficult times we actually we actually had each other to feed off and And that was that was the that. And that was the best part.
Starting point is 00:55:08 We obviously, we were 21 and 22 when we met. We got married when we was 23 and 24. And we had our first son when he was 23. So as soon as we had our first son, Brooklyn, that really also added another layer to obviously the family and our responsibilities then were to our son. And those, you know. Now, let me ask you this.
Starting point is 00:55:34 You said businesses as well as family, which is really cool. How did you craft a business mind? Because a lot of sports figures don't have that side of their brain that gets exercised like that, or do they want to exercise that part of their brain? But you seem to gravitate towards it. What was, how did you do that?
Starting point is 00:55:52 I think throughout my career, I was lucky to go into different things, wherever it was being the face of certain brands and things like that. And I was able to work with great people over the years. I've been with Adidas for almost 30 years now. So a lot of the people and brands that I have and partners that I have are long-term partners.
Starting point is 00:56:13 So the business was something I was always interested in. Even from a young age, I knew that the moment I stopped playing, I wanted to have another life after that in the business world. And in all honesty, putting the Miami part was in, was a big part of the legacy that I wanted to leave, you know, in the game. You know, I wanted to be an owner of a team. I wanted to be in the U S.
Starting point is 00:56:37 Um, so if I got the opportunity to do that, that was what I wanted. But on the business side, you know, there's a lot of things that, that have continued throughout my business and I'm, I'm the business side, you know, there's a lot of things that have continued throughout my business. And I'm lucky to have, you know, the business that I have, but it's something that I always wanted to do. It's really impressive. Sean, you were saying that a lot of your partners were Adidas.
Starting point is 00:56:56 It was hard to see because it was dark, but... Yeah, yeah, yeah. David, are you traveling more now? Are you busier now than you ever were as a player? I'm so much more busy... busier than I was when I was a player because in all honesty... You're supposed to take it easy now. I know.
Starting point is 00:57:15 You're like everything I see, you're like in a different city, like opening a thing. I know, but I enjoy that part of it. I enjoy to travel, I enjoy to work, and in all honesty, that's a big part of my business. So that part of my life, I enjoy it. Yeah. David, my mother's British, so I love people who are British,
Starting point is 00:57:35 and I'd love to know what is the most quintessentially British thing about you? I love a roast. I love a roast dinner. Oh, that is probably the most quintessential part about me. Now that is a beef roast we're talking about, yes? Chicken roast. Chicken roast. I go for chicken roast. Yeah, I get it. I got it. Jason, when you came over for dinner, we had chicken roast. Yeah, we did. Yes, is that what you asked her to cook us? You like being in England, like on a Sunday, and having a proper roast dinner. It's my favorite thing to do. It's my favorite thing to do.
Starting point is 00:58:12 Do you like going for a pub lunch? Do you like on a Sunday? I do like a pub lunch. I like a pub lunch. And my kids love it. What bands? Because I love British band. I grew up on, Will did too, like on British pop
Starting point is 00:58:23 and stuff like that. Who do you listen to? Stone Roses. Love the Stone Roses, love the Stone Roses. I'm a big Stone Roses fan because obviously growing up in Manchester, in the 90s, it was all about Stone Roses, Oasis. Well Oasis is Man City though, sadly.
Starting point is 00:58:40 What is the best British slang word or phrase? And can you give us an example of how you'd use it? Oh, well, I was actually, my daughter started trying to ask me some slang the other day. She was like, dad, you always talk about these like slang words as a cockney. And I was like, okay, I'm trying to,
Starting point is 00:58:59 because I don't really want her to start talking slang in all honesty. So I was like, okay. So Harpy, you've just run up the apple and pears. And she was like, what do you mean? She was like, well, that's what it is. It's status. You know, you've just run up the apple and pears. So I've been trying...
Starting point is 00:59:16 Apple and pears? Yeah. Apple and pears. Yeah. Those kind of cockney, you know, slang she started to ask about. But, you know, Victoria would kill, but Victoria would kill me. She would kill me, but if I was trying to teach her those kind of words and things, she would be happy.
Starting point is 00:59:31 You're obviously still staying in incredible shape. What about some of that British food there? What's your favorite piece of crap over there in England? Would it be something like that? I'm from the East End of London, so I grew up on it's pie and mash. So it's simple. It's a mint pie. It's your most simple mash.
Starting point is 00:59:54 No butter, just salt. And then it's like a gravy called liquor. And it's stewed eels and parsley. I'll do that. I'll do that.'s stewed eels and parsley. And then jelly eels. So jelly eels is eels. So you cut up eels and then- Eel like the fish, the snake?
Starting point is 01:00:17 The fish, the sea snake? Yep, yep, in gelatin. In gelatin. Oh, good Lord. It's not for everyone, it's not for everyone, but that's- Not for anyone. David, you've been a very, very nice man to join us and a great man during this interview.
Starting point is 01:00:34 I love you. You're the best. What a thrill. What an absolute thrill, man. It's a thrill for me to be on here. I'm a big fan of all you guys and obviously what you do. And to be on here is a huge privilege So thank you set the bar very high for Victoria to try to jump over
Starting point is 01:00:51 She'll kill it in a second. Don't worry. We can't wait to have it He said to me you can bring the looks and I'm bringing the humor. That's Her words not mine, let's let's all let's all have bangers and all that stuff without the eel when you're here. Well, you're invited to come to Miami or when you come to London and we'll go to a pie mash. I would love that, I would love that. Fantastic.
Starting point is 01:01:15 Great. Thanks, pal. You're welcome. David, thank you so, so much. Have a great rest of your night. Thank you very much. Off to the families. Oh, cheers, me too.
Starting point is 01:01:22 And have fun at the premiere. Thank you. Yes, sir. Thank you, I will. Take care, bye. Bye, David. Off to the families. Oh, cheers, me too. And have fun at the premiere. Thank you. Yes, sir. Thank you, I will. Take care, bye. Bye, buddy. That was incredible. Also, I'm good for your birthday, Christmas.
Starting point is 01:01:32 That was incredible. Yeah, wow, I did not see that coming. Me neither. I was like, oh, I'm not gonna know who the soccer player, I'm not gonna know who the soccer player. When you kept saying, like, Will, you're gonna know, I'm like, what is he talking about? But you know, to our listeners out there, we...
Starting point is 01:01:47 We got Shani back on, like we got Shani again. But like, so to our listeners like me and Sean, we're not big soccer fans, but we make a commitment to you in the audience that if we're gonna bring somebody on that does something you have no idea about, they're gonna be charming, they're going to be uber famous, okay, and they're gonna walk you through it. They're gonna answer all your questions. And by the way, sometimes they're not gonna be any of those things.
Starting point is 01:02:14 Yeah, sometimes they're. Okay, and then we just won't air those episodes. What are you, a lawyer or something? We've got a can full of them. But JB, you know what was great about him, and you kinda hit it on the head, which is he was able to articulate exactly what we wanna know about him, right? Yes. So you ask him, and he what was great about him, and you kind of hit it on the head, which is he was able to articulate exactly what we want to know about him, right?
Starting point is 01:02:27 So you ask him, and he's so open, real, and I love that, and it's evident that he's, I think it's part of being English, so that he's very down to earth. And he's so charming. He's not over his skis, he's very in tune with his family, and he's just down to earth, so he can talk in a way that's very accessible.
Starting point is 01:02:44 Yeah, that's why I'm like, well, how are you so mellow? Yeah, it's not, Sean, it's not hard. If you just smile a little bit, Sean. I know, I'm just like, hug, hug, hug. And just get out into the world, too. You know what I mean? He's a guy who's out doing shit. You're exhausted if you go to Larchmont.
Starting point is 01:02:59 Like, what are you? You know it's so sad, that is true. It's fucking true. This guy's going all over the world. You know what's so sad? That is true. It's fucking true. This guy's going all over the world. You know what? He's getting into the world. He's out there, man. No, here's the other thing.
Starting point is 01:03:11 Every time you guys said MLS, I was like, ooh, real estate. I thought you were talking about real estate. Exactly, yeah. I got so excited about like. Right. Was he sending a listing? By the way, maybe we can.
Starting point is 01:03:23 Can I see photos? I'm so giddy at the thought of... I mean, I guess I'm now a Miami fan because I really like that. I think I'm a Miami fan. Even though Farrell's gonna be mad because he's an LAFC guy, we love Will a lot.
Starting point is 01:03:36 We like the battle. And we like the battle. So we don't want to get in trouble with that. But right now, we want to help David. We're gonna help. Jürgen Klopp to Miami. I will fucking... Don't let him get in the tears again.
Starting point is 01:03:50 Well, if that happens though, Willie, then you'll have, well, but you'll be an LA FC fan, and then you'll be a Miami fan. Yes. So basically your fandom will be literally by... CROSSROAD! I was gonna say, you're gonna be so excited. Thank god we cut before that.
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