SmartLess - "Jake Gyllenhaal"

Episode Date: March 25, 2024

Ladies and germs, it’s Jake Gyllenhaal. The great Count Jakeula talks to us about bicycle Brazilians, a combo Bar Mitzvah/Quinceañera, and how to make ice cream in your mouth. Welcome to T...he Octagon: actually wait– it’s SmartLess.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

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Starting point is 00:00:00 Hi, I'm here. I'm here in the room. Just being as quiet as I can. I'm so excited to be on the country. Specifically, our northern brother or sister? Yeah. We may have talked about this before, but when you go home, do you sleep in this, your old room? Your parents' bed.
Starting point is 00:00:51 I sleep with my parents. Oh. Because I always, it gave me comfort to get in between them, so I sleep with my parents. Mommy, daddy, cuddles? Yeah. No, I don't stay here. I don't stay here.
Starting point is 00:01:01 Settle me. Could you ever live there again? In Toronto? Yeah. Yeah, I'm not, I don't stay here. Settle me. Could you ever, could you ever live there again? In Toronto? Yeah. Yeah, by the way, I could. Will, do you have a second piece of gum you could put in your mouth for the record? Just to get it in stereo?
Starting point is 00:01:13 This is actually, too, I know. I just realized. That'd be great. I heard it myself. Let's go ahead and, thank you. So we're recording now, you were saying. Yeah, it's an audio medium. It is an audio, okay, got it.
Starting point is 00:01:24 You know, Toronto is very, it's a great city and I is an audio, okay, got it. Toronto is very, it's a great city and I could live here and there's so much stuff I love about it. The problem is it's very gray from November to June. It's Chicago, it's basically Chicago. I think it's grayer, I think you get more gray days. It's just where it sits between the Great Lakes, et cetera. We don't wanna get into Ontario weather patterns, but it is great.
Starting point is 00:01:45 Otherwise, it's awesome. So you think that that would make you somewhat blue, kind of like what people talk about in England and stuff like that? I don't know. Yeah, I think I feel like I like it. Yeah, I do too. I think it's cozy.
Starting point is 00:01:56 It's so cozy, right? But you know, England, it rains and stuff, but you do get sunny days. Toronto, it's not even that it gets a lot of rain, it's that it gets a lot of cloud cover specifically. And I think at a certain point you just see. You know, it's reminding me once I had this dream. You do have the maple leaves there though,
Starting point is 00:02:14 so doesn't that offset it a bit? I do have the maple leaves here. I'm really excited about that. You're in town for some hockey, right? Yeah, this is gonna come out way after, but I'm in town for the All-Star game. I had a great night, dinner last night, with some of the boys from a hockey podcast
Starting point is 00:02:29 called Spit and Chicklets. Oh, is that right, eh? Oh yeah, with Biz and Ryan Whitney and the boys. Oh, right on. Yeah, yeah. Spit and Chicklets. And it was so super fun, interesting dudes, really, really funny, we had a lot of big laughs.
Starting point is 00:02:43 That's fine. Well, that's gonna be fun for you, taking part in that All-Star weekend, right? Aren't you managing a team with Conor McDavid? I am, I'm like the celebrity co-captain. Yeah. Guys, I can't wait to talk to our guest today. Can't wait for you to talk to our guest today.
Starting point is 00:02:58 He's considered one of the finest actors of his generation. Wait to shoehorn that in, Sean. I can't fucking. Listener, he's holding up a shoehorn. Okay, don't worry. My dad's got two on his desk. Smell them.
Starting point is 00:03:11 By the way. Sorry, I'm sorry, I couldn't. Why do you have those? Can't you just use your finger? How many times have we said that? Ask my dad, I'll get my dad in here. He's got two. All right, sorry.
Starting point is 00:03:21 Sorry, guest. We go. Listen, I'm not trying to highlight whatever his stuff is on his desk guys What I'm like, he's so giddy that he's at home he turns small. I know feels comfortable. That's still holding his teddy bear I do anyway here we go. Let's not keep him. Let's not keep him waiting any longer He's he's very busy and he's a huge major global star. And he's much younger than us.
Starting point is 00:03:47 He's not just a Hollywood royal, but he legitimately comes from, and I did not know this, real Swedish nobility, it's true. Oh, well, well. A man of many talents, he's fluent in French like Will. He's musically inclined like me and loves to cook not like Jason. He even made an appearance once making pasta with Mario Batali on Food Network's Molta
Starting point is 00:04:07 Mario. It's my favorite just on screen homosexual, the brilliant Jake Gyllenhaal. Jake Gyllenhaal! Bravo! Hello Jake. Oh, it's been a long time. Jakeula Gyllenhaal. There he is.
Starting point is 00:04:18 Oh, you have the whole name. I don't know if... Is it really? Is Jakeula the long version of Jakeula? Jakeula Gyllenhaal. Jakeula Gyllenhaal. Jakeula Gyllenhaal. Jakeula Gyllenhaal. Jakeula Gyllenhaal. Jakeula Gyllenhaal. Jakeula Gyllenhaal. There he is. Oh, you have the whole name.
Starting point is 00:04:26 I don't know if... Is it really? Is Jakeula the long version? It's Jakeula, yeah. No. Count Jakeula? You know, Jake, you've probably heard this before, but I have so much trouble spelling your name that in the Google search, I just put GY and it comes up.
Starting point is 00:04:41 Yeah, they're like, we got it. It's easy like that. Well, Jake, wait, are you still... Do got it. Yeah. It's easy like that. Well, Jake, wait, are you still, do we still live near each other? Where are you at? We don't, I mean, I moved to New York. Ah, you lucky man.
Starting point is 00:04:54 Oh. You lucky man. Didn't we go up, what was the name of that dog, Runyon? Yeah, we. Jake is a world-class bicyclist. Are you really? Which should come as no surprise to anyone who's seen his silhouette.
Starting point is 00:05:07 Yeah, have you guys known each other because you both grew up here? No, how did we get to know one another? I mean, we did live near one another. We had some mutual friends. We hung out for a bit. We did some bike riding for a bit. And then I gassed.
Starting point is 00:05:21 Jake kept going. And I think Mike might. You're one of the best descenders that I've ever seen. I could get into a tuck. That is the world's greatest back-handed compliment I've ever heard. Nobody goes down a hill like you.
Starting point is 00:05:42 There are circles where that's a very positive thing. We're not in one. That's really funny. I will never forget that. I will never forget that. Are you able to bike in New York? No, there's not as many bike riding opportunities, right? You're doing something different?
Starting point is 00:06:00 Yeah. Everybody bikes in New York? Yeah, you can ride bikes in New York. You can ride along West Side Highway and then up West Side Highway pretty far. I'd be scared too though because of the traffic and people bikes in New York. Yeah, you can ride bikes in New York You can ride along West that highway and then up the West that highway pretty far Oh, yeah I'd be scared to though because of the traffic and people and the potholes right the roads are all torn to shit for I always Rode my bike. That's how we go around. No, but not these kinds of bikes. These kinds of bikes are like, you know
Starting point is 00:06:16 No, no, no, I wrote sports car Level performance tires and and you go over one little bump and they'll pop That well there's sometimes we where like we would my friends We'd go in the Central Park, right? Then you take the West Side Highway and then you'd have to cut in and when you cut in That's when you have to deal with about probably I don't know 15 blocks of pretty heavy traffic Because it's the center of Manhattan and then you get in the Central Park and you do the loops It's still crazy there too because they're depending on the time there's all these people walking crossing and all that stuff. Yeah people
Starting point is 00:06:46 tricycles and wagons. Even on the weekend when they shut down the roads and stuff you got like a million ding-dongs and everybody's like tripping on acid for the first time in their life. Let's go trip on acid in Central Park. People are like that's where I did it. I'd give anything to hang out with a million ding-dongs. Yeah. I know you would. Oh Sean let's take a minute. It's like a ball pit. Sean, if you could fill a ball pit with any snack, what would it be? Oh my God.
Starting point is 00:07:10 If you could fill a ball pit with any snack, what would it be? Just ask the great descender. Spaghetti. Old snacky descender wants to know what you'd fill your ball pit with. Jake, what I was gonna ask you was, because we're talking about cycling, like high level,
Starting point is 00:07:26 like not just, yeah, I used to ride my bike, but I like had a beat up piece of shit and not doing it for like necessarily to get in shape. And it occurs to me, obviously I've seen so many promos for your new movie where you look like you're gonna fucking beat the whole world up, Roadhouse, and it's unbelievable. It looks amazing.
Starting point is 00:07:43 It's unbelievable. But this is not the first time he's been fucking stacked. He's pissed himself tight. I've seen you in shape before in other things, and every time I have nothing but envy, I'm like, this motherfucker looks so good. And then, what occurs to me is, have you, and now we're talking about cycling,
Starting point is 00:07:59 have you always been into fitness your whole life? Forget getting in shape for the movie and being a super ripped fighter and crazy. Have you always been into exercising, staying mobile, playing sports, doing that shit? Yeah, always. I mean, my dad. Really? Yeah, my dad was super athletic. He still is. He would wake me up in the morning doing yoga in front of my bed. Oh boy. And then he'd be like, he'd be like, let's go for a run. Hey dad, can you turn the down dog just 180 for me when I get up please?
Starting point is 00:08:28 I don't want to be bulldogged, right? When I get out of bed. Bulldogged. It's a technique of waking one up. Yeah. But like it was definitely, it was like, it was always perpendicular.
Starting point is 00:08:43 Let's just, it was never, it was just FYI. He's a kind guy. I didn't have a lot of space in the front of the bed from my room as growing up. So he used what he had. But he would wake me up and we'd run and he was always very physical. He always sort of would. Like I remember we do like maybe a mile and a half run when I was a kid and he was always
Starting point is 00:09:00 so encouraging. And then by the time we got to the end of the last block, he would always be like, you gotta, this hurts me, you gotta run, you gotta sprint, like sprint this last block. And we'd run and then we'd run up the driveway. Remember the driveway, we'd just like, I'd be dying, we'd be like, go, go, go, he'd always let me win. And so, wow. Interesting. Yeah.
Starting point is 00:09:18 We have this about Sean, I guess Sean's dad was really good at running too. He'd just try to do it before Sean got up and it would be in a car. It was just one direction. It was just one direction. It would be descending. He'd call for when he got to...
Starting point is 00:09:34 Running away. No, that's interesting. I used to run with my dad every single morning too. Did you really? Yeah, he'd wake me up every single morning and then I got old enough where I... You were an old kid? Yeah, and I'd start to sort of like complain
Starting point is 00:09:48 when he'd wake me up and start to say, no, I'm gonna sleep in this morning. And I was old enough where he'd say, well, all right, goodbye. And then so it stopped for a while. But then like everything you learn from your parents, you end up revisiting it and absorbing it when you're older.
Starting point is 00:10:02 Like now I run every day and I listen to classical music every day and I'm becoming my father, which is great. That's so interesting. You know, my brother, my oldest brother, because I didn't have the time. What's the opposite of interesting? Sorry.
Starting point is 00:10:14 Sorry. I was going to actually say that's sort of like a preface to what I was going to say, but then I just stopped and then when it stopped, it was like, oh, that sounded like, that was definitely not interesting. I got the boring handle. I got you. No, because I was going to say it's interesting
Starting point is 00:10:28 because my dad loves classical music and likes to exercise too, so there you go. We should hook them up. We should. That's wild. We absolutely should. Sorry, I asked that just not related at all to what we're talking about.
Starting point is 00:10:39 Go ahead, Sean, you had a question? No, I was just going to say, my brother used to wake me up at like four in the morning just to work on my legs because I was so skinny. Yeah, oh. So, Jake. Squats and stuff?
Starting point is 00:10:49 Wait, wait, wait. Yeah, just legs. Wait, wait, wait. Four in the morning. Wait, just legs? Every morning, just legs? Can we get another shot at that sentence? Can we just start again?
Starting point is 00:10:57 Can we? It's true, it's true, it's true. That's like not okay. I know, I was exhausted. Every day. What are you saying? It's just legs. Okay, so. What are you talking about? I exhausted. Every day. What are you doing? It's just legs. Okay, so.
Starting point is 00:11:07 What are you talking about? I wanna know this thing, and by the way, I'm gonna ask all the boring. Yeah, you have him do squats in the middle of the night. By the way, have you seen Sean's biceps lately? I mean, this is honest. I gave his little arm a squeeze, what, Sunday. It's, Will, it's almost as big as yours.
Starting point is 00:11:24 He's stacked. Sean is like crazy built. squeeze what Sunday, it's almost as big as yours. He's stacked. Sean is like crazy built. I worked out at times. People cut me, because I'm in the Gyllenhaal category, but a lot of people refer to me, they call me JG on the side. JG. But Sean, are you fucking, are you lifting?
Starting point is 00:11:42 What's going on? No, I worked out for 20 years, like really hard, and then I was just, now I'm exhausted, now I just eat. Look, I have a bunch of questions for Jake Gyllenhaal. No, please. Okay, sorry. Sorry you don't want to talk about your physique. No, so Jake, I'm going to ask you boring questions
Starting point is 00:12:02 that I'm sure you've answered all before, but I did not know this thing about the noble, like nobility, Swedish thing. What's going on with that? I don't really know. I don't know. It's a pretty convoluted story that I've been told too and that I've heard.
Starting point is 00:12:14 We, I do, I'm a descendant from some form of Swedish nobility there. Yeah, that's about all. Your great-great-grandfather was like. Did you find this out doing one of the heritage tests? No, I've known it. We have like a coat of arms, you know, like... What?
Starting point is 00:12:31 Yeah, we have like a coat of arms and... That's cool. But I don't think he was really... I've done a little bit of digging. For a long time I thought that he was a great... like a king, you know, like a descendant. I was descended from like that kind of royalty. Right. But more and more as I did research, I realized that it was, he actually was like a cataloger and collector of beetles.
Starting point is 00:12:50 And he worked for... Really? Yeah, I think so. Oh boy. Like a hoarder? Yeah, sort of a form of hoarder. No, I mean, he collected them, he pinned them, you know, he was like, you know, those beautiful, you beautiful, those things that they do.
Starting point is 00:13:07 But he was a scientist, I guess, and then he was knighted for his scientific work. Yeah, and then I think that's how that's. Now how much time have you spent there in Sweden? Anything at all? I have never been to Sweden. Excellent. What?
Starting point is 00:13:23 I have never been to Sweden. Do you have any desire to? It's great. I do, I'd wanna go there for Christmas. I have never been to Sweden. Excellent. What? I have never been to Sweden. Do you have any desire to? It's great. I do, I'd want to go there for Christmas. I've been a few times. And? It's amazing, right? It's amazing, it's amazing, it's incredible.
Starting point is 00:13:33 Do you have family there, Jake? I have extended family there, but I don't know them. There was a man named Herman Gyllenhaal, who actually I met, who came over from from Sweden that was in contact with my dad. This is not the bug man. It's not the bug man, but he is a descendant of the bug. Yeah. And he came and visited us and he was like, he was the one who tried to bring us all together, Americans and Swedish Gyllenhaals.
Starting point is 00:13:58 I have some distant family in England that I haven't seen since I was a tiny, tiny kid and others that I've never even met. And I feel guilty about that, I think, but then it's also like, there would be, if you went down that lane, there would be hundreds, potentially, of people that you are somewhat related to that you have not yet met. And how do you guys feel about that? Well, I was gonna say, and I don't,
Starting point is 00:14:24 I want you to take this the right way, Jamie. Here it comes, here it comes. No, I do. But if you think about it, if you think about it, you're a person who's in the public eye and so obviously they probably know who you are, especially if they share your name, they could get in touch with you if they wanted to.
Starting point is 00:14:41 Oh, and they have it. I agree with that. So it's on them. Thank you, transferring guilt. Yeah. Sean, Sean, real question, real question. What do you think your dad's new name is? Can we talk about what a great descender Jason is for a second?
Starting point is 00:14:56 Cause I feel like we moved off that. I really feel like we should go back to that. Yeah, I just wanna, I actually do have a compliment here. And it's actually, I wanna say that like, I was so profan, it is scary to go down a hill really fast. It really is when you're on a bike. It's not like, it's not for the faint of heart. I can't believe we're going back on the bike.
Starting point is 00:15:12 And I realize what a badass he is. I just don't think I've ever fallen before. I think I just need to fall once and I'll be riding the brakes. Yeah, but I was like, this guy's nuts. Like you were going so fast. I remember just being like, whoa, he's gone. Like no concept of speed.
Starting point is 00:15:25 Are you going down Loma Vista? Are you going down Colmore? I feel like Moholland. We went down Moholland. I remember there were cars. It was crazy. You were just like, oh, that's right. Right by the Hollywood Bowl.
Starting point is 00:15:33 Yeah. I was like, it was crazy. It was so fast. It was so dangerous. And I was deeply impressed. I really was. You know what's scary? I know a few boys, a few guys, I sound like Sean,
Starting point is 00:15:47 I know a few guys who got really into cycling, including my brother-in-law, Eddie, and a couple other guys I know who got severely injured doing that kind of super, like really. Well, and that's why, Jay, correct me if I'm wrong, that's why one shaves their legs, right? In the anticipation of the inevitability. How does that stop your head from getting crushed?
Starting point is 00:16:07 You mean generally that's why anyone shaves their legs? Or you mean four? No, bicyclists, because you are going to fall. You're going to fall and you're gonna slide across the asphalt and if you don't have any hair on your legs or arms, the skin does not ball up as much and cleaning it becomes less painful. Is that, that's correct, right?
Starting point is 00:16:27 I've heard a lot of things, I think that's true. I also think like, I mean, being aerodynamic, which is sort of a weird thing, but I think there's like, there are a lot of superstitions. Like I've heard superstitions from cyclists who are like, they are allowed to eat cheese but it can't be melted because it has like more calories or something.
Starting point is 00:16:45 I don't know, there's all these weird things. So I don't know, I mean, I, I, but I do think also if you're going to wear spandex that tight, like, you know, you don't want to have like hair pants, you know what I mean? Oh, you mean the hair coming through the spandex? Yeah, not a good line. And also just like hair pants,
Starting point is 00:16:59 like it's just like spandex and hair, you know what I mean? Maybe that's something, you know? But yes, the scab thing is true. I thought it was excessive, Jay, because I remember you talking when you first got it, but I thought it was excessive when you started getting Brazilians as well,
Starting point is 00:17:10 because I was like, how is this helping? And I saw that when you were descending, and I was like, that was not necessary. I'm gonna go ahead and ride the saddle. Yeah, I don't need to arch and offer. I can't do all that. No. Because right as you sped off into literally warp speed, to arch and offer. I can't believe you did all that. No?
Starting point is 00:17:26 Right as you sped off into like literally warp speed, I was like what? Well that was enough. You don't know how you're going to land. You don't know what's going to hit the pavement first. And who's going to see what. Right. It's needless to say, I'm no longer on the bike.
Starting point is 00:17:39 I've sold the bike, Jake, I'm embarrassed to say. What? But I still have a huge drawer full of the funny outfits that I'm happy to sell to you on a very, very fair rate. Jake, I wanna know about you growing up. Jake, are you the right size? Would you fit into an old man's extra small? I did invite Jason just this year to a bike trip, actually.
Starting point is 00:18:00 I reached out to you and invited you to a bike trip. It sounded very, very, very good. Can you say where you went? This was overseas, wasn't it? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I went to the Alps. Yeah, I went to the... Wow.
Starting point is 00:18:10 I was in the Pyrenees, yeah. We climbed like... Climbed the Alpe d'Huez, we climbed the Gloubié, we climbed Mont Ventoux, we did this crazy six-day trip. This guy's a specimen, you guys. Wait, wait, wait. You went to the Pyrenees? You didn't go to Andorra, did you?
Starting point is 00:18:22 It's the one place I want to go is Andorra. Yeah, no, it was... We were in like... We crossed over the Pyrenees, you didn't go to Andorra, did you? It's the one place I wanna go is Andorra. Yeah, and it was, we were in like, we crossed over the Pyrenees and we were in Provence and then we climbed, the last climb we did was Mont Ventoux which is like, I think it's about 2,100 kilometers and then it's like 11% incline the whole time. Which was one of the most physically challenging things I've ever done and also such a incredible experience.
Starting point is 00:18:44 And really like, it was, yeah, it's sort of inexplicable. things I've ever done and also such an incredible experience. And really like it was, yeah, it's sort of inexplicable. Speaking of like tripping, you just by the end, you're just pushing to the... Euphoria. Yeah. And did you make it okay? Like comfortably? Did you throw up afterwards?
Starting point is 00:18:59 Was your saddle aching? The first one we did out the Alptuez, I've ridden before, once before. I rode it like maybe 15 years ago. And I had been working, so I hadn't been riding my bike a whole lot, but I had assumed that I'd be like, okay, I kind of know. And one of the things that I think is really important
Starting point is 00:19:22 is just more mental, like how much pain can you handle? Really that, and so I was like, oh, okay, I'll be fine, right? And when I arrived, we had like guides, we had two guys, ex-pros, they were great guys, and then my good friend was with me, and he had been training like secretly, and I had been trying to get on a Peloton, like for,
Starting point is 00:19:40 I had just been like desperately trying, I hadn't been on a bike, I was just like, for a week I was like, I'm just gonna go really hard on Peloton, I'll be fine. Not applicable. When I arrived off the train in France, the two ex-pros looked at my friend, they're like, well you're ready.
Starting point is 00:19:52 And I was like, wait, what? And so the Alpe d'Huez, we got up there and I bonked halfway up the Alpe d'Huez. Meaning you just ran out of gas? I just ran out of gas because you can't, like what happens is your body just can't, you just run out of glucose. Oh And we will be right back
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Starting point is 00:24:42 30 days. slash smartless And now back to the show Have you ever ridden with Lance Armstrong Yes, and how'd you do? Did you keep up? No, I did not know I mean like when it when he wanted to let me keep up I kept up, right? I watched one of those one of those doc series about the guys climbing the Alps that was on I mean, like, when he wanted to let me keep up, I kept up. Right. I watched one of those Docs series
Starting point is 00:25:07 about the guys climbing the Alps that was on one of the streaming services last year. Yeah, you told me that I watched that too. Yeah, and I think like, sort of 20 minutes less into the first one, I was like, mother fuck, this is hard. Like, how the fuck do you do it? The one thing I don't understand, Jake,
Starting point is 00:25:23 is why can't the seat be more comfortable? Why does it have to be so hard? Yeah. You know, because like you do lose circulation, it's so hard and things just go numb and it's not comfortable. Like if it could just be a little pad or maybe like a shearling top, you know, like a sheepskin.
Starting point is 00:25:41 You can do that. You can do anything you want. There's no like rules. Jay, you should do a collab with Uggs. You can do a collab with Uggs, baby. Ooh. Sort of a back rest maybe even. And they have those too, man.
Starting point is 00:25:54 Like you can do anything. There's no, there's no like, you're not like riding in the Tour de France. You can do whatever you want. I'm a soft guy, you know? Yeah, like, or even like something with an engine or like, you know, two seats and passengers. Or a rope like a something with an engine or like Passengers, you know a rope that's connected to an engine. Yeah
Starting point is 00:26:16 Like that flies in the sky and takes you places thinking of which what about those ebikes do you have one yet? Are we gonna talk for an hour about? Until we're done with all of it. No, no, no, I have a thousand questions. I know. Sean's like, I can see his face. He's like, oh my God, I asked one question about his Swedish noble. Enough of the bikes. Did I buy an e-bike? I have bought an e-bike. Yes. And you know there are e-bikes.
Starting point is 00:26:34 Like if you want to come on a trip, any of you guys want to come, you're not doing a good come a trip. I'm not going. If you want to come on the trip, no, for real. Like if you want to come, if you want to ride, regular, you can ride like just without. They also have e-bikes that are attached to like a heart rate.
Starting point is 00:26:46 So you can choose your heart rate that you want to get to. So if you want like, and then stay at, and the bike will keep you at that place. Go away. What do you do about all, you just wear headphones to mute out the ridicule you're getting from the other riders? Like, I am just desperately, I really want people
Starting point is 00:27:04 to get on this trip and come because it's fun, but they don't believe it. You know, no one believes that they're on a trip. Where is it? Where is the trip? Well, they changed. Like, we're trying to find new cool places to... Not Hancock Park, Sean.
Starting point is 00:27:16 Okay, I'm sorry. You won't be there. All right, Sean, let's hear some of these bitching questions. Finally. Jake, welcome to the show. Jake has done a lot of theater, so Jake. Hold on, hold on, let me just, hold on. Reveal yourself.
Starting point is 00:27:29 Oh, hey. Jake O'Hall. Jake O'Hall. It's the Sean Hayes Show. Go ahead, Sean. So I wanna know about growing up and with your, because I think it's fascinating that you come from a family. Your dad's a director, your mom is this incredible writer,
Starting point is 00:27:47 your sister is also, like, it's all, you're all killing it. So it's like, by the way, I had dinner with your mom at a mutual lawyer friend's house a million years ago, and I was much younger then, and I hadn't really written anything yet, and I expressed to your mom, God, you know, I wish I was a better writer, it's just so overwhelming to me,
Starting point is 00:28:06 and I remember this, I'll never forget it. She said, the hardest part of writing is starting. And your mom said that to me, and I still remember it. Not that we hear that all the time, but that was the first time I ever heard anybody say it was from your mom. And so I took that and I started writing, and I wrote scripts and whatever, but that it was from your mom. And so I took that and I started writing and I wrote scripts and whatever,
Starting point is 00:28:27 but that was because of your mom. Holy shit. Jesus Christ. Wow. You're gonna lead with that. My mom will be actually so flattered by that. Yeah, what a memory. So it's just starting, it's the hard part?
Starting point is 00:28:38 Is that, fuck. I was just gonna ask Sean. But I hadn't heard that before. Sean, I was gonna ask every time you start, everything you think about my mom. Yeah, I mean, really apply it to anything I think. Weird question, Sean. No, it wasn't, he didn't even have a question mark on it.
Starting point is 00:28:53 No question. This is how bad the Sean Hayes show is. I wanna... Thank you for listening to the Sean Hayes show. We just started and we ended. Thank you Naomi Foner. No, you know what, I will say, I will say... We just started and we ended. Thank you Naomi Foner. No, you know what?
Starting point is 00:29:07 I will say, I will say. That's my mom's name by the way. Wait, what's your mom's name? Naomi Foner. So she, think about that. I will say, to Sean's credit, it is interesting to have something like that happen and that something that sticks with you and now you're on with the person JB. Yes, that's crazy to me.
Starting point is 00:29:27 It is mildly interesting. However, the way Sean said it was so fucking boring. So, it could have been interesting. Will you come on the bike cycle trip? We'll talk so much shit about Sean. I'll talk shit about anybody. You don't have to go on a bike ride. It's a trip, you just listen to this.
Starting point is 00:29:44 But Sean, get us back on the rails, we're sorry. I will, I wanna know what it was like. I know, it shit about anybody. You don't have to go on a bike ride. You just listen to this. But Sean, get us back on the rails. We're sorry. I wanna know what it was like. I know, it's so hard. I wanna know what it was like. I mean, again, I say this all the time on the podcast. I grew up in Chicago with looking at Hollywood like this thing that was unachievable.
Starting point is 00:29:58 So I came here with, so what was it like growing up? And I know you get asked this all the time, but I don't know the answer. Growing up around it, and then is, did you find that that's all you're talking about around the dinner table when your kids is the business, and how do you escape talking about other things, and you know? Jason, do you want to take this in tandem, so to speak?
Starting point is 00:30:20 It is, I was just so curious to hear what your answer is gonna be, because I've got my, yeah, yeah. What was it, it's better, right? Gives you even more stuff to talk about around the dinner table? I think it's a double-edged sword. It is a double-edged sword, you know?
Starting point is 00:30:34 I think in a way it's amazing, because speaking of my mom, like, she taught me so much about all this stuff, you know, and how to find stuff that's good, and what's good, and when the dialogue's good. And then same, when I was a kid, my dad would, I'd play around, I'd joke, I was performing when I was really little, just joking around.
Starting point is 00:30:59 And then he sort of would really encourage it and kind of understood me in that performance stuff. So there was outside of the kind of idea of like the advice and stuff and watching their careers and then saying, oh, you could go this way or that way, oh, don't do this, try that, which is a bit of a head start. Yeah. Well, how much of your own,
Starting point is 00:31:17 because a lot of people grow up with, and we take on points of view, sometimes our point of view is colored by our upbringing and our parents and what we, you know. Sometimes. Well, a lot of times. When you go into the same, but certainly vocationally, when you go into the same thing that your parents did,
Starting point is 00:31:36 do you now, do you look back and go like, oh, I see the influence of my mom or my dad speaking to me while I, when I look at a script, when I think about doing something, when I'm making a choice as an artist, if you will, do you recognize that? I try to, both good and bad, you know? I really do, I try as best as I can.
Starting point is 00:31:59 I mean, what I do think is a lot of those things as we get to be a certain age become an unconscious thing, right? Yeah. You put them into experience and then you do things and you're lucky enough to make things and you keep doing it and then you try them out and then we get a tool belt and then we're using it and you know, and so they are a mix of that. I can't differentiate anymore really from what I've learned from them and what I've
Starting point is 00:32:20 learned from other people because I've been doing it from such a young age. Do they still give you input? Do they, when you work on something? Yeah, particularly like, particularly with writing, and even, you know, in development of things and things like that, my sister wrote her first screenplay and wrote and directed it, and to great success. And then she just wrote another one and she's directing it.
Starting point is 00:32:43 It's this amazing thing, so. And my mom is a big part of it. You know, my sister sends me the script, she sends my mom the script, my mom and her will talk through things. You know, she's a real mentor. And that is a massive thing to have in your back pocket. Yeah. And do you find, like, I think naturally any child
Starting point is 00:33:02 is always looking to impress their parents when they're tiny. And then as you grow older, you start to meet other adults, you become an adult yourself. But since you started with the entertainment industry and your parents were in it, do you find that they still occupy the major sort of North Star you kind of point your efforts towards
Starting point is 00:33:27 and look for their approval and their review of things? Do you know what I mean? I certainly do. I'm still sort of a small boy kind of looking for dad's approval because that's where it all started there. He taught me how to act, he taught me how to direct. And I like that, I like that I'm not over that.
Starting point is 00:33:46 Aren't we all? I mean, yeah, in one way or another, definitely. I think also though, there's a sense of just for me now, you know, because there's all that stuff, like work is so, it becomes like a big thing, you know, with all of our families, you know, if our parents are working, like, you hear about their work, right?
Starting point is 00:34:01 It's just inevitable, right? The vocabulary becomes part of it. To me and my sister in particular, and my family more and more, as all that stuff gets into your life and you're doing that, we tend to now try and just work on the family stuff. Because that's just, to me,
Starting point is 00:34:18 that's what I've grown to care about most. In the end, no matter what we all do and what we create, it all comes down to them being there, no matter what, right? They'll be there. Yeah. And do you have other siblings? Is it just you and Maggie?
Starting point is 00:34:34 I have a little half brother. I mean, he's a half brother. He's also little. My dad had another child. And so, yeah. But he's my half brother, he's my sister's half brother. And, but my sister and I, you know, grew up together just like.
Starting point is 00:34:48 And then what about, like, you and Mag, you've had, I'm assuming, a very positive experience with being in this business, and you've been able to transition from child actor into adult actor, and incredibly successful, both of you. Do you imagine that you would be supportive of your children going into this? Because I get this question all the time.
Starting point is 00:35:12 How do you, I mean. My answer is always, yeah, I mean, I can't be hypocritical. I've had a great experience and it's been challenging, but it hasn't been detrimental or damaging. I would just make sure that I would condition my child or explain to my child what to look out for and what to not and what it is and what it isn't and just manage their expectations.
Starting point is 00:35:34 And then after that, let them make their own decision. But I mean, at 10 years old, which I was, and I think you were right around the same age, can you really assess all of the pitfalls such that you make a good decision? I don't know. I don't know. I mean, I think I would, my parents did a very smart thing, which is they were like,
Starting point is 00:35:51 you need to get an education. You know, they were very early on, they were like, I was like, I just want to do this thing, you know, and they were like, okay, cool, great. You can keep doing that, but you don't need to do it in like the deep end, right? Yeah, or in lieu of, yeah. Yeah, exactly. And, you know, socializing, you. And socializing was a huge thing. Go be amongst kids who are tough on you,
Starting point is 00:36:11 you know what I mean, not just in an adult world. Yeah, if you can balance it, if you can handle it, go for it, yeah. Exactly. And then, yeah. No, go ahead. No, I just, to me, that's what I would do, I think. We can admit it's not a normal life in that way.
Starting point is 00:36:27 And so it's just important to get perspective. And I read that when you were a kid, you also used to volunteer at a homeless shelter and you celebrated your 13th birthday at one? Wow. Is that true? My mother's Jewish, my father's Christian. And so, they're not practicing very heavily,
Starting point is 00:36:48 but they had a bit of a dilemma in my bar mitzvah moment, Kinsanera sort of situation. They didn't know really how to celebrate it. You had a combo bar mitzvah, Kinsanera? No, no. At a homeless shelter? So you got a deal on the venue. Basically.
Starting point is 00:37:07 And you... A real deal, a real deal. Everybody showed up too. Yeah, and so one of the things was they were like, my father was very big about passages, and that's what it was. They agreed that there was a passage of time and you were walking through this
Starting point is 00:37:25 space and these are the qualities that, you know, they wanted me to understand and so they decided instead of something more formal, like we do all these different things and one of them was, yeah, we went to a homeless shelter on my birthday and fed the homeless, yeah. Wow. So it sounds like they started you out with just a great set of values, a decent, or a great guide in which to sort of be a decent person.
Starting point is 00:37:50 And you seem to have really held on to that. I mean, you know, you're just a really kind person and you've managed to acquire a great deal of success. Is it is it, you know, we're in such a permissive culture and atmosphere with what we do. Is it a constant, how much of a struggle is it for you to not take advantage of all the sort of latitude people like yourself are given, on set, off of set?
Starting point is 00:38:21 Do you know what I mean? Because it's, I don't know, did they raise you well enough where it's not that much of a battle? I mean, I'm obsessed with my work. I love my work, right? And I dig into the characters that I do, do you know? And so that's sort of where I, like, to me, inside that learning, it has been, that's,
Starting point is 00:38:41 like, learning how to be an actor is a different thing, right, like, I don't think my parents were, they were not actors, right? Yeah, so it's a completely different Scenario teaching ought to be a good person not a good actor. Yeah, right. I mean they were sort of teaching I mean they were you know, they were like Learned great read great plays, you know, try and perform them so you can understand what we're life in the arts Yeah, kind of I mean for whatever I wanted really, whatever I felt they were down for. But I think like, you know, yeah,
Starting point is 00:39:10 I think that's always the question, right? Like we grow up in it and when we grow up in it, it's a different thing. There are people who come into the business and they've experienced life and they experience success at a different age. And it's very interesting to watch people experience success at a different age. And it's very interesting to watch people experience success at different ages.
Starting point is 00:39:25 And I was so grateful to experience it very early, but at the same time, it came with its own kind of growing up throughout the whole process. Right, yeah, like. I just watched City Slickers the other night. I swear to God, I just watched it. And I was like, is that Jake Gyllenhaal? You were like five?
Starting point is 00:39:45 How old were you in that? I was 11. And you can totally tell it's you. I never noticed that before. I was like, oh my God, Jake Gyllenhaal. Were you like Billy Crystal's son? I was Billy Crystal's son. No way, really.
Starting point is 00:39:57 And really Billy like, yeah, he like found me. And he was like, there's something about this kid. I mean, I have a poster that still says, he signed a poster for me for City Slickers poster and it says, thanks for letting me be in your first movie. Like he literally wrote that. No way. It was so cool.
Starting point is 00:40:14 It's the best poster ever and he is the fucking best. Like I... He's such a nice man. Oh, such a nice man and like I worship him. Like I... It is very interesting. Who directed that? Was that... Ron Underwood. Oh, right. Yeah man and like I worship him. Like I, it's very interesting. Who directed that? Was that?
Starting point is 00:40:27 Ron Underwood. Oh right, yeah, yeah, yeah. Ron Underwood, who is Ron Underwood? I don't know that guy. You directed City Slickers. And then I love this, you were cast in Mighty Ducks but you couldn't take it, right? Or your parents didn't let you take it?
Starting point is 00:40:40 You know like when people ask you guys like, oh, you got that part but you didn't do that part? Like and then you're like, why am I, someone else did it, It's theirs was is weird, but and that's a story that it's like We don't have them. I almost did the part that I'm never gonna do and you're and someone else did better than me So I don't why are we doing but I I yeah I was I auditioned for it and they let my parents would let me audition for things and so like without like being like Oh, sweet Jake. He wants to go audition for something, cool. And then I auditioned and I got it, pretty much.
Starting point is 00:41:09 And they were like, oh shit. You have to go to school. And I was like, no, I wanna learn hockey. Yeah, by the way, Will, we have a lot to talk about that because you should talk to my parents. I wanted to learn how to play hockey. Oh, it's the best time of the day. Where's your hockey passion now?
Starting point is 00:41:23 Do you still have a hockey passion? No, I wasn't allowed it. I didn't do Mighty Ducks. But yeah, that was a thing. But a lot of the times, a lot of the role, like Jar had, God, you're so fucking good in that. And he's done so many great movies. Yeah, and all of these, last year.
Starting point is 00:41:43 I just gotta say, I wish you had done fucking Mighty Ducks. Sorry, I just think of what could have been. I messed up, I messed up. But these roles in these big, huge movies that just seemed to me, I could never do the things you do, they just seemed like colossal undertakings as an actor. And the physicality that you take on is just remarkable. Like we were talking about at the beginning.
Starting point is 00:42:06 What's, I love. You're brilliant, Sean. Thank you, I was waiting for that. We got it, he said it. But we do prefer a nice sitcom routine. You know, it's six hours a day. You and I have sung together, by the way. That's the thing. I know.
Starting point is 00:42:18 I mean. Really? Where'd you guys sing? Where? A whole new world. We sang at the Tony's, A Whole New World, yeah. No way. It was an arranged marriage, wasn't it? Do you have theater stories? If you have a theater story right now, Jake.
Starting point is 00:42:30 My favorite thing is medical stories and theater stories. Do you have to say, I listen to you guys, and I just want to say that I have a great losing a contact story. And I was like, what the fuck, that was my, when I'm on that, that was my fucking story. Sean, get Scotty in here. This is bullshit. Like, yeah, I thought, oh.
Starting point is 00:42:48 That's my part. She stole my part, you know? We'll be right back. Hey, smart list listener. We get support from Helix. You didn't see that coming. We got the Helix mattresses over here at the Homestead and everybody sleeps better for it. And we've been doing it for a few years now. And I had some some sleeps that weren't great for a few years. And then the
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Starting point is 00:48:41 Find out how much at slash host. And now back to the show. So there you are, you're on stage. What happened? I'm on stage and so I did this show with Ruth Wilson called Constellations, which is this amazing show, two-hander, it's 75 scenes in 90 minutes. Basically like, and the changes of scenes, it's about a couple, and it's a bit like sliding doors-ish,
Starting point is 00:49:10 but it's about, there are basically five scenes that happen over a couple's relationship, and within the five scenes, there are like eight scenes of the different potential things that could happen, right? So first they meet, and then one of them's not into the other and the other one is, and then boom, the lights change, and then the other one who wasn't into the other is into the other and the other one is and then boom the lights change And then the other one who wasn't into the other is into the other, you know So it switches then they're both into each into each other the next one
Starting point is 00:49:30 Then neither of them are into each other and then it moves forward, right? And so subsequently actually there gets to him asking her to marry him and I had in tech, you know, like... The final rehearsals, right? The final rehearsals. For Tracy, that's the final rehearsals. I had said basically like,
Starting point is 00:49:51 okay, we had one prop in the whole show. It was just two people on stage. We never left this platform, right? It was 90 minutes, never left. There was one prop, and the prop was a ring in my pocket that I kept, and you had to prep all stuff. And I said to the stage manager, I said, can I just put some contact lenses under the stage in the back because I just I really am
Starting point is 00:50:09 legal I'm legally blind without contact lens like I no no I am legally blind like I I cannot I can't like function. Your contacts in right now? No I you get but you guys look great. I would be deeply offended if we were making love right now and I found out you didn't have your contacts in. You didn't even bother. You didn't even bother bringing his fucking contact lenses for us. So I just like, you know, actually at the same time, I like, I had gotten into a little thing with with Ruth early on because my brother-in-law who's an amazing actor by the way he yeah he came to see me in
Starting point is 00:50:49 previews and he gave me notes and he gave me two notes one note was he was like still there's power and stillness because I think I was moving around a lot trying to get a lot of attention and the next note was don't let her upstage you yeah she kept walking upstage huh I mean, I think he actually meant like, she's just a better actor than you, so just try harder and figure it out because she is a better actor than me. I learned that over the course of the run.
Starting point is 00:51:14 Because Tracy, if an actor walks upstage, it forces you to turn your back to the audience to talk to that person, and now the audience can't see your face, they can only see the person on stage. Right. And she does, she's just magical. Like she's just the type of actor that like,
Starting point is 00:51:27 I'd always talk about this like when Saturday nights, you know, it's like the energy is so much more intense. And Saturday nights, like she would ride that energy like a wave and I'd be like, oh, it's so intense. And she'd be like, see ya. You know, and they'd be like, the roof is incredible. So he was like, just don't, try not to let her do that. Like try and surf, don't be afraid.
Starting point is 00:51:49 Stay with her. Yeah. And so we had gotten into a thing where like, I was like, I was like, I feel like you're upstaging me. She was like, I'm not, I'm just like, the actor bullshit. She's like, I'm not, what are you talking about? And I'm like, can we just try and stay on the same line?
Starting point is 00:52:04 Like, you know, like, because this is about us, you know? And it was like, I'm not, what are you talking about? And I'm like, can we just try and stay on the same line? Like, you know, like, cause this is about us, you know? And it was like, hold on. So anyway, the light changes, by the way, these big pops in the show. So you have about like a second and a quarter to kind of change, right? And at the same time that I, in the, it's very hard to explain because I would put my hand
Starting point is 00:52:23 in my pocket in the scene before I'm supposed to ask her To marry me because I pull out the ring and no one's seen a prop and so they go Oh, how do you get that ring? Right? Right. I put my hands in my pockets and the ring was not in my pockets So I was like, it's the only prop by the way in tech they were I was like, what if we okay I have contact lenses up there, but what if like I don't have the problem. They're like dude, is it Broadway? We have a prop master usually deals with a thousand props. He has one prop. Okay, so don't worry.
Starting point is 00:52:51 You're gonna have your prop. Okay, don't worry. I was like, I know, but if, they're like, just, and I was like, can I just please, they're like, crazy, sure. And they put it there. So I rub my eye, contact lens falls out in the scene. I put my hand into my pocket, I can't find the fucking ring. And I'm like, oh my God, I can't see anything.
Starting point is 00:53:12 And then Ruth, and then I start to move upstage, because I remember there's a contact lens in there, and the ring is over there. And Ruth starts looking at me like, oh you motherfucker, I know what you're doing. You're going up stage. You asshole. I was like, I can't see anything. Like inside of trying to communicate. And she thinks you're just winking at her, Constantine.
Starting point is 00:53:38 Oh I know what's up. And then as soon as I like, boom, lights pop, I run over, grab the contact lenses, grab the thing, and I put the contact lens in my eye, because I can do it, because I've been putting contact lenses in my eye since I was a kid, like really, really young. And then she was like, oh, oh my God, like she realized in the moment.
Starting point is 00:53:56 Yeah, that wasn't, yeah. Yeah, that's funny, I used to do this thing, and I promise, I promise, is that there's this guy, his name's, thank you so much. By the way, beautiful. Incredible. His name's Ryan, and we would give each other horrible, horrible shit, like right before
Starting point is 00:54:12 we'd end of the stage. It's kind of like the three of us do, just like scathing, right? And he goes, I'm actually dead serious before, tonight can you make sure that during this one dance sequence, because you're blocking, you're just blocking me, just every so I go, Ryan, I'm going to stop you. I never look behind me on stage.
Starting point is 00:54:31 What a sweetheart. Now, Jake, if you're not acting, if you're not exercising, being physical, what else are you doing to fill your time? What is, you don't have any, like are you a reader? Are you a TV watcher? Are you a painter? Do you love to knit? Speaking of knitting, I'm gonna get my mom in here
Starting point is 00:55:01 in a second, cause she's mad that you guys still haven't sent her a picture of the fucking sweaters. I did, just tell her to check a junk file? I collect shoe horns actually You have no odd You have no odd hobby or... I cook a lot. I cook a lot. I cook major. Yeah, I want to talk about cooking. I didn't know you cook. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But you're not cooking fatty shit.
Starting point is 00:55:32 You're good at cooking like veggie stuff or macrobiotic or something. I mean... I cook everything. I love to cook. I love to shop for food. So then you eat what you want, you just make sure that you exercise a lot. No, I mean, no. I've actually, you know, I've tried all different things. I'm down with intermittent fasting. I really like that as an idea,
Starting point is 00:55:52 because I tend to go like, I'm gonna just overeat. You know, so instead I just go like, we're just not gonna eat today for a while. It's all or nothing. Are you sweet tooth or salty? What's your? Ultimately, I think I'm a sweet tooth, yeah. I just like, I'm a cake.
Starting point is 00:56:07 I like cake. I have massive sweet tooth. I love cake. I got it. I'm a pie guy. Do you guys know Yosia Refi, by the way? No. Her cookbooks.
Starting point is 00:56:15 Uh-uh. She has this book called, I'm like, this is a shameless plug on her book, but it is incredible. It's called Snacking Cakes. Snacking Cakes. Yeah, and there's also this lemon cake that she makes that has pieces, the recipe has pieces of the lemon in it.
Starting point is 00:56:34 So it's like, I don't know if you like a lemon cake. Love. I do. I don't wanna eat a piece of lemon though. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Like you chop, it's small, it's in little pieces, but you get like this sort of burst of citrus, so to speak. And like you really do know it's like, I'm a sucker for glazes like that.
Starting point is 00:56:50 Oh yeah, I like that. Would you be into that, Sean? You think you might be into a cake? I love like a lemon pound cake. Garbage can. No, I love that though. I got an ice cream maker for Christmas. Huh.
Starting point is 00:57:02 I like... Well, you want to cut out the middleman. He was too much with the fucking sire to drive him to the ice cream maker for Christmas. I like pastry. Well, he wanted to cut out the middle man. It was too much with the fucking sire to drive him to the ice cream shop. Get out of the store, just fucking make it here. I'd rather just cry and make it while I cry, you know? Like I just. By this time next year, he's gonna figure out
Starting point is 00:57:17 how to make ice cream in his mouth. Yeah. Okay. Okay, wait. Wait a minute, I wanna talk about Roadhouse, because it comes out March 21st. I'm primed, which is really exciting. Wait, were you nervous to make such a classic film,
Starting point is 00:57:31 because, you know, Patrick Swayze, we all love Patrick Swayze, I'm sure you're gonna kill it, but were you nervous? I mean, I knew Patrick Swayze was in Donnie Darko, this film that I did. Oh, that's right, that's right. Oh, you little fuck. That's right.
Starting point is 00:57:43 Yeah, he's like, no. Yeah, Donnie Darko. Can I also just say, before you get, that's right. Oh, you little fuck. That's right. He's like. Johnny Darko. Yeah, Johnny Darko. Can I also just say before you get, Nightcrawler, I don't know why, it just occurred to me, I just remembered how much I fucking loved that movie, dude. All your movies are great. It was so great, it was such a good movie, so good. Didn't Bob Elswit shoot that?
Starting point is 00:57:59 He did, yeah. He's a buddy of yours. The one time I've ever been in a room with him was at your house at a birthday party that you had, and I saw him walking around, I was like, what the fuck is going on? He's a cinematographer, everybody, and he's a god. That movie's a fucking masterpiece.
Starting point is 00:58:16 So anyway, so you're doing- I love that movie too, but Road House. So you worked with Swayze in Dirty Darko. He was just the sweetest, most generous, kindest man. I was like, when we worked together, and Point Break was a movie that I watched, maybe I've watched that movie more than any movie I've ever watched, if I'm honest. Because I reacted so many hours from like nine years old to like, admittedly 43. I just love that movie.
Starting point is 00:58:44 And I love a lot of his movies and and Roadhouse I remember these faint memories of the poster and I don't know where I remember seeing it And then I also remember watching clips of it or it was on TV and being like what is this like I like it Is it's like ingrained in my unconscious this this movie and so like Doug Lyman who's a good friend of mine We've been friends for 20 years. Brilliant, right, director. Amazing. Brilliant. And he was like, we've been trying to find a movie for a long time to do together.
Starting point is 00:59:10 And he was like, we were talking one night, because we were talking about one other movie that he had sent me, we were talking about it, and he was like, you know, I do have this other idea. They just sent me this script of Roadhouse. It's like a re-imagining of it. And I was like, I'm fucking in. I literally was, he said, and I like,
Starting point is 00:59:28 it was like the, whoever saw those clips, whoever, it just came out of me. Like, I'm in. Wow. And so. I mean, you filmed an actual fight with a live audience? I went to the UFC to film, yeah, we went to the UFC and I filmed in the Octagon.
Starting point is 00:59:45 What? It was. Yeah? It was so fun. It was so incredible. It was incredible. They let us film there. The UFC was amazing. It was nuts. I was like high from it for four days after. Would you say that you got into the best sort of cardiovascular shape you've ever been in
Starting point is 00:59:58 through grappling? Because like, I mean, you think you're in shape until you start wrestling with someone. Like, you're in shape until you start wrestling with someone. the best sort of cardiovascular shape you've ever been in through grappling, because like, I mean, you think you're in shape until you start wrestling with someone. Like, it's crazy how tired you get, right? Try wrestling with Conor McGregor. I was just gonna say, I can't believe,
Starting point is 01:00:16 is this his first acting gig? Yeah, it is. Yeah, it's his first act. I mean, it depends on how much you consider the performance pre-fight, but yes, this is his first act gig professionally. Wow, that's pretty wild. How was that process shooting in front of those crowds? I gotta say, mixed martial arts makes me nervous sometimes.
Starting point is 01:00:35 Not just the crowds, it's a little... Yeah, they want blood. It's very dangerous. It's like the Colosseum back in the old days. Yeah, it's like a little bit of Colosseum, but it always makes me nervous because there's bloodlust, right? People are out there in a really fucking heart-wrenching.
Starting point is 01:00:52 You get on the canvas, and we were right before the main cards. One of the prelims? Yeah, so it was like post-prelims, it was pre-pay-per-view. We were told we were gonna either like 45 seconds or seven minutes. We didn't know. Because depending on how the earlier fights went, if they went all the way, if they finished in the first 30 seconds, like that would accumulate our time, right?
Starting point is 01:01:14 So they wouldn't guarantee us anything. So, but by the time we got there, there had been some really, really intense fights. And I walked up onto the canvas and there was just so much blood on the mat. Are you kidding me? No, there's just blood all over the canvas. They don't clean it? No, it's canvas. Did you, could you wear slippers during the...
Starting point is 01:01:31 Oh yeah, don't worry. I wore... Fuckin' shit. Feet condoms. There we go. No, I, it's really... It's actually... Faehman, fuck it.
Starting point is 01:01:39 Faehman's gonna go wash his hands just to show you that it's dirty. One of the things they don't tell you about, Jason, is that, you know, in grappling in particular, and mixed martial arts, you know, staff is like a big thing. And because like, there's just everybody's grappling on these mats, right? And actually when we were shooting, when we were shooting Roadhouse, I got staff, yeah, we were shooting and my arm like blew up.
Starting point is 01:01:58 And I was like, what is this? I didn't know what it was. And I, here we go, Sean, here's a medical story. Yeah, I love it. And I thought it was because I, here we go, Sean, here's a medical story. Yeah, I love it. And I thought it was because this big, there's a big final fight between me and Conor McGregor in it. And Conor is, I mean, he's amazing.
Starting point is 01:02:13 And he coached me through a lot of our fights, right? He was like, he came in, he was like, I'm a white belt in this movie world, this acting world, I'm here to learn from you. I was like, it was such humility. I said, well, I'm obviously less than a white belt in your world, so you tell me what you need me to do. Yeah, no, every time we'd have to say to Connor,
Starting point is 01:02:32 they'd be like, we're rolling, okay, marker, and then it'd be like, I'd have to say, remember, even two months into shooting, remember, don't hit me in the face, remember that. And he'd be like, oh yeah, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right. It was that every time before every take. Yeah. Moneymaker, moneymaker.
Starting point is 01:02:49 Was the crowd aware that you guys were shooting a movie and were told to like just kind of cheer this fight on like you would? No, not all of them because some people were like well what they started to do is they picked up on us filming and then they realized that there was like kind of a good guy and a bad guy in the fight. And then they started cheering when like I would throw a punch and they'd be like, they'd be like, yeah! And then it was like 15,000 people cheering for this thing.
Starting point is 01:03:15 And that was accurate for the story? Like you were the good guy? They had no idea, yeah. They had no idea. Wow. Where was it? We were in Vegas. It was 285.
Starting point is 01:03:25 I was supposed to do 283, and then I got, the night before, got COVID, and we had the whole crew ready to go. And so we had to wait. What's 285? It's the number. Number of fights. Oh, wow.
Starting point is 01:03:36 Wow. And did you get hurt at all? During the filming? Yeah. The staff infection. All the time. Well, yeah, I guess. The staff infection in the end,
Starting point is 01:03:46 I didn't know it was a staff infection, and I woke up and I was like, this, my elbow feels weird. I thought it was just because I had grabbed Connor like 30 times in this one moment. And I thought, oh, he was just throwing this arm down on me and I was grabbing it so hard that I thought, it just hurt my elbow.
Starting point is 01:04:01 So I woke up in the middle of the night and I couldn't touch my elbow to the bed sheet. Jay, you're so lucky you didn't get hurt. I mean you so easily could have just like I know it's so fucking. It could pop out you know. Yeah I mean Sean you said one time it worked right didn't you say that you you you sprained your ankle when you'd come out for curtain call on Will and Grace? By the way sprained ankle is a real pain in the ass. It is. It's the worst. You tripped on Shimada's camera as you were coming out. Wait, Jake, you don't have to take those roles.
Starting point is 01:04:32 Yeah, you don't have to take those roles. Why don't you get a nice sitcom or something? That's what I'm saying. Like, what is the draw? Why do you, what is the wish? What's the matter with you? I would love to do a sitcom. No one thinks I'm funny.
Starting point is 01:04:42 I would love to do a sitcom. Everyone's like, he's so serious. This guy's so serious. He thinks so seriously. He like does all this stuff. Like, you know, I would love to do that. I'm doing this because this is what I got, guys. No other options. Nowhere else to go. No, I just love... I love that, like, I love the idea. Well, you're great at it. Yeah, well, you're so brilliant you could do anything. You could just play anything.
Starting point is 01:05:04 They came to me about Roadhouse, too, by the idea. Well, you're great at it. Yeah, well, you're so brilliant, you could do anything. You could just play anything. They came to me about Roadhouse 2, by the way. Uh-oh. I didn't want to say anything, because we were talking about roles we didn't do. It was different, it was more about eating. I don't know if you were talking about food. I don't even try Roadhouse 2. If I knew that you would have been in that movie,
Starting point is 01:05:16 we would have had you in that movie. I was up for Roadkill. But anyway, Jake, this is wonderful that you, we took up way too much of your time. You're so sweet to come by. You're very nice to use this with us. Thank you, buddy took up way too much of your time. You're so sweet to come by. Very nice to use this with us. Thank you, buddy. I'm so excited to be here.
Starting point is 01:05:29 I'm like, I like, I am, I am, I have, I love your show. I am such a huge fan. I obviously like adore you all from afar and like close up. I invite you places you don't come. Well, I've literally invited you now. So if you don't come, you know, then you're the, so if you don't come you know then you're the same I'm coming with the e-bike option to touch my heart And Jake you'll come over I'll make ice cream and we'll sing yes by the way can we please do that
Starting point is 01:05:56 Yeah, I'd love to watch please Sean really I would totally love to do that okay? Jake, thank you. All right, I love you, Jake. Thanks, guys. Love you guys, too. Bye, pal. Bye. Bye. Bye.
Starting point is 01:06:08 Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye.
Starting point is 01:06:16 Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye.
Starting point is 01:06:24 Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. The person who knows the guest the best usually is not the host. That's right. It's odd how that works. I don't know how it works. Did you know him, Will, before? Not really. We've hung out once or twice just briefly and such a nice guy.
Starting point is 01:06:37 But I don't really know him. And I knew, I'm just doing this because I like all the different apps. I knew... It's a computer, Jason, it's not gonna work. Oh really, it's gotta be a phone? Yeah. You're on the phone, Will?
Starting point is 01:06:49 No, I'm on my computer. Wait, what? It doesn't work. You didn't update your computer, obviously. But anyway, so nice. I didn't know, JB, I didn't know that you guys knew each other that way. We hung out for a bit there,
Starting point is 01:07:03 we got into sort of that bike riding routine for a while and then he got a job or I got a job How did you two meet? How did you two meet? How did you two meet? How did you two meet? How did you two meet? How did you two meet? How did you two meet? How did you two meet? How did you two meet? How did you two meet? How did you two meet? How did you two meet? How did you two meet?
Starting point is 01:07:10 How did you two meet? How did you two meet? How did you two meet? How did you two meet? How did you two meet? How did you two meet? How did you two meet? How did you two meet?
Starting point is 01:07:17 How did you two meet? How did you two meet? How did you two meet? How did you two meet? How did you two meet? How did you two meet? How did you two meet? How did you two meet?
Starting point is 01:07:24 How did you two meet? How did you two meet? How did you two meet? How did you two meet? How did you two meet? How did you two meet? He looks super young. He looks amazing. Yeah, what do we think he is? I would have a good time hanging out with him. Well, cool it. He's 43, I'd say. Is he? Oh wait, he said that, didn't he? Yeah, I think he said 43, yeah. So he is already that young. Our junior.
Starting point is 01:07:35 I mean, can you believe all he's accomplished in 43 years, it's crazy. Yeah. It's amazing. He's made so many movies. Yeah. Well, when he goes, he just goes like, yeah, when I did Darnie Darko, and you're like,
Starting point is 01:07:46 oh yeah, Donnie Darko, which is a fucking great movie. Yeah, fantastic. That he just, to be able to throw out, like yeah I remember doing, that's like, oh yeah I remember doing this amazing thing. Or fucking Zodiac, you know? Yeah, Zodiac. And then fucking Nightcrawler's incredible,
Starting point is 01:08:00 if you haven't seen it. Yeah, what have we done with our lives? We're just sitting here. Fucking rash. Eating cake. I know, and I'm back at home. I think you haven't seen it. Yeah, what have we done with our lives? It's just Rash Okay, I know I'm back at home. I'm gone full circle I'm about to get my mom's about to give me shit about the holes of my jeans or something You know what I mean speaking to go on full circle remember the first number the very beginning of this of this podcast today We were talking about Sean's by
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